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thanks for stopping by. My name is Dave Osborne and I have been
a plumber for more years than I care to remember. I love my job,
I love my customers and I love the money I make as well. I was born
and trained in the UK but moved to the US years ago and brought
the British way of doing business with me.
why am I telling you this? Well, over the years I developed ways
of making more sales, for more money, to more customers than many
people can only dream of.
this isn't about ripping people off - far from it. It's about giving
the customer what they want - first-class service at a fair price.

also means making sure that they come back to you time after time
and tell all their friends how good you are. Are
you running your business the same way?
doesn't matter if you are a running a plumbing, electrical or gardening
business. The tricks I have learned over the years will see your
customers THANKING you for finding extra work to do at their property.
experienced the pangs of wanting to increase the figures and conversion
rates of a sales force myself, and not quite knowing where to get
the "out of the ordinary" solutions, I am introducing
a course of instruction that will guarantee a marked improvement
for you, your servicemen, AND your pocket!
is an introduction to a brand-new series of monthly newsletters
I have created that are designed to assist with your in-house training
programs, and, (of course) increasing your sales.
are three facts to be aware of if you are at all concerned about
the successful future of your business:

The training
has to be continuous and on-going in order to have an enormous
effect on morale within your company and in the field.
a contented work force is a productive work force.

who pay attention to inevitable change within the industry are
bound to reap tremendous financial rewards, and
will leave far behind the companies who don't care to

In the years
ahead, in-house training of technicians shall be
the #1 priority of owners if they want their company to beat their
competition hands down. 'Know' you are the best and you're halfway
there already.

course I have constructed is a series of 15 tutorial newsletters
that emphasize the importance of customer relations and gives the
customer very little options other than to say "Yes" to
the proposals, and gives him little room to complain about anything!
are built off a master book I have written entitled 'Take the
Plunge!' (This is not for sale). The information contained in
the year-long course is priceless, and covers the following:

(and how to change yours)
Humor, (we
all have to laugh sometimes)
Tact, (what
it is and how to impress a customer)
(do not leave it at home, bring it with you!)
seeds, (and then wait for your sales to grow)
Think before
you speak! (self explanatory)
Being the
Nice Guy, (courtesy and consideration)
Being organized,
(making life easier for the serviceman)

Selling yourself,
(but not down the river!)
(and how to recognize them)
(becoming the customers 'Buddy')
(what one does when nobody is looking)
Doing it
right! (and not again!)
SAFETY! (Keeping
the serviceman alive!)
And much,
much more!

One true fact
that should be taken note of is this: after every seminar that I
have attended over the last 10 years, not one serviceman
admitted to me that he thoroughly enjoyed what he had seen and heard,
and the classic recurring statement went something like this, "I
just can't wait to get home and down a few at my local!"
Such was, (and
still is) the unenthused and invariably 'BORING' content of some
of these gatherings! Mine however, is different, in as much as there
is definitely going to be some 'entertainment' there for all to
have some sort of giggle at! Everyone 'wants' to laugh, and needs
it in order to pass it on and make it work on his customers.

The method
I have adapted and produced has been proven to work tremendously
as the referral letter below testifies to. So much so that the guarantee
of increased income is virtually a given.

Plumbing Inc
Just wanted
to write, and tell you Thank you so much, for the incredibly
successful visit you made to our plumbing company a few months
back. Our sales have skyrocketed!
our average service repair invoice is up $123.87 per call.
If we keep that increase up for the next 12 months, (2,389
service calls) that's an increase in sales of $295,925.000!
That is
The Guys
really took to heart what you had to say. We are breaking
down your book by section, and using it to lead our weekly
sales meetings. I'm not sure if you thought of that, but it
works really well.
(if you remember) was our lowest producing plumber with an
average invoice of $202.00. This month his average is $781.21.
I'm so happy for Brian! You should be proud, You changed his
a Plumbing Service Company can sure be a challenge at times!
Having you help us has been a huge boost to my Companies bottom
line profit, (my pocket).
As you
know, I've been doing this for a long time, but have to say,
this is the most pumped up group of guys I've ever had!

to you!
Life is
Good, Thanks again Dave.
Burton C. Friesz.

The 'Plunge
Newsletters' look in detail at the day-to-day practical styles
and techniques of the serviceman when going on a call.
It addresses
not only the problems encountered during a call but also the tactics
and methods the technician can, and must use in order to win the
customer over, and get him on your side of the net.
The practical insights gained through the course are invaluable
not only to you, the Owner, but to the serviceman also. Plus it
makes perfect sense to enable the serviceman to 'educate' every
customer he meets therefore gaining massive credibility and trust
from the get-go!
the Plunge is literally that. Taking that huge first step toward
a partnership in perfect selling that is second to none. Being proud
at the onset and achieving that incredible satisfaction when you
find yourself at the end of the year with hundreds of 'Loyal' customers,
(not just satisfied, - but LOYAL!)
And now for
the bottom line!
This is NOT
an expensive way to train anyone, in fact, for a one-time fee
of only $97.00 you get an 8 or 9 page newsletter for every month
of the year with enough content to provide your techs with at least
2 hours worth of tuition, study, discussion and role-playing per
month. That's only $6.92 per hour divided by the number of techs
you have!!
As soon as you
have paid you get access to the full set, complete as a single PDF
or MS Word download.
And of course,
if you are not completely satisfied, a full refund would be forthcoming
if requested. So you have absolutely NOTHING to lose!
So book NOW
for the 2008 year, and guarantee it a 'Great' one.


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