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Guide to Child Development Speech and Language

How to Help Your Child Learn to Talk Better in Everyday Activities

"I wish I’d had something like this two years ago!”“Your book is very impressive.  Your style of writing is so engaging – especially on a topic like this.  I obviously havean interest in this topic.  It’s interesting to read.  It's full of important information without being difficult to understand.  It is extremely well written.  Good for you, Mary Lou!”Aleesha W.Mother of a bright 4 year old with apraxia of speech and expressive language disorder.

Find out how to help your child learn to talk better starting …Right Now!You are going to be glad you purchased this eBook …Because you will gain:

Ideas to help your child talk to you in everyday interactions.Ways to make this a more comfortable process for you and your child.Answers to your questions as to why your child isn’t talking like other children.Methods that work with the late talking child and also with a child who won't just “outgrow” her speech difficulties.Information to help you stop worrying.Satisfaction knowing you are helping your child.

Listen to a PersonalMessage FromMary Lou Johnson

Mary Lou Johnson has helped hundreds of parents help their children learn to talk better in over 30 years of work as a speech-language pathologist.  Mary Lou is a respected clinician who produces positive results with children who have been diagnosed with speech and/or language problems – mild to profound.Mary Lou wants to share with you the techniques she has developed and shaped over 30 years at The Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado.  She received a Masters Degree from Washington University in St. Louis after studying at the Central Institute for the Deaf (CID).  At CID, hearing impaired and profoundly deaf children were taught to speak.  The specialized skills used at CID to help hard of hearing and deaf children work through their speech difficulties have been invaluable to Mary Lou when working with hearing children.  Some therapists seem to dabble in articulation therapy and have trouble moving children forward.  For Mary Lou, speech production therapy and children’s speech progress is her passion.Mary Lou also loves to help parents understand the differences between speech and language, help them figure out why their children aren’t speaking better, help children say words their parents have never heard them say before, and empower parents to help their children speak more in everyday activities.

You need an expert to give you information in straight language that you can understand and put to work.

You need specific ideas spelled out clearly…by a person who can teach you the ropes.

If you want to learn how to understand your child’s challenges in learning to talk, learn techniques to help your child talk more or more clearly, and use everyday activities to work with your child – Mary Lou will help you do it through this informative eBook!You will find Mary Lou’s writing style to be very clear and straight-forward, practical, and easy to understand.  And you will be pleasedand impressed by the wealth of information she provides.  It’s like a short course in pediatric speech-language pathology geared for parents.

“Mary Lou's experience and her techniques provide thefamily as a whole with the opportunity to succeed andreach their speech goals.  She is amazing, and her speech programs and techniques truly work.”Danna, Mother of a 3 year old child with cleft lip and palateP.S.: “Things are going great here. Rayna still talks 24/7,and it all sounds great [clear].  Thank you for all you didwith us.  I truly believe that Rayna’s speech is where it is today because of your guidance.”

You will want this incredible resourcebecause...

How to Help Your Child Learn to Talk Better in Everyday Activities will guide you to:Understand better what your child is experiencing.        Use everyday activities to help your child talk and communicate better.        Gain new skills to use every day.        Reduce your anxiety about your child’s speech difficulties.Find resources in your community.Start seeing your child as a learner and watch for small (or big) changes daily!Help your child get ready for school and reading by helping  him or her build a language and speech foundation as soon as possible.        And learn much MORE!

Thank You, Mary Lou!        Many child development experts believe that if your child is not speaking bythe age of five, she may not achieve fully functional language skills.  Our daughterwould disagree and probably ask the question, “Did I talk when I was five?”  Kalenabegan using single words shortly before her 6th  birthday and was combining threeto four words by age 6½.  Today, at age 8, she amazes us with her continueddevelopment of spontaneous conversation skills.          To learn to speak, Kalena needed skilled therapists to guide her step-by-stepthrough communication development.  As her parents, we needed these advancedteachers to show us how to support and encourage our daughter through herchallenges.  We explored a combination of therapeutic approaches from a variety ofproviders including:  Floortime/Relationship Development Intervention, the HanenProgram, the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), augmentative speechdevices, and PROMPT techniques.  Mary Lou's combination of speech-languagetherapy techniques provided the tools for Kalena to finally overcome her apraxiaand begin to speak.        For Kalena, the disorganized world of Autism, with multiple sensory issues andsevere anxiety, complicated her interactions with everyone around her.  Imagineawakening without the ability to communicate your needs to others.  Everythingbecomes overwhelming and confusing, causing you to have so much anxiety--allyou can focus on is lining up toys against the wall.  Skilled speech therapists providedKalena with the help she needed to find her voice.  She has progressed from thebasics of learning to make eye contact and point to objects and picture symbols,to learning to read and type her language on a communication device, and finallydeveloping functional verbal communication skills.        We have been incredibly fortunate to have patient, knowledgeable teachers, includingMary Lou, work with our daughter, helping to ease her frustration and anxiety withbeing trapped in silence for several years.Arthur and Christine Biggs

This information is priceless...

...because communication is priceless.  We humans are driven to communicate.  When we can’t communicate, we are frustrated.  Have you ever had laryngitis and been unable to speak to order in a restaurant, talk on the phone, or conduct business?  How has that made you feel?Now think about your child who day after day can’t tell you what she or he wants, needs, feels, or is thinking about.  It’s no wonder some children start to hit, pinch, kick, bite, or simply give up.Even if your child might “outgrow” his or her current speech difficulties, how much better would it be if she or he spoke better one day sooner—one month sooner—or one or more years sooner.  I think you know the answer to that.And you are the answer to your child’s talking and communication needs—just as you are his or her Most Important Person to meet all needs.  Though you might lean on professionals to guide you, you need to be equipped with the information you need to make informed decisions and to help your child—every day.

Table of Contents

IntroductionWhat’s Happening to My Child and Why?Causes of Speech-Language Delays or DisordersBefore the First Word is Spoken:  Precursors to TalkingI Think My Child Doesn’t Talk Because He’s StubbornWhy Start Now?  My Child Might Outgrow ThisWhat You Can Do to Help Your Child Learn to Talk (Better):The Upside-Down Pyramid™ and Other Useful TechniquesHow to Help Your Child Learn to Talk Better Using Everyday ActivitiesQuestions, Questions, Questions:        Why do we ask questions?        How do questions work against promoting a child’s use of language?          Are any questions okay to use?        What other questions should we avoid asking?Making Statements:        Why statements are helpful        How to make statements        Additional suggestionsHighlighting Language and SpeechCommunication TemptationsWays to Build Imitation Skills:         Building Spontaneous ImitationWays to Build Imitation Skills:           Requesting ImitationTechniques to Use Every Day-At-a-Glance        It's all here - one easy reference pageStructured Skill PracticeExamples, Examples, ExamplesDance Partners:  Let Your Child Lead - You Add the ExtrasCuing Hierarchies:  Provide as Little Help as Needed to Achieve SuccessFollowing Directions:  Steps to Help Your Child Understand LanguageArticulation Development:General Guidelines for Children’s Sound Use in Words:        Sounds vs letters        Order of sound development and how sounds are made        General trends in sound acquisition        Red flags for concern        Interesting tidbitsSome Words are Easier than Others:  Building Vocabulary with an Eye to ArticulationIntelligibility of Speech:  How to Help Until Your Child Can Be UnderstoodApraxia of Speech      What About Baby Talk?Praising EffectivelyThe Grammar Connection:  The Legos® of LanguageUsing Books to Build Language Skills in Young Children: Talking the BookLearning Through Play:  Your Child Needs Good ToysTeaching MannersColors, Numbers, ABCs:  How Much and When to Teach?Colors: The Steps to Learning Color NamesFamily Harmony Issues:  How Compliant is Your Child?How is Your Relationship with Your Partner?Is Therapy Magical?Denial Steals TimeSpeech-Language Evaluations:  What to Expect and Look ForHow to Find a Speech-Language Pathologist and Make a Good MatchKeep a Log        Single Word Log        Phrase Log        Sentence LogImportant RemindersResourcesWrapping Up:        A Story       

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You will be downloading and reading my eBook and terrific bonus articles within just a few minutes... and using them to help your child talk better in everyday activities!With my best wishes for your success and your child’s success,Mary Lou JohnsonP.S. -- You may be tired as you read this and you are thinkingabout waiting until tomorrow to place your order, or you thinkyou can’t add another thing to your plate so you aren’t sure youwant to order right now. But you’ve been concerned about your child’s speech for awhile, and now you have found the resource you have been searching for.Because it is your child you want to help, you WILL be able to make your child’s speech improvement a priority in your life.  And when you buy and download the eBook tonight, you will be able to read it on your computer screen or print any of its pages any time you want to.  Each page is a handy 8 ½ X 11 you can put into a plastic sheet protector or into a binder for ready access.  Each chapter is an easy-to-read concise section on a topic.  You can choose the chapters you want to read and then read them in any order.  Make use of the minutes you can catch here and there to get real information and ideas you can use.Buying this eBook is sensible because you can have it right away, you don’t have to go to a store or library to hunt for a book that might (or might not) be helpful, you can print what you want to read when you want it, and you can carry with you just the pages you need for ahandy reference.Get this book NOW and start right away to help your child move toward better speech! Wouldn't you like to be doing something new and positive to boost your child’s communication starting now?Order now. Customers can request a refund within 56 days/8 weeks from the date of purchase if they are not satisfied. Click here!

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A Build-A-Talker™ productPublished byHelp Your Child Speak, LLCClick Here to Email Our Support Teammail@helpyourchildspeak.com© Help Your Child Speak, LLC All Rights Reserved

From:    Mary Lou B. JohnsonAuthor:  How to Help Your Child Learn to Talk Better in Everyday ActivitiesDear Parent (or other concerned caregiver),If you want to stop worrying about your child’s lack of speech or your child’s unclear speech or limited use of language… then this might be the letter (and the book) you have been searching for.Here’s why:I’ll teach you how to help your child learn to talk better in everyday activities starting right now!You’re wondering why your child doesn’t talk better like other children his or her age, you worry that there must be something you did to cause your child to have difficulty --or you wonder if there was something you didn’t do. You keep getting advice that just doesn't seem right to you from well-meaning relatives (like your mother maybe…).Perhaps you don’t know where to turn, and you don’t know what to do. Or, perhaps you have been working with someone to try to help your child, and you still don’t really understand what is happening or what more you can do to help your child.  Maybe you are satisfied with the speech-language therapy your child is receiving and you are just looking for some additional information.Take a look at my Table of Contents to see if I have addressed the topics you are interested in.It will be my pleasure to assist you as you help your child.

Here are just some of the useful tips & techniques thisbook will teach you:

Why statements are better than questions to help you teach your child to speak better.               How to “filter” language so your child can break the language code more easily.How to use an Upside-Down Pyramid™ speaking method to help your child be able to repeat after you and learn to speak.How to handle “baby talk”.How to “highlight” language to make it more obvious to your child.           Why parents tend to ask their children questions (up to 80% of what they say to them) even though their children don't say many (or any) words.How to blend your language skill-building efforts into the usual activities you do every day like bathing, dressing, cooking, playing, going places and shopping.

More useful tips & techniques:

A clear explanation of the differences between language and speech.Why you want to think about sounds and not letters.Why your child’s birth order is not a factor in his/her speech difficulties.Why you are part of the solution – and not part of the problem.How to talk a book rather than read it to help your child learn to speak better.How to ignore well-meaning but unsolicited advice from relatives or friends and get your child the help he or she needs and deserves.How to find resources in your community to help your child.How to use the things you enjoy and are good at to help your child learn to speak better.

By the age of 2 ½ to 3 years a child typicallyunderstands approximately 500 words, expressesapproximately 200 words, combines 3 to 4 words in simple sentences, and is about 70% intelligible(understandable).  If your 2 ½ to 3 year old childisn’t using simple sentences, doesn’t have areasonable vocabulary to talk about things in herdaily life, and/or if she is hard to understandwhen she talks, this book is for you.

“I have worked with Mary Lou Johnson for almost 20 years in a pediatric hospital outpatient facility.  She is a dedicated, experienced professional who has helped a multitude of children make positive changes in their speech and language skills.  Mary Lou realizes the importance of family involvement in helping children learn to speak better and is able to provideclear, practical information to help guide families.  The techniques she discusses are used bymany speech-language pathologists to promote growth in speech andlanguage development in the children they work with.  I am sure you will find her information useful.”Susan Vicksman,MS, CCC-SLPSpeech-Language Pathologist

In summary, here's what you get when you order:You get immediate access to the informative and beneficial eBook, How to Help YourChild Learn to Talk Better in Everyday Activities, along with some very useful bonus articles for acting now.If you respond right away, you pay the introductory price of only $29.For much less than what you’d pay for 30 minutes with a speech-language pathologist,you will receive my insights and advice developed over my career of more than 30 years.

If you are not sure if your interest is covered, take a look:

FREE Bonus ARTICLELearning Disabilities:Risk Factors Relative to Early Speech-Language ProblemsFREE Bonus ARTICLEWriting/Printing LettersFREE Bonus ARTICLEWhat About Insurance Coverageand Other Payment Possibilities?FREE Bonus ARTICLEAugmentative and AlternativeCommunication (AAC):What is it?FREE Bonus ARTICLEOral Health Speech-Related Issues: Preventative Dental Care, Thumb Sucking and Tongue Thrust Swallow Pattern.


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