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Secrets of Living Longer is the ultimate guide to extending your life-span, offering a previously unpublished collection of 50 longevity secrets. These secrets are not "pop" science, but represent work that is scientifically grounded. The author has extensively studied the subject of longevity - personally interviewing hundreds of elderly around the world. In the process, he has discovered secrets practiced by people who live into their 90's and beyond. Prepare to learn how to extend your life-span significantly!


During our research for 'Secrets of Living Longer', we conducted hundreds of interviews with the elderly. In the process, we compiled a huge collection of life-extending secrets unavailable anywhere else. Each person we studies was unique, yet the life-extending similarities we discovered were incredible!

We realize not everyone has the opportunity we had to travel the world, talk with hundreds of centenarians (people over 100), and learn first-hand what we did, which is why we decided to publish a comprehensive book of our discoveries.

The profiles below represent just a small sample of the hundreds of elderly individuals around the world who were interviewed during the development of 'Secrets of Living Longer" (and others who have lived unusually long and shared their insights with humanity).


Lenka Belopotocka ------
Country: Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia)
Age: 97
"In all my life, I have never eaten flesh from an animal that bears milk. I have only eaten winged creatures (birds), or fish from the Hron River."

"Five of my six children are still alive and they are the happiest people I know, despite not always having good reasons to be happy."


Manish Hussein ------
Country: Sri Lanka
Age: 91
"I know what I can control, and I know what Allah (God) can control. When I can not control something, I rest, relax, and do not worry. Humanity invents foolish problems by trying to control what he cannot."


Yone Minagawa [Not interviewed by Author] ------
Country: Japan
Age: 114 (now deceased)
Yone Minagawa was the oldest person in the world at the time of her death. Those closest to her say she was always active, even in her wheelchair, until the very end. She enjoyed clapping her hands to music, and surrounding herself with festivities. She personally attributed her longevity to plenty of sleep!


You Already Know how to Live an Average Life-span

If you've had basic education, you already know how to get just an average life-span - Don't smoke, stay active, and avoid stress. These basic rules are taught to us by our friends, families, and schools.

But do you know how to extend your life?....

There are many lesser-known measures you can take that can make a bigger difference in your life-span than you would ever believe! - small things that you can control in your daily life!

For the first time ever, these rare secrets of life extension have all been put together and made available in one book - Secrets of Living Longer





Why Aren't We Taught These Secrets at School?

If the government were to sponsor programs to extend our lifes-pans, imagine the burden it would place on social security and pension funds! Social Security is already getting squeezed more than ever because people are living longer. Quite simply, our government can't afford to teach us how to live longer!

Health education focuses only on the basics of keeping us healthy during our average life-span. Basics are taught such as exercising and regular preventive medical exams. These are all good things to know, and they do drive down medical costs, but they aren't what separate those who live average life-spans from those who live to their 100's.

Beyond government interests, health insurance companies aren't pushing the oldest people to keep living either. The oldest segment of senior citizens tends to be middle-class and are often medically insured. These insured elderly are the most expensive age bracket to insure!

In other words, there are powerful economically motivated interest groups that sway public policy and prevent our national agenda from prioritizing lifespan extension. That's why it's unlikely we're ever going to see a fast-food tax, and also why mounting medical evidence against tobacco products took so long to achieve a government response.


Common Myths About Life-Span

Myth 1: Living into our 90's or 100's is simply a genetic lottery won by some, and lost by others.

The Truth: Many factors other than genetics influence how long we live. Our daily lifestyles and habits are just as important, if not more important! In fact, the secrets of extremely long life are passed down from generation to generation within families where longevity is common - this creates the illusion that longevity is just genetics, but it's not! Secrets of Living Longer will teach you the secret habits that are taught through the generations within long-living families - These are habits that parents of average longevity families don't know and can't teach their children!

Myth 2: Who wants to live to beyond 90 or even 100? Growing old is sad and depressing.

The Truth: As lifespan goes up, people tend to stay physically, mentally, and socially active for longer times. Truth be told, the thought of growing old is only depressing to people who tend to live average life-spans. Though humans do tend to slow down with age, the oldest elderly consistently display an ability to find pure pleasure in every last drop of life. Secrets of Living Longer will give you the key to the principles that give 100-year-olds an edge over shorter-lived people.

Myth 3: I'm too unhealthy or old to make lifestyle changes that will extend my life.

The Truth: The human body's ability to regenerate and recover from damage is tremendous! For example, Larry King from Larry King Live, born in 1933, was a three-pack-a-day smoker all of his life until he suffered a massive heart-attack in his 50's, requiring quintuple bypass surgery! Two-decades-later, he's still happy and healthy because he embraced life-extending changes. Beyond quitting smoking, he started following many of the habits that you will learn too in Secrets of Longer Life.

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