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What will you do when your doctor tells you that you have stress-related heart disease?

Now is the time to discover my proven, easy-to-use strategies for saving your health, keeping your sanity, and transforming your relationships, before it is too late.

Other people just like you have used these methods to dramatically improve their lives. You can too, anytime, anywhere - guaranteed. Can you afford to wait any longer?

Dear Friend,

You're probably reading this letter because you've been feeling stressed.

You're stressed because you work way too much, worry about things you can't control, constantly run on empty, or it could be that you're so busy, you don't have time to figure out why you're so stressed!

Simply put, you could be in danger of putting your health at risk, your relationships on the rocks, and your peace of mind out to pasture for good.

Shockingly, stress related disability claims are estimated to increase by 50% in the next decade. The people who will have these disabilities will have used, knowingly or unknowingly, negative coping behaviors. Things like:

Avoidance: Procrastination, withdrawal, sleeping too much

Distractions: TV, video games, shopping

Violence: Hurting others or themselves, throwing things, yelling, hitting

Chemicals: Smoking, sugar & caffeine, drugs & alcohol, medication

Of course there are also those who will learn how to manage their stress, and regain a sense of calm and control in their lives.

Which will you be? Someone who does nothing about stress, and ends up destroying your health and relationships, or will you be among those who make the smartest move - and discover how to manage stress in a positive, productive way?

My name is Carolyn Matheson, and I have found myself in many stressful situations and events - kind of like you are right now. In fact, a few years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, unable to get out of bed for weeks. I had taken on too much in my life and unable to say no to anyone. I thought I was being productive with my time trying to give everyone a little bit of me. Nothing could have been further from the truth. My illness made me recognise the need to deal with situations I found stressful in my life and how to say no to others and yes to myself. I have learnt that if I get worked up about stress at work or any other part of my life, the only person it affects is me. I have found ways to understand what is beyond my control and just go with the flow, stopping stress in my life, before it stops me in my tracks. I am pleased to say that I am now fully recovered. So when I say that I've been in your situation, I'm very serious.

My 25 year career as a coach has taught me many things. How to stay calm and analyze a situation, and see things clearly even while "under fire." How to find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

Sure, I realize that it's hard to find time to learn something new, whether you sitting in an armchair or at your computer it will only take a few moments find simple solutions to deal with many stressful situations. Let me introduce a few of the people you will meet in 'Yes to Less Stress':

How answering her own simple question guaranteed Michelle success in dealing with stress, when her finances were out of control. Michelle had run up so much debt, she hardly slept at night. Things only started to improve when she finally accepted she needed to deal with the underlying cause of her stress, overspending on her income over several years. In facing her financial situation honestly, she changed her spending habits. She is now debt-free working in Australia, with an apartment by Bondi Beach. Her money worries no longer keep her awake.

How Pete found courage to make changes to his life, even when he was regularly working 60+ hours a week. Discover how he got his life back and faced the truth that he had been in the wrong job for a long time. Despite giving up a well paid job and all the material benefits associated with it, he is now happier and stress-free, working as a dive instructor in the Caribbean.

How Dawn managed to lower her stress levels and enjoy life again. Dawn had reached the point when all she wanted to do was resign from her job. Every night she was bringing work home and had no time to spend with her 3 young children. Dawn had fallen into the trap, of sorting out the problems for her team without encouraging them to come up with their own answers. No wonder she felt stressed most of the time. Whilst her team was a bit shocked at having to think through problems for themselves, they soon started to recognise Dawn was there to support them, not to do their job! Her children also enjoy having a stress-free mum!

How Dave stopped feeling a failure fulfilled his ambition of having a thriving consultancy business and spends two days a week on the golf course. Sadly Dave had all these plans in his head and failed to take any actions towards his dreams. The stress of feeling a failure overwhelmed him some days. By using a really simple technique of focused powerful daily actions, Dave has not only developed a thriving business but also improved his golf handicap! How? He included golf practice at his local driving range on his list of daily actions! His daily practice not only keeps him fit, but allows him thinking time; a time when ideas freely flowed into his mind and any stress melts away.

How being realistic about what she could and couldn't control in her life, has helped Sara to deal with breast cancer not once but twice. She said, "I can't stop the cancer running through my body but I can change how I deal with it. It's taking over my body but it doesn't have to take over my mind. I can control how I deal with it." The fear that the cancer might return again has always been the hardest thing for her to deal with and it is something she thinks about every day. She focuses on what she can change, just a day at a time. Sara didn't have any choice about having breast cancer. She did have choices, however, about how she chose to deal with life each day.

Find your own answers to everyday stressful situations ...

And much MORE!

I want to help as many of you as is humanly possible to have less stress in your lives..
But I have a challenge. I have less and less time each day due to the enormous demand for my services. I keep raising my rates but clients keep calling.

This is where my e-book comes in...

… It allows me to share this powerful information with people like you. You see, I've spent over last 25 years, coaching people just like you. They can work for you, as well, if you put them into action. And you can get it all with one quick click.

Here are just a few comments from readers:

"This book is a little gem. In simple easy to understand steps Carolyn walks you through what to do to get control of your stress. This book is a must for anyone who wants control of their life again. Great advice from a Master coach, what could be better". - Sarah Newton, Northampton

'I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Yes to Less Stress. I loved the stories, they really bring issues to life; knowing that someone else has been where you are and sorted it is so encouraging.' --Hilary Cochrane, Buckinghamshire

'Yes to Less Stress is just like having your own coach sitting right next to you. This easy to read book is filled with simple truths that remind us vividly of what is going on in our own lives. The great part is that, as the author says, you can "start where you are". Carolyn Matheson has done a masterful job of giving us a place to be very human, learn and manage what comes our way. What did we ever do before she came along???!!!! -- 'Debbie Frame, St. Simons Island, GA

'I have cut out some tips and stuck them on to my refrigerator to remind me of things to think about to avoid becoming stressed! No matter what stage you are in your life it's easy to relate to the stories and start thinking that you too can make changes. I must say it gets you thinking about 'you' and it's quite inspirational!' --Lucero Tagle, London

There's no book like this one on the market. You won't find another book with such simple and easy to use suggestions to reduce the stress in your life, no matter how stressed you are feeling. The stories that you'll find in this book are real stories of how some of my clients have successfully dealt with stress. Most people don't have access to the kind of insider information I'm about to share…until now. I want to help you. You deserve a less stressful life, and I'm going to show you how to get one.
Now only $4.99
NO RISK - Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
Have a Question? Call +44(0)870-751-8826 or [email us ](mailto:carolyn@peopleworkbest.com)

Here's the deal: Yes to Less Stress includes the best advice you could get from hours of personal coaching, plus much more. People pay up to $700 per hour for personal coaching on how to have less stress in their lives. You get my advice for a fraction of what it would cost you for a personal consultation. You couldn't even get 4 minutes of my time for $39. I know you will get value from this book; it is delivered by PDF format, which can be easily read on all computers. Stop Press! Here is a deal which I know will not be around for long. I am offering 30 days of email coaching support for the next 27 people who purchase, Yes to Less Stress. If you are serious about reducing the stress in your life can you afford not to take advantage of this offer?

You will be able to find information quickly and easily without having to shift through pages and pages of padding. You won't need to leave your armchair to start reading 'Yes to Less Stress'. Just imagine sitting and getting more comfortable in the armchair as you start to read about some simple strategies for stress, that just 10 minutes before seemed so out of control. 'Yes to Less Stress' will arrive within minutes of you placing the order. I am sure the thought of driving to the bookstore trying to find what you want, just seems too much to you at this moment. No shipping costs and you can search the text in a second to find exactly what you want. And you can get it all with one quick click.

 Bonus # 1: Take the easy route
And there is more. I just have to tell you this. Not only will you will you get 'Yes to Less Stress' within minutes of ordering, 7 days later you will receive a short report, 'Take the Easy Route'. I am always asked what is the quickest way to remove the stress in my life permanently. I don't know about you but at school I was always told to improve my weaknesses, never mind what I was good at. Nothing much changed when I started work. Don't you think if I could have done something with my weaknesses I would have done, just to get people off my back, I always got stressed knowing how these conversations would go. I have discovered that a great deal of stress comes from people spending too long doing the wrong things, i.e. trying to perfect their weaknesses. If you at serious about reducing the stress in your life, then you need to start working out what your strengths are.

 Bonus # 2: Insider tips from the stars:
It is a myth to believe that stars are immune to feeling the pressures of stress. Outwardly they may appear to be stress free, yet they are human beings just like you and me. In the second bonus, which will arrive in your inbox 14 days after your order, I reveal 15 inside secrets from stars who have found their own ways to manage stress in their daily lives. You may be surprised how simple they are!

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Now only $4.99
NO RISK - Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
Have a Question? Call +44(0)870-751-8826 or [email us ](mailto:carolyn@peopleworkbest.com)


Carolyn Matheson

PS... If you are feeling stressed right now, discover my simple to use strategies to reduce the stress in you life before it is too late.

Whether you sitting in an armchair or at your computer it will only take a few moments find simple solutions to deal with many stressful situations.

Find your own answers to everyday stressful situations, for the first time I am sharing my secrets of over 25 years, which my clients pay hundreds of dollars for. How can you turn down such a great opportunity?
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