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The Business of Copy
* If you already have copywriting clients but _aren't_ making
six-figures, then you'll probably want to learn...

And How You Can Do It...

...Without another Copywriting Course
...Without a Copywriting Coach
...Without a Copywriting Guru

Jason Leister
Flagstaff, AZ
Tuesday, 1:43 p.m.


This is probably gonna' piss off A LOT of people...

If you've already got a copywriting business, but aren't making
six-figures (or more)... then chances are, it's not your writing
that's the problem.

And lining up to buy the next guru's "magical fairy dust
copywriting" course isn't gonna help you one bit.

Because it's not "copy secrets" that you're missing. The problem is
just that you don't quite know how to leverage your copywriting skills
and actually turn them into money.

You KNOW copywriting...

You Just Don't Know
the Copywriting Business

And in the next few moments, I'm going to show you what to do about

Little old me... no name copywriter, is going to do the job the
gurus SHOULD be doing (but aren't) and actually help you make some
money doing what you love.

And I'm going to show you some steps you can take to become a
six-figure copywriter... your very first year. I've done it (actually,
I passed the six-figure mark sometime right before Labor Day) and I'm
going to show you how you can too.

But before I do that, let me fill you in on a few details. Because I
can almost guarantee, you have no idea who I am.

My name is Jason Leister. I started my freelance copywriting
business on January 1, 2007. My first client came to me out of the
blue; a friend and business partner of Dr. Joe Vitale. His name is Pat
O'Bryan--he's that "Portable Empire" guy you probably get emails from
all the time.

My first copywriting project ever was for Pat. After a few emails
back and forth, I was off and running... and in 2 days, I was done
with the letter. (I didn't know you didn't have to finish a project in
2 days.) Luckily, things worked out pretty well. In fact, here’s my
client, Pat’s testimonial:

Now back then, I was REALLY green. Actually, to say I was naive
would be a huge understatement.

Don't believe me?

I was so excited to be writing copy for Pat... I FORGOT TO ASK HIM
FOR THE MONEY. I never got paid for doing the project.

I'm sure Pat didn't mind.

So How DO You Make
a Lot of Money Writing Copy?

I really had no idea what I was doing.

So I bought all the courses I could find. I was promised the world.
"RETIRE THIS YEAR," they said... Just learn these copywriting secrets.

But they missed something...

Sure, I learned HOW to write. It's not rocket science you know. But
last time I checked, you can get a world class copywriting education
at Amazon for less than $200. Or half that at your used book store.

But what they left out was something far more important than HOW to

What "they" missed was really the only thing that matters:

How to Make a Lot of Money
Being a Freelance Copywriter

Kind of an important detail to skip over don't you think?

At first, I was kind of lost. I had all of these copywriting
"skills" but didn't know what to do with them. Kind of like having a
Porsche and being forced to drive at 10 MPH through a school zone.

You wonder if getting the darn Porsche was worth all the trouble.
Plus... people look at you kind of funny.

I looked high and low for some help. All I found was more
copywriting courses for sale.

So I got fed up and said...

"Screw That...
I'm Figuring It Out on My Own"


Now I'm not one to brag. But this is my backyard...

This is the view of the world that I see each and every morning of
my life.

I live where I want. Work when I want. And work only with the people
who I want to work with. It's a beautiful thing.

Only a few months ago, it wasn't like this. My backyard was a little
bit smaller... more like a postage stamp. And there was no golf
course... no lake... and no rainbow.

But that was before I hung out my freelance copywriting shingle and
started helping my clients make money.

Before I started writing promotions that brought back $2, $4 and
more for every dollar spent.

And long before I figured out how to turn copywriting skills into
real money. BIG MONEY.

Just look at the picture of my backyard. That picture represents
real results. Real money. The results I help my clients create pay for
that backyard... and a whole lot of other things.

So that's why I'm writing this today. To help YOU get to the same
place... and farther. It really just depends on where exactly it is
that you want to go.

My goal is to help you...

Become a Six-Figure Copywriter
in 365 Days... or Less

It's really not that complicated. And I'm not really sure why no
one's talking about it. Talking about what it REALLY takes to do it.

But heck, if they actually helped you make a ton of money, then you
really wouldn't need any more of their copywriting courses now would

The real reason I put all this together, and spent all this time
creating a product and writing a sales letter for a niche I'm really
NOT interested in is this:


And it's time someone stood up and actually gave you some advice
about how to earn big money doing what you love.


And that's why I've created:

The Independent Thinker’s Guide to Becoming a Six-Figure
Copywriter in 365 Days or Less

There's a picture of it over there. And yes, that's exactly what it
looks like when you download it.

Become a six-figure copywriter in 1 year. That's my goal for you.
But the way I'll show you is a bit different than anything you've
heard about before. Because I'm going to show you how to do it...

...Without another copywriting course
...Without a copywriting coach
...Without a copywriting guru

So here are just a few things you'll learn:

* Why the QUALITY of your copy is NOT what's gonna make you money.
You'll learn about the real skill you need to develop to reach

* Why "specializing" is for suckers and how following this
conventional advice will hurt your bottom line.

* How to get your subscription to SRDS (Standard Rate and Data
Service) started for LESS THAN 50% of the advertised price.

* How to get EVERY new ad for a copywriter placed on Craigslist
(from every state and city) delivered right to your computer, the
minute they're placed. Once you set it up, it takes one mouse click.

* The high profile copywriting coach I hired... and FIRED. You'll
hear the story and hopefully save yourself some money.

* How I got AGORA to call ME. I'll tell you how you can use the
very same idea.

* How to get your phone ringing off the hook with clients ASKING
you to write for them.

* Why freelance copywriting ISN\'T the road to riches and how to
leverage your writing skills for the big paydays.

* How to deal with clients on the phone. And why the difference
between your current fees and DOUBLING THOSE FEES has to do with
little more than the words you say on the phone.

* The strategy I used to turn a $1,000 rewrite project into a
$14,000 project... not including the 5% royalties I negotiated.

* The same simple idea I used to DOUBLE my copywriting income in
less than 30 days.

* PLUS... a whole lot more. A total of over 60 pages full of
additional hints and tips I learned the HARD way...

And everything that you'll discover in the guide is something I've

What You WON'T Be Getting

Let me get this right out on the table:

I'm NOT a guru...

I'm NOT a coach...

And this ISN\'T my effort to build a big list for my copywriting
membership site launch. :)

Heck, selling to copywriters really isn't my niche at all. There are
far more profitable niches where the very same skills produce 10X or
20X the results. So chances are, I'll never release a product to the
copywriting world again.

Here's my reason for even releasing this guide:


It's time to get the tools you need to make YOUR OWN freelance
copywriting dream come true.

Here's the Offer

The knowledge and advice I've put in this guide cost me well over
$34,000 in trial and error (mostly error). Most of that money is money
that I left on the table because I was stupid.

So the cost of the guide is a true bargain at $67. And you'll be
able to download your copy IMMEDIATELY. (Clickbank sells our products
- they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally
delivered products.)

A price that is pennies compared to the money I've LOST learning
these things.

You see, even though I've made well over six-figures, had I started
the year knowing what I've packed into this guide, I could have
doubled my income. REALLY.

But before you take action, I need to be upfront with you and tell

What Makes This Different
Than Any Other Copywriting
"HOW TO" On the Market?

Good question. Actually, this guide is QUITE different. Because it's
probably the only "copywriting guide" that never once mentions...


You can buy that knowledge at a book store. It's written by folks
far more qualified than I am.

Plus... that's just knowledge you pick up along the way by failing.

So you won't find me talking about it. Heck, do you really think you
need even one more "copywriting secret?"

Most of us have more copywriting secrets sitting on our shelves than
we will ever use.

This is a Limited Time Offer

Remember, I'm not out to make a name for myself as a copywriting

I've got a family to enjoy, multiple businesses to run and a whole
lot of life to live.

So I don't know how long this will remain available.

One thing I CAN promise you is that the longer the guide remains on
the market, the higher the price will go.

So you need to get started right now. That's all the pressure I'm
putting on you.

But what you'll learn in this guide will have a HUGE impact on the
bottom line of your copywriting business.

If it doesn't... just send it back. I'm giving you a full 8 weeks to
try it out. All you've got to show me is that you tried what I

But don't think this is a magic pill. It's information. Very
valuable information. But you've actually got to use it.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence and tell you that you can
retire this year or something equally as far fetched simply by putting
this guide on your shelf. That's crazy talk.

Plus, there are plenty of other folks willing to do that.

But let me ask you this, "If you really love what you're doing,
would retirement really make sense?"

Enough of the ranting. Get your copy and change your life. Because
once you do, you'll understand just how amazing this business really
can be.



P.S. Remember, I'm NOT a guru. But just so I don't leave you in the
lurch, I'm throwing in FREE EMAIL ACCESS TO ME FOR 90 DAYS as a bonus
for getting your copy of my guide. If you have any questions about how
to double or triple the fees you're getting in your copywriting
business, I'll be there to help. You'll get the email address in your

But YOU\'VE got to take the first step...


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