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"How You Can Get Private Label Rights to 25 Kick-Ass Articles in these Multi-Million Dollar Niches: Weight-Loss, Law Of Attraction Or Self-Help... for Less than You'd Pay for A Cup of Starbuck's A Day"
Knock-down the # of marketers you'll compete against with the same content to a measly **50** Only (Not 1000) to dramatically increase your chances to gain expert status and achieve top Google rankings in today's changing search engine game...

Here's everything you'll get with this 'content-galore' package deal:
Limited exclusivity. In order to protect my customers investments -this newest PLR pack is limited to a very strict ***50*** people only, Not 1000! (You'll soon learn what Google has to say about this)
Get 25 brand spanking new & well-researched articles (over 14,000+ words or approximately 35 single-spaced, 70 double-spaced pages on Arial font 12)
*PLUS... A FREE Step-By-Step Guide (79 pages) that teaches you from A to Z how to profit from these articles or ANY PLR material you've got (even if you're a total newbie)... this is THE book I wish someone gave to me when I first got started, instead of wasting years peddling and filtering the good info from the bad from a gazillion sources.
7 Ways To Cash In
These Multi-Million Dollar A Year Niche...
Convert the articles into an E-Course to build a hungry crowd of buyers for your niche site or blog
Lump them together to create your own original information product and give it away/or sell it to build a targeted list of hungry buyers...
Publish your own profitable newsletter or ezine...
Build a massive network of portal or directory sites that drive traffic to adsense pages...
Use them as search engine fodder to drive free traffic back to your main site (or affiliate offers)…
Setup dozens of "profit blogs" that suck in free traffic and monetize it through affiliate programs and contextual ad programs like Google Adsense
Submit the articles (with your custom resource box, of course) to literally hundreds of article directories to drive more free traffic back to your site (or affiliate offers)...

Dear Friend,

There's a huge "Information Incest" happening right now in the world of IM that threatens to dissolve every dime of profit you've earned or hope to earn with your PLR.

The danger is inevitable... and immediate.

Here's how it's already working to hurt you: You've done everything you could to find the best, high-quality and most up-to-date PLR content membership sites to put your hard-earned money into.

You get detailed recommendations from fellow marketers maybe from forums, asked a couple of buddies or even researched the sites with Google.

All signs point to the membership site being a great investment (with a clear path ahead for outstanding profits): Massive content delivered fresh, monthly make the price you pay impressively low... the website has been around for a long time with a good track record... and everything points out that the offer is a "can't miss" bargain.

Sounds good, doesn't it. A real can't miss.

There's just one little problem. None of this matters, because...

Everyone Else Is USING
The SAME Content You Are!

You may as well take your cash outside and feed it to the dog because there is no way in hell you are going to be making any lasting income in the long-run with this strategy.

Look, it’s inevitable. As the search engine algorithms become smarter, the more exclusive the content(that’s distributed to the least number of people), the more likely that it will achieve high rankings and attract to you the highest volume of traffic and money... with a lot less effort.

I mean do you really believe that Google will just sit there and do nothing while a whole army of well-meaning Internet Marketers are polluting the web by the hundreds and thousands with duplicate content?

Not only does this ruin the whole web experience for internet users, but it pisses on Google's reputation as a leading provider of CREDIBLE information on the web.

Google's Take On Duplicate Content
(Click Below To Read)

Why does Google care about duplicate content?](javascript:showHide('hiddenContent');)

Our users typically want to see a diverse cross-section of unique content when they do searches. In contrast, they're understandably annoyed when they see substantially the same content within a set of search results.[...]

[What does Google do about it?](javascript:showHide('hiddenContent2');)

During our crawling and when serving search results, we try hard to index and show pages with distinct information...
...duplicate content may be shown with intent to manipulate our rankings and deceive our users, we'll also make appropriate adjustments in the indexing and ranking of the sites involved. As a result, the ranking of the site may suffer, or the site might be removed entirely from the Google index, in which case it will no longer appear in search results."

Here's what this is all about: If you want a cost-effective solution to this problem and don't want to eventually get slapped by Google (and risk having your website be taken OUT of the Google index) for hosting 'suspiciously' similar content that's available on hundreds of other websites online...

This is as close as you'll ever get to benefiting from the advantages of owning exclusive, high-quality content next to to paying a ghostwriter hundreds of dollars for sole ownership... (for a FRACTION of the cost)

"these articles are thoughtfully written and no FLUFF!.."

"...Wow, another winner!! These articles are thoughtfully written and no FLUFF! Sometimes you get stuff that's just filler and doesn't really go anywhere. These articles are packed with good information. Content plus a good word count will make these really easy to rewrite. The subjects really got me to thinking too!"


"writes clearly & entertainingly..."

"WOW - Rhen, it looks as if you've really outdone yourself this time! I bought Rhen's last LOA PLR Pack and it was terrific. He knows this topic inside & out, writes clearly & entertainingly, way overdelivers and seems to genuinely care what his customers think and want. (And no, I'm not on his payroll!)"


"had one of the most exhaustive keyword lists..."

"...You phreaking ROCK (all BS aside)! As a self-confessed PLR Junkie that has made more money on the Web with PLR than by all other means... That's a LOT of stuff you packed into your LoA package. And your Meditation PLR Package had one of the most exhaustive keyword lists that I've ever seen compiled on ANY niche: Simply fantastic- Keep up the great work, Rhen- I'll definitely be looking forward to the next PLR fix!"

—Mark M. Bravura

"you just keep on amazing me with each release..."

"...the articles are fantastic. I found it hard to sleep last night since they put me in such a good mood. Since I have purchased like this from you before on a totally different subject I knew that you over delivered but you just keep on amazing me with each release."


"the articles provide practical content, with lots of helpful hints and advice..."

"The articles stick closely and clearly to important principles in LOA, especially the much admired Abraham-Hicks description of them. The articles provide practical content, with lots of helpful hints and advice on ways to implement the principles. The style is simple, elegant, and readable. They are NOT written as speeches, sermons, or polemics, which are often too general in content and difficult to rewrite, due to the speech rhythms and choice of language. As the content is concrete and practical, the articles lend themselves to many uses, including ebooks and reports, as well as website material."


---SAMPLE #1 STARTS HERE----------------------------------------------------
Allowing: The Forgotten Final Step

“Ask and ye shall receive.” It’s a true enough statement, that’s for sure. But in terms of helping you to actualize the kind of life you desire, it may be a bit misleading, or at the very least incomplete. For it implies that manifesting your desires is a two-part process when, in practical terms, it may be better understood as process in three steps:

• You ask – usually without even asking as the very acting of wanting something is received by the all-powerful creative source as a request or, maybe more aptly put, an order;
• Your “wish” is granted – you need to do nothing for this to happen as it’s an automatic and instantaneous result of step 1;
• You either allow it or deny it – like a gift, you either accept it or refuse it.

The reason, then, for the appearance of so many of our desires NOT being granted is our own resistance to having what we asked for.

If you have ever desired something and then sometime later started noticing the failure of that desire to be fulfilled, you are actually pushing the fulfillment of that desire out of your present reality. Observing, for example, that a lack of resources for the attainment of your desire creates that lack – not the other way around. Not only do you perpetuate the absence or lack by observing it, but you cause it.

For that which you desire is already yours, the instant you want it. But your participation in receiving it does not stop there. To the contrary, by fixating on a desire already transmitted, a want already wanted, you draw yourself continually back to the awareness of your current state of NOT HAVING it.(to be continued...)

---SAMPLE #1 ENDS HERE------------------------------------------------------

---SAMPLE #2 STARTS HERE----------------------------------------------------

“If you build it, they will come.” Field of Dreams

Instead of observing a problem that you want changed, imagine the situation or condition as you want it to be. The concept is simple and, fortunately, so is the method. Anyone can do it, anywhere, at any time, and for any duration – with incredible results. Visualization is one of the most powerful methods there are for effecting the changes you desire. 

In a very real way your fantasies are your realities – good ones and bad ones, for better and worse. What you imagine is what will be. If you build it, they will come. Fortunately, it’s never too late to imagine something new, even if presently embroiled in circumstances previously imagined.

The process of visualization is simple, and it doesn’t require any esoteric knowledge or complicated accoutrements. If you can find a quiet place to do it, all the better; if you can’t don’t worry about it. Do it on the bus, if you want. If you can arrange to be uninterrupted while you do it, great; if not, it isn’t a problem. You can do it with your eyes closed or open. You can do it sitting, standing, laying down, or out jogging.

All you do is create a visual picture of what you want (NOT what you don’t want).  Create a visual picture of the condition, circumstance, or situation as you desire it to be (NOT how it currently, undesirably, is). For best results, once you have a clear mental picture of the ideal you’re creating, be sure to place yourself in the image (if you’re not already). Interact with the elements of this ideal reality you’re visualization into existence.(to be continued...)

---SAMPLE #2 ENDS HERE------------------------------------------------------

Everyone who bought my last PLR packages quickly learned that I’m a certifiable content alcoholic. I’ll go to the end of the depths of the world and back to give only the best, most actionable material I have the right to pass on.

I’m absolutely obsessed with making sure you get an amazing value for the price of admission

Only **50** Allowed In
(Before Doors Close!)

Only a select 50 will ever be asked to receive this PLR pack. The exclusivity ratio is unheard of in the PLR marketplace.

These articles are 100% unique and will help you quickly win the respect and trust of your readers -- as anyone who knows me will know... I don't endorse crap and if I feel that a release doesn't make the cut, I will throw it in the garbage and close the lid(as some warriors here have witnessed behind the curtains).

I'll show you some actual samples in a minute so you can see what I mean.

Although I stand behind my content with 100% rock-solid confidence I'm not going to hide behind my screen here and tell you how good the content is, in just a minute I'm going to show you what I mean.

In any case check out what a few marketers who very recently bought my sold-out PLR packages from me have said (right column):

Everyone who bought my last PLR packages quickly learned that I'm a certifiable quality-content alcoholic. I'll go to the end of the depths of the world and back to give only the best, most actionable material I have the right to pass on.

I'm absolutely obsessed with making sure you get an amazing value for the price of admission.

That's why I'm including along with each pack of jam-packed articles a list of keywords that will help you enter and profit quickly from each niche.

First let's go over everything once more to see what's in store for you...

Shortcut #1:
25 PLR Articles Pack

If you like high-quality content that is easy to re-write and that you'd be proud to show to your list or visitors, then you're going to love these.

And here's what makes these articles so different from the ones you may have seen out there that are sold in bulk of 100's, are distributed to a gazillion people and sold for $1 and fifty cents on e-Bay.

There's a couple things:

* Extremely limited distribution: there is a huge difference between competing against 50 people and 500 people. It's the difference between re-writing an article at 20% and at 90%. Or, spending a few hours versus spending a few weeks re-writing...

* The articles you're getting here are written for the human reader in mind. Here's what I mean...

I'm sure you've seen the type of writing that's stuffed with bad English. Reads like a bad horror flick and research so lousy you don't know whether you should laugh or cry in light of the crap you have in front of your eyes.

I think it bears repeating because John Reese, internet marketing extraordinaire, said something of utmost importance in one of his posts, and I quote:

"you absolutely must be publishing killer content.."

"If you want to build a successful business online, and make a lot of money, it's going to come down to one primary thing - your content. In order for you to dominate your competition like an 800 lb. gorilla you absolutely must be publishing killer content. Period. If you don't you're in trouble.

You might get away with putting out less than great content today, but it's not going to last."

—John Reese

That's why I made darn sure you only get the cream of the crop.

These are professionally written articles with the human reader in mind. I did not just stuff these articles with a bunch of keywords so I could play tricks with the search engines.

Shortcut #2:
Keyword List

Now all the hard work of coming up with good keywords has been taken care of for you. You're getting at least 250 to 1000 keywords for each individual niche. You can easily and quickly use these with PPC or search engine optimization. Plus, not only are keywords handed to you but they are also analyzed by competition.

“How you can get private label rights to 25 traffic-pumping articles... for less than you'd pay for a cup of starbuck's a day"

Now available via these special offers at rock bottom price - my newest exclusive PLR releases reserved for strictly **50** elite individuals (Not 1000!)

While some PLR membership sites may distribute their PLR to 350, 700 or even 1000+ people, these releases are tightly restricted and limited to just 50 copies- a tiny fraction of one-tenth of a percent of the world's marketers- will be exclusively entitled to receive a copy of this PLR pack.

Get 25 well-researched articles (14,000+ words or approximately 35 single-spaced pages on arial font 12)

Ethically bypass (more easily) Google's duplicate content filters with your bum marketing/blogging efforts and achieve higher search rankings because you won't have to worry about competing with thousands of others!

Includes a keyword list for this niche. Now all the hard work of coming up with good keywords has been taken care of for you. You can easily and quickly use these to attack bum-marketing or help you strategize a SEO plan. (Plus, not only are keywords handed to you but they are also analyzed by competition.)

Coming Soon! :)

Special Deal For
50 1000 People ONLY!

Here’s the deal: This article pack alone would cost you well over $375+ alone to outsource the writing to a competent ghostwriter. That's *if* you can find one quickly. This isn't some sort of hype statement. The very best writers are in demand and command high prices. In fact I've personally hired over 15 different writers to help me with various different projects before finding TWO that can do the job (to my satisfaction).

And make no mistake, my experience is the norm amongst every marketer that deals with ghostwriters.

So rest assured, you're in good hands. These articles are jam-packed with premium quality writing and are each over 14,000+ words! That's roughly 35 pages of single spaced arial 12 font or 70 pages double-spaced!

I truly believe this will give you the killer content that John Reese was talking about earlier... that will give you the edge over your competitors before you even start!

How much?

You get the whole enchilada for a measly one-time investment of just $35.

Sorry - but that's sofa cushion money: Less than it would cost you to hire a ghostwriter to write 2 measly pages, or a cup of Starbuck's a day (or cup of tea a day for you brits), or a daily pack of smokes down at the local Cherokee reservation.

That's only 1.40$ per article.

Imagine if you had to create all of this by yourself... it would literally take you weeks if not months!...

I simply can't think of a bigger short-cut that will help you get started any faster.

Here's what you need to do now: To order this incredible package, for pennies on the dollar while everyone else scrambles to survive in the PLR incest situation, simply click on one of the PLR packages that are currently available below to read some more free samples. And when you're ready to order simply click the order below each PLR packs and I'll take care of everything.

And that's it. Your complete package will be rushed out to you via e-mail as soon as payment has been verified (few minutes).

Time of course is tight. If I've done my job, what you've read today has got you excited about getting your hands on this package. These PLR article packs can start working for you immediately... but you need to act quickly. Before you leave this website and risk forgetting.

This is an honest deal from an honest business person... and more outrageously generous than it needs to be. Word of my PLR article packs is spreading like wildfire among internet marketers... but only a select 50 will ever be asked to receive these PLR packs.


Law Of Attraction
25 Kick-Ass Articles PLR
(13,805 words -
70 double-spaced
pages Arial font 12)
50 19 Left!

[Download free samples](http://www.kickassplr.com/free/loa-samples.html)

[Click here to order today for just $1.40/article $97 $35](http://1.doctorkell.pay.clickbank.net)

25 Kick-Ass Articles PLR
(14,282 words -
80 double-spaced
pages Arial font 12)
50 23 Left!

[Download free samples](http://www.kickassplr.com/free/sh-samples.html)

[Click here to order today for just $1.40/article $97 $35](http://2.doctorkell.pay.clickbank.net)

25 Kick-Ass Articles PLR
(14,282 words -
70 double-spaced
pages Arial font 12)
50 38 Left!

[Download free samples](http://www.kickassplr.com/free/wl-samples.html)

[Click here to order today for just $1.40/article $97 $35](http://3.doctorkell.pay.clickbank.net)
Coming Soon!
Make Money At Home
25 Articles PLR PACK

Want To Learn How To Make Money With Your Dead PLR Content? Check Below For A Free Gift...

Thanks for reading,

[YES] You can put your own name on the article.
[YES] You can change the articles as you wish.
[YES] You can use these articles on your website.
[YES] You can use these articles in your newsletter.
[YES] You can use these articles in your Auto-Responder.
[YES] You can use these articles in your membership site.
[YES] You can use them in a free E-Course
[YES] You can use them in a free Special Report.
[YES] You can use them in a free E-Book.
[YES] You can use them in a paid product.
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be added to non-PLR membership sites
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can be added to PLR membership sites
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites

"The ULTIMATE No-Fluff process map for creating niche affiliate and adsense sites with PLR content. The process, the steps, exactly what NEEDS to be done!..."

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