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Now you can now easily create and sell
thousands of your own books and ebooks right from your home!
 Even if you can't
 or don't want to write!

Imagine this  .... You walk out to your mail box and find it stuffed
with orders for your latest  homemade booklet!  You hurry back into
the house and quickly open the envelopes and stack the orders in one
pile and the checks in another.  You nervously add up the orders and
it comes to $355.75.... You think to yourself, not bad for one
day!!!  And everyday you do it again.  Some days it's less, some
days more.  But at the end of the year you total your sales of your
homemade booklets have generated $107,456.  After you deduct your
expenses you have $51,304 in profits!  Wow!!

Or how about doing the same with
your web site selling simple ebooks that the buyer has immediate
access to by download.  No printing costs and no shipping costs for
an ebook!  This morning I've received $188 in ebook sales!  And
that's not from this ebook but from my other web sites on how to get
a car dealer license.

 I also sell homemade booklets and
ebooks which I have had ghost writers
 write for me.  I'll show you how to do that, too.

A Real Person Testimonial

"Hi, Don. I'm
Harvey Gardner. I bought your manual
To Start And Operate A Profitable Homemade
Booklet Business"
last April, nearly a year ago. I used a lot of
your ideas and added a few from elsewhere, but
mainly I used your advice as my guide to enter
self publishing for a couple of books I wrote
last year. Thanks for an excellent book and for
excellent advice."

Publications, Hendersonville,




Now you will learn the inside secrets from a successful entrpreneur who
has generated millions of dollars in sales by self publishing his
12 homemade booklets and ebooks!

Don Massey is considered one the
nation's leading experts in inexpensive self publishing who has sold
thousands of his own works.  Since since 1988 he has helped
thousands learn how to do the same.  You'll find self publishing
success stories in testimonials on this web site.   If you've been
looking for the perfect  way to get your manuscript published and
make money then you owe it to yourself to explore the information on
this web site.  It is not a get rich quick program.  It takes work. 
But, it's the least expensive way to be self published with the
possibilities of fantastic personal and financial rewards. Are you
Interested? Then you need to consider self publishing. 


If you have never written a word, I'll
show you how you can have others write books for you!  

Click here to see one of the 6 manuals you'll receive!

Another Real Person Testimonial

July 15

Dear Friend,  
My friend Don Massey who
owns this site asked me to write this letter to you.
My name is Bob Saffill
and I'm that retired teacher.  I have a story to tell. 
Won't you listen?  It may change your life.
I was struggling on a
school teacher's salary several years ago when I ordered a
manual on self publishing called "How to Start and Operate a
Homemade Booklet Business".  It detailed how to start a
business on self publishing and  selling something FREE.....
information!  I studied it and wrote a small homemade
booklet on hydroponics gardening and the rest is history.
It changed my life.  I
have sold millions of dollars by self publishing products
since then.  I don't want to mislead you, I'm not a
millionaire but I do generate a very comfortable living for
an old retired guy.  I'll soon be 82.  And I did it while
taking care of my wife who has Alzheimer's.  So don't give
me any excuses why you can't do self publishing.
Read ahead and Don is
going to show you how you can do it  IF you have the
guts to try it.  Excuse my bluntness but at my age I can be
a little cantankerous.  I've earned it!
Oh, if you have doubts
I'm real, visit my web site at
By the way, there are a
lot of other self publishing stuff out there.  Most require
initial investments of thousands of dollars.  I started for
less than $300.  Don, like me, has sold millions in self
published works.  
He's an early retiree who
just won't stop. Today he travels the world doing computer
system training.  He's has trained thousands of folks in the
US, Canada, UK and Australia.  He loves dishing out info and
self publishing his homemade booklets and ebooks.
He even got me on the
internet at 75!  Thanks, Don!
Your Friend,
Bob Saffill

Mayhill Press (Self publishing Empire)
422 Pasley
Winchester, KY 40391
P.S. If you want to trade
rejection slips for checks, listen to what he has to say...
he knows his stuff!  He's helped me immensely with my
self publishing business! -


I now reveal all my
secrets of starting a
home based self publishing business
 in the all new
"The Beginners Self Publishing,
 Creating and Marketing Homemade Booklets and eBooks" Package

Working from a small office, I
sometimes I do earn money like a big corporation. Since 1988, my
first $20 homemade booklet on cars, has grossed over $450,000!

Another one of my books has made over $478,000.The mentor who
started me in this endeavor made one for photographers, earned
$1,155 in one day, then $700 the day after that, and it just kept
going...for about five years.

homemade booklets,
$2,000,000!  An information empire!  You can do the
same.  Let me show you how.  Read on

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