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"Boost your Judgment Recovery Business... This is the software you've been waiting for to save time and collect more!"     Save Time, Collect More with JRMS© Judgment Recovery Management System , the ideal software to help you manage your Judgment Recovery business. Its ease of use combined with its powerful functions make it a new standard for anyone wanting to get a piece of this exciting new multi-billion dollar business. Judgment Recovery veteran or new comers can benefit from this acclaimed management software featured on PI magazine. Install JRMS© on your PC and start making money!
Let's get to it! JRMS© was specifically developed to address the need of judgment collectors getting overwhelmed with the time constrains and repetitive tasks of managing their activity. JRMS© gives Judgment professionals and newcomers alike time to concentrate on the essential of their operation by handling logistics and everyday tasks easily. The hassles of keeping track of many details, typing and editing forms, letters and contracts are now a thing of the past. JRMS© will save you dozens of hours a week by automatically generating court documents and conveniently managing your cases and customer base.
JMRS© is by far the most accessible and most powerful MS access application for Judgment recovery professionals available on the market! In fact there is almost no learning curve which is perfect for anyone wanting to start a new career as a Judgment Collector. There is simply nothing like it out there. We worked with some of the best Judgment recovery specialists in the industry with more than 20 years Hands-on experience to engineer this application perfectly tailored to the specific needs of this industry.

This is what you get with JRMS© Multiple Plaintiffs and Defendants Support : You can now attach up to 5 plaintiffs and 5 defendants to any of your cases. State of the art Client Database : Easily Manage & track
thousands of Clients Complete Case management system : to manage an unlimited number of Cases from first contact to the full recovery. Complete Ledger system : You can precisely view the evolution of each case interest and principal amount for any state, and manage settlement amounts. Calculate interests automatically on daily basis : Each time you add a new entry to your ledger the number of days are calculated for the period of time and the interests on the corresponding principal amount are generated All necessary official Forms built in the PROFESSIONAL version. Editable on screen, profile creation, archived per Case (EJ001, EJ100, EJ105, EJ110, EJ125, EJ130, EJ150, EJ152, EJ155, EJ160, EJ185, EJ190, EJ195, MC012) Money Recovery and Redistribution Tracking : automatically calculates exactly at all time how much money you and the JC made on each case. Keep track of each check made to the JC and know how much money is owed to each party. Case Events Tracker & Daily Reminder: You can attach notes and corresponding dates to each case to allow you to remember in detail any event relating to that Case. You can easily find all tasks or events for a particular case or a particular date. Each day's tasks are reminded to you automatically when you start JRMS. Complete Microsoft Word Letter and Documents Manager: Attach any of your own Word documents to the database and see the corresponding hyperling appearing in each Case form. In just a click of a button you can reach the specific word document filled out with the specific values for the selected case number. (a dozen sample letters, forms and enveloppes are shipped with the software). You can attach and unlimited number of word files to JRMS. You can now choose between DDE or ODBC which greatly enhances speed and stability to connect JRMS to Microsoft Word. Customize your reports and forms with your own company logo and letterhead. Powerful search and filter features. Find the information you need in just seconds. Refine your search with specific criteria. Print Case / People financial or general reports. Edit and manage all relevant contact information Case / Defendant / Plaintiff / Court / Lawyer Generate financial reports and statistics for your company and for your clients (Creditor's report, Financial Summary report etc..) Custom case status creation create your own specific case status to allow you put a name and date on each important case activity throughout the database. Backup Function: Export your entire database into standard Excel format. Import Judgment leads Feature: Import and manage Fresh leads directly into the database containing all relevant case information. Intuitive interface, user-friendly utilization. All relevant information is under your eyes. No need to go through dozens of complex menus. No learning curve necessary. You can be operational in minutes. This is the ideal software for people new to the business as well as veterans.
Configuration Requirements:
• Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
• Pentium II 400 MHz personal computer or higher
• 64 MB of memory or more
• 180 MB hard disk space available
• Screen Resolution 1024x768 or above
• Microsoft Word 97 to 2003 Recommended (Mailmerge with JRMS can be executed through DDE or ODBC technology) Ordering Info
To order THE LATEST VERSION OF JRMS today and gain access to the must-own application for anyone wanting to get into Judgment Recovery, click on the link below to order. You will receive INSTANT access to the program, which can be downloaded directly to your computer in a matter of seconds. The cost of the application is a ridiculously low price of just $149.95. You save $350!

There's even a 8 week money back guarantee to any one who can't benefit from the software.




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