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Master Lightroom & Photoshop:

Improve Your Food Photography

Make Your Food Pictures Tasty, Vibrant and Sharp to Win Loyalty of Your Clients and Readers

$200 Now only $37

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 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Make Your Food Photography stand out using Photoshop and Lightroom.

Learn editing food pictures like a pro.

Bring your photos from “ok” level to “Delicious-Mouth-Watering-I-Want-It!” level.


Over 6 hours

on-demand video

Full lifetime access

learn at your own pace


11 Lightroom presets

designed specifically for food photography


pictures used in this course –
so you can practice on them!

What You will learn in this course:


How to bring Your Food Photography to the next level


How to quickly and effectively choose your best pictures out of many from the photo sessions


How to prepare photos for publishing on websites, blogs, Facebook and other social media sites etc.


How to transform a good pictures into great ones


How to organize your pictures, so you can easily find them in the future


You will become a skilled Food Photo Retoucher

What is inside the course:


Lesson  1 – Introduction Lesson  2 – Importing pictures into Lightroom Lesson  3 – Download Pictures Lesson  4 – Keyboard Shortcuts Lesson  5 – Effectively Select Best Pictures Lesson  6 – Labels Lesson  7 – Collections Lesson  8 – Cropping and Straightening Lesson  9 – White Balance Lesson 10 – Basic Adjustments Lesson 11 – Local Editing part 1 Lesson 12 – Local Editing – part 2 Lesson 13 – Local Editing – part 3 Lesson 14 – Spot Removal Lesson 15 – Hue, Color, Saturation Lesson 16 – Converting to Black and White Lesson 17 – Sharpening in Lightroom Lesson 18 – Noise Reduction Lesson 19 – Lens Corrections Lesson 20 – Exporting Pictures


Lesson 21 – Layers and Masks in Photoshop Lesson 22 – Selecting Objects Lesson 23 – Quick Mask Lesson 24 – Selections with channels Lesson 25 – Shaping Selections Lesson 26 – Shaping with Liquify Filter Lesson 27 – Removing Spots and Dust – Part 1 Lesson 28 – Removing Spots – Part 2 Lesson 29 – Adjustment Layers Lesson 30 – Changing Background – Part 1 Lesson 31 – Changing Background – Part 2 Lesson 32 – Sharpening Lesson 33 – Focus Repair Lesson 34 – Blurring Lesson 35 – Converting to Black and White Lesson 36 – Image Size and Canvas Size Lesson 37 – File Formats for Print and Web Lesson 38 – Preparing Pictures for Internet

Bonus Lectures

Lesson 39 – Food Lightroom Presets Lesson 40 – Pimp My Cheesburger – Part 1 Lesson 41 – Pimp My Cheesburger – Part 2 Lesson 42 – Pimp My Cheesburger – Part 3


Lesson 43 – Conclusion Lesson 44 – Recommended Resources


students already enrolled

This course is for:


food photographers


food bloggers




graphic designers


photo retouchers




web developers


restaurant managers

You can be a complete beginner or a pro with 20 years of experience in Photoshop. I will teach everything you need, from very basic knowledge to advanced techniques.

Although this course is aimed at editing food pictures, it will be useful for every kind of photography.

Last update of this course: 2/2017

Sebastian Jezierski

Professional photographer, instructor in this course

Sebastian Jezierski was born in 1976. Since 2000, he’s been a professional photographer and cameraman working with big (like Bosch) and small companies in Europe, mostly in Poland. His pictures have been published in numerous magazines including National Geographic. You can find him [on his website].

When it comes to using software for photographers, he started using Photoshop in 1994-1995, so its already for over 20 years! Not long after he started sharing knowledge about graphic programs teaching artists in the State Gallery of Art in Sopot, Poland and privately.

What students say about this course:

I’ve been using Photoshop since version 2.0 in the early ’90s, and I have learned some tips that will really be helpful in my food photography. Thank you!

Enjoying a lot this course. Especially for me who deal with photoshop everyday and haven’t knew and even underestimated the real power of Lightroom.

It is good to see the techniques in use with adjustments rather than just talking about them with pre-set results. Although based on food photography, this is a great general Lightroom tutorial, I have not reached the Photoshop section yet but I bet it will be as good.

This is an excellent course. It has a lot of useful Information and detailed topics about using LightRoom and PhotoShop. If you take this course you will prove by yourself what I mean.

One of the best courses I have done to learn Lightroom and to use Photoshop along with it. Sebastian is a wonderful instructor. Very easy to understand and teaches you exactly what he is very very good at it. Your food pictures are amazing. I will need more help with my pics as I go on building my portfolio. Sebastian is also a great guide and has already commented on my photos to make it better. Look forward to be a better photographer and Lightroom editor with this AWESOME course

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