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Powerful NeiGong of Ancient Super Monks To Open Chakras
Powerful NeiGong of Ancient Super Monks To Open Chakras


Chakra Opening NeiGong of Taoist Buddhist Ancient Super Monks

Benefits of Powerful NeiGong Opening Your Chakras

(This Powerful Qi Generated From NeiGong is Hard to Generate From Yoga, Reiki, Exercise, QiGong, Taichi, Weights, Meditation, Hypnosis, Some Singing Bowl Sounds, Etc)

Health, Beauty, Wisdom, Love, Money, and More…


Root Chakra (Muladhara):
Element: Earth Corresponding Color: Dark Red, Back Body Part: Bottom of Spine, HuiYing (between the reproductive organ and anus) Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Gemini, Cancer Energy Meaning: Innocence, Survival, Life Force Healthy State: Physical: Powerful legs, flexible leg joints, strong physical restoration ability, strong reproductive ability, normal excretion Mental: Confidence in Self-Worth, Feelings of Protection and Support, Feelings of Childish Innocence Unhealthy State: Trauma: Mental or physical abuse during youth from bodily or sexual abuse causing nonacceptance of intimate relationships Blocked: Unsatisfactory maternal relationships during youth causing rejection of one’s worth.  Large lower body and insatiable appetite. Underactive: Extended youth living in shame or lack of self-respect or freedom.  Possibly causing anorexia. Overactive: Lack of feeling of security during youth.  Over-eating and sex to satisfy oneself.


Navel Chakra (Svachusthana)
Element: Water Corresponding Color: Orange Body Part: 2 inches below belly button Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Taurus, Leo, Virgo Energy Meaning: Sexuality, Passion, Creativity, Courage, Trust Healthy State: Physical: Strong lower body, flexible lower back, normal sexual needs Mental: Intimate relations, non-over attachment or detachment, enjoyment of physical touch, self-worth Unhealthy State: Trauma: Strong setbacks during intimate relations, unable to express emotions, no courage to face problems, intestinal problems Blocked: Extended youth lacking validations, unwilling to express own feelings, lost of courage, affecting sexual performance Underactive: Extended living with no self-validations or external validations, lost of self-worth, unable to trust others, unable to accept intimate relationships Overactive: Rejects intimate relationships, over-controlling in relationships through various means, abnormal sexual relationships, digestive problems


Solar Plexus (Manipura)
Element: Fire Corresponding Color: Yellow Body Part: Slightly lower peritoneal Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Aries, Leo Energy Meaning: Courage, Power, Rational, Social Healthy State: Physical: Normal Digestive Function, Healthy Muscle Joints, Strong Backbone, Strong Liver Function Mental: Self Confidence, Leadership, Clear-Minded, Rational and Logical, Strong-Willed, and Proactive Unhealthy State: Trauma: Strong Social Anxiety, Unable to Hold a Job Due to Anti-Social Behavior, Over-Tense, Sever Stomach Problems Blocked: Anti-Social, Unable to Listen to Others, Lack of Self-Confidence, Digestive Problem Underactive: Unable to fulfill social duties and personal responsibilites, liver problems Overactive: Unable to listen to others, obsessed with power, fame, money, and social status.  Arrogance.  Too much pride.  Liver problems.


Heart Chakra (Anahata)
Element: Wind Corresponding Color: Green, Pink Body Part: Middle of Chest, Center Between Two Nipples Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Libra, Pisces Energy Meaning: Love, Hope, Empathy Healthy State: Physical: Strong Immune System, Normal Respiratory Function, Flexible Back Muscles Mental: Able to Express and Accept Love, Empathic, Hopeful on Life Unhealthy State: Trauma: Untrusting of Others, Over-Sensitive to Intimate Relationships, Doubtful of Others’ Sincerity, Heart and Lung Problems Blocked: Rejecting of Others’ Love, Unable to Express One’s Feeling of Love, Lack of Empathy, Loneliness, Respiratory Problems, Weak Heart and Lung Functions Underactive: Unable to communicate with others, unable to feel the surrounding love, feeling of being abandoned, heart disease, blood vessel problem, abnormal lung function Overactive: Unable to fulfill the need for love, over-controlling over lover, unemphatic, high blood pressure, hypertension


Throat Chakra (Vishuda)
Element: Light Corresponding Color: Blue Body Part: Mid-Lower Throat Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Scorpio, Aquarius Energy Meaning: Communications, Persuasion, Equality, Wisdom, Words Healthy State: Physical: Normal Eating Habit, Clear Pronunciation, Clearly Express Oneself Through Words and Speech, Normal Hearing and Tasting Functions Mental: Easily Communicate with Others, Clearly Express One’s Intention, Correctly Understand Others’ Intentions, Sociable Unhealthy State: Traumatized: Rejects communications, Uses Verbal Attacks, Social Outcast, Abnormal taste function, respiratory function problem Blocked: Depressed, Unable to Connect Socially, Daydreaming, Thyroid gland problems Underactive: Rejects others’ sympathy, unable to connect socially, thyroid gland problems, loss of voice, respiratory infections Overactive: Unable to Listen to Others’ Opinions, Unable to Distinguish between ideal and reality, vocal chord problems


Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna)
Element: Spiritual Light Corresponding Color: Indigo Body Part: Center Between The Eye Brows Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology (): Sagittarius, Capricorn Energy Meaning: Awakening, No Doubts, Observation Healthy State: Physical: No Sleep Disorders, Normal Eye Functions, Smooth Facial Features, Mental: Balance between rational and emotional, strong sense of moral, responsibility for own actions, mindful of own actions Unhealthy State: Traumatized: Arrogant, Outcast, Unable to Fit In Socially, Problem Focusing, Vision Problems, Sleeping Disorders Blocked: Unable to Concentrate, Lack of Observation Ability, Loss of Memory, Lack of Logical Reasoning, Migraines, Long-Term Headaches Underactive: Unable Distinguish Illusion and Reality, Depression, Paranoia, Mal-nutrition, Hallucinations Overactive: Over-Dedication to Religions/Spiritual Belief or Doctrine, Over-Controlling of Others through Morals.  Hyperactive.  Tense facial muscles.


Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)
Element: Void Corresponding Color: Purple Body Part: Top of Head Energy Meaning: Compassion, Wisdom, Initial Enlightenment, Evolution Healthy State: Physical: No Sleeping Disorders, Healthy Hormone System, Good Skin Condition Mental: Peaceful, Tune and Balance one’s own emotions, spiritual Unhealthy State: Traumatized: Depressed on Life, Unable to Balance Inner Emotions, Memory Loss or Altered Memory, Hormone Disorder Blocked: Blind Faith in Religions, Complains Often, Skin Problems, Hormone Disorder Underactive: Blind Faith in Religions, Loss of Interest in Life, Suicidal Overactive:  Arrogant, Craves Others’ Adoration, Use of Doctrines to Control Others, Hormone Disorders, Hallucinations
* Chakras Information Courtesy of Seer


About Me


Dear Health Seeker,

For Nearly a Decade, I’ve Suffered from Extreme Pelvic Spine Injury and Near-Fatal Stomach Disease (Not Gonna Use The Word “Cancer” Because There’s Officially No “Cure” For It. Entirely Different Subject…).  I’ve experience Pain, Mental Meltdown, Degeneration in all parts of bodies, etc for many years.  Since then I’ve practiced every sort of Inner Energy related practices you can think of.  It was extremely difficult and requires incredible amount of experience and knowledge. There’s barely anyone who can mentor you because the “True” Masters are all very reclusive..


This was all because I was lucky to meet many incredible masters after I got sick.  It is really a change of reality for me…

In fact, none of them hold the title of a master.   You would never know they’re Masters.  Yet they are pretty much “omniscient” – unlike the “Masters” you’re probably learning from right now…

But I can change that for you … so you can start practicing what really will benefit you fast.  You only have this lifetime.  You don’t know if you’re lucky enough to meet “true” masters the next time around (next lifetime … I don’t want to start get into the metaphysical stuff).  So either you reach the final goal of spiritual enlightenment this time around or it’s might many toss of coins in the future before you get another chance.



So What is NeiGong?

In ancient China, the practice of inner energy is called Nei-Gong (內功), meaning Internal-Kung Fu. It is the basic energy practice to return one’s inner physical body to a truly healthy state.

Nei-Gong (內功), in a way, literally, means to change the structure of your physical body so that energy flows like that of a “superconductor”

So That When You Meditate, You “Connect” Naturally with No Effort (Zen-Gong (禪功))

It plays an essential role in a set of practices to attain a truly healthy state of mind and body.

When you practice the core inner energy method taught in my book, the inner energy generated is strong, hard, and hammer-like. It is designed to break down the major energy/physical blockages in your body. On the opposite, soft energy generation like meditation, sleep, visualization, positive affirmation, or hypnosis will have a very difficult time doing.

This is why the people doing these soft-practices for “decades” will never get anywhere because they’ve got the order wrong!

The order is Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), Nei-Gong (內功). Then Tao-Gong (道功). Finally Zen-Gong (禪功). The latter two, Tao- and Zen-Gong is more geared toward spiritual enlightenment which comes naturally (reach the 4 Levels of Zen Meditative States Easily) after NeiGong…

Everyone is trying to do “Zen-Gong” (禪功) before all of those previous 4 steps.

The hammer-like practices (no, it’s not intense exercise) is what is called “Nei-Gong” or “Internal Kung Fu”.

This will give back a truly healthy body.

Only after all of the blockages in your body are cleared, can you be called a truly healthy person and you will always keep a lean and fit figure – unless you really want to break it.

In this book, you will find out a technique that encompasses all three of the inner energy practices specifically on transforming your physical body, Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), and Nei-Gong (內功).

It is one of the most efficient inner energy practices and requires no complicated instructions.

On top of that, you’ll get an array of powerful energy sources available to you without any practice to help you out.

The true goal of strengthening your body is so you can go on to pursue your heart’s desire.

Life is short. Time is limited.

That’s why you want to practice the most efficient methods and use the simplest and most powerful inner energy sources available.

I don’t want you get trapped into an endless addiction of playing around with Qigong or some fitness fads that could get you nowhere.

Get your body right, fast, and go on to pursue your life’s true calling.

I promise when your body is back to optimal state, spiritual enlightenment will come naturally.




David H Teng

Publisher & Inner Energy Practitioner

P.S. Some of Benefits I Experienced Include.  Beautiful, Bouncy Hair, Better Vision (Lowered My Near-Sightedness), Vastly Improved Skin Conditions, Better Brain Functions, Acute Insight (Much Higher Wisdom Than Before), Improved Facial Appearances (Hopefully. With NeiGong. The World Will Be Able to Skip Plastic Surgeries In The Future Unless It’s for Medical Reasons), Increased Sex Drive, and More.



Why You Need Powerful NeiGong and Not Just Yoga, Qigong, Meditation or Taichi of Sorts?

First of all, there is no way I could have recovered if I didn’t practice powerful NeiGong because it requires an insane amount of energy to reverse the damage I’ve done to my body through the years.

If I just practiced Yoga or some Qigong methods off of YouTube or some “Masters”, I wouldn’t be alive and telling you about this

Just to show you the energy level to raise our energy, let’s look at the research of Dr. David R. Hawkins.

I’m not going to debate the scientific nature of this research.  But this does give us an insight as to the energy levels required to evolve our body mind soul and change our reality.

Note the energy levels of chart is in Logarithmic scale.  It is not linear.



Map Of Consciousness

(From Power Vs. Force, by Dr. David R. Hawkins)
God-view Life-view Level Log Emotion Process Self Is Enlightenment ^ 700-1000 Ineffable Pure Consciousness All-Being Perfect Peace ^ 600 Bliss Illumination One Complete Joy ^ 540 Serenity Transfiguration Loving Benign Love ^ 500 Reverence Revelation Wise Meaningful Reason ^ 400 Understanding Abstraction Merciful Harmonious Acceptance ñ 350 Forgiveness Transcendence Inspiring Hopeful Willingness ^ 310 Optimism Intention Enabling Satisfactory Neutrality ^ 250 Trust Release Permitting Feasible Courage 200 Affirmation Empowerment Indifferent Demanding Pride 175 Scorn Inflation Vengeful Antagonistic Anger 150 Hate Aggression Denying Disappointing Desire 125 Craving Enslavement Punitive Frightening Fear 100 Anxiety Withdrawal Disdainful Tragic Grief 75 Regret Despondency Condemning Hopeless Apathy 50 Despair Abdication Vindictive Evil Guilt 30 Blame Destruction Despising Miserable Shame 20 Humiliation Elimination

Looking back now.  It is little wonder I got sick.  I let the people around me put me into negative energy states.  I started from a neutrality down to anger then to fear then to grief eventually to shame.
More than 15 years ago. I started from a easy-going person to an angry individual. It could happen to anyone unless you have foundation of spiritual wisdom and a constant source new energy to re-energize you. You may think you understand the Buddhist way of cultivating the mind. But without a strong physical body with constant source of new Qi. The negative environment surrounding us is sometimes too strong when you’re not lucky it will change you whether you like it or not.

One Energy Level 300 (Inspiring Optimistic Person) Individual Balances 9,000 Energy Level 200 or Lower Individuals

One Energy Level 600 (Peaceful and Blissful Being) Individual Balances 9,000 Energy Level 200 or Lower Individuals

So if you’ve being practicing Yoga, Qigong, Taichi, or Meditating for awhile, and you’re nowhere near upper half (the positive side) of the chart, I can tell you your method is too slow.

You could meditate for decades and still get nowhere…

This is because you’ve got the order of transformation wrong.

Again, The order is Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), Nei-Gong (內功). Then Tao-Gong (道功). Finally Zen-Gong (禪功). The latter two, Tao- and Zen-Gong is more geared toward spiritual enlightenment which comes naturally after NeiGong…

This is why Taoist and Buddhist can get you further fast if you do them right.



Taoist Stages of Qi Achievements:
煉津化精 (Transforming Food to Jing or a Type of Heat, A Metaphysical State of Energy Before Reducing Down To Sexual Fluid) 煉精化氣 (Transforming Jing to Qi or an Energy State) 練氣化神 (Transforming Qi to Shen or Consciousness) 煉神還虛 (Transforming Shen to Return to Void) 練虛合道 (Accumulate Void to Become Tao or Reach Enlightenment)
Without Practicing Qi, everyone stays at stage 1 after puberty.  You eat and sleep to stay alive. Staying in your current energy state.  Staying in your current consciousness state.  You want to change your reality through various means but you can’t because you’re lacking the Qi to upgrade your energy state and transform your consciousness…

Some use Yoga, Taichi, Hypnosis, Meditation, etc.  There’s some benefits but it’s just too darn slow…

It is now time to change that…


(Here’s a Taoist trivia of milestones for the transformation of physical body)

Did you know for the female … the very basic foundation is that you are able to stop your monthly menstruation entirely.  That means you’ve returned your body back to that of an infant.

And if your menstruation already stopped, you have restart it and then stop it


5 Steps of Transformation

The order of complete mind body soul transformation is Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), Nei-Gong (內功). Then Tao-Gong (道功). Finally Zen-Gong (禪功). The latter two, Tao- and Zen-Gong is more geared toward spiritual enlightenment.

I will show you Simple yet powerful inner energy “super” walk used by Ancient Monks (Qi-Masters) to bring their physical body to peak health. Buddhist Practices are sometimes better than Taoist Practices.  Most of time, simple always beats complicated. This is one of the easiest, fastest way, most powerful way to build inner energy. This technique encompasses all three of the basic inner energy practices, Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), and Nei-Gong (內功).

Store New Inner Energy in Your Reservoirs

The abundant energy generated will clear your energy channels. Freely flowing inner energy channels will make your visualization efforts significantly stronger. This is a prerequisite to making visualization truly work wonders for you. When people say that visualization doesn’t work, this is because their energy channels are blocked in many places.

With enough inner energy generated, your body will also find blockages in your mind and body and then clear them with great force. This great force can’t be generated by visualization, positive affirmation, or hypnosis (Popular nowadays. Again, time-consuming vs benefits). It’s like the difference of taking down a wall with a hammer vs. a knife.



Two Kinds of Sweat

There are two kinds of sweat. One is good (sign of ample inner energy) and one is not so good (losing inner energy). Are you sweating the right ones?






The key to building inner energy

The secret behind generating inner energy. If you understand this, then you understand what are all inner energy methods trying to achieve.

the Biggest enemy in building inner energy

What is the biggest enemy in all inner energy practices? If you don’t know this and actively address this, you may never see any inner energy benefits.

Food Supplements with Ample Inner Energy (Including a Powerful Qi-Drink)

Building inner energy on your own whether through the mind or body takes time and practice. There are many methods to get extra inner energy right away without much effort.




Foods That Hurt Inner Energy

Building inner energy is long-term process that changes you from within starting from your internal organs. Some people have more from birth. Some have less. Generally, this is called genetics. Building inner energy changes you internally and eventually externally. To make this process more efficient, you’ll want to know the specific foods that actually hurt your inner energy. Just by stopping the consumption of these foods will make a world of difference.

Powerful External Energy Sources

One would be wise to take any assistance available in nature to achieve your goal.

Powerful inner energy masters have all used various external energy sources to achieve their state of mind and physical bodies. One of the powerful energy sources is listed here.






Discussion of simple and advanced inner energy practices

There are many methods for building inner energy. Like all methods, they range from simple to advanced practices.

Simple methods are straightforward, easy to practice, and you’ll see results right away. These are the everyday QiGong or Taichi practices you see people do. You have seen so many people practice these supposedly great energy exercises. Yet have you wondered why many of them still look weak and fragile? In this section you will find out why…

The only exception are the masters who dedicated their lives to QiGong and Taichi and knows very advanced inner energy practices that are very difficult to master. But you already know you don’t have a lifetime to practice these methods… right?

You will also find this is also one of fastest way to get fit, get strong, and get athlete.








David H Teng

Publisher & Inner Energy Practitioner


60-Day Risk-Free Purchase: “You’re protected by my no-hassle, 60-Day Guarantee. If you don’t love the product, just email us and I’ll give you back every single penny.”

Price: Just $47.00 USD









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