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It’s Max Brenner Here…

Whilst the majority of punters wipe out their betting banks within the first few months we’ve been part of the minority working behind the scenes, quietly cashing in on winning bets making a steady income month after month.

Over the last 3 months alone I have averaged 48.3pts per month.

Meaning if you had been betting with me at just £10 level stake bets you would be averaging £483 per month in pure profit.

Over 2016 using the very method has brought me in a total of 3,359pts or just less than £33,597.60! to level stake bets.

Recently I made the decision to expand my circle of private members and if you’re quick enough you can now take advantage of this even if you’ve never placed a bet before in your life.

Let’s look at a typical monthly withdrawal…

My Account balance at the end of April 2017

I decided to make 2 withdrawals,

Withdrawal #1: £1,573.19

Withdrawal #2: £1,063.94

A few days later both transfers credited to my account.

A little can go a long way in this game if you know where to put your money. You can build your profits to eventually save money like this!

Now you know what you can expect from my service I guess the question is…

Do You Want To Try It Out?

I say try it out as I want anyone who puts their trust in me to try out my service first.

That’s Why I’ve Decided to Offer a Trial

I want to prove to you how good my service really is without it costing you an arm and a leg or a monthly fee.

Once I’ve proved myself to you through the remainder of 2017 the price will go up and will likely cost £5 per day or £149 per month.

Even at that price it would be a absolute bargain if you think about what you stand to make in winnings over your first 30 days alone.

But this discounted price will not be here forever...

There’s not room for everyone and soon I’ll have no choice but to limit the number of members so we can maintain quality and confidentiality of the service.

Places Are Available for a Limited Time So You
MUST Act Quickly to  Grab Your Membership...

You Can Get In Touch If You Require Additional Info Via: max@tiptopwinners.com
Profit from “UK Horse Racing” with Tip Top Winners from Just  £49.95!
Limited Time Offer

NO UPSELL GUARANTEE: There's no "additional offers" or anything else that you have to buy to make this complete. Everything you need to make a fortune over the next 60 days is right here!

We’ll speak again shortly on the inside.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A High Risk Betting Method?

NO – This is NOT a High Risk Method as this is Backing using Level Stakes & NO Loss Recovery. I Use sound and proven techniques to maximize your profit potential but as with any form of betting there can be some dips along the way but that is part & parcel of betting to in order to gain profits. The best thing is working with me does not require you to have a huge investment. In fact, working within your current budget, no matter how large or small it may be, you can still bet and make this successful.

What Size Betting Bank Do I Need?

We would recommend that you start with a bank of 200 points Minimum. But it is always best to start with bigger a points Bank as this allows you to sustain any losing run and still manage your betting in a more sensible way and still survive should a long losing runs arrive. You have to decide what stake is best suited to your way of betting and what you are comfortable with. As your bank grows, you could consider increasing your stakes to match the new betting bank size but I can advise you more about that later.

How Much Money Should I Bet To Each Point?

The amount you bet is entirely 100% up to you. What you need to do is to work out the size of your bank and what stakes you are most comfortable with. The standard advice is to never bet with more than you can afford to lose. Also – it maybe an idea to divide your bank by a given figure such as 200 or 300 or 500 depending on the size of your bank and use this figure as your stake, but you do need to work this out thoroughly as to what stake is right for you and what is comfortable for you and also what figure does not stretch you when a losing run occurs.

Will I Make Money Quickly Using This Kind Of Betting?

That depends on how many horses win, but you should NOT be expecting this to be a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme. My recommendation to you is to be PATIENT and bet with DISCIPLINE – this way of betting will bring you great profits but this is a LONG TERM Plan and if you treat it as such then you’ll be rewarded handsomely along the way.

Copyright 2017 • www.TipTopWinner.com


I’ve been pulled in by tipsters before, only to find out that their bets never live up to their claims.

I want to prove to you how good this is…without you risking any of your hard earned cash to find out

Get one of the 7 trial passes available this week, and at the end of your 2 month trial you’ll have the choice to enter into a subscription AFTER your 2 month trial ends and ONLY with the winnings you’ve generated by betting with me!

In other words, you'll be able to subscribe to my service with "the bookies money", not your own... Each and every one of my trial members have done exactly that!

As of May 17, 2017 there are [3] Free trial slots left for this week!

To Secure your slot all you need to do is click the "start now" button to the right

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