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Discover A Cutting Edge Method That Will Help You BECOME A STAND UP COMEDIAN...


This is THE guide that helps you become a stand-up comedian in no time at all!


You would be able to become a stand-up comedian that can tell hilarious jokes in front of others... and you wouldn't need to go through the pain and shame...


Have You Ever Wanted To Be A Stand-Up Comedian?Have You Watched Stand-Up Comedy And Wondered 'I can do it too'?Would You Want To Be A Stand-Up Comedian And Start Performing In Comedy Clubs?Wondered If You Have What It Takes To Start Being A Stand-Up Comedian?Do You Want To Experience The Joy Of Making Others Laugh?


Hey, it's Simon Cavelli, stand up comedian coach...

I have coached many stand-up comedians and know that being a stand-up is a dream for many.  But, for many, this is merely a dream.

Not anymore...

Before we discuss about "How To Be A Stand Up Comedian", let me share with you the joys and frustrations that many stand-up comedians face when first starting out...

Many stand up comedians are very passionate about being funny. The enjoy telling jokes and being able to make people laugh. They know the great feeling when they make people laugh.

Stand-ups feel amazing after telling a great joke.Stand-ups get on stage and everyone looks at them enthusiastically, looking for a good laugh.Stand-ups feel incredible when they execute an amazing joke.Stand-ups are passionate about what they do.

As a stand-up coach, I can say that stand-up comedy is something that brings a lot of light to the world, but...





You see, being funny is a very serious thing.

You look at that funny stand-up comedian on-stage and wonder, boy, this guy must be the light of the party. He seems so relaxed and funny.

Trust me, you know absolutely nothing!

The process of being a stand-up comedian is a tough process that many people fail. They get frustrated by their attempts to being funny and ultimately fail...


What Frustrations Do Stand-Up Comedians Face?

Not knowing where to startNot knowing how to write jokesNot having enough jokes for an actNot knowing how to present their jokesNot knowing if their "jokes" are funnyNot knowing where to find for gigs

I understand these frustrations because I have seen many beginners making the same mistakes. It can be extremely demoralising  and I feel sad for them because some of them are really funny, but they don't have the right guidance.

This was the very reason why I created this program "How To Be A Stand Up Comedian".

How To Be A Stand Up Comedian can help you overcome these hurdles with ease. It allows you to address the common problems that beginners face and you would finally know where to start...

Imagine being able to share your funny jokes with the world. People would laugh hilariously at your jokes and you feel amazing on stage. You would feel on top of the world...



$47 Only

Not sure?

Check out what these people have to say about "How To Be A Stand Up Comedian"...

I finally knew where to start after purchasing HTBASUC. This is the most structured course that I have seen for beginners.

My dream of being a stand-up comedian is ALIVE! After all those years wondering how to start...

An absolute time-saver for all beginners to stand-up comedy...
- Tim, Mareo

Read plenty of stand-up guides for years. Didn't take any action, mostly because most of the advice seem too hard to follow.

HTBASUC kick-started my career. I knew where to start and took massive action to get to where I am in my stand up career.
- Jamie, King

The fear of being a stand-up comedian is surreal.

I knew I was always going to be a stand-up comedian but didn't know where to start.

How to be a stand up comedian is the guide that kick-started my stand up career!
- Abraham, N. Kalo

If you are someone who has an aspiration to becoming a stand-up comedian, then this guide is absolutely for you!


Then take a look at everything you're getting...

Full Course Contents

Here's what you would get from How To Be A Stand Up Comedian...

The Right Mindset Towards Successful Stand Up ComedyHow To Develop A Comedic PersonalityWhat You Can Learn From Masters In Stand Up ComedyHow To Write Your JokesHow To Test Your Jokes Before Presenting ThemHow To Improve Your JokesHow To Present Your Jokes To Make People LaughKnow The Different Terminologies In Stand Up Comedy


$47 Only

Still not convinced?

I'll let you have a quick peek into the 10 MODULES in the course...

What Does This Product Covers...

Module #1 - Introduction To Stand Up Comedy


This module guides you on what you need to know about the stand up comedy industry before starting. It provides valuable know-how that anyone must know before they become a stand up comedian.

Module #2 - The Mindset Of A Stand Up Comedian


In this module, you learn about the powerful mindset which helps you be successful as a stand up comedian. When you start developing your mindset first, everything becomes easier.

Module #3 - Start With The Masters


Learning everything on your own is tough. You can be successful FASTER by modelling other successful stand-up comedian. In this module, you learn what you can do to shorten your learning curve and save plenty of time.

Module #4 - Develop Your Comedic Mindset


Being funny is more than just telling jokes. It is the mindset that makes you funny. In this module, you learn how you can develop your comedic mindset to quickly become a stand up comedian.

Module #5 - Writing Jokes


Writing jokes is the aspect that many aspiring comedians struggle with. In this module, you learn how you can easily write jokes that get amazing responses. You know how to build your jokes and hit the powerful punch-line!

Module #6 - Testing Your Jokes


From this module, you learn how to test your written jokes. You learn what to look out for and how to determine is a joke is funny enough for a stand up act.

Module #7 - Polishing Your Jokes


When you first write a joke, it may be imperfect due to the lack of comedic timing. This module teaches you how to constantly improve your jokes. This is probably the most important process in stand-up comedy.

Module #8 - Finishing Your Jokes


This module assists you in presenting your jokes to an audience and how you can improve on them further. Jokes are living things, you need to know how to change it according to circumstances.

Module #9 - Checklist To Becoming A Stand-Up Comedian

This module provides a summary of what you have learned from the previous modules. You know what to prepare and the mindset to develop to stand up comedy success.

Module #10 - Stand Up Terminologies


This module provides a summary of all the stand up terminologies that you must know before starting out.

If you are interested in starting out as a stand-up comedian, then this is the perfect guide to have!

It is ABSOLUTELY valuable for beginners to stand-up comedy.

This guide would save a lot of time and pain.

In a few weeks time, you would have known more about this and you would be all ready to become a stand-up comedian!


$47 Only


So How Much Would This Investment Be?

Let's put things into perspective...

The time needed to become a stand-up comedian is a long and tedious process. Many stand-up comedians I know go through MANY YEARS of frustration before finally getting their big break.

Yes, I said it. YEARS!

The main purpose of this course is to shorten your learning curve. I want you to avoid all the frustrations that my fellow comedians and I have had.

I know some stand-up comedy coaches in the market and their coaching don't come cheap. One of them charges $2,000 for a weekend with him. He would provide a weekend of guidance if you pay him that amount of money, but you won't be sure if you would ever get your returns.

But, paying him $2,000 makes more sense than going through the endless frustration of a few years...

Many beginners are like headless chickens, wasting many years trying to do it on their own.

However, HTBASUC is the simple way for any aspiring stand-up comedian. It helps you overcome these frustrations for a fraction of the cost.

So how much would HTBASUC be?

$149? No

$119? No!

Only $99? NO!!

Just $47




For a fraction of the price you need to spend, you can learn to be a stand-up comedian in no time at all!

In less than a month, you would learn what took many comedians a few years to learn.

These people have enjoyed the benefits of being a stand up comedian and I hope you can too!

How To Be A Stand Up Comedian is a life saver. I have been an aspiring stand-up comedian for more than a year, doing gigs around Colorado. It was a waste of time. All the mistakes that I made during my beginning years were explained in the modules. How I hope to purchase this guide before starting...
- Jerry, Lee KS

I got this guide as a gift from my husband. He knew I had a childhood dream of being a stand up comedian.

Best gift ever! Helped me start of my comedy career. I'm a constant performer around my city bar on Friday nights now! Great side income!
- Hailee, Bouchard

The ideal stand up comedy guide for beginners. Everyone interested in becoming a comedian must get this guide. Especially love the module on the mindsets required.

That module alone can save a person two freaking years! Read with an open mind...
- Rice, Glen

In fact, if you truly want to be a stand-up comedian, I am so confident of this course that I would provide an absolutely no questions asked MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

If you feel that this course doesn't help you at all towards becoming a stand up comedian, you can return it back and get your money back with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


So what are you waiting for?


Get How To Be A Stand Up Comedian for only $47 by clicking here...


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