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Discover The NEW Body Weight Pilates System Designed To Quickly Strengthen Your Core, Tighten Your Physique And Redesign Your Body In Just 21 Days!

From the Desk of Sylvia Favela
Pilates Expert & Health Fitness Coach

Dear friend,

Take a second right now and look at me in the picture to the right. Would you believe just a few years ago I was 43 pounds over weight?

Miserable, sad and on the verge of giving up I hurt my knee.

In the process of rehabilitating I stumbled upon a new method of body weight Pilates. I strengthened my knee, sure. But to my surprise I also achieved a fit, lean and sexy core I’ve always dreamed about.

Now, before we get to far let me introduce myself and let you know how I came to be called the “queen of Pilates”.

Hi, I’m Sylvia Favela, and I was the chunky girl with a pear shape body, wide hips, long and gangly arms and legs. With my scrawny arms, chubby belly, and squishy butt. You would think I was eating a dozen cupcakes a day.

I wanted to lose the weight. Badly. I wanted a flat core and tight body so I did what everyone did…

…I headed to a big box gym and did the same old workout day after day…cardio for 1 hour then lifted weights. I was doing hundreds and hundreds of sit ups to strengthen my core because of serious low back pain I suffered from.

After years of running and practically killing my knees I had to stop. Plus squatting weight for years put some serious strain on my low back. By the time I had my son, my knees were shot, my back a mess. And I wasn’t 30 years old yet!

Then to make matters worse, I was in a severe car accident that caused a life long injury to my shoulder! I was done for…I thought how in the world can I get in shape with these injuries and I refused to take any sort of pain medication.

I dabbled in Pilates as rehabilitation for my knee and back pain and was shocked with the results. Not only was my pain gone but my physique changed drastically.

After working out in a gym for years my midsection was square, I didn’t want to look like a square box and I couldn’t believe the changes. My Abs changed, no more square box. I had definition like I never had before but that was just the result. The true benefit was a strong core.

The Problem With Not Adding Pilates to a Daily Repertoire…

Unfortunately, many of today’s exercises designed to increase muscular strength to improve physical appearance, endurance and improve core strength by stabilizing the lower back only provide minimal development of maximal voluntary contraction of the abdominal musculature. Resulting in a much needed method to increase abdominal muscular endurance.

Have you ever woken up with a tight, sore neck and shoulders? The deficits of those exercises has been associated with symptoms in the neck-shoulder region. Improper alignment and movement creates the unnecessary pain you feel with doing too many crunches with bad form.

So, all that time you spend doing crunches and v-ups aren’t providing the necessary foundation and strength your body craves and needs.

As a matter of fact, recent studies supports the use of Pilates in the prevention of neck-shoulder disorders.

In 2012, a study was published in the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical proved that a group of 96 participant’s whom attended Pilates sessions over the course of 8 weeks showed a 54% drastic improvement in core strength, muscle endurance and reduced low back pain.

In Pilates, the focus is on the effective recruitment of motor units that places the emphasis on energy efficient and quality performance.

In other words, you get more bang for your Buck! QUALITY vs Quantity

You’ve got limited time in your busy schedule, so why waste it on exercises that will either give you a pain in the neck or a bad headache, serious shoulder and back problems.

Pilates not only sets the body up with an optimal foundation for any taxing workouts, it also enables the restoration of muscle balance and aids in the recovery process.

So You’ve Heard Of Pilates But What Is IT Exactly?

The main goal of Pilates is to return our bodies to a functional level, strengthening the muscular system from the core to the periphery, focusing mostly on the small stabilizing and postural muscles. Based on the ability to control your body under a large variety of demands leading to improved fitness and health.

Pilates exercises are designed to increase muscle strength and endurance, as well as improved flexibility and to improve posture and balance. The method fits the health and fitness guidelines set forth by the U.S. Surgeon General and the American College of Sports medicine.

Each exercises is initiated by stabilizing the core musculature, which includes the abdominal, gluteal and paraspinal muscles in particular, and follows through a controlled range of motion.

Bodyweight is the main resistance with Pilates, as the changes in body position occur. Plus one of the main strengths of a carefully created Pilates program is the variety of abdominal exercises included in a routine. The Core musculature is challenged in a variety of ways to achieve the best results by improving both strength and endurance.

With The BWPilates System You’ll Experience…
Strong Stabilizing Core Strong Body from the inside out Energizing Fun Workouts Better Performance in the Gym Short & Effective Workouts Keep up with Daily Activities Lean Toned Physique

The Sexier Choice…

So, you’ve tried dozens of traditional exercises to assist in tightening up the waistline and achieving a lean sleek physique.

But, then you notice your midsection starts looking similar to a square box rather than a svelte to die for waistline.

But what if I said the Pilates system incorporates a sexier theme to your daily fitness routine?

One of the common traits you’ll notice when you see someone who practices Pilates on a daily basis is a sleek sexy physique. Just look at any one of today’s top Sexy celebrities and you’ll find their workout involves a daily regimen of Pilates.

Pilates targets your deepest abdominal muscles known as TA muscles (transverses abdominus). These deep muscles are the primary movers and act as your body’s natural corset, cinching in the core to protect the spine every time you move.

Did I mention you’ll be moving 10xs better with the Pilates system than if you didn’t add it to your regular routine?

Pilates = Better Sex?

Wait, what?

Who would have thought that working your deep core muscles and getting a full bodyweight while doing Pilates actually improves sex!

The specific Pilates move strengthens the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor acts as a hammock of muscles that connect the pubis bone at the front of the tailbone. In other words it supports the bladder, reproductive organs, and rectum to name a few.

I’ve had many of interesting conversations with my personal Pilates clients, one of which commented on her recent experience with her husband…

“Lately my husband says everything way down there is tighter while having sex and it feels so different and good, it’s the Pilates isn’t it?”
-Sherry P., Orange, CA

Sherry had the biggest grin on her face and was glowing. It was like seeing your best friend in high school fall in love with her first crush.

But that didn’t stop her from filling me in on the rest of her experience…

“My orgasms have been stronger and can reach them easily
and control them”

Research has shown in the Open Journal of Urology, 2013. Men that practice the stretching and breathing exercises of Pilates it results in improvement in sexual desire and overall performance.

Happy Woman + Happy Man = WINNING!

But It’s Easy, Right?

No, it’s not Easy by any means… I’ve heard many people say, “Oh Pilates it’s easy and not a real workout”. That’s what they would say until one workout with me and that all changed.

I’ve tapped into a unique approach of Pilates where I combine intense, varied controlled movements for a whole body transformation experience. When you are focusing on utilizing all the different muscles that accompany the correct body positions it’s empowering.

I’m not about to force Pilates on you. I am, However…going to tell you that all the working out you are doing, (that is if you are currently exercise) having muscle endurance and a strong core is the foundation of a strong body.

Let my break this down, what if you lived in a house knowing that there was no foundation built. There is only a bottom frame, bottom frame and 3 x 4’s holding up the side of the walls.

Would you feel safe? The walls can cave in on you at any time.

So, why would you build muscle and not address or focus on core strength?

Before I continue, building core strength and sustained muscle endurance to speed up your metabolism doesn’t mean banging out 100 sit-ups!

2 Reasons To Improve Your Core Strength And Muscle Endurance With Body Weight Pilates…

Reason #1 – Staying Active and Agile

What does that mean, right? How many times have you had to go get a massage, visit a chiropractor and/or a physical therapist because of an injury.

After asking my chiropractor and physical therapy friends what they prescribe the most to their patients, is to improve muscle strength and core strength.

Developing stronger abdominal muscles protects the back and leads to a healthier body. It’s no wonder strengthening the core is the cure to most common body aliments.

A common daily activity such as running and playing with your kids or walking up the stairs seems pretty normal. But, then again sometimes it’s not so easy, that is without having an issue with feeling pain in your joints..

How do you get a strong core, strong body and move about your daily activities with ease? In just a few minutes you’ll know practically for free.

Reason #2 – Improve your physical performance and endurance.

Let’s say you’re already active and are in the gym, a boot camp or any other type of fitness facility how would it feel to be able to perform better and reach even further beyond what you thought was your personal best.

Even if you are not currently active and aggressively working out everyday improving your deep core muscles, strengthening your body and build a strong foundation with body weight Pilates gives you the edge to staying healthy, strong and active for life.

One more reason I’m going to give YOU…

Awesome looking Lean Strong Body Definition! Having a desirable midsection is just one of the many benefits of these core strengthening moves. Besides stunning “Abs for Show”, you can back it up with a strong core.

How would it feel to never have to tense up when you bend over to pick up your kid or something on the floor and nothing is pulling on your back because of all the core body weight Pilates exercises!

Now your body can move freely.

Just like you they also wanted a strong core and stunning abs…
“When I stumbled upon my Body Weight Pilates secret and applied it to myself, I lost 40 pounds of excess weight from being pregnant.

My energy and physical performance is better now than it was in my twenties. I finally have lean tone muscle and a dancer like body!”

Sylvia Favela
Pilates Expert, Health & Fitness Coach

After 2 Kids I Got A 6-Pack!

After having my 2 kids I need to flatten my abs. With a busy schedule I didn’t have alot of time to workout. Sylvia’s Pilates program is perfect! Just minutes a day and I was able to get my flat tight abs.  But best of all I have a 6-pack.

My abs look better now than they ever did. I’m Lovin’ my Body!

Michelle D 

“I’ve lost 50 Pounds!…I started to change my life around in the way I eat and exercise. I started to lose weight but then just couldn’t lose any more.
Once I started Sylvia’s program I noticed a difference just after 3 weeks and have since made even more progress.  Her program has made the biggest impact on the way I look and feel today, I’m finally off my blood pressure and cholesterol medication.”
Kim Miller

I’m Not Embarrassed About My Body!
I used to feel humiliates about how my body looked. Not anymore…with the Bodyweight Pilates program I lost 3 inches off my waistline in less than a month! I’m leaner and I feel great in my swimsuit at the pool. I’m more energized and I feel stronger.
Jen N.

“I lost 20 pounds, dropped 2 pant sizes and I finally got the lean toned body I always wanted. I cannot thank Sylvia enough for training me and passing on her knowledge of Pilates. Showing me how to control my movements and make me more aware of my form and body completely transformed me and my workouts. I have had more success with attaining my goals than I ever thought possible!”
Lisa Liles

I Use To Hate Exercising!

I’m 55 and I never had to workout a day in my life! That was until I noticed my skin was flabby.

With the Bodyweight Pilates program I tightened up the loose skin. Lost weight and have visible muscle definition in my abs, arms and legs.

I enjoy the short workout time it takes to do the series of workouts.

Gayle D. 

Body Weight Pilates, Isn’t For Everyone

As I mentioned earlier, if you tried Pilates before and it was easy then you haven’t tried this specialized program.

A careful blueprint of core body weight strengthening and full body toning movements are going to push you and physically challenge you in a way you haven’t felt before. You will feel muscles in your body you never knew you had.

So, if you’re looking for a program that you can just fumble throw and not challenge yourself then this isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you are up for the challenge and want to change their physique and improve physical performance that affects your day-to-day activities then I’ve put together this careful Body Weight Pilates program for you.

But first read how the BWPilates systems has changed the lives of Stacy, Gabby, Natalie and more…

I Lost 2 Inches Off My Waistline!

I reshaped my body completely!

My waistline shrunk 2 1/2 inches and counting within the first month. And the definition on my abs was Amazing.

I’m so excited and could not believe the results…You just can’t beat it!

Stacy D. 

I Went From A Size 32 to 29!

I had to get ready for my wedding in 3 months. 

Sylvia’s Pilates program whipped me into shape. It’s truly a miracle!

Thank you! I’m going to look HOT in my wedding dress.

Gabby M. 

“After a few sessions I can already feel a difference”

“I am an ultra marathon runner and intensive care doctor. Unfortunately, I have a prolapsed disc. I bought the Body Weight Pilates in the hope of improving my core stability and overall flexibility. After a few sessions I could already feel a difference and my rehab had begun! Sylvia was available to assist me with questions and I was able to modify the workouts to support and strengthen my back.”

Thank You!
Marc Romain

“I can do them anywhere”

“I really like the workouts because I can do them anywhere and they are usually only a littler over 20 minutes. I can make a point to fit this in my schedule in the morning and I love the fact that I don’t have to think about what exercises or workout I just download that day and do it.”

Michele Davis

“A great core finisher at the end”

“It is my first exposure to doing Pilates and it is a good program. The workouts are harder and more intense than I had expected, which is great. And I love the Pilates Mayhem add-on to the bodyweight system. It’s a great core finisher at the end of any workout.”

Elisabeth Wang

“My Gut and Core Shrink and Tighten”

“I am impressed!

After just 3 times in 10 days of “learning” the exercises in your program, I am already feeling my gut and core shrink and tighten! I’m very active and in basically great shape, BUT, the little pooch belly is always with me. Maybe this program will rid me of it. I can’t wait to get more of your workouts.”

Andrew Petriwsky

“10 days I have lost 4 pounds”

“I have been using the BW Pilates system for 10 days now. Prior to that, I used to exercise regularly – I used to do the Treadmill religiously for 30-40 minutes everyday except Sunday, for about 8 months. While I saw a reduction in weight in the first 2 months, and some increased strength and energy, I had definitely hit a plateau, and only continued the treadmill because it was where I read my magazines – on iPad, so it became a part of my routine.

On the 2nd day of using BW Pilates however, I started feeling muscular exhaustion in areas of me that I had never felt before. Most of the Pilates moves were difficult for me to achieve, and I followed the directions quite clearly – obviously I was only using the modified (less difficult) version of the moves, but within 4 days, I could clearly feel that I was definitely using parts of my core, sides in ways I had never done before.

In the past 10 days I have lost 4 pounds, and I also feel more flexible than before! I have also started attempting the poses the way they are meant to be done – i.e. without the beginner type modifications! I look forward to the improvements that continuous practice is bound to bring.”

Aish Krishnan

Introducing the Body Weight Pilates™ System Designed to Tighten Your Belly, Sculpt Long Lean Muscle…

Body Weight Pilates™ Guide

Quick Start Checklist ($77.99 Value)

Nothing is more frustrating than when you get a new program only to get overwhelmed with all the information and have no idea where to start!

The next thing you know, the product sits on the shelf and gathers dust because you don’t use it.

But…That won’t happen today!

The very first thing you receive is a complete program overview, along with an exact checklist of the steps to complete. No second-guessing or trying to figure things out. All you have to do is read step one, do it, check it off and move on.

You’ll be up and running to a newer you in no time flat!

Body Weight Pilates™ Core

31 Core Body Weight Pilates ($87.99 Value)

You’ll start off with 31 primary body weight exercises that will:

* Strengthen your core
* Improve your physical performance
* Tone your physique
* Redesign and sculpt a fit lean body

The Core system is delivered via easy-to-follow videos that you can take with you wherever you go.

You can even download them straight to your tablet or smart phone so you can watch them on the go.

Body Weight Pilates™ Upper

11 Upper Body Weight Pilates ($27.99 Value)

Once you’ve created your core foundation during component #1, the next step is to really create that slender, fit, sexy upper body.

The great thing is that Phase 2 exercises require zero-equipment.

All you need is your own body weight to sculpt a lean, tones body no matter where you are.


Body Weight Pilates™ Lower

11 Lower Body Weight Pilates ($27.99 Value)

You’ve got the core foundation; you’ve built arms and shoulders that you feel confident in wearing a sleeveless top.

Now it’s time to finish sculpting the masterpiece that is your booty with Phase 3: Lower Body Toned Booty.

Let’s face it…when you’re in a bikini what’s the first thing anyone sees? That’s right…it’s your stomach and your butt.

If it’s been years since you’ve had a killer “bikini butt”, then you will absolutely LOVE this phase of your Body Weight Pilates™ System.

Fun and effective lower Body Weight Pilates™ exercises designed to be done Anytime, Anywhere!

Your own body weight provides the perfect amount of resistance to create the flat sexy stomach and toned booty you’ve always dreamed of.

By the end of the three Body Weight Pilates™ system you will have completely reset, reshaped and redesigned your body.

PLUS…When You Claim Your Body Weight Pilates™ System You’ll Receive These Limited BONUSES Absolutely FREE…. ($97 Value)

Body Weight Pilates™
Workout Calendars

The beauty of the Body Weight Pilates™ System is that you will never be able to out grow it.

You see, with many fitness programs, after you do them for more than a month or two your body adjust and you no longer get the results you did when you started.

However, with Body Weight Pilates™ it won’t happen.

As your body adjusts to new strength, flexibility and power that you create as you go through the program, you are able to easily modify the exercises. This will keep your body guessing and practically guarantees that you continually see results.

To assist you as you transition to a healthier, more energetic YOU, your program comes with three workout calendars. Each Calendar takes you from total beginner through intermediate and into more advanced workouts that will last you a lifetime.


Body Weight Pilates™
Printable Worksheets

You get your Workout Guide, complete with printable workout sheets so you can take them with you Anytime, Anywhere.

I recommend to start on day one, regardless of your fitness level.

One of the biggest secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is motivation. And nothing is more motivating than being able to visually see you progress by following along with the workout sheets.

Just like your workout calendars, you will find three different workout routines for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Just Click “Add to Cart” Below
To Receive Your
Special Price of ONLY $15…
PLUS ALL Your Free Bonuses


Just Click “Add to Cart” Below
To Receive Your
Special Price of ONLY $19…
PLUS ALL Your Free Bonuses


[Add To Cart]

Hurry, offer expires in…

If The BWPilates System Is So Great Why
Is It ONLY $15

Now you can get the exact blueprint my personal clients use to achieve a long, lean sculpted physique.

All without the fancy price of walking into my Pilates studio….Don’t get me wrong, I have a wait list of clients wanting to work with me even at the 1-on-1 person consultation rate.

You see, if you were to come and sit with me and I design a tailored program just for you it would cost $350 per hour for us to sit together and work through a program, that’s if I have any spots opened. Plus, you would be flying out to Southern California and the trip alone can cost a pretty penny.

So, I want to make sure that everyone can afford this BWPilates system. Believing in BWPilates System and the benefits it has to everyone,  I want to get in YOUR hot little hands.

…You’ll only pay a fraction of the cost with this limited time offer…

And before you go thinking, “Ya, right sure” it’ll stay at $15 like some of those other fitness websites who straight out lie. I can tell you it will double in price. It wouldn’t be fair to my other Pilates clients who have taken advantage of this special offer. Not to mention I don’t BS. Not my style – Last time I BS’s my mom, she threw her shoe at my head (it’s a Mexican thing) so you can see why its ingrained in my head.

So $15 is hands down a no-brainer to invest in when you consider the Value you are getting.

Plus, the sexiest best part of all when it comes to technology and the internet. You get instant access to me no matter where you are in the world at a super low rate. Now you can get started right away.

Listen, You Don’t Need To Make A Decision Now…

That’s why you can take FULL advantage of my Unconditional “Triple Guarantee”, you see the results then you decide. I take all the risk, See for yourself how the Body Weight Pilates system can transform your physique over the net 60 days, or you pay nothing!


If You’re Still On The Fence, Here are a few BWPilates Fans Who Are Loving The System…

“Helping to improve my strength lifts”

“I received your Abs Pilates Cores System and I can honestly say that I am very happy.

I have spent many years training with weights and lately I’m training with a more functional, like Crossfit. Now I have incorporated your Abdominal Core Training System and Verdas I’ve noticed is that a good progression on strengthening my core area, and helping me to improve my strength lifts.

The truth is that I find very exceptional all exercises and the results are very positive.”

Thank you very much,
Jose Ponseti


“Former Pro Baseball player and now L1 Certified Crossfit coach, which is my way of training and my job that I love. When I was introduced to Pilates I thought older women just laying around doing synchronized moments for short sets nothing to crazy, right??Wrong!!! I was way a off, it whopped my a**!! Pilates not only tighten my midline, but has really helped with all of my CrossFit movements. Especially my Olympic lifts. Core to extremities is the name of the game. Sylvia’s Pilates provides that.”
Justin Jacobs

“Core class on steroids”

“I have it. Thank you. After reviewing the “manual” I see that it is what I was looking for. Your daily workouts are clearly circuit training. I have been involved in core classes at my gym. There I have been doing some of the same routines that you offer. I have achieved some wonderful results. What you just offered me is a core class on steroids. I realize this was from week 5. I’ll be getting into this from the beginning. I can only imagine the results I can achieve by week 5 by doing this circuit 4 days a week. My class is one hour x three days a week. You are taking it to the next level.”

Larry Page

I am a 47 year old athletic guy that has spent the majority of my life bouncing through gym routines and diets to support my sport and extreme activity habits. All these activities have led to back issues and 14 broken bones over the years.
I am amazed at how quickly Pilates has developed my core muscles and how much of an impact it has had on the way I look, feel, and perform through sports.My wife recently challenged me to try a session of Pilates. After hearing her talk about it and seeing her body change so quickly I agreed to try it for a month.
After more than 25 hours of Pilates I have had significant improvement with: pain management in my back endurance in riding motorbikes and playing sports my lifting form at the gym and weight loss as I’ve lost 11 pounds without significant dietary changes.
Unlike the gym, I don’t have achy joints or tendons with Pilates. I would highly
recommend Sylvia’s Pilates program to anyone who is serious about fitness. It enhances and improves ALL other workout programs as well as exists on its own as a powerful and producing form of exercise.
Tim Ward

“Was more sore than I have ever been”

“I got your email about a bonus workout. I got these specifically for my wife but I think I’m going to use them as well. I have only had the chance to do 1 workout so far but it convinced me that Pilates is not just for women. I was more sore than I have been after a workout in a long time”

Keith Pearl

“More mobile and strong in my hips”

“The primary attraction to the program being 6′ 3″ 292 lbs and 52 yrs old was flexibility. So far I’m noticeably more mobile and strong in my hips and my balance is improving . . . or rather restoring

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