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Last 20 Minutes Longer in Bed WITHOUT Relying on Messy Creams, Dangerous Pills or Fun-Stifling Extra-Strength Condoms...

And Never Worry About Being Cheated on Again and Instead Fulfill Your Responsibility as a Man and Become the Lover Your Partner Needs You to Be


Dear Struggling Friend...


Enjoying passionate, romantic sex ( or lust ) after the end of long day or night is one of life's sweetest pleasures. There's little more rewarding than feeling your lover moan with pure bliss and watching their eyes close as they concentrate on all of that pure* satisfaction.


Just that feeling that you're the one responsible for making your lover feel so good drastically boosts your self-esteem and knowing just what you're capable of does wonders for confidence.

or just imagine making love for hours while a movie flickers in the background, drowning out any lingering white noise, just the two ( or more ) of you enjoying the night to it's fullest.


Imagine as you bite your lover's neck and whisper overtly dirty thoughts into her ear as you pinch her butt and then continuing deeper to replace her giggle with a deep moan.


Imagine truly relaxing where there's time for both rough, passionate and playful sex.


When your only thought is how many more times should I make her cum tonight, and her only thought is how many more times is he gonna make me cum?


Just thinking back on all the recent memories of my amazing sex life spins me into an endless nostalgic reflection that makes me unable to wait until my little brunette makes her way over to "help me make dinner".


But for most of us it doesn't always work out like this….


For most of us, this is how the night should have went, but instead played out entirely different...
Sometimes, the movie becomes the actual plan...
Cuddling becomes actually cuddling...


Often these nights end in awkward consolation and embarrassing guilt that burns right into your sinking ego as you find yet another reason why you are not the man your partner hopes you could be.


And you know if only you could last just even a little longer in bed... but you swear you tried everything.


But what if there was a way you haven't found yet to take back control of your sex life where you have the options you deserve and the nights to play out how they should.


And I know just how stressful it is to be in a relationship where you're constantly worrying if your partner is going to cheat on you, and how damn painful it is crossing that inevitable bridge when it finally comes...


There's a way to "burn your bridges" for good.


You can be the man who consistently gives your lover everything they have wanted, in fact, even surprising with what their little minds hadn't had the experience to conjure up in their wishings.


And you'll soon know just how good it feels when you get those little text messages that slide across your phone letting you know your lover's mind is constantly swirling with dirty thoughts of you and eagerly waiting to see you again...


And if you give me just 60 seconds of your time I'll show you how you can have all of this. In fact, this is incredibly easy to accomplish and I almost had to think back to remember when I didn't believe this either. I know telling you this right now may seem slightly out of your reality, but take it from myself that this is perfectly attainable even for those who appear to have insurmountable boundaries in front of them.


You Finally Have More Options than Embarrassment or Shame, or Both


For the longest time, it seems your only options were to choose thicker condoms. You know, maybe you should just go grab a tire and use that.


It's the best your doctor can recommend.


Or, just wait while he writes you a little receipt for another breakthrough synthetic fabrication made in a dirty basement by a hairy chested man with an open lab coat and a beer gut.

Maybe that's not how they're actually made...but with how absolutely dangerous these pills are, they could very be. Not even considering how completely ineffective they are.



And say good bye to spontaneous cuddling and coitus as you have to somehow pull yourself away from her warm, gentle arms and excuse yourself for a quick, you know, thirty minutes, while you wait for some messy cream to kick in as you swear that it will not harm her.


And by then, the ship's already sailed. Maybe you'll just get some work done around the house, or read, or something. It's fine.
As long as it's something to distract you from how expensive all these things are that you're barely using for more than a few minutes at a time.



And those are the good days...


It's hard to not wonder what life could be like without having to constantly rely on these fun-stifling condoms or, messy creams, or dangerous pills.


When you could have everything you deserve, but just because you can't last long enough in bed. If only you could be the man who you imagine in your wishful thinking.


It's Time to Become That Man You Want to Be


There is finally a new option A; one that allows you to have passionate relationships full of everything passionate.


You'll find freedom in the spontaneous diversions you're able to partake, you'll find peace knowing you're truly enough to satisfy your woman.


You'll swear you signed a contract with the devil...


But you can sleep peacefully with the angels knowing full well you're the only one responsible for these amazing changes in your life. Everything you'll do within this next, new phase of your life will determine just how quickly you achieve everything you've always wanted.


That is, if you act now.


Most men have quickly felt their confidence return. One of the most rewarding things we've been told are how they're finally able to look at women again and smile, knowing full well just what could be waiting around the corner, and then watching her smile back...


And It won't be another night where you watch as your partner's clothes are hastily gathered and abruptly out through the door.


You won't be hearing that one, painful question either....


Being able to talk to women again, or to look your lover in the eye, knowing when the night falls, you'll both be cuddling; exhausted and sleep-filled with content on your mind.


And it won't end in the worse.


and that's far from all...


Because the true beauty of what I'm about to show you is it works its way through all areas of your life. And the results are virtually permanent.


In just a moment, I'll show you how easy it can be.

But first...


Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself



My name is Ross Aken.


I am the founder of Lifted Limitations. For as long as I can remember now we have been secretly been the source of effective, no bull shit information that has transformed the lives of countless men with real world advice that you can use instantly to last longer in bed as well as get that entire area of your life handled.


Until now, we've only worked through word of mouth...


That Means... If What We Preach Fails, We Lose


And we've found again and again exactly what works to achieve lasting, permanent results in as quickly a manner as possible.


We have coached countless men to achieving exactly what they want out of their dating and sex lives. A typical coaching session with Lifted Limitations will run along the lines of $170 an hour. Within just two sessions, you'd have nearly everything you'd need.


Because the only thing we speak of is exactly what works and of our absolutely simple methods and techniques that provide natural, lasting results.


You'll see why in just a minute... most clients only need two hours with me and they have everything they need. Now nearly every day we get e-mails from our clients ( and their partners ) about how happy they have been lately and how much fun they've been up to. We couldn't be more excited.


We had set out on a mission.

Our goal was straightforward:


What we taught had to be natural, permanent solutions that involved throwing away unnecessarily thick fun-stifling condoms, messy inconvenience creams, and dangerous toxic pills.
( Please feed those to your garbage can right now if you haven’t by the way )


Our methods had to be truly simple.

And we refused to settle for anything less than absolutely transforming.


I'm thrilled to announce we succeeded on both counts!

So, just how did we do it?



From the Feet Up: Take the Action as Your Responsibility as a Man


The first step to "fixing" anything is to actually go and start trying to "fix it".


You're not the only one going through this. This has been the single most challenging in the lives of most men, and in the area of my life to fix. Not because of how difficult it is to overcome...


But because how scarce REAL information is for men... and how damn hard it is to talk about.


It hurt a little, and was a little frightening, but eventually I began opening up. People were a lot more supportive than I was expecting. I soon took a gamble and opened up to my best friend, newly engaged at the time, who was also quietly suffering through these problems to my surprise.


I needed real information. Real Advice. Real Progress. Real Results.


From there... in no particular order: sex workers, masseuses, bar tenders, actually a few escorts and a couple porn stars, and countless other types of people were my first breath at hope...


I actually had went to several doctors; a story of heartbreak.


A supposed "expert in her field" and she was almost insulted when I told her I didn't want to take any medication as politely as I could.


She handed me a box of extra strength condoms and told me there was "nothing more that I could do." This is coming from a doctor. A highly recommended (somehow) doctor at that...


And what pissed me off the most was I just used up the last of my medical insurance for information that was no more helpful than the guy who barely speaks English down at the BP a few blocks from my apartment.


This was a doctor with glowing recommendations and her only advice was synthetic. These were the words of a medical degree and from an "expert", who told me there was nothing more than I could do.


A fourth doctor introduced me to creams, at least he tried.


I had had enough. There was no way the only thing I could possibly do was apply some foreign, messy application and/or slide a tire over my hair trigger and grin through the shame. I wasn't going to take no for an answer.


I knew there was simply no way there wasn't even a single person who overcame premature ejaculation and even further, didn't know how he did it if he had.


I first learned to accept it wasn't my fault...


We Don't Accept Excuses, We Accept Solutions



We can sit and rationalize the reasons behind where we are or who we've become, but at the end of the day we are where we are because of who we are and what we've done. At the end of the day, we'll still be miserable and feeling sorry for ourselves. Unless we do something. Unless we only accept solutions.
You see, I too am a victim of the curse of ancestral evolution. Imagine getting caught with your pants around your ankle as you're swarmed by a pack of saber-toothed tigers. Or that clan that you stole that girl from, they want her back so you should probably grab a few rocks. Nobody had time back in the day to actually enjoy sex. Going caveman was actually like making a prehistoric in and out.

Not to mention hygiene wasn't the greatest back then. Having passionate, lasting sex wasn't our first priority. However, making more babies was.

Evolution. Thus, it's in our blood to ejaculate as quickly as possible.
When I realized this was hardly my fault I was able to stop blaming myself. I also realized: I could bitch all I wanted...


My bed was still going to be a place that was cold and full of regret, unless I did something.


Unless I found a solution.

And that day came...


Eventually, Lifted Limitations was formed and we've been tweaking our system even further until it became absolutely effective for virtually anybody who applies what we teach.


And simple enough even my brother-in-law can use it.


And now I've taken everything I've learned and put it together into one simple offer. Please allow me to introduce...


Curb Your Ejaculation: Last 20 Minutes Longer
and Take Your Responsibility as a Man to Become the Lover Your Partner Needs You
to Be




Imagine you and your partner gently spinning through your door as your in each other's arms speaking in tongues. You lift her top off while you kick off your shoes and she begins unbuttoning your pants.


She takes a step to the right and pushes you straight back onto the futon. You embrace your lover right there...
An hour passes before you finally get up and start dinner.

Or imagine sliding the lock on your phone and seeing awaiting texts from your lover, demanding you come visit right this instant... To help your partner make dinner, and making your lover your dinner in the kitchen. Right against the sink.


Imagine how badly she has always wanted this to happen...


Or cuddling next to the fireplace, gently spooning all night while your playlist softly turns over matching the rhythms of the flickering of the fire and your rolling shadows across the room.


What if all of your relationship problems could instantly disappear...


All of those petty fights, that feeling of how hard it is to just be around your lover...

Because you know that you don't feel enough for your lover, and you constantly fear she's going to cheat on you, or leave you for someone else.


What if any resentment could virtually evaporate…


What if you could have all of that "fire" that you first had when you met. Restore the passion in your relationships and be eager to see each other again, to have each other in your arms behind closed doors...


And the best part is...


Anyone Can Be Successful


And it doesn't matter if you've struggled with not lasting long enough all your life, or if you're just going through a rough transition.


Whether you're on the verge of retirement, or just settling into a new independent life of your own, these results can be yours.


Regardless of how many "Qualified Authoritative" figures have told you there's nothing more that can be done...



Take it from myself and countless others, these dreams are within your grasp. 


If you're a man, and if you have 15 minutes, you can immediately transform your life and embrace everything you've been hoping you could have.


If you're smart enough to realize the true options you have right infront of you, and if you no longer want to disappoint any of those looking up to you, then you'll first learn how to virtually guarantee results as you develop an... 

The Unshakable Foundation


Most men fail any attempt, however they attempt, because they never laid the essential and mindlessly simple groundwork that guarantees you're lasting, happy success. And efficient success.


Because you'll learn what most never had the opportunity. 


You'll learn how you can take tangible action to show daily progress and keep moving forward every day on track to becoming the man your lover needs you to be in bed.


This is in part what helps you recover your self-esteem and bulletproof confidence in your abilities and capacity as a man to be everything you not only deserve to be, but as a man, it is your responsibility as a man to be.


This is one of the most important things you'll ever learn that you can apply to countless areas of your life as well. The first few things you'll uncover will be like taking the red pill.


The true beauty of what we teach is if you're ever hitting a plateau, or not progressing as quickly you like, you can easily see what's not working and tweak it.


Your foundation, and near inevitable success, will truly be unshakeable. As soon as you're set up for guaranteed results it's time to find out what makes you tick...


Information Few Men Know and Even Fewer Know How to Use

Nearly the second most important concept that we've found absolutely crucial are learning your triggers.


This is information that you can use to maximize your success, as well as be something you definitely want to share with your partner.


This is where we hold your hand as we walk you through step by step and patiently guide you along as we show you exactly how to find each and all of your triggers.


Imagine knowing exactly what makes you ejaculate quickly and what to avoid, and knowing exactly how to maneuver so you can reach your full potential without giving away everything too soon.
This is information we pride ourselves on being able to share, and believe it's absolutely essential for all men to know.


And once you know such vital information, we'll walk you through step by step with what you'll need to know exactly what to do with it...


and that's just the beginning...



Lifetime Guarantee



Our goal is to help you become as successful as possible.


We want you to succeed. And because of this we have a special offer for you.



And we know you'll be so satisfied with what we share with you, and we know that if you truly apply what we teach, you'll have massive success. Because we know how just how well all of our hard work will pay off for you, we're giving you our life's work with a lifetime guarantee.




That means you have your entire life to use everything we give you and apply to reach its full potential. We know for certain that if you give everything we've given you time to work, and if you truly apply yourself…

Your results will be absolutely amazing.


This is our way of saying thank you, as well.




Curb Your Ejaculation: Never Worry About Not Being Able to Satisfy Your Partner and Have the Sex Life You've Always Wished to Have

Here's more of what you'll discover in your exclusive copy...


The shortcuts and quick tips as well as applicable methods and techniques that slice your time in half as you learn from over fifteen years of experience in this field; there is no quicker, more effective way available... As well as absolutely simple to follow and succeed. Think of it like following a workout routine at the gym ( and a routine you found from an Olympic level coach ) , except instead you can "work out" on the couch, while watching TV, making dinner, on the walk home, having a conversation, you can virtually apply what you'll learn and use them any where any time, and even during sex ( which is highly encouraged... Both sex and using our methods during so )...


No More Games. You'll quickly realize that you need nothing more than yourself to become the man in the fantasies of your lover.
No more dangerous, expensive pills. Enjoy the sex life you deserve and finally embrace your lover for an entire night of sex, lust, love and everything in between. No more fun-stifling and heavily scented thick condoms. Have the passionate relationships you've always wanted and are entitled to. Get honest, simple advice that has already helped countless men take back control of their lives. No more explaining or waiting for any messy, inconvenient and impotent creams and swearing they're safe or ruining sex for your partner.You'll quickly get this area of your life handled without relying on synthetic support the rest of your life. In fact, if you have any of those three things throw them out right now.

The simple hat trick that will accelerate your results and guarantee you'll never plateau with your results... Trio Training is our revolutionary method to being able to last much longer in bed with just minutes of “training” that is relaxing and enjoyable.


The Ancient Aphrodisiac that has been used by countless men to improve their sexual capacity within the bedroom and even recommended by the world's health organization.


Learn a simple technique with a quick summary to what you'll find in our books right now called Riding a 7; that includes staying between an arousal level of 5 and 7. Never fully aroused -- nor uninterested. You can use this instantly to begin establishing the right mindset and to begin giving direct focus to the stimulation and not the thoughts within your head.


You'll get the 3 Step Checklist to overcome any problem you're facing, as well as a step by step action plan to make tangible, daily progress that you can reflect back on and see how quickly you're coming along.


You'll find out exactly what the Red Button is with perfectly personalized knowledge that you can use to stay one step ahead of your partner and keep your partner two steps closer to an orgasm.


Use the Greens of Salacity to your full advantage as they provide your body with all the right nutrition to prepare you to take back on the bedroom, and believe me, if we're even half right all we'll ask for is a ton of referrals because that's how Lifted Limitations really grows.


Learn how to get out of the Fast Life and how to quickly take back control of your sex life and responsibility as a man to your partners, and to yourself.


You'll learn The Shift where you understand how to never have another awkward, embarrassing night and to virtually guarantee your partner will be sending you a cute little text message demanding that you be free.


You'll never disappoint a lover again, and you'll learn how to turn what would have been 3 minutes into hours, and hours, again, and again.


You'll learn how to re-gain your self-confidence and self-esteem as you learn Sau’s Idea. You’ll understand the responsibility you need to take as a man to never be cheated on again and to be everything your lover hopes you could be, if not more.


and so, so much more....



The Benefits are Many, Success is Virtually Guaranteed


With all of this being said, you'll never see true happiness or that satisfied feeling knowing you're all you can be as man unless you take the action and responsibility as the man your lover (quietly) hopes you to be.


Unless you act right now…


And realize your full potential with Curb Your Ejaculation and start taking full responsibility of your life, and start taking massive action, today.


We want you to have all of the information we put together, and because we want to succeed, we're able to put this massive discount in place for a little while to make sure there's nothing in your way of becoming the man you deserve to be.


Here's What You'll Get....


As soon as you become a life-long customer of Lifted Limitations, you will be given full access to the entire Curb Your Ejaculation series a long with all future updates and free bonuses that you can download as you wish. You'll also be given an e-mail address where you can ask me any personal questions you have directly.


Curb Your Ejaculation is a three e-book package:
The Introductory Phase The Advanced Section A Chef's Secret to Lasting

[ ]


We split the program to give you a quick start with The Introductory Phase, and then we maximize your efforts with The Advanced Section.


In addition we've combined an extensive, in-depth guide to making a few, incredibly easy, simple additions to your diet to ensure you're getting all the proper vitamins and nutrients that are absolutely fundamental.


It's about attacking the problem from all angles if you really want to succeed.
And quickly.
This is what separates us from anything else out there.


And don’t worry. There's little ground between “Introductory” and “Advanced”, and mainly we've found it simply just works best to teach the information this way.


Because the biggest difference between where you are in the two stages is essentially time. Nothing drastic like how long it takes to be really good with a guitar or a sport for example, but it's more how your body adapts to the changes.


So we've taken the process apart, and laid it out in a manner that we can easily hold your hand through every step of the way.


The Introductory Phase


The Introductory Phase, or TIP for short, lays the true groundwork and gets you going on your way to massive results as quickly as possible.


It's all about ensuring you're as successful as you possibly can.


[ ] We lay the foundation for success both on a mental, physiological level as well as a physical level.
Everything you'll need to get back into the arms of your lover for passionate, lasting evenings begins on the first page of TIP.


You'll learn the powerful methods you can do without any previous training or knowledge instantly.


You'll learn the importance of approaching this opportunity from all angles.


This is an opportunity that you can use to better yourself as a man and become stronger, sexually and mentally, than nearly most men out there.


You're fortunate, really, to have stumbled upon this information and be searching for these answers.


You'll learn what most men never knew to know, and never will find in their daily lives.


After The Introductory Phase, you'll fearlessly be able to carry your lover into your bedroom and begin on your new, passionate filled life.


Techniques, methods and tips to get success into your hands as quick as possible. And leave you with several reasons to throw away those messy, inconvenient creams and dangerous and expensive pills.


After The Introductory Phase, you won't be needing any fun-stifling extra thick condoms either. You'll be well on your way and ready for the next level with absolutely powerful methods and techniques in The Advanced Section.


The Advanced Section


The Advanced Section, or TAS for short, re-strengthens your foundation and gives you absolutely incredible results with next level techniques and methods.


You'll learn Redlines along with several other techniques to know just how to never have another disappointing, embarrassing night again and this is just within the first pages.


[ ] You'll re-discover success and you'll see your progress accelerate, you’ll be amazed when you get to Trio Training, our ground breaking technique that will drive your progress through the roof and awaken the sexual beast that can last while your playlist loops again and again.


Trio Training is one of our most effective and proven techniques to become a prodigious lover and we saved it for The Advanced Section so you can fully realize the method's potential.


This method is sort of our secret weapon and is incredibly powerful, and by the time you learn how to Trio Train you'll have everything you need.


In The Advanced Section (TAS), you'll have everything you need to never plateau and constantly keep improving and getting better and better.


Your partners will be amazed and we won't be surprised if you re-gain more confidence than you ever had in your life.



Apply As You Learn



We've created Curb Your Ejaculation around the idea that we wanted you to easily be able to follow along through all of the exercises and information.


We organized it in a way that you apply it as you learn it.


One builds on top of the other so you're constantly improving.


If you want to progress as efficiently as possible, then you'll be ecstatic as you scroll through our program to find it's essentially a step by step map, because we teach you the information in our tried and true order that has been highly successful with our clients.


You'll learn everything from mindsets to actual techniques that you can use instantly in the most efficient manner we've found possible.


You'll have the groundwork that will provide massive success, and then as soon as you're ready you'll be able to go right from The Introductory Phase into The Advanced Section.



You Took the Red Pill... You Can't Go Back Now



Curb Your Ejaculation has everything you need: from the introduction and towards the rest of your life...


Now that you know there is a permanent one-way ticket out, you can't go back. Then you have to have a program suited for this exact reason.


Then you must have a program that you can easily and effective use throughout the rest of your days.


Because you'll always be wondering how amazing your life could be, all the amazing relationships you could have had, and all the opportunities you missed.


You'll Always Wonder What Could Have Been...


And all we need to do now is a simple matter of some very basic information. You'll be receiving three books that are concise and quick to read that will get you started and well on your way to the life you want as soon as you begin.

A Chef's Secret to Lasting



We want you to have amazing success, and that's why you'll receive a fundamental key to permanent results that most other programs can't even come close to touching.


The best way to be able to last longer in bed is to take this as an opportunity that you can approach from all angles.


[ ]You'll be getting a book of nutrition that is highly potent and directly involving scientifically researched nutrients associated with being a better lover in bed.
You'll learn how to have stronger erections, more energy, and last longer just by making a few simple additions in your diet.


You see when it comes to nutrition and medical science, most pills fail just on the drawing board alone. It has been proven time and time again that you cannot isolate certain nutrients and still receive the same benefit that these pills claim to have.


You'll learn how certain nutrients work hand in hand to give you the effect pills and other synthetic substitutions aim to do, but simply cannot.


In addition, you'll have easy additions to make for a healthy, vivacious diet that will positively affect your life in countless ways.


These nutrients work to relax your body, encourage blood flow, repair your muscles and allow for growth, as well as so much more.


You'll learn basic nutrients to look for within your foods as well so you can gradually add in your own preferred meals as well. This book is a base that you can build from that yet provides all you need and more.


This is the book that has been the key to permanent success with my clients and they have been ever thankful for it. This book alone is incredibly valuable and comes gratuitously packaged with The Advanced Section.


That's right. It's a free bonus. 


And since we're still here, I have to ask...



Do You Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life Dazed In A Wake Of Frustrated Self
Doubt And Anxiety?

The tough thing about learning how to overcome premature ejaculation or simply
last longer...


There's so little information out there, and even the material that is available is
scattered or simply wrong.


That's why so many guys who attempt to "last longer in bed" never get ANYWHERE.
They're not surrounded by other people who have survived the journey and blasted
through all the hurdles or insidious sticking points.


And if you even DO start walking down the right path, there are all these subtle ways you can wrongly interpret new methods and techniques that you've read. After all, the techniques that may work for ONE guy may not work for the next, and more
specifically, at least not at that current level of development.


In experiencing Curb Your Ejaculation, you're empowered with a constant
progression to keep you moving up the ladder from one level right through the next.
The hesitation and doubt is immediately removed from your life—forever— because
you've seen exactly how success is intricately designed.


Of course, you might find your way through the maze, and bewildering universe of
online men's health advice.


You might do it without having anyone in your life who has experienced the path of
“total transformation” from start to finish, and who will reveal how EVERYTHING WAS DONE in concise detail.


Mhmm.... you genuinely might.


But remember, at the end of the day, it’s YOUR life.


I’d say that you’ve been through so much at this point that you owe it to yourself to
seriously consider your life as it currently stands. Honestly, really step back from
your life and consider whether your journey has reached a point that you want to


Because if you want to move forward, then you want to obtain the roadmap from the
man who made it his mission to be successful or die trying.


So what is that worth to you??


Do you agree this is worth a mere $129 of value to gain a treasure trove of expert experiential-knowledge and hidden secrets from one of the most highly recommended men on the topic??


I hope it is, because ultimately, what you’re gaining is a doorway into a life that is amazing in a way that you’ve never known about. That’s what your investment will get you. Think about your life, and the experiences you want to check off the “bucket list” BEFORE YOU DIE.


Then ask yourself the question—is it worth the "risk"? Is it actually, honestly worth the value of investing a meager amount like $129 dollars for a genuine doorway into a permanent carnival of passion-heavy romances?


Is getting a hold of this material worth whatever it is you may have to "chance" to attain it?


It’s not a choice I can make for you, but it’s a choice I made for myself, many years
ago. Looking back, the thought that I might have chosen otherwise is a scary thing
for me to contemplate.


Imagining what my life would have been like if I hadn’t seized control of it brings me
into a ill feeling of nauseous disgust with myself, and I do not mind admitting that at
all whatsoever.


So bearing in mind that this is YOUR LIFE, ask yourself this…


Is it worth "risking" an amount like $129 investment to snatch up a copy of this red hot program?

Honestly, is it?


If You Survived This Far With Creams and Extra Thick Condoms, What You Learn From Curb Your Ejaculation Will Be As If You Had Your Own Personal Porn Star as Stunt Cock



Recently I was finalizing this program with my partner and given that we're providing
EVERYTHING conveniently bundled together into a near step by step process to go
from even a mere 45 seconds to looping entire playlists and albums, we agreed $129
was more than fair for all the value you'll experience in this program but we hadn't decided quite yet what the price Would be.


This is a “niche based series” that meets the special needs of a unique audience,
containing year’s worth of information and only what has been found to work AGAIN


There are similar books of far LESS VALUE for a FAR MORE EXPENSIVE PRICE, which saturate the market today.



Then recently we were visiting just before the launch and we started really talking
about what to determine the price.


I remember what it was like starting out with this whole success with sex thing…I
also remember what it was like to be at DECENT levels of being able to last, where I
wanted to take my semi-casanova rampages to the NEXT LEVEL. A lot of the time
people ask me why I offer so much for so little, and it’s because when I started out you couldn’t get your hands on ANYTHING like this. Heck, it’s the first time it’s coming

And to my partner's shock, $59.95 was the answer to his question of what we should conclude the price.


I definitely would have done anything to get my hands on this type of advice and
proven strategies…because it would have short-cut the path to “elite” level by a good
3-5 years.


Instead, I had to push through years of trial and error, and eventually “luck out” to
find the information that’s been such a massive BOOST to get me to where I’m at


So really, don’t screw around here…


Jump onto this opportunity while it’s hot in your mind, and take advantage of the
ridiculously intense “sexual enhancements” that this book has to offer you.


Regardless of the absurd amounts of value that this book has crammed in it…you
really can get started as soon as you get it.


And as you’re on your journey, you can apply the more advanced secrets that you


This is truly an absolute “go-to” resource for getting yourself to the “next level” you
know you’re capable of.


If you aren’t ready for it, that’s fine. You’re taking a pass here on our long awaited
life’s work, that we've produced to create a blatantly obvious and instant gain in your
personal results.


You might be someone who has taken to learning this material passively. Maybe you
have a big “identity” about how you’re a guy who won’t read a kick-ass book like this,
because you’ve got everything handled on your own.


Well now is you’re a chance to come at your progress *actively*. It’s a chance to get
your hands on the proven secrets and shortcuts that took myself and others YEARS
of agony and darkness to figure out.


Curb Your Ejaculation will STUN you and RE-DEFINE YOUR ENTIRE SEX LIFE.


It’s chalk-full of value and covers a VAST range of cutting-edge themes and ideas,
but regardless of all the information it will pound into your skull it’s still FUN
because it’s about YOU and getting YOUR LIFE together.


Seeing and understanding how this kind of success REALLY gets done is totally
inspiring. This isn’t work – it’s more like reviewing the itinerary for the BEST trip
you’ve ever planned for.


So be prepared to have your mind blown… And your entire approach to the game
changed forever.


What’s the price for this experience? Again, we initially considered this program to be $129 worth of value. We actually valued it at significantly higher than that, just because this information is SO SPECIFIC to a person who wants to walk the path of total transformation and success with this area of life.


But to be honest, I wasn't really having it.


We’ve chipped away at the price, and we reserve the right to take this page down and change the price without warning in the coming weeks and months post-launch. All orders made at this price will be honored, but if we change the price to what we truly feel it's worth is of $129 no further orders will be taken at the previous price.


For now though, even though it will probably save you thousands (or tens of
thousands) of dollars in value and will definitely save you YEARS of time and
frustration, your investment, for now, is only $59.95 for the entire Curb Your
Ejaculation program?

Are you willing to invest the scarily low price of $59.95 for the program to gain a
doorway to untold levels of liberation from confusion and despair?

Is that investment worth a whole new world where you know how to make it happen with the women of your dreams?

Is that investment worth a whole new life where your craziest fantasies are real, and
willing at your fingertips?

Are you willing to invest $59.95 for the entire Curb Your Ejaculation program??



Curb Your Ejaculation is Conveniently Bundled and Delivered Directly to You

What you're getting is everything conveniently bundled together, and delivered directly, digitally and instantly to you.

You're also getting full access to our company email which you can email me directly with any questions that I will happily answer.


To be honest, my private coaching sessions alone cost $170 an hour, and because of how efficiently I've organized all of the information most rarely need more than two sessions.
Just like with Curb Your Ejaculation, my sessions are split between an introductory phase and a more advanced session.

[ ]

Each are crucial and absolutely fundamental as well as they build off of each other, and the success is compounding as a result.


With Curb Your Ejaculation, you're getting everything I know to read through, absorb and apply all on your own rate, at nearly a fraction of the cost of what it would to attend a live session with myself or a highly trained coach. You're getting a life's work, conveniently delivered right to you, that you don't need to leave the house to acquire or use.



 As soon as you become a lifetime customer of Lifted Limitations, you will be given full access to the entire digital Curb Your Ejaculation series, future updates as well as additional free bonuses where you can download them as you wish.


You'll have years’ experience that will slice your time in half, and save you boundless misery if you were to go about this on your own just by using some of the information I've shared with you here.


You can go your own way. You don't need me. I did it. Why can't you?


…But why fumble around aimlessly when you have somebody who has a career dedicated to this and who has given you everything neatly organized and efficiently presented in the most powerful way that we have found to this day.


In addition, if you go your own way, you won't be entitled to any of the line-up of updates and further information we will have coming in the future as we continuously tweak and improve upon our progress as Lifted Limitations grows.


That's the true beauty of becoming a customer of ours. You'll have a lifetime guarantee as well as a lifetime of updates and improvements. In addition, you'll have full access to questions and concerns answered by me directly through email.



As long as our company Lifted Limitations is alive and well, With our lifetime guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose as you try our program and see just how powerful and immense our life's effort is. You can read through the material and apply it, and feel free to take all the time you need to achieve the results you would like.


No catches. No Nonsense. We only ask one thing. 

Follow the ENTIRE program. You'll get so much value that you'll be dying to race over to your lover's arms and dive into the bedsheets together.



Once you go through it from beginning to end. You will see INSTANTANEOUS results, and you WILL begin forming the capacity to love harder and longer.
So really when it comes down to it...



You Have a Few Options...



You can take the information I've given you just now, know that there is a permanent, lasting solution available, and go out and get it for yourself… Spending all of your free time, patience and more than likely, your own money, to try and piece together a viable solution and hope it works.


Or you can return to do nothing and return to living a life of excuses and embarrassing, awkward encounters that lead to lonely nights until you finally find a woman who's willing to settle for a less than desirable sex life. You can return to the frustration and just hope you'll get over it someday...


[ ]


OR you can take full responsibility as a man and get this area of your life handled now.


Take on a life full of passionate and love again as you rejoice with your partner and enjoy evenings as they were intended to play out.


Re gain your confidence and self-esteem and be able to look your partner right in the eye and know exactly what you're capable of.


Never lose another relationship or loved one as you become everything they could possibly have imagined as you become greater than the man they hoped you could be in their imaginations.


All you have to do is act right now and take full advantage of our lifetime guarantee as well as our steal of a price at $59.95 and get this area of your life handled.

[ ]

You'll never waste time with a relationship that fizzles out or ends with your partner hurrying to collect all of their things and get out the door.


You'll never waste money on dates that lead nowhere passionately, drinks alone can easily can cost half the price, and that's just one evening.


Imagine being able to guarantee when the night turns passionate, that you will far exceed any previous partners and be something that your partner has never experienced. Knowing this fact alone is priceless in itself.


And you can have this when you become a life customer of Lifted Limitations.



Balance of Lasting


We mean it when we say we want you to have everything you need to realize your full
potential as man and as a lover and to enjoy the sex filled lives that countless miss out on only because they don't know how far just 6 minutes of time can take you.


On it's own, you'll discover an amazing network of benefits that require nearly only 6
minutes of your time that improve countless areas of your life as these benefits blend
together. Without much introduction, you'll have the resource to achieve a heightened ability to control ejaculation, harder thicker fuller ( and even larger ) erections.

The true beauty of this "bonus" material is with all the improvements your life will see you'll being able to achieve and maintain granite-like "arousal" as you passionately love your partner while your playlist loops over and over.


In this guide you'll see what may be the ONE blatantly mishandled problem that could be the major source of your premature ejaculation / inability to last as long as you'd like.

Countless have ingrained this mistake and it's not too late. ( however, the longer it takes you to act the more time you'll need. )


You're getting a concise and compact guide that you can refer to instantly to learn, to remember and to be reminded of the proper and powerful way to acquire the advantages listed above ( and in truth those were few of many )...


This is a shortcut from years of compiled information that will cut the time you need to become a sex worthy man in half that compliments everything you'll learn in the next bonus just below...


Honestly, we almost felt entitled to make sure this information gets out into the world because right now there's very little information out there about what is in this bonus and to be honest most, simply, is just wrong. However, we're only giving access to those who become apart of our family at Lifted Limitations.


This just one way we're doing everything we can to make sure you're achieving the goals and desires you want as quickly and efficiently as you can. And the best part is if you have any questions about anything, you'll be able to email Ross Aken... me, directly for even further clarification. And although we encourage and love when you do, you won't need to do so because what you'll find in this bonus is so simple even my brother in law has seen huge improvement.


We've created this bonus so clearly that you'll be completely confident in your ability to get everything you want, and the topic of this bonus plays a huge part in your overall development.


You'll learn the 4 hidden tricks and tips that make certain you're using the information properly and you'll see the most effective ways of how to use what you learn.


You'll get the 3 Reliance Signals that show you're using this method right and how to AVOID improper technique which could cause nerve damage and muscle strains. Which is why it is absolutely important you use this method correctly so you can reap all the benefits which will truly make you a superior man.


[ ]

And you'll find an additional edge when you're with your partner that you can use instantly, that night as a matter of fact, that will "disable" your ability to ejaculate and gain sweet sweet additional time.


Best yet, this valuable definitive guide comes gratuitous as soon as you become apart of the Lifted Limitations Family.


And this only part one....


Restoring the Balance


If you were starting to see Balance of Lasting as valuable on it's own then you'd have to be ecstatic to learn knowing it's actually a two - part bonus.


These bonuses go together like champagne and silk and further what you'll learn as you go through the Curb Your Ejaculation program.


You'll learn what no woman will ever put up with... no matter how great you are... and there is nothing that you could ever do or have that would compensate or recover from this one instant dismissal.


What's worst is this may have happened to you again and again but you never realized it would be possible.


You're not alone, it's nothing to worry about but only something to never have happen again.


Because believe me, I've been there and knowing I'll never get snubbed like this again is incredibly comforting.


And if it's not what she'll never put up with, you'll learn the one tiny mistake countless man have made and avoid making your lover insecure or question your entire relationship, no matter what you've been through together. No matter how much she says she trusts you or how certain you feel when she tells you she loves or anything at all, it can all deteriorate before you even know it.


Which is why we're making sure you're getting a second method that compliments everything you learned in Balance of Lasting and that ensures you're drawing in the full advantage of what is in this material without sacrificing the queen.


You'll be able to know exactly how you're doing it right and you'll even be able to feel it as it's happening to completely eliminate any doubts about if you're doing this correctly or not. We've made the information as clear as possible and honestly we have yet to find anything else out there that's even close to describing the information like we have, let alone showing you just how powerful using these methods correctly can be. ( and the quicker you begin, the quicker you'll be able to have the results you deserve )


You'll learn two methods that you'll use to properly adapt and handle stimulated sensations of pleasure and one of the things I love is that you can use these during sex as often as you like.


You'll learn a sneaky way to safely to transition into telling your partner slash lover and getting them on board with what you've been up to lately or to explain any sudden improvements.


And this all comes gratuitous instantly when you become apart of Lifted Limitations and have access to all of our current works, as well as any future bonuses, updates and so much more. You'll get this as soon as you take the responsibility that is yours as a man to get this area of your life handled. You'll have everything you'll ever need to truly become unstoppable with your lover in bed.


And we'll show you a way to reach your full potential and truly capitolize on everything you've learned all throughout the way and you'll be getting everything we know.


You'll get all the little tips, all the sneaky techniques and methods that you can use and employ as you wish to maximize your full potential and with this next bonus you can start before you even get started...


Take advantage, because this material comes at a far higher price anywhere else, and that's if you can even find it. Right now, you can take these home to absorb the material and use everything we're giving you to achieve some pretty powerful changes. The quicker you get started, the less time you'll be wondering what life could be like, and you'll actually begin to have that life.


To help you along even further, we're giving you a "pre-sex" guide that you can use to prepare yourself to really shift into that unstoppable man and that you can use whenever, wherever, and no matter how spontaneous things can get...

[ ]



When You Really Start to Look at the Numbers... $59.95 is an absolute steal...


In addition, if you're burning money on creams, pills and extra strength condoms, you'll no longer have a need.

You can save your money. Regular condoms are far more affordable and they can be found far easier. No more synthetic fixes. No more wasted time on dates. No more frustrating doctor visits. 


Do yourself, your relationship, and your future a favor and join the countless men who have gotten this area of their life handled, and handled for good.


To your Success....


Ross Aken




Lifted Limitations.






For any additional questions or technical support please get in touch with us at support@curbyourejaculation.com




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