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The Bookmaker's Nightmare

Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals
A truly different unique Horse Racing Betting Wagering System.

by Sam Roberts

This is for anyone who wants to make SERIOUS MONEY,
using a horse racing system.

No Experience Necessary.

This is not about studying horses or form guides.
I am not going to try and educate you on how the
Thoroughbred Racing Industry works.
You won't need to understand anything about Horses, Racing,
Jockey's, or Breeders. Forget about Bloodlines & Breeding , Tipster, Handicapping. It won't matter to you how old the
horses are or even how many races or wins they have had.


What I am going to explain, is how you can tap into the
Billions of dollars that changes hands regularly around the
globe inside the Thoroughbred Horse Racing industry
Thanks to the internet technology and online wagering.

The Bookmaker's Nightmare
is a winning Horse Racing Betting System


Thoroughbred Horse Racing is a global industry, worth Billions of Dollars. How much do you really know about it ?
If you are serious about making money

Then you MUST take the time

Thoroughbred Horse Racing is an INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY.
Billions of dollars change hands every day.
That's right.!!!!!!
Not millions but Billions.
Learn how to take your cut? This Report will show you how!.

Things you wouldn't have believed possible.
The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals
A step by step method that teaches you how to decipher online Live data, tracking the smart money, simply follow them and copy their bets.

A truly different unique Horse Racing Betting System. [Available for immediate download.. NOW.](http://1.elogicway.pay.clickbank.net/)   _____________________________________________________________________  
Are you making a profit ?

I’m not interested in punting for the love of it, are you?.  
At the end of the day there’s only one thing that counts. 
Have you made a profit? It’s all about winning.  Who
care’s how you won.. Who cares where the information
came from.. As long as you make a cash profit.   
Every Day – Every Week – Every Month.



Have you ever tried to do the form?
Hard work isn't’t it.
Tried all kinds of horse racing systems!
Can’t understand why it doesn't’t hold up?
There’s a better way.
Don’t think local, think global.
Too difficult? Not with this Report.
Forget being a punter.
The money other people lose belongs in your pocket.
Learn how to move it your way.
Learn how to get on the other side of the fence.
This Report shows YOU the secrets.



Looking for a winning Horse Racing system.

If you are looking for a winning horse racing system, that will show you how to
follow and copy what the professionals are doing today, right now,
then this horse racing book is definitely for you..

The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals
So maybe you’ve had a bet from time to time.
Or maybe you have no interest in Horse racing.
You are just looking for a way to cash in on all that money
up for grabs being offered on online sports betting sites.
This book will  teach & show you everything  you
need to know. Nothing is held back

[Available for immediate download.. NOW.](http://1.elogicway.pay.clickbank.net/)   _____________________________________________________________________  
It's Time To Take Control
Pick up any daily newspaper and turn to the Horse Racing section and review their
horse racing tips for the day. A so-called professional tipster, who is paid a handsome
salary, has chosen these selections. If you followed all of their selections you would more
than likely finish the day with heavy losses. However each day thousands of punters all
over the globe blindly follow their advice.

Its time to take control, you need to make a profit, and stop the merry go round of losing
money, not only on bad bets but also for services that are not making you a profit. It's time
to get the inside information that will place in front of your eyes the live data of what is
happening right now. Without giving you too much of the inside secrets timing is a
MAJOR factor when tracking the true SMART money. When this is isolated, its
time to jump in and follow their lead. The big players the professionals can now be
tracked live online. Once using this online betting system, you will soon see that the
big players the professionals are spot on the money. It will blow your mind when you
see the amount of money flashing before your eyes.


I purchased the bookmakers nightmare about a week ago and I am writing to you to say thank you. you have opened my eyes about investing and smart betting. I usually have a small bet everyday and after following your system exactly I have had 10 bets for 10 pays.(I bet for a place only).

Again thank you


NSW Australia 

This is one very sound publication and very well written, leaving out all of the normal 'How to make millions BS' In some respects this e-book appears to be an economics lesson for the first few chapters, and it is too, but all leads up to the important side of Horse Racing. As Sam mentions, you don't need to know anything about horse racing, it's just the money and profit that matters at the end of the day. I'll give this e-book full marks. It's well worth owning.

Malcolm Maclean



Thank you for your excellent product. It certainly finds winners.

Maarten Brink

I recently bought your ebook I must admit: I am impressed! This is smart information for smart money!


Thank you. A million thanks. In two days I recouped the purchase price of your FANTASTIC Plan.


As a purchaser of your "Bookmaker's Nightmare", I have found it very informative, and actually even profitable!

Paul Mahoney

We’ve all been there .....
On a winning streak  .....
Thought we’d cracked it ....

Then lost it all ......

What’s a good day at the track for you?

How much would you like to take home?

 $50? $500?..$5,000? $50,0000  

The choice is yours when you know how.

You know the story –
Does this sound familiar ?

....Studied the form for hours and  hours
....Overlooked one or two details. 
....Not enough time to really study the form probably.
....Always in a hurry, rushing before the  race starts.
....Or maybe following a hot tip from someone apparently in the
.....know or selections from another horse racing system.
... Are you betting on horses that a professional tipster broadcasts on the .....radio or .published in the newspaper.
.... or how about one the oldest and still most frequently used method... ..........straight out gambling, placing your hard earned money by betting and .....on your favorite number, colors, or just because you like the horses .....name.


....after all your effort... all your hard work
....you still loose...

Step back for a bit........

Do you really want to put in all that time?

How do you know you’re studying the right meeting?

 We all know the professionals live off it, why not you?

 The professionals are betting and making money every day.

 All around the world, they’re making huge amounts of money. 

How do they do it ?.  What is their secret?.....

All is revealed in this detailed report..
The Bookmakers Nightmare
Inside Secrets of the Horse Racing Professionals

The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals
This book will  teach & show you how to do what the
professionals are doing. Now! 
You will be up and running in no time.
All will be exposed...inside this book.
Start making extra cash... Now
  [Available for immediate download.. NOW.](http://1.elogicway.pay.clickbank.net/)
Follow the Leader......

Novices are suddenly making regular money.
You don’t have to study how the experts do it.
Let them do the work.
Let them spend years working it out.
You just learn to follow them.
They take the big risks.
You just make REGULAR PROFIT.
Day or night. When it suits you.

From Punter to Professional…

 Most gamblers fail
 By that I mean they don’t make a profit. 
There’s lots of reasons
 Most of us don’t have the resources of the professionals
       ......Huge databases
       ......Staff to help with the research
 They’Ave got the experience, the information
They also do it for a living
They spend all their working hours doing it.
 But they also work to a plan

There are plenty of racing betting systems out there.
We’Ave all seen them
You might even have tried some of them.
You won’t see the professionals selling a ‘system’.
They know what they’re doing.
And it works
Would you sell a winning method?

I’Ave spent years studying the professionals.
And the truth is, I don’t know how they do it –
But I know they DO

So I’Ave learnt to work out what they do –
I don’t care why they do it.
 As longs as it pays.

The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals
Shows you how. I take you through it
    step by step. I explain everything you
    need to know. Even someone with no
    experience can do it like the experts.
  [Available for immediate download.. NOW.](http://1.elogicway.pay.clickbank.net/)   _____________________________________________________________________    
Where do you bet now?
How much is in the pool?

 Do you know how much was in the 2002 Kentucky Derby pool
$34,000,000.00.......That’s Win Place and Show

If you think that’s a big pool, have I got news for you!
This information will blow your mind.

 Have you ever bet into a MILLION DOLLAR pool?
Why not?
You don’t have to be an expert on horse racing
 In fact you don’t need to know anything about the industry

o  I explain everything in this one Report  I explain why it works

o  I show you how

o  I supply examples, worksheets, everything you need.

o  You’All discover the cutting edge secrets.   For the first time ever I reveal the
.....exact step by step, foolproof method .I've discovered to create Super
.....Profits at will. It’s up to you. You can pull cash, anytime you want to."

o  A phenomenal new wave has taken over the Internet. It has made thousands
....of people very, very rich.

o  And it has made it possible for you to do the same with virtually
....NO MONEY... So everyone can jump aboard. Not to mention that
....it is as REAL as the air you breathe.

o  This is not guess work. I have researched this, from the very best sources
.....available. I have tested it, and it has proven itself, over and over again.
.....Daily, weekly and monthly.

o  You will learn to understand and follow what the Professionals are doing.

o  Unscramble their tactics. 

o  I will teach you to watch the betting and decipher it for yourself.

o  This system is so simple that a ten year old could master it in minutes and pick
....winner after winner day after day.

o This system will turn you into a professional gambler with the ability to be in profit ........EVERY SINGLE DAY!. From now on you will be a steady winner.

I can teach you how to make good profits every day.
.....whenever You Feel Like It ,
Thanks to the Internet,
International Thoroughbred Horse Racing
is available to us all......

The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals
Explains all you need to know to generate
       daily cash returns from the horse racing

  [Available for immediate download.. NOW.](http://1.elogicway.pay.clickbank.net/)   _____________________________________________________________________


Frequently asked Questions
Q.. Can this be done at all hours of the day and night to work around schedules? 

A.. Yes.. If a race is running at that time somewhere around the globe, and your online Bookmaker or Totalisator can provide you with live dividends/ prices for that race. You might need a offshore or international account if you wish to invest in a race that is not local to you.

Q.. Do I take it that you need to be watching the last minute market movers and then leaping into action?

A.. Yes, this horse race betting system works with the live Prices/Dividends from the last 15 minutes of each individual race

Q.. From what I understand  the USA does not provide enough data to put this system to optimum use.

A..I have had very mixed responses to this issue. Apparently US sites only show odds, not live prices or dividends. In some states of the USA the law prevents its citizens from operating international or offshore accounts. The ideal solution would be to find a US based online sports betting site, that displays the live data required. If anyone knows of such a site please let me know, I will send you a free bonus for your effort.
email me [samroberts@elogicway.com](mailto:samroberts@elogicway.com)

Q.. Does this book revolve around the subject of each-way thieving, balay system dutching or arbitraging, hedging by backing winners and losers, a staking plan or is it something fresh.

A.. This is something fresh, is nothing like what you would of seen before.

Q.. How much money is needed?

A..This is a question, that only you can really answer. It all depends on your circumstances. How much can you afford. I don't recommend any particular staking system. Although I do have my own favorite, which I am willing to disclose only to owners of The Bookmakers Nightmare. I still use the same staking plan, that I started with many years ago when I was a beginner.

Q.. Do I do this with bookmakers or with a betting exchange?

A.. With a Bookmaker or Totalisator or a Online Sports Betting Wagering Site. The name will vary depending on which country the site is located. The crucial criteria it the availability of the live display of prices or dividends, not just the odds.

Q..Do I need to have patience, I'm a need money now.. I want to win lots of money tomorrow - Will your plan do that for me? -

A.. It can... But you will need a good sized bank to make large amounts of money immediately. If you rush you will make mistakes. If you are a beginner, build your bank up from your winnings, and always FOLLOW the rules outlined in The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Do not ever expect yo win millions over night.. It's not going to happen

Q.. Are there going to be times when I lose? Do you have losing bets, losing days etc.....?   

A.. YES THERE ARE - It is very important for you to remember that Horse Racing is GAMBLING - There is no such thing as a 'Secure Bet' a 'Dead Certainty' or any other runner described in a similar manner as often indicated in some internet adverts. Gambling is NOT a Secure Business Investment, it's gambling - However, treat it like a business, it can be very very profitable.

Q.. Will this work for beginners?.....

A.. Absolutely.. Beginners are sometimes the best people for this system, as they have no bad habits to break.

Q.. Is there much risk involved?

A.. I believe whenever you put your money to work instead of yourself, there is always a element of risk involved. If you are serious about making above average money, you need to make your money work harder than you work for your money. The harder your money is set to work, the higher the risk.....Which then has the potential for higher return. If you are not the type of person that is prepared to take risks, betting on horses is not for you.

Q.. Any chance of a discount ?

A.. Sorry no discount. I am not going to try and convince you to buy my book with special offers or a free bonus. Or any other type of marketing strategy to try and sweeten the offer. Even at its current price it is well and truly under priced. I know of software programs that sell for thousands and thousands of dollars some over the $10,000 mark that are computerised versions of what I explain and teach inside The Bookmaker's Nightmare.. Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals.

Q.. What is your winning percentage of bets won with this method?

A.. A very high proportion of these horses win, but when one loses, it nearly always fills a place/show. So by investing for a place/show you will still get your investment back and in many cases make a profit – even when the selection does not win.

Q.. I would like to find out if this is legitimate?

A.. Yes this is legitimate, you will be using publicly available data and the skills and calculations that is taught inside Bookmakers Nightmare to calculate where the smart money is being placed. Nothing illegal about that.   
And the Beauty is –

You don’t have to do your own form.
No tips, no ratings.
No previous experience needed.
No banks of computers
No staff. Only yourself.
What you discover will astound you  !!!!!!

  They spend billions of dollars daily.
You ride on their backs.

Of course there is much more you could learn if you want.
But everything you need to start generating regular income
for your family is in this report.

 Other people spend years studying, honing their skills.
Now you can ride on their backs.

The experts are already doing the work.
You only have to follow them.
You just need to know what they are doing.

 They make regular cash profits.
And so do you.

These professionals are skilled,  dedicated
and accurate.  They make daily cash profits
 They spend their life discovering how to do
 it and why it works.

Billions of dollars sloshing around 

Not in your bank account.
 I show you where the best pools are.
Staggering amounts of money.
We all know how hard it is to build up money in a bank.
Let alone keep it there. 

Where does all this money come from?  

More importantly, where does it go?? 
The money moves around. It never sits still. 

It changes hands.
It moves from one person to another. 
Why shouldn't’t it be you? 

The Professionals invest money to make money. 
So how do you get your cut of what they invest? 
It’s impossible to figure out where all the money
moving around the world goes.


 I can track some of it.
And I can teach you to do it.

 Billions of dollars are being spent around the clock daily, world wide.

 You can tap into this International Horse Racing market!!!

 Once you know how it’s done.
The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals
I have studied their methods.
I have tracked their betting.
Now, for the first time,
I reveal all in this detailed Report

  [Available for immediate download.. NOW.](http://1.elogicway.pay.clickbank.net/)   _____________________________________________________________________  
What is it?

....  No long term schemes.
....  No more form study
....  No waiting for returns.
....  I am talking a multi billion dollar global Industry
....  I am talking cash profits.
....  Daily cash profits.
....  It requires some understanding and some knowledge.
....  It generally takes years of study to work out the methods.
....  Unless someone has done the work for you.
....  There are people who have gained these skills.
....  They have inside knowledge on making these winning
....  I go one step further.
....  One person can make a mistake. So I look at how they
       operate as a group.
....  If you could track how many people (hundreds of
      thousands) use their money to make money ….
....  Wouldn't’t you want to follow them?
....  I will reveal how you can follow this smart money, and copy what they ......do.

You... You... You... You...

You decide  the investment cost.
You then will know your return.
You decide whether to jump in or not.
You always have total control.

They spend billions of dollars daily.
You ride on their backs.

Of course there is much more you could learn if you want.
But everything you need to start generating regular income
for your family is in this report.

Other people spend years studying, honing their skills.
You ride on their backs.

The experts are already doing the work.
You only have to follow them.
You just need to know what they are doing... not why.


They make regular cash profits.
And so do you.
The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals
Is available for immediate download now.
You are only minutes away from learning all it takes to
jump in and make daily cash profits.

  [Available for immediate download.. NOW.](http://1.elogicway.pay.clickbank.net/)   _____________________________________________________________________  

No Systems... No Tips... No Study...

Understand the principles. I show you how.
Others are doing well. Anywhere. Day or night.
It doesn't’t matter where you live.
No big promises of millions.
Just a good regular income every day (or night)
anywhere in the world. Horses are for mugs.
The International Horse racing Industry is for the well informed.

All you will need is a online betting account, that provides live dividend or prices data and the skills taught in The Bookmakers Nightmare.

Very Important...
Special Note Below..
Please Read  Before Purchase...
Special Note..  
Please read before purchase...

This report  contains very specific information on how to
make huge amounts of money from the horse racing industry. 
This information needs to be guarded carefully.  
I ask that you protect your investment buy guarding this
information and not disclose or pass around it too your family
and friends. Over exposure in a concentrated area, could
bring attention from the local bookmakers.  Which might
cause them or the industry to react accordingly.
Which could cost us all dearly..

 Information that is given away or offered for free is
treated as having  NO Value or Worth to them. 
Protect your investment.    

Regulations can vary in different countries and even in different
states, relating to operating international betting accounts.
Please check with your local authorities.
If prohibited from offshore betting, you will be limited to betting on races
and data from your local region.


If you are serious about making money, and wish to do so from the
horse racing industry this report is for YOU. 

This book is not for the curious, or those who wish to
simply see what is all about.


A full refund will only be granted if this information is found to
be misleading or false.  


You will have access to this rich information within minutes!
No shipping, no handling, no waiting... Get cracking today,
even if it's 2:00am and a thunder-storm is raging outside.
Even if you live across the world from me!

I've been told that I was nuts to offer this package for
anything less than $1,500.

In fact....

One person even said I should put a sticker price of $5,000 on it -
simply to keep everyone's hands off the material -
it was too powerful.

Because your success and long term business relationship,
are far more important to me than a few extra dollars right now!

Your success, and the word of mouth you can provide after
you get your hands on this report is what I really want...
that's where the strength of a business lies...
 Relationship and word of mouth, are priceless. So I am making
you a special offer, that is a win win offer! You win and I win.

You buy a copy of
The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals

At the insanely low price of [](http://1.elogicway.pay.clickbank.net/)
This price is guaranteed through to
Midnight .  
If wealth is in your future, click on the [Buy It Now ](http://1.elogicway.pay.clickbank.net/) button.

Click the link below for an instant download of
The Bookmaker's Nightmare -
Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals

As soon as you have paid, you will be taken to a confirmation page with
the download links and instructions to get started.
Best Regards

Sam Roberts

P.S. It doesn't matter where in the world you live. We teach you to work the
industry GLOBALLY. Your returns come in daily.

P.P.S. I should have said this is an entirely legal. I believe it is an absolutely
ethical way to make money. If you disagree, I offer a complete refund.
No questions asked.

PPSS. I know that after reading this amazing report, your review will encourage
other people like yourself to use these techniques to create a solid income stream
for themselves and their family. Why would people believe me, but genuine reviews
and testimonials are always the best recommendation one can ask for.
Due to the overwhelming response, this offer could end at anytime!
Wait too long, and it may be too late.  
Payment Details - Order now at

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Instant Access Anytime Of The Day  
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Bravo, Visa Debit, Dinners ClubMaster card Mastercard Debit, Novus and online checks. 
  Have any queries? Please contact me: [samroberts@elogicway.com](mailto:samroberts@elogicway.com)    
Both The Bookmaker's Nightmare- Inside Secrets of Horse Racing Professionals , and the
contents of this web site, are under sole ownership and are copyrighted 2005©

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