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New Era DIY Systems for Casino Mini-Baccarat

[]“Betting” “wagering” “Staking” systems for casino Mini-Baccarat

Systems for bettors in casinos have been censored, suppressed and altered. Unbelievable, but fact. You have been trained and coached to lose. You are unlikely to find published  “betting systems” for any casino game that have not been altered to make them ineffectual. Casino table games have different ways to collect rent, the percentage for the casino. Even the best designed betting systems do not transfer well from one table game to another. Betting systems and practices developed in NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS FOR CASINO MINI-BACCARAT are adapted specifically to casino Mini-Baccarat. They do well with all variations of baccarat.

NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS for CASINO MINI-BACCARAT bypasses lies, the phoney  “experts,” the “psuedo intellectuals”, the air headed gambling expert “quacks” and misleading statistics. Casino Mini-Baccarat (and baccarat) is easily beaten with ordinary accounting skills and is an excellent investment opportunity.

“Betting Systems” are short term accounting programs. Some are more able to solve sets of problems than others. An effective betting system is of several accounting routines working together.

Phoney “experts” saying “no ‘system’ is better than any other” are trying to open your head and fill it with stupid. It is a silly statement made by incompetent quacks.

Betting at any casino table game requires an operating plan or failure becomes certain. Plans using accounting based staking or wagering mitigate against loss and optimize winnings.

Censorship and suppression of accounting knowledge work against you. You are being impeded by phony “experts,” psuedo intellectuals and quacks.

That classic betting systems have been deliberately distorted and rendered useless by “experts.” Classic betting systems have been restored (not by the “experts”). New systems were  developed.
Accounting control of the betting process was developed. New and old systems were designed and specifically adapted to casino Mini-Baccarat. 
Actual development of THE SHARK, an adaptive over-unity bet selector is shown. Over-unity means better than a guess. Expert  “No minds” said it could not exist. It works.
You will learn betting systems designed for the rapid delivery of betting events, necessary when betting speed is 200 bets per hour (17 seconds for a complete betting cycle).
You will learn Chip Stacking and Round Robin multiple file risk diversification, permitting high speed accounting functions (system betting), using chips as a calculator.
You will not be under pressure at the betting table.
You will select and develop your personal unique betting style. 
There are no hundred gazillion computer tests, you deal with the real world with simplicity. 
You will learn that it takes work to have a losing session.

In Self-Defense: Act Now!

NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS for CASINO MINI-BACCARAT is only available here. You save the cost with your first session of casino Mini-Baccarat.

                                                        NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS for Casino MINI-BACCARAT is over 100 pages of no fluff, no hype, non-plagiarized, never published investment grade analysis and system development. The book is  by an actual bettor experienced in betting casino Mini-Baccarat. Simple arithmetic is used to show what is and what is not possible. You will learn and understand betting systems (Do It Yourself), gaining an edge over the casino with every bet placed. Losing will become a fading memory. You will learn to take maximum profits from casino Mini-Baccarat and to do so with small betting stakes.

Only $29.95


If you need any help, email the author at [drlarryhaight@gmail.com]

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