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The Kinowear Bible

A Quick and Easy Method to Dress in a Timeless Way

Learn how to build your own unique style.



Geoffrey here. I’m a fashion consultant based in Paris, France as well as a member of the Kinowear team.

If you’re like I used to be, you’re probably sick and tired dressing in a way that doesn’t attract women or impress men, or simply make you feel good with your image.

You want to dress well and look good but you don’t understand what basics you should buy, how clothes should fit, and what suits you best.

Then you read magazines and online articles only to find yourself puzzled with a big information overload.

And when you DO think you just found the right clothes, they remain in your closet because you’re afraid that people may think you’re trying too hard.

So you stick with the white tees and jeans and you don’t get much attention from girls…

but it doesn’t have to stay this way…


Why men fail to dress with style…

Most men fail to dress with style because they have the wrong approach. They try to dress like pictures they see in the magazines, or worse, let their mother or girlfriend pick clothes for them.

Think about it. Is that how you become confident in your clothes?

Can you become GOOD at dating girls just watching James Bond?

NO, you need to interact with girls!

So… can you become STYLISH just copying friends and celebrities?

NO, because you don’t get good at something copying RESULTS.
You get good at something learning the METHOD!

I could give you a list of clothes to buy, and provide you with an instant makeover – making you look satisfactory for just a day…

But I refuse!

Because I want you to LEARN how to dress and make you look good for the rest of your life. That’s what the Kinowear Bible is all about.


You can dress better than that!

The 3 Pillars Method That Successful Men Apply

Some men just naturally seem to have style. These men are neither superheroes, nor born with an innate sense of fashion. They simply were lucky enough to have good role models and build their style along the years.

The bad thing is that most of us have to learn it from scratch. And until now, it’s been VERY hard to learn because nobody ever told us how to dress with style.

Still, there’s a quick and easy way to reach the same results.

The way to make that happen for you is to follow the formula used over and over by men who meet success with style.

You don’t need to spend tons of money You don’t need to take 1 hour to choose what to wear each morning You just need to apply this basic formula that stylish men use (conciously or unconciously)
And by doing what they do, you tap into three proven strategies that get you to the top of the game.

Style = (Knowledge+Fun)Originality

Okay, I know that it doesn’t really look like THE KICK-ASS SUPER-FORMULA you expected, but let me explain what is inside. It’s neither shallow, nor complicated.


First you will learn a collection of fashion rules. Like in any other creative field (e.g., painting, sculpture, architecture), the rules are methods used to create masterpieces.

Some say that fashion is not a matter of rules, but these same people DO follow the rules – they just don’t notice them because they’ve naturally learned them through experience.


You will also learn how to wear shoes and sneakers in a way that adds more flavour to your outfit.

You’ll begin to have FUN discovering new stores, shopping more confidently with your new knowledge.


Finally, you’re going to learn techniques only a few people know. Contrasts, cuts, and accessories mixed with other tips  will make you stand apart from the crowd.

You’ll get everything you need to express your ORIGINALITY and keep everything under control.

The good news is that you can make a giant step just applying basic KNOWLEDGE. Once you master it, you’ll be able to twist concepts to your advantage to bring FUN and ORIGINALITY into your look…

And there’s much more…

All of this wrapped into 30 easy-to-read chapters:

Starter Pack: How to Begin With Style? Limiting Beliefs and Insecure Feelings: It’s in Your Head. How to Shop Using the 3 Pillars of Style: Fit, Quality, and Cut. Quality VS Quantity: The Cost of Mistakes. 15 Common Men’s Fashion Mistakes to Avoid. The 11 Basics You Should Own Before Everything Else. The Definitive Guide to Choose a Pair of Jeans. Morphology: How to Loose 20 pounds, Gain 5 inches, and Look more Athletic with Clothing? Wardrobe Demolition: How to Hand-pick And Organize Your Clothes?


You and Your Clothes: How to Dress Is Something Bigger Than Fashion. Dressing With the Seasons. Congruence: Don’t disguise yourself. Choosing an Item VS Choosing a Brand? The Truth About Colors and Complexion: Stop Overthinking NOW. The First Thing Women Look At: Your Shoes. Sneakers: The Real Casual Deal. How To Find The Best Shops In Your Town? How to Handle AND Take Advantage of Salesmen? Cut your Budget by 50% (and EVEN MORE!).


Zen and Style: When Fashion and Japanese Garden Meet. How to Choose a Leather Jacket? Wearing top-of-the-range Clothes Without Becoming a Fashion Addict. Add Style: Tips and Tricks With Accessories. Advanced Techniques: Layering, Contrasts, Asymmetry, Twist. Sprezzatura: Dressing In an Effortless Way. The Suit: How to Choose It and How to Wear It? Style Resources On-Line: Forums and Blogs How to Choose Glasses and Sunglasses?

What if I gave you an easy method to dress better than 99% of men, cutting your budget by 50%, only for a fraction of the money you keep wasting on clothes?


BUT WAIT! DON’T BUY MY EBOOK NOW… Because there’s even more inside


The Kinowear Bible Also Includes a
Special Bonus

3 E-mails to Ask Us Anything You Want About Style

I usually charge for this service, but I want to give it to you for FREE, because you don’t only buy an e-book, you buy personal style consulting !

Send me a photo of your style for review Send me a picture of what you hesitate to buy for a go / no go Or just ask me anything you want about style

I highly value the opportunity to learn about who you are and help you reach your goals.

Access to all the photos in the book in HD. Photos of real life, outfits we wear every day. 100+ Ideas for outfits that are easy to replicate.

Again, here’s what you can get your hands on for
the price of a shirt:

Everybody has an individual sense of style. But we both know that dressing well isn’t a style, it’s HAVING STYLE. In the same way, this ebook isn’t a formula that you can use and instantly dress with style, but a guide to build the three pillars leading to your own unique style that you can continue to enjoy and build on for the rest of your life. THIS IS AN INVESTMENT.
When you join the hundreds of other people who are thrilled with their purchase of the Kinowear Bible, this is what you’ll get:
A 160-page PDF illustrated method, with step by step instructions about how to do everything described on this page (and a lot more). Read with Adobe Acrobat on your Windows or Viewer on your Mac. 3 FREE e-mails to ask me anything you want to know about style 100+ Photos of real life outfits we wear every day, ideas for outfits that are easy to replicate. A lot of saved time and money (since you don’t have to waste resources in the trial-and-error process)


ALL THIS KNOWLEDGE… for only $27 (the price of another shirt that doesn’t fit you)

But you probably want to have a look first ? (I would want the same !)

Here are 5 years of my style coaching experience wrapped up into a pleasant and easy-to-read 160 pages method…

How can you know if this method is for you?

But let’s be clear – the goal of this method is not to become fashionable. The goal is to become attractive, because being fashionable and being attractive are not always the same thing.

If you want to dress just like the masses, or on the other hand work into fashion, then my method is probably not for you.

What I’m on the brink of sharing with you is my treasure chest: the fruit of 5 years spent on coaching men with their style.
Not fashion but style. Not aesthetics but efficiency. The 20% of efforts that guarantee 80% of the results.

All of this distilled into a unique blueprint to develop your own style.

All this for the fraction of a cost of a suit.



Be good to yourself, and overcome your resistance this time. Get our style method NOW. 160 pages. Only $27.

Looking forward to seeing your new outfits, Benoit and Geoffrey, the Kinowear Team

P.S. * One last thing… Dressing with style isn’t going to automatically change your life and make you happy on the inside. If you believe that looking good will be the answer to all of life’s problems, PLEASE DO NOT BUY MY PRODUCT. No kidding.But I can also tell you that if you don’t know how to dress with style, then you’re probably going to walk through life feeling like you’re not the best you can be – or fully respected – in the eyes of friends, employers and women. It’s not an easy thing to explain to someone who doesn’t get it, but I’ll bet that you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.
On the other hand, if you DO know how stand out of the crowd, you’re going to have an inner confidence and cool that other people can sense.

I know it because I’ve seen a lot of people achieve their style transformation and share their story with me:

“I’ve learnt plenty of stuff with the book, and thanks to the illustrations I’ve been able to realize how bad I was choosing my clothes. The “wardrobe demolition” chapter has been astonishing to me.”
Simon, Kinowear Bible reader from France

“With plenty of tips and tons of illustrations, this method is essential reading if you want to attract more girls, impress at the office and be more confident with other men. And more than anything, what really helped me was the kind patience the team showed me while helping me with purchases – making me confident with style.”
Jonathan, Kinowear Bible reader from Swiss

Experts of self-help and style coaching share this opinion:

“If you’re a man who doesn’t dress as well as he could, or who has been frustrated in trying to learn about fashion and style in the past, if you want a clear book to explain all of the important concepts to you so that you can dress yourself well from now on. Then I encourage you to check this out.”
Mark Manson aka Entropy - life coach & founder of PostMasculine.com

Take Action NOW and dress better than 99% of men in only 3 months guaranteed

pick the right clothes for your body type, build a timeless wardrobe saving money, coordinate colors and patterns that fits you best.




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Just do the math…

How many bad items do you buy each year? How much money do you lose?

Take your style in hand with 160 pages of field-tested information for only $27

Now it’s time to invest in yourself !

60 days Guarantee
A risk ? There is none.

If our method doesn’t fulfill your expectations,
you’ll get your money back with no fuss.

If you have any questions please contact me at nicolas@bonnegueule.fr




What happens once you’ve ordered ?

This guide is an electronic book (ebook), which means you’ll receive it right away in your inbox – of the email address you used for payment. (You can print it out but that will mean you won’t be able to click on the links and it’s not brilliant for the environment, either )
Once you’ve received the guide, you can contact me directly in case of a problem or if you have any questions, simply by replying to the email in which I’ll send you the guide. If you lose your book (IT issues or whatever), you can simply ask me to send it to you again by email.

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