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a Navy SEAL workout using bodyweight exercises…

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book [Clickbank Special]

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book

How to Improve your Pull-ups
by Brad McLeod
former [Navy SEAL](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DeSyl1CGIQ) and [CrossFit](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjdQZxTIj1U) level 1 certified trainer



Have you struggled with getting your first pull-up?Got a few pull-ups but tired of the same old dull workouts?Training for the BUD/S PST and almost have 8 pull-ups to pass the test?Want to see what it’s like to train like a Navy SEAL out on the grinder – mastering the pull-up with ease?
The Grinder Strength Pull-up “How to Improve Your Pull-ups”is the E-book for you.

Stoked full of how to lessons taking you from zero pullups to mastering the Chest to Bar (C2B workout).
Links to 12 new pull-up improvement videos and written text taking you through each pull-up progression – from no pullups to cranking a dozen for speed. Stretching workouts to prepare you for pull-ups and help you cool down Grip strength video and workouts to help you improve your holding power. What good is a pull-up if you cant hang on the bar? 30 day workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes
Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book has Pull-up progressions from starting with band pull-ups working your way up the ladder to Chest to bar pull-ups.

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book has 3 Interviews from top Pull-up coaches Stew Smith, Zach Even-Esch and Al Kavadio. All tops in the field of helping you get better at pull-ups.

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book has 60 pages packed with workouts, videos, interviews and no BS advice to get your chin over the bar.

Proof of purchase of the Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book will get you unlimited pull-up questions with Brad McLeod, former Navy SEAL and CrossFit level 1 certified trainer. Not many fitness books give you thatkind of direct correspondence with the coach/writer. A great deal and a good way to learn.

This E-book is GUARANTEED to improve your pullups or your money back in full. If you go through all 90 days of workouts and document your workouts in your training log — and you dont show any improvement – we will refund your money. We are confident that if you workout hard and follow this E-book workout you will improve.

Only $16.99 in an active PDF format so that you can link in and view YouTube videos and read additional pull-up articles online.

Get your E-book PDF copy now through Clickbank and have email access to the Coach and asking pull-up questions right away.



100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll LOVE The Grinder Strength Pullups ebook, that if within 60 days you decide you don’t like it, I’ll give you a FULL 100% REFUND no questions asked.

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