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What If You Could Find A Successful Photographer Who Would Mentor
You And Show You The Ropes To
Starting A Successful Photography
Would You Jump At The Chance To Learn A Few Secrets From A Seasoned
Highly Recommended

Dear Photographer,
What would life be like for you if YOU could do anything you would
like? What if you had more time to spend with your family, and
be available when they needed you most? What if you could make
enough money to support you and your family, and have the extras
in life you've been dreaming of (like that new car, and the two
week vacation)? What if you could work on a schedule that is convenient
for you? What if this dream could become your reality in just a
few short months?
If photography has always been a passion for you; one that you
would love to make into a full time career, maybe its time to make
that dream a reality. Maybe you've been photographing your friends
and family for years, and they've been telling you to go into the
business. Or maybe you're having a harder and harder time going
to that job every day that just doesn't seem to have a purpose.
Why should you work for someone else when you can build something
lucrative on your own?
The truth is over 75 percent of people contemplate starting their
own business at some point in their life. And of those 75 percent,
one in three will actually take the steps necessary to start their
own business.
Will you be one of them?
You see, it takes a special personality to decide to go into business
for him or herself. You have to realize that it takes more than
a love of what you do. It also takes commitment because a business
doesn’t grow by itself. It takes work.
The cold hard facts are most business owners will go out of business
in a short period of time. Over 66 percent of business startups
fold after only four years.
But there is a way to give you an edge over other business owners.
It's a "secret" that every successful business owner
has followed over the course of his or her own entrepreneurial
life. And I'm going to share that secret with you … in just
a minute.
Does This Really Work?
First, let me introduce myself. My name is Lori Osterberg, and
I've been a successful entrepreneur for almost 20 years now. But
I didn't start out that way. In fact, I would say I was taught
to be anything but an entrepreneur.
I came from a traditional family: two kids, dad worked 9 to 5,
mom stayed home. I was pushed to go to college and get a good job;
one that would take care of me throughout my life.
Can you relate?
After watching my dad struggle to keep his job the last few years
before retirement, I discovered having a "job" wasn't
the risk-free thing to do. So together with my husband, Andrew,
we started our first photography studio.
And what an amazing business it turned out to be. We did astonishing
things with that business. We would double – even triple
our sales year after year. We were recognized with some of the
finest awards in local, national and international competitions.
We discovered the power of the Internet in the 90's, and became
one of the premier photography studios online (which means we flew
anywhere our clients wanted us to be).
As we became more recognized, we started having other photographers
ask us, "How'd you do that"?
And that's when we discovered "the secret".
What is "The Secret"?
We learned something early on that helped us grow our business
tremendously. Instead of struggling along the path, trying to learn
everything by doing it, we discovered that you could get there
a lot quicker by following in someone else's footsteps.
You see, in every industry, there's someone that's

Been There, Done That
And most of those leaders are more than willing to share their
expertise. They not only love to share, but they almost consider
it a necessity. Once you learn valuable information, why
not share it with others just starting out to help them along too.
So once we had achieved our own personal goals, and were living
the life others only dreamed of, we decided we had to share our
knowledge with others.
People just like you!
Make Your Dreams A Reality!
If you love photography, and the idea of opening your own business
sounds exciting, now is your time!
If something has always held you back from creating a better life
for yourself, now is your time!
If you're ready to make the next 12 months of your life the best
12 months ever, now is your time!
I've created a dynamic product exclusively for the photographer
that's ready to turn their passion into a new career.
The Building A Successful Photography Business Kit is a step-by-step
guide that provides you practical advice on starting and operating
your own successful photography business.
You will benefit from this kit if you are:

Ready to start making money from home
Ready to be your own boss
Ready to create a career you can be proud of
Ready to start a business that allows you to work
when you want,
where you want
Ready to take the knowledge you've gained as an amateur photographer,
and turn it into a successful career
Ready to make REAL money while doing what you love!
And TONS more!
This guide will provide you with real world advice, and straight
to the point recommendations. I'll take you by the hand and explain
things like:

Why today is the best time to start your own business
What skills are necessary to succeed
What types of photography will help you make real money
Why specialization is so important in today's world
What do people look for when hiring a professional photographer
What abilities you need to call yourself an expert
And so much more!
When I first started teaching other photographers how to become
successful, I did it in a much different way. I worked with people
one-on-one, and steadily helped them change their businesses. I
spoke to small groups, and provided a tiny fraction of the information
I had available.
Then one day I began to think of a way to help as many people
as possible begin living their dream life. And my Building
A Successful Photography Business Kit was born.
I know this one ebook has the impact to change so many lives.
Here is a small sampling of the topics covered in
The Building
A Successful Photography Business Kit…
What it takes to set up a new business

Learn what type of equipment it takes, and how to find the right
Choosing the right type of photography for you

Learn why niching yourself will actually make you more successful.
Business management skills

It takes more than photography to build a successful business.
Learn what will get you on track and keep you there.
Discover who will buy from you

Generating leads doesn't have to be difficult. I'll give you key
strategies for finding top quality potential customers.
How do you know where to advertise?

Determine the best way to reach the people that will do business
for you.
How to sell your services.

Pricing your products and services should help you bring in a healthy
profit. Rather than guessing at how to price, learn how to price
with authority. From there, learn what it takes to present your
offer to prospects, and turn them into happy clients that buy
again and again.
Expert advice on building a website.

Your website is more than a brochure. It can be your window to
the world. Discover how to grow your business beyond your local
market with just a few simple tools.
But that's only the beginning.
The Building A Successful Photography Business Kit
will give you everything you need to set your business up running,

and start bringing in profits immediately!
I know you've always enjoyed photographing. You've been carrying
your camera around to events and family functions for years. People
have come to expect your services – for free – because
you always show up with a camera. Isn't it time you turn that hobby
into a lucrative career? One that will allow you to do what you
love – and get paid for it too?
I also know it's sometimes difficult having enough time in the
day to get everything accomplished. If you have a full time job,
a family, and other personal commitments, squeezing in several
hours a week to start a business can sometimes cause you to move
at a slower pace then you would like. Yet you have to have income
coming in – what can you do?

My Special Bonus #1
Start Making Money Immediately With
Photos You Already Have
Learn how to take your extra photographs – the one's you take on the side
for fun – and turn them into a wonderful side business. (In fact you may
have so much fun with this side business, you end up turning this into a full
time career!) I'll show you what photographs sell, and give you a variety of
websites that will sell your photos for you. (This "secret" report
can make you $100, $250, even $500 or more per month in just a short period
of time.) Just by spending a couple of hours each week with this side business,
you can easily


My Special Bonus #2
4 Ways To Turn Any Business Into A Virtual Success
Do you want to know one of the best reasons to be a photographer today? It's
because it allows you a world of freedom! You can develop your niche, and find
clients anywhere in the world. You can work out of your home, or from poolside
in the Caribbean. You can spend a few hours in the morning emailing potential
clients and customers from your hotel room, then hit the slopes in the Rocky
Mountains by noon. I've lived this lifestyle for years, and frankly I wouldn't
have it any other ways. In this report, I'll show you the 4 essential things
you need to turn your business into a Virtual Success!


My Special Bonus #3
FREE Membership To VirtualPhotographyStudio.com
" We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping
abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn." ~
Peter F. Drucker

The Building A Successful Photography Business Kit is your first step to building
the life of your dreams. I believe people do best when they have a mentor that
can continue to teach new techniques and strategies as you learn and grow with
your business. You'll be a part of my exclusive group of photographers that I
share the latest information with twice a month, and provide you with added bonuses
and surprises along the way.

It's time to make a decision…

Are you ready to turn your dream of owning a photography studio
into a reality?
Are you ready to make a change to your life that will benefit
you and your family for years to come?
Are you ready to stop working at a job you hate, and create a
career you're passionate about?
Are you ready to stop wishing, and start doing?
My Building A Successful Photography
Business Kit is in ebook format (pdf download), and will be immediately
delivered to you as soon as you complete your purchase. You will
also be given immediate access to the special bonuses.
In just a few minutes, you could be reading the Building
A Successful Photography Business Kit, along with all of my special bonuses,
and start putting your plan into action.
Or you can continue doing what you've always done, and continue
getting the same results you've always gotten.
Which is it going to be?
Our Guarantee To You
Don't let a few dollars stand in your way of securing your future.
For $39.87US, take a full 8 weeks to look
over my Building
A Successful Photography Business Kit. If it's not everything
I say it is, and doesn't provide you with the tools necessary
start you on your way to success, simply return it to me and
I'll forward you a full refund.
I'm looking forward to being your mentor through this journey
of becoming a professional photographer.
Yes! I'm ready to start my own photography business
To your success,

Lori Osterberg
P.S. Remember, life holds unlimited opportunity. But the only
opportunity that can change your life is the one you choose to
take action on. Are you ready to take action?
Yes! I'm ready to start my own photography business
P.P.S. While my Building A Successful Photography Business
Kit is worth the price alone, my added bonuses provide you with unlimited
P.P.S. With a full 8 week money back guarantee, you really have
nothing to lose! If you love photography, and are ready to improve
your lifestyle, this is your chance to make a change.
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