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This is NOT like any training course or coaching program you’ve ever been a part of and it's unlike anything I've ever previously released.

Read this letter thoroughly but quickly, you’ll see why this is so important in a moment.


From Aidan Booth

Thanks for visiting, here's a hard truth for you:

It's a harsh reality and the first of several I'll give you in the next few minutes.

I'm going to share two true stories about two of my massive failures including how I paid for 12 MILLION Adwords Ads and THEN got slammed by Google...

I'll reveal the 3 reasons almost everyone FAILS online...I see these 3 things happening almost daily.

You may be falling into one of these 3 traps without even realizing it.

I'll also share a true story about one of the first Internet Marketing courses I purchased and how it changed my way of thinking forever...what a costly mistake that was...

Here's another fact for you:

Google Panda wasn't so cute and cuddly to most internet marketers...many got bitten HARD by Panda.

It's a sure sign of things to come.

Google rolled out over 500 algorithm changes in 2011, and in 2012 experts are predicting a similar number. Google is weeding out a certain style of website and massively rewarding another...

Some of us are cashing in and reaping financial rewards like never before...you'll hear from a few of my Authority Hybrid "beta students" who've seen rapid results in just a second.

But first, let me ask a simple but defining question:

I hope you answered yes, because if you did, what you're about to read is extremely important and I want you to spend the next few minutes to read every last word on this page.

After 6 years as an internet marketer and having already helped hundreds of people just like you make money online, I KNOW what works for students and what doesn’t.

A key point to note there is “what works for STUDENTS”. I'll get to what doesn't work in a second.

Many internet marketers sell "solutions" that aren’t designed for the "Average Joe". You either need to be a coding genius or a marketing mastermind to have a chance of success.

So what happens to Joe?

Most IM products are made by people who are disconnected to what the "Average Joe" actually needs.

I’m a regular person just like you...a few years ago I was complete newbie so I know what the learning phase is like.

I don’t drive a Ferrari or live in a “Playboy Mansion” and I’m not a millionaire.

I do make an extremely good living online however and I've got a great track record in teaching people like you to do the same.

I have an acute understanding of what’s required to make a long term life changing income online and almost every website I launch is a success. This is no fluke and you'll see why in just a second.

"Imagine being able to travel to exotic locations whenever you want, dine in fancy restaurants and work 3 hours per day, 9 months a year, from home as your own boss..."

That was my dream and I achieved it. Here's the important part...you can to.

Skeptical? I know the feeling and skepticism is natural. But stick with me, you're about to hear from some of my students and see some undeniable proof.

Earlier I mentioned how Google Panda caused havoc for many marketers. Well, in spite of all the Google changes, my websites have not only held strong at the top of Google, they’ve doubled their income in the last 12 months and traffic keeps increasing:

This website increased its traffic from 200/day to 600/day:

I've been doing things quite differently to most internet marketers and Google is clearly rewarding me.

Before we get to the method, I want to talk about something that's almost as important...

…here are the 3 reasons I see people failing online:
A lack comprehensive step-by-step guidance. No personalized EXPERT support. Systems that are fundamentally flawed.
Unfortunately, the majority of "internet marketing gurus" (knowingly or unknowingly) set you up for failure and it’s not your fault.

Bare with me for a moment while I elaborate on these, the best part is yet to come.

You're about to find out about my 12 MILLION Impression Adwords Campaign and my expensive introduction to internet marketing...

It was January 2007 and I was about as new to internet marketing as you can get and I was about to fail because of a serious lack of guidance and atrocious support.

What's worse, my mistake was about to burn a giant hole in my wallet (and my girlfriend almost kicked me out for my "unapproved" purchase, she was NOT happy...)

Here's what happened:

"I was living in Auckland (New Zealand) at the time working my 9-5 day job. I was reading the New Zealand Herald newspaper one morning when I saw an "internet marketing summit" being advertised and read that I could learn from expert internet marketing millionaires how to make mega-bucks online.

I thought to myself, heck, if I can earn a tiny fraction of what those guys are earning I'll be able to quit my job!

The price to attend the seminar was about $200 so I decided to go (pretty cheap for a 3 day event...there must be a catch right?).

I attending the event and ended up "investing" in course offered by one of the guest speakers (I KNEW there was a catch)...not just any investment, a $4971 investment (a serious chunk of change and the reason my girlfriend almost kicked me out!).

It was a big investment but it was going to be worth it, I could already imagine the dollars pouring in from the new websites I was about to build...

Here's the receipt for the first of 3 payments:

I quickly found out that I didn't have the step-by-step plan I needed...I needed more help, I needed thorough instruction, a simple formula. At minimum I needed my questions answered.

So I did what anyone who'd just spent $4971 would do, I sent an email to the guy who sold me the course, his name was Tom (I won't defame him by revealing his surname), here's a copy of that email...

I was struggling with market research and just wanted a few basic things clarified so that I could continue.

Here’s the reply I got:

How ridiculous is that!

Jeffrey (I wonder what happened to Tom, the guy I bought the course from?) didn't even answer my question AND it took him a whopping 10 days to reply!

"Far from ideal, I wanted to keep the momentum going and finish building my website!"

I failed because:
I lacked a comprehensive step-by-step guidance. I had no personalized EXPERT support.
If you're anything like I was, you'll simply move on to the next IM course that lands in your inbox and chances are you'll repeat the vicious cycle...

The third reason people fail online is that they use tactics that target loopholes or try to manipulate Google, I call these "fundamentally flawed" strategies.

"In May 2008 I purchased a Google PPC (pay per click advertising) course. The method was simple, build a small website, write a story/review that recommended "Product A", send a boatload of traffic and sell a "Product A" for a commission.

In 2008, this strategy worked and I began to cash in.

Check out my Google Adwords account:

"Publishing 12 million ads is scary stuff...but I was making a right KILLING.

NOTE: This adwords account is in Argentine Pesos (ARS)...I've lived in Argentina for about 5 years now.

"I sent over 71,000 people to my websites and my ads were
shown to over 12,000,000 people..."

      FACT: According to Wikipedia, 8,175,133 people live in New York City and 3,792,621 live in Los Angeles...imagine EVERY SINGLE person in both those cities seeing my ads...that's the kind of scale I was operating on.    

"I was doing very well financially until one unforgettable morning when I turned on my laptop and logged into my Google Adwords account to find this:

My Google Adwords account had been banned and my campaigns were DEAD which meant no more income.

The loophole I was leveraging got shut down for good and I had to start again from scratch!

I've made other costly mistakes as well...perhaps on a Webinar one day soon I'll tell you about the 1000 mini-sites I created and how they ended up...but for now you probably get the point.

...Loopholes are temporary and manipulating Google is a BAD business plan.

Earlier I mentioned a business model that's thriving...

To have success online you need to make sure you’ve got:
Comprehensive step-by-step guidance. PERSONALIZED expert support every step of the way. A proven system that will stand the test of time.
Get these 3 things right and the rest is like clockwork.

Here's the good news:


Inside Authority Hybrid you’ll discover:


How I'm able to quickly pump out high value authority websites that rake in thousands of dollars every single month.    

How to become the "Sherlock Holmes" of internet marketing and identify the niches and keywords most likely to earn you $1000's per month BEFORE you even buy a domain name.    

How to get on-side with Google (and Panda) to ensure every single algorithm change rewards your website and increases your income and traffic.    

And that’s just the beginning…

I understand internet marketers and I understand what you need.

That’s why I’ve created a high level training program UNLIKE anything you've seen before.

Take a closer look at the 7 modules of Authority Hybrid and see for yourself how the core components come together to create a well oiled machine (then hear from my students...):

In order to earn thousands per month, it’s VITAL that you choose the right niche. Choose the wrong niche and you’ll be battling from the very beginning.

The sleuth like research and brainstorming techniques I use will ensure you cut to the chase and choose the right niche from the get-go.

You’ll discover how to choose a niche like a pro and you’ll also find out about the niches you MUST eliminate from your list from the very start.

…And as with every part of the Authority Hybrid system, you’ve got me as your “partner in crime” to ensure (beyond any doubt at all) that the niche you choose is on the money.

You’ll discover:
How to uncover “hidden gems” that can quickly become lucrative job-enders     How to eliminate the niches that’ll take you nowhere     How to use simple brainstorming tools to speed up the niche selection process     12 free sources of niche goldmines packed with niche ideas     How to drill deep into your initial niche ideas and dig up unlikely “winners”    
And once you’ve identified a killer niche, you’ll move on to choosing your job-ending keywords...


Choosing the niche is important but getting your keyword selection right is critical.

In module 2 of Authority Hybrid, you’ll use advanced keyword research methods that I uncovered back in my PPC days to all but ensure success before you even buy a domain name.

You’ll discover the foolproof method I use to verify search volume and ensure you won’t be left starving for traffic to your website. Prepare to say goodbye to Google Estimates and get ready to welcome proven and validated traffic data.

I'll also show you how to know the exact earning potential and commercial intent of the keywords you choose. No longer will you rely on a “hunch” or some bogus earning potential formula, you’ll know beyond a shadow of doubt the exact amount of money you stand to earn from every keyword you target.

One of the key components to performing clinical keyword research is to know whether or not you stand a realistic chance of ranking for your keyword in Google.

There’s no point in targeting a keyword that has fierce competition because you’ll not only waste a lot of time, you’ll also lose money in trying to get into the top 10 of Google.

In module 2 of Authority Hybrid you’ll encounter the free software I use to accurately and rapidly assess the strength of my competition. This software is super powerful and will radically change the way you grade competition forever.

You’ll discover:
How to verify your keyword’s search volume with 100% certainty     How I proved in less than 24 hours that I would have earned about $226 per month with Adsense from a keyword in the “running” niche. And why I chose to PASS.     How to perform step by step traffic tests to maximize earnings from every niche you enter.     The amazing “60-second test” that reveals everything you need to know about competitors in one glance.     The type of keyword you should NEVER target. Your listing will almost never appear in the top ten search results... thousands of people try to use these keywords but all of them are chasing their own tail. Plus... 99% of their traffic will be wasted anyways!     How to analyze competition like a professional SEO company... who wouldn’t do it for you for less than $5,000.00 – using 100% free tools!     The last-resort "Benchmark" tactic that stacks the deck even FURTHER in your favor...     The exact number of visitors you need to get to your website in order to hit $1000/month     The maximum number of keywords you need to be targeting and why targeting any more than this is niche-suicide.    
Just like when choosing a niche, I’m your “partner in crime” and will give you the green light to move on to module 3. Just ask for my "stamp of approval” and I’ll tell you if you’re onto a winner or if you’ve made a critical mistake and need to choose new keywords.

Once you’ve chosen the keywords, you’ll progress to Module 3 and choose a domain name…


You’re developing an internet asset and if you make a poor decision when it comes to choosing a domain name, you’re going to be battling unnecessarily against the current.

In Module 3 you’ll learn about the best types of domain names and why choosing the WRONG domain name can spell disaster.

I'll share the 3 characteristics you MUST ensure you have in your domain name and a simple way to leapfrog your competitors rankings with almost unbelievable ease.

And just in case you’re completely new to internet marketing, in module 3 I’ll also walk you through the process of buying a domain name from start to finish.

Once you’ve purchased your domain name you need to find a host and set up a hosting account. In this module I’ll give you detailed step by step instructions to ensure you get set up with a good host, first time.

Get ready to discover:
The type of domain names that get the highest click through rates (CTR) from Google and why you NEED to worry about your CTR more than ever.     Where to buy aged domains and how they can help slash the time it takes to rank in the top 10 of Google     The campaign destroying domain names you need to avoid at all costs     Where to buy a domain name for the lowest price anywhere     How to save $$$ on your hosting account AND ensure that your website has the best possible up-time.     Why the length of your domain name matters and what you can do to get off on the right foot with Google    
On the face of it, buying a domain name and setting up hosting appears straightforward. The truth is however that it’s another potential minefield and another place I see so many promising internet marketers go wrong.

I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about the right kinds of domain names and hosting solutions – you’ll get your website started the right way, and once again, I’ve got your back.


Next step, build your website.

A big part of why some promising internet marketers fail is because they don’t know how to properly set up a website that’s designed to convert.

In Module 4 I’m going to ensure that doesn’t happen to you AND ensure you’ve got everything you need to create a professional looking polished website that converts like gangbusters.

...as I build an optimized, attractive, and money making website and then you’ll follow in my footsteps and build your own.

You’ll see the exact settings I use to give my website every last advantage possible and you can do everything at the click of a mouse.

A big part of setting up a successful website involves understanding your potential visitors. Not many internet marketers care too much about this which gives us an undeniable advantage.

I’ll explain in extensive detail the type of content you need to add to your website and how to get it.

You’ll learn about psychological triggers you need to have on your website and how these will result in doubling or even tripling your websites earnings.

Ever wondered if colors make a difference?

Well they do, and in Module 4 of Authority Hybrid you’ll get access to a tool that designers use to ensure the colors of your website work together harmoniously.

I know this talk about “colors” may sound a bit “airy fairy” but if you get your website colors right, you’ll:

1. Increase the amount of time people stay on your website
2. Reduce your bounce rate
3. Increase the average number of pages people visit on your website
4. Encourage return visits and recommendations

These are all key metrics that Google looks at when ranking your website so you need to make sure you’ve got them covered.

It sure does!

I recently did some in-depth testing and compared how my visitors behaved on an “ugly” website and then how their behavior changed when I made the website more professional looking.

And here’s a look at how the bounce rate and time on site IMPROVED after I changed to the premium design:

By using a premium Wordpress theme I was able to reduce bounce rate by 11% and increase time on site by 1 minute and 18 seconds. This results in MORE earnings and HIGHER rankings!

Authority Hybrid is premium training and as such, you shouldn’t need any additional tools or software in order to have success.

Every piece of the puzzle should be included.

That’s why I’m giving you access to not 1, but 24 PREMIUM Wordpress themes including my personal favorite, Authority Pro 2.0.

Authority Pro 2.0 sells for $97 and I’m giving you a single license access to it for free.

What can you do with Authority Pro 2.0?

That’s like asking a driver what he can do with a Ferrari.
Convey professionalism, building trust from the first millisecond     Integrate complex functions with the push of a button     Leverage pre-designed optin boxes to skyrocket your subscriber base     Strategically place ANYTHING pretty much ANYWHERE thanks to the advanced widget positioning system     Change the entire look and feel of your website in less than 30 seconds to make your website truly unique to you     Create sales pages (just like this one) that would normally cost you $1000's in designer fees...     Add an exit page to capture even more leads (this kind of software usually sells for a minimum of $47)     Customize your on-page SEO to ensure the deck is stacked in your favor from the get-go     Insert videos into your pages with absolute EASE     Harness over a dozen internet marketing powertools...     Save oodles of time and money     And MUCH more...    
As if that wasn’t enough to get you started, check out these 23 Premium Wordpress themes I’m giving to you completely free:

These premium themes would normally cost $29.95 each. That’s a real $688.85 value and you’re going to download each one in just a moment.

So to sum up, here’s what you’d discover in Module 4:
The exact step by step process I use to set up professional looking websites that perform WAY above industry standards.     The psychological triggers I build into my websites to ensure my visitors do what I want them to do.     The tried and tested website layout that’s proven to maximize your earnings per visitor.     The 4 page structures you can use and why straying from these is a seriously BAD IDEA.     How to find the colors most appropriate for certain niches using tools originally developed for interior designers.     See real live examples of correct website structures, permalinks, settings, and pages for Authority Hybrid websites.     How to make it easy to spread the word about your website. Add the Facebook Like, Google +1, and Tweet buttons to your site in seconds     The optimal size your website needs to be to ensure you maintain and build Google Love.     How to make your website as fast as the Ferrari those “fake-gurus” drive. This simple plugin alone will shave seconds off your websites load-time and give you yet another boost up the Google rankings.     Every last aspect of “on page SEO” listed in order of importance. Work your way through this checklist when you build your website.     How a single image makes me $15/day thanks to Adsense and the exact way I set it up to do so…     How to position yourself in the same league as other established websites in your niche and how this will help move you further up the Google rankings.     For people who aren’t natural writers: The “five minute” technique that lets you inside the minds of your visitors and tells you exactly what information they’re looking for. Content will almost build itself     The internal linking structure that performs best and why only a couple of pages on your website should leverage internal links.     How to give Google full access to your visitor data and WHY it’s in your interests to do this.     The keywords I chose for my website and why 10 of them were set up merely as “supporting pages”.     How to install live visitor tracking and the 2 companies I use to do this for free.    
The PDF guide that accompanies this module is 50 pages long and jam packed with content.

You’ll also love the “over my shoulder” videos you find that cover every last detail of this module in the members area…

Hopefully by now you’ve picked up a key theme about Authority Hybrid…

After you’ve finished building your website, send it to me for a FULL REVIEW.

Now, your success is my utmost concern and I guarantee you a comprehensive site review…but this is a time consuming part of the training material so here’s my one request:
Only submit your website for review if you created it using the Authority Hybrid system…I don’t want to look at past clunkers you may have...    
That leads you on to everyone’s favorite module…MONETIZATION.



The ultimate goal is to make money from your website both now, and in the long term and that’s exactly what I teach you to do in Module 5.

When it comes to making money from your website you really only have a few options:
Get paid for placing other peoples ads on your website     Place affiliate links on your website and get paid a commission each time someone buys something     Utilize email marketing, build a relationship and make sales on the back-end     Sell your own product directly to your visitors    
Note: You could monetize using the likes of CPA offers but these really add no value to anyone and you’ll only end up burning your visitors. I recommend you stay far away from these types of low value money spinners.

A common pitfall that many internet marketers make is to monetize their websites in a way that just doesn’t make sense. This is NEVER a good thing and ultimately leads to one of two outcomes:
Your website gets low to mediocre earnings at best and you leave a huge amount of money on the table.     Your website is totally disconnected from what your visitors need and as a result you earn next to nothing.    
Either way, poor monetization is yet another cause of failure.

In module 5 you’ll discover why the monetization method you use is DIRECTLY LINKED to your websites rankings and why it’s so important you choose the right system from the start.

You’ll see the monetization method that I use that’s non-intrusive, that Google clearly favors, and that’s completely hands off.

Once your website starts to grow and has built trust with Google, you’ll learn how to test and tweak your monetization method to increase your earnings and truly leave your money machine polished and efficient.

Here’s an overview of some of the things you’ll discover in Module 5:
The #1 monetization method to start with and why it’s NOT what you should stick with in the long term.     The tried-and-tested website layout I use to maximize my earnings and get WAY above average per visitor results…     How to potentially start earning money within 24 hours and the system that’ll deposit your earnings directly into your bank account.     The “ninja” tracking system I use to pinpoint where my earnings come from and then focus on boosting them even higher.     And MUCH more…    
Here’s a look at some of my recent earnings using the module 5 monetization method:



Once you’ve built your website and your monetization method is in place, you’ll next go about nailing down the #1 position in Google.

Getting a top ranking in Google is absolutely critical to your success. Everything you’ve done from module 1 through to module 5 has in some way, set you up to nail down the #1 spot in Google.

Whether you realize it or not, at this stage of the game you’ve already removed 99% of the reasons for failure and positioned yourself to hit a home run.

All that’s left is to get to #1 in Google.

In Module 6 I’m going to reveal in encyclopedic detail every last aspect of getting to number 1 in Google and staying there.

Module 6 is the largest module of Authority Hybrid but it’s not overwhelming. The 170 page PDF for Module 6 is broken down into a well organized, easy to follow structure.

You’ll start off by learning about foundation links and you’ll get step by step examples about 4 methods I use to build an all important SEO foundation. Failure to lay the foundation correctly is like building a house on a swamp…it’ll ultimately come tumbling down before your eyes.

You’ll learn how it’s still possible to leverage blog comments and forum links, and how even though article directories aren’t as powerful as they once were, you can still use them to your advantage.

You’ll discover the advanced “future proofed” SEO tactics to solidify, stabilize, and most importantly, leapfrog your competitors to get to the #1 spot in Google in record time.

You’ll see how you can tap into “top secret intel” on your competitors and then use that information to bypass them in the rankings. You’ll watch me leverage a well known PR8 website to build one of the most powerful types of links possible and you’ll see first hand how that 1 link boosts the rankings on my case study website.

You’ll get up-to-date information and guidance about leveraging Facebook Likes and Shares and other social signals and you’ll learn why it’s absolutely vital that you don’t miss out on these kinds of links.

On top of all this, you’ll use my 4 month link building plan…the plan that’s evolved with Google over the past 12 months and is responsible for countless #1 rankings.

I love SEO and it’s become one of my real strengths. As my “partner in crime” you’ll get to tap into all my SEO experience and I’ll help you get to #1 in Google.

Here’s what’s coming your way in Module 6:
The only THREE ways Google ranks links. Why most of the links people work for are absolutely WORTHLESS     THE TRUTH ABOUT BACKLINKS. What others won’t tell you because they don’t know. And anyone who says “backlinks are dead” is either stupid or ignorant     Think article marketing is a powerful way to get backlinks? Think again! It’s useful but weak. There’s only one way to make the effort work in your favor     How to tell if Google likes a website. Links from sites like these could be worth 1,000 times more ranking power to your site (and are just as easy to get)     What you MUST have for Google to love you. Without them, Google will think your website is useless junk that belongs in a garbage can     Where 80% of your links should be aimed.     Google has reduced the value of links from blog comments. However, there’s still one way to juice these links for all they’re worth. A simple “common sense” technique that raises the value of every link from blog comments     Seven signs to look for before you dare link to your site from another person’s blog.     How to find high PageRank blogs in your niche at the click of a button     Five qualities of forums that are excellent for backlinks and driving traffic to your website     The BEST way to get traffic from forums. And where NEVER to place the backlink to your website.     The “two profiles” technique… so you can ask a question on a forum and then be the one to provide a valuable response and link to your website     One good reason to NEVER answer a question on a forum and WHAT to do instead     How to prove to the forum you’re not a spammer     How to get on Googles “radar” the first month your site is live     The SINGLE location in article directories where your links are “DoFollow” – anywhere else and you worked for nothing.     How to steal your competitor’s best links     Create backlinks THOUSANDS of times more powerful than normal links     Why Squidoo and HubPages can make you thousands of dollars. See the case study immediately. PLUS: Take advantage of Youtube’s best videos for your niche.     The SMARTEST way to overtake the site above you     How to shred your competition into pieces. Uncover almost every aspect of their link building strategies and blatantly copy them. Yes, he may get upset... but getting to #1 is a competition!     How to get your competitor’s five most powerful backlinks for free     The method I use to reverse engineer my competitors’ websites that always results in obtaining powerful links. Plus... how to tell which links are worth stealing and will have the biggest effect     Four methods I’ve used to get people to exchange links with me     In the case study: How I got two sites, both with a PageRank of 2, to give me two powerful, relevant backlinks within 24 hours of contact     Facebook is the social website to focus your attention on. You’ll see tutorials to make Facebook Pages and how to manipulate Likes and Shares. Because each one creates a backlink     How to brand your Facebook Page with better images and the other features that matter most     One simple trick to increase the number of people who click the Like button     How to create a custom Facebook landing page like this:    

How to make your Facebook landing page even more effective.     Four months of link building plans to get indexed and create a powerful link hub     And MUCH More…    
Nothing is left of the table. You're about to get the most comprehensive SEO training you’ll find anywhere.

You’ll then move on to Module 7…


If you plan on taking your internet marketing business to the next level and earning a 5-figure-per-month-online-income, then Module 7 is going to be a very important module for you.

Once your site reaches the top of Google, there are three things you can do.

1 . Continue to work on improving your rank. Every slot you move up can drastically increase your traffic...which results in more money in your pocket.

2. Add new keywords to your site and rank for them. You get the same benefit as above... about 5% of your traffic will click on your ads.

3. Or, you can start a new site.

Either way, these proven techniques will work over and over. At this stage it’s a matter of taking what you’ve learned and scaling up. In module 7 you’ll learn the best way to do this.

If you're a past student of mine you may be wondering:


Authority Hybrid has been built from the ground up! It does focus on building Authority Sites but the methods have changed dramatically since Rank & Pillage as a result of Google changes. Authority Hybrid is designed for 2012 and beyond, it's the most effective method I've ever released.

This is a completely new course and is very different to Rank and Pillage.

It's impossible for me to say exactly how much you'll earn from your Authority Hybrid style websites as it depends on many factors.

What I can say is that I earn anywhere between $300 - $1500 per website per month.

The power of Authority Hybrid is in duplicating the system. Build one website that makes you money, then another, then another. The possibilities are endless!

This isn't a get rich quick scheme - it does take time to get results.

Most of my websites break into the top 10 of Google within 3 months (some get there within 1 month, some take slightly longer)...once they're in the top 10 for my main keywords, they start to make me money.

One student who got access to Authority Hybrid 2 months ago is already ranking #1 in Google for one of his main keywords and is now earning $200/month from his first website. He's on track to double or triple that income in the next couple of months (you'll hear from Johnny Wang in just a moment).

This is not a race...everyone can move at their own pace.

Obviously the more time you put into Authority Hybrid, the faster you'll see results. If you can dedicate just 5 hours per week, it's enough to get started, 10 is better though. You don't need to quit your job, but that may become the logical option in the near future.


Thorough step-by-step instructions and "over my shoulder" videos ensure you can replicate the system even if you have no prior experience (but if you do run into hurdles, I'm here to help!).

But don't take my word for it, a few students have had early access to Authority Hybrid, listen to what they have to say...

Skeptical at first, Wayne Nelson spent four months under my wing using the Authority Hybrid system. Was he disappointed? I asked him and he said:

"I'm 50 years old and I feel like I'm a kid...

I never believed my site would do this. Now it's a reality, without short cuts or miracles. I didn't know anything about anything... how to build sites or anything else."

But I was still curious...

So I asked him, "Before you started, were you intimidated at all?"

He laughed and said...

"I was intimidated... big time...

But I got all the support I could ask for. Before this, I worked by myself and... working by yourself is drudgery!

But this isn't about building as many sites as possible. I don't seduce people into buying things they don't want. But I do have an impact on people's lives...

I get to be creative.

Connect with people.


...and get paid for it."

Wayne Nelson is proof... you can live the life you dream about.

Just follow directions. These seven steps are tested, proven and overwhelmingly documented. Wayne put it best when he said:

"This stuff makes good sense. Don't depend on yourself. Depend on Aidan. He can get you from A to Z. In the process, you'll refine your skills, get a solid foundation, and see results.

My first site makes $300 per month with Adsense and you know how low maintenance that is."

I asked Wayne about his experience using the Authority Hybrid SEO System and the relationship he has with Google and their infamous algorithm changes, here’s what he said:

“I wrangle with Google... not in a manipulative way... but in a taming way. I give Google what they want... it’s karmic. It’s a relationship, not a game.

My site went up over 100 slots after Panda.”

Results like that make me feel on top of the world...

I have another student named Tyler Fredrickson from Shell Lake, Wisconsin. He had a little experience under his belt... about two years worth... but like many other people, everything he paid for disappointed him.

He recently sent me this note:

“I had tried everything. I was ready to give up. Out of nowhere, I found your course and it caught my interest. I committed myself and then put everything into action.

Before I knew it, I had made my very first sales ever!!

My very first check came to me in the mail... it was a whopping $600!! :) Did I mention you are extremely personable too?”

And then there's Johnny Wang from Taipei, another one of my "beta-students" who spent the last 2 months using the Authority Hybrid system...

Here’s a letter Johnny recently sent me earlier this month:

“I was kind of lost in the internet marketing and didn't know what to focus on, then I joined Aidan's coaching and gave it a try.

In less than 2 months I've been able to create a $200/month Adsense income (from 1 brand new site).

Although it's not as high as many people might think, it's a great start and I'm now able to replicate the system that Aidan's been teaching me. I highly recommend Aidan's course and would like to thank him for his kindness and coaching.”

I have a British student who lives in Derby (England) named Jay Doherty. Jay's been using the Authority Hybrid system for a couple of months now as well. Recently he wrote me quite a touching letter...

"After a week of following Aidan’s methods, I built my first site, a month later it was ranking #1 and earning my first ever money online!

Aidan’s commitment to his students success is second to none – he really is one of the good guys.”

I’ll toast to that...!

This system works no matter where you live…so far we’ve heard from a couple of Americans, Johnny from Taipei, and Jay from the UK...

Now how about an Australian?

Say G’day to John Riley from Adelaide, Australia. He spent three years jumping from one online business model to another... until he bumped into me a few months ago. He got an early look at Authority Hybrid as a "test-student" and writes...

“This has turned out to be the smartest decision I have made and since working closely with Aidan and following his approach my business has turned around.

I am already well on my way to doubling my income.

Aidan’s approach allows me to “Panda proof” my business and build websites that give real value to my visitors. He is experienced and I have found him to be extremely generous with his time. He has gone beyond what I have ever experienced in his efforts to make sure I am headed towards achieving my goals.”

David Rosales is also doing extremely well...

Check out what David recently said on a public blog...

“#1 Aidan answers EVERY ONE of my questions no matter what even the stupid ones! That in and of itself is priceless!

#2 I bought Rank and Pillage because I felt that I needed just one more push to make it happen with IM and I was right. This course was amazing. It brushed me up and cleaned up my skills. I was able to KILL IT on Cyber Monday which really gave me confidence! When you can see 20k visitors in a 4 days span it lights you up trust me on that! I was able to leap frog people like BEST BUY! for a keyword I was targeting! (go read that again BEST BUY)

I constantly recommend people to cut through the crap and come to Aidan.

I went full time online in March of 2011 and was able to out perform my wives job she quit in February 2011 with the birth of our 3rd child (she is a stay at home mom now)

Am I making 6 figures…? Not yet, but I know I can do it now.

Aidan you were a big part of why I succeeded last year and plan on doing whatever it takes to continue that streak! I am on board with your next course for sure because I know its money well spent!”

This system can work for anyone regardless of your age, physical location, education or experience. You don't even need to have English as a first language (Johnny Wang is a great example). If you can read this page from top to bottom, then you've got what it takes.

The list of student testimonials and success stories goes on and on and on...

If you want to, you can. I'd LOVE to receive it.

I’ve spoken about SOME of the features of Authority Hybrid but there’s much more in store for you…

Let me work through the exact contents of Authority Hybrid:





This little file goes on your desktop. With one click, you have all the Authority Hybrid strategies “at a glance” – it’s an outline of the entire system and puts everything you need to know “in a nutshell.”

But as I’ve alluded to several times already, you NEED more than the elements above to have success online.

You'll get all the support you need.

The first form of ongoing support I’ll be giving you is LIVE webinars:

Each webinar will be a minimum of 90 minutes, but they usually run longer because of “question and answer” sessions. I’ll really be “right there” beside you, live, in-person, to show you...

            Our topics will be niche and keyword research.

            Over time, you’ll want more than one site. You need to excel at picking niches and making projections as to how much money you stand to make. I’ll show you everything you need to know before you ever start doing the “hard” work of building a site (and end up wasting your time and effort).
            You’ll see how to analyze competition, how to rate sites in the top ten search results (the sites you’ll be going up against), how to verify traffic with testing techniques, how to look at search counts of keywords and tell if you’ll make money, and the types of keywords that almost NEVER fail.

            I consider SEO as one of my specialties.

            You’ll see exactly how to get links Google considers as “authority”... they have explosive power and I’ve never seen them fail to result in higher rankings.

            You’ll also see how to build link hubs that make your site more valuable than a bag of gold. You won’t see these techniques anywhere else. You get step-by-step instructions on how I leverage “Web 2.0” properties that have helped some of my students get ranked #1 – or at least in the top ten search results – in one to two months. You will be able to reverse engineer the strategies of any competitor that may come your way, now or in the future.

            You have me at your disposal for at least 90 minutes. Ask me whatever you want to know. At this point, you'll be well on your way... you'll have a niche, superb keywords, and a website. The months ahead will be smooth as silk -- all minor frustrations will be erased, all questions you have will be answered.

This webinar takes an in-depth look at:


I've got you covered. As a member of Authority Hybrid you’ll get:

Whether you like forums or not, they are useful as a form of 24/7 support. I’ll be hanging out in this forum answering your questions every day for at least 5 months – you have my word of that.

You’ll also get to know other experienced internet marketers, make friends, and potentially forge business relationships.

I will personally help you succeed.

I know expert support is critical and I've built it into Authority Hybrid, it's another way this course is different to anything you've seen before...

This is one of my favorites parts of Authority Hybrid:

I’ve been emphasizing the fact that “I’ve got your back”…well, my personal “Stamp of Approval” form is your Green Light on all the critical decisions that arise in the “make or break” Niche Research and Keyword Research sections.

Complete the Stamp of Approval form, send it to my personal email address, and I’ll reply with my “Approval”. You will NOT make any mistake in the Niche Research or Keyword Phases.

I will personally review your website.

I’ll support you every step of the way:

As an additional form of support, I’m also offering you a 1 time website review.

Now, there’s only one small catch, the website I review MUST be a website you’ve created using the Authority Hybrid system…I’ll give you a comprehensive review and give you tips about what you can do to improve your website, but I’ll only review a website you’ve made using the Authority Hybrid system.

So what is all this worth?

The 7 Modules of Authority Hybrid: $500 40 Step by Step Instructional Videos: $400 Authority Pro 2.0 License: $97 23 Unlimited-Use Professional Themes: $688.85 Desktop Reference: $37 Four Live Webinars: $197 Authority Hybrid Private Forum: $297 Stamp of Approval Support: $297 Website Review: $57
That comes to a grand total of $2570.85.

But I’m not going to ask you for $2570.85…this training and support needs to be affordable for you and fair for me.

I’m not even going to ask for $1497 which is what other marketers would definitely charge you.

Imagine having a PROVEN system to make money online AND all the help you could ask for.

Now you do.

Not only did I invest a lot of time to make Authority Hybrid, but I’m going to spend a lot of time with you over the next five months. Let’s add it up...

With four webinars, that should equal about 6 hours. It will take me about two hours to prepare for each one... that’s 8 hours. I’m going to spend an hour a day (minimum), at least five days a week, for the next five months inside the Forum. At a minimum, that’s 114 hours. I figure the Go/NoGo Form (my “stamp of approval”) will take about 30 minutes each and I'll assume you submit 10 of these, thats 119 hours. Add to that the website review and you've got 120 hours. Plus there’s a surprise you don’t know about that will take this to 125 hours...

At $497, that’s equal to paying me $3.97 PER HOUR – which is an absurd amount of money... illegal in many modern countries. And if you add the time it took me to make the course, it’s more like $1.42 per hour. But who’s counting?

And all they get is one hour per month!

Plus there’s a waiting list of exactly 34 names lined up and ready to pay me that. You get my undivided attention for the next five months for only $497.00 – I’m only making this offer once in my lifetime. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to get some grey hairs in over the next half year. But that's okay, I love teaching and get a real kick out of seeing my students reach their goals.

This is your chance to get everything I’ve got to give…you won’t find any upsells, there are no downsells either, and you won’t find any OTO’s (one time offers) after you click the buy button.

This is it – you’re getting everything I’ve got to give you with ALL the bells and whistles for $497.

Perhaps the best part about the Authority Hybrid system is that it's Evergreen. The system is so sound that it'll be just as useful to you in 2013 as it is today.

Authority Hybrid is about making money through building truly valuable websites...websites that'll NEVER be pulled down by Google and websites that have long-term consumer appeal.

Rest assured, Authority Hybrid style websites are loved by EVERYONE because they are genuinely useful...they're long term earners, real "set and forget" money machines.

There’s something very important than I need to share with you right now…

Look, I hate false scarcity and I never use it. I think it’s unethical and I really don’t like it when the “fake-gurus” use it as a manipulation tool.

But this isn’t false scarcity. It’s real.

Because of all the personalized support I’m including, I NEED to limit this to 250 members.

I’d love to help 1000 students but I couldn’t do it justice. I want to be able to make a personalized difference on your business and 250 students is my limit.

This will sell out quickly…and if it’s not sold out in 1 week I’m closing the doors anyway because the training needs to get started.

The first webinar is scheduled and the doors will close so that I can begin the training.

So to clarify:

            I really don’t want to keep your money if you’re not happy with this training. If you feel I have overstated anything, please get your money back. I don’t think you will, because I’m not promising anything that I haven’t personally done or seen done by my students.

You have a full sixty days to try everything. If you are not satisfied in any way for any reason then get your money back. Your order will be processed with ClickBank and their servers are 100% secure... you can even pay with Paypal.

Even if you decide to get your money back, please keep the entire Authority Hybrid system, all seven modules, all 40+ videos, the desktop reference, the single user license for Authority Pro 2, and the 23 premium themes as my gifts for trying my training course.

And with a two month trial period, that’s also like getting two webinars for free. I’ve scheduled the first two webinars to happen before your sixty day trial period ends. You can attend them both and still have time to process a refund if I have not performed to your pleasure.

I know you’ve heard it all.

If you try Authority Hybrid, you won’t make a million dollars. You won’t get on Google’s first page in five minutes. You will get tested, proven strategies – that’s all. And if you start making money every month, you’ll have your own brain and effort to thank for it.

I personally believe Authority Hybrid will be the smartest investment you can make for the months ahead. This is special. It’s near and dear to me. I’m not giving up time I could be spending to travel, ski, hike, boat, surf or play golf for no reason...

Dreams come true. I expect great things from you.

Apply yourself and I might as well be handing you money. The $497.00 may make a dent in your bank account, but it’s an investment where you bet on yourself. If you allow me, I can guide you. But you have to make the decision and use the tools and guidance I provide...



You'll get instant access to the 7 modules of Authority Hybrid including more than 40 step-by-step training videos.    

You can immediately download 24 premium wordpress themes including access to Authority Pro 2.0 which sells for $97.00.    

You'll be able to chat with me personally and get your questions answered live on 4 content packed webinars.    

You'll get exclusive unrestricted access to the Private Authority Hybrid forum where you can get your questions answered 24/7.    

You'll get my personalized "Stamp of Approval" support to ensure you make smart decisions and avoid making costly mistakes.    

I'll personally give your completed website a thorough review and advise you of what you can do to take it to the next level.    

You'll watch me build a real money making website in front of your very eyes and see me get top 10 rankings for my keywords.    

If you're a newbie, you'll get everything you need to succeed. There's no need to buy anything else to make money online when you're using this formula - and that will therefore save you hundreds of dollars on other programs and courses.    

There is nothing else to buy. No upsells, no downsells and no OTO's. Authority Hybrid is a complete package and I'll continue to keep you updated on new techniques for free as I discover them.    


[Yes, I want to access Authority Hybrid now, risk free, for $497.00](http://authorityhybrid.com/al/get-ah-core.php)

“I can’t wait to get started, Aidan!”

Aidan, this is amazing! Thank you so much and I’ll take advantage of your generous offer right now. I’m excited to know you’ll be my mentor because you’ve been in the trenches for six years... you’re a veteran who has learned all the tricks of the trade and built the lifestyle to prove it.

You tell me I can do the same... and I believe you. With your help, I can put forward the effort required and build a second income so significant it will change my life forever.

I’m ready to download all 7 modules of Authority Hybrid. Plus, I get 40 video tutorials, the desktop reference guide, a single license for Authority Pro 2, and 23 premium themes... and so much more!

I’ll study like a monk until it’s time to begin our webinars. And I promise to go right into the forum and introduce myself to my new friends.

The $497 you need is nothing compared to what I get in return... and besides, that’s like paying you $3.97 an hour... less than someone gets for working at McDonalds.

But it gets even better because...

I’m not risking a penny. I have sixty days, evenings, and nights to try everything. I even get to access at least two webinars and can then judge if I think I’m getting my money’s worth. Even though I’m paying now, the money isn’t yours until after this 60 day trial period.

Amazingly, even if I decide to get my money back, I still get to keep all seven modules of Authority Hybrid, the forty video tutorials, the desktop reference, my single license of Authority Pro 2, the 23 premium Wordpress themes..... just for giving you the chance!

This is a deal I just can’t pass up.

And I can’t wait to get started.


[Yes, I want to access Authority Hybrid now, risk free, for $497.00](http://authorityhybrid.com/al/get-ah-core.php)

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter,

Aidan Booth

P.S. If you're an action taker and order right now, I’ll also give you...

...my best niche ideas for Adsense and beyond!

There are more than 300 suggestions that will have you thinking along the right lines immediately.

You’ll blast through the barriers of niche research and be on the highway to success. The sooner you download this, the better. Others are grabbing it right now. Their eyes are pouring over my ideas and they’re going to take the best of them.


Now you’re looking at a package with a total value of $2,617.85 and you get all this for $497.00 – Plus, every penny is 100% protected with a good-as-gold 60 DAY money-back guarantee.

            Listen to what one of my best friends and hyper-successful marketers, Brian G. Johnson, has to say:

Thanks, Brian!

There’s not much more I can say.

            Except, I really hope you'll take this opportunity and make your dreams a reality. I look forward to playing on YOUR team and helping you make 2012 a massive success.

I wish you all the best,

Aidan Booth

            P.S. Put my promises to the test. Stay by my side for the next five months and try Authority Hybrid today for just $497. If you’re not ecstatic two months from now, get every penny back – you have sixty days risk-free and ClickBank will make sure you get a refund if you’re not happy with my services. I sincerely priced this experience as fair, reasonable, affordable, and as low as I could go.

            P.P.S. Check out the list of success stories people have written on the Rank and Pillage forum (this is just a small sample, there are plenty more!!):




The Secure ClickBank Order Page Looks Like This:


[Yes, I want to access Authority Hybrid now, risk free, for $497.00](http://authorityhybrid.com/al/get-ah-core.php)


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