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Self Love Secrets - How to Love Yourself Unconditionally Book



Dear friend,

Do you know what it means to love yourself unconditionally?

Do you know how to totally accept and embrace yourself fully?

Are you facing difficulties with loving yourself?

Here is a quick test. Just for a moment, tune in. Listen to your
self-talk. Chances are that you have been saying more negative than
positive things to yourself. Is the following self-talk true of you? -

Studies have in fact confirmed that we do 300-400 evaluations per
day and the majority of it is negative. Hence it is likely that you
have been doing the same too. If your self-talk is unkind, causes you
to feel down and erodes you of your spirit, then you can be said to be
having some challenges with feeling good about yourself.

On the contrary, should you love yourself absolutely, you will not be
doing any of these. Instead, you will be supportive, compassionate and
not be constantly criticizing yourself. Hence you need to start to
evaluate what you have been saying to yourself. Then again, loving
your encompasses more than just changing your self-talk.

Obviously, self-love rests on a continuum. Most of us do have some
degree of self-love and acceptance. However, at low or insufficient
levels, we can face tremendous difficulties with coping with life. It
is possible that we allow our self-talk to overwhelm us to the point
that we are unable to function well. Signs of self-sabotaging behavior
include procrastination, depression and addictive behavior such as
drinking or an eating disorder.


I completely understand what it feels like to be facing difficulties
with self-love. You see, when I first began realizing what my core
issue was - being insufficient self-love - I had no idea where to
start. Self-love may appear to be a fundamental thing that everyone
ought to know but for those who have been living with debilitating
stories for a long time, it is really not an easy thing.

If you have been feeling miserable about yourself, know that you are
not alone. Having received about 1,000 email confessions so far and
still growing, suffice to say, you are not the only one suffering. You
see, for the past 3 years, I have been receiving emails every day from
people all over the world about their tremendous challenges with
self-love. They have written to me as a result of my blog posts about
self-love. Here are two particular email excerpts.

I am currently having problems in my relationship with my boyfriend.
He says most of our problems are from my lack of love for myself. He
has recently told me that he dose not believe that we are going to
ever work out.

There is nothing more in this world that I want then for this
relationship to work. I do understand where he is coming from. The
problem is that I do count on him for my happiness. I already know
that this is unhealthy and I have seen counselors probably not long
enough to do much good. I am planning on going and giving it another
try, but I am already guessing that it would not help much. It feels
like there is just one more person in my life that is telling me how
messed I am.

I am also wondering why I can want a great relationship with my
boyfriend and at the same time, be the one to cause problems. I just
cannot stop being negative and creating havoc.

On the side, I do not know what to do without him. I have no
accomplishments that I am proud of. For a long time, I have not been
able to smile. I am in so much pain that I keep away from my friends.

What am I suppose to do? How am I supposed to fall in-love with
myself when I am such a horrible person?

Rosalind from the United States


I am 28 years old, working as a Manager in a US MNC and earning
decently well above average. I have been working hard to be where I am
today. As compared to my friends and relatives, I am in an enviable
position because of my career growth.

Despite the outward appearances of achievement and success, I feel
horrible on the inside. I am so hesitant of any change, taking
risks/chances and pushing myself to greater heights. I tend to give in
to the demands from every friend and colleague. I suffer from a lack
of confidence.

I am aware that I look up to those with better-looking features such
as their height. I have a tendency to attach more value to their most
trivial of achievements and undermine the best of my strengths.

At work, I know that I am able to do a job well, but whenever the
situation calls for leadership, I feel as if I just can't live up to
it. And so, I try to be a good team player but avoid taking the
driver's seat at all costs.

I dislike the idea of being aggressive, rash, blunt, or boastful, but
then again, I also do not want to be a person with low
self-confidence, poor self-esteem and the biggest self-critic. Please
tell me how I can convince myself that I am not as weak and
undeserving as I now believe I am.

Warm Regards,

Pete from Spain

Additionally, I have helping a number of my clients, family and
friends about their self-love issues too. From my findings, it is
clear that insufficient or the lack of self-love can cause much
disruption to anyone's life. And if you ask me, we are living in a
world that is starved of love. It is not that love is not available
but we have been starving ourselves from our basic need.

Chances are that it has been hard to escape from the constant
bombardment of messages that made us believe how "not good enough" or
unlovable we are. We hear them from our parents, friends, bosses, and
media advertisements. In fact, we have been hearing these messages
from the time we were born. It has been the case that ever since the
time we were children, we have been learning that we need perfect
looks, top grades, titles, money and status to be deemed worthy of
love and respect. And so, we use these forms of identification to
define who we are. Should we fall short, we find it hard to love


Unfortunately, success can be harder to achieve if the voice inside
your head becomes overwhelming. You constantly judge yourself for
being "wrong", "imperfect" or "not good enough". You also apply labels
such as a "failure", "loser" or "freak" on yourself. Admittedly, it is
difficult to experience any ounce of joy when you are convinced of the
debilitating stories that you tell yourself.

_"Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than
the judgment we pass on ourselves." - Nathaniel Branden _

Because you have been trapped in a negative mental state for so long,
loving yourself is not something that comes easily. Even as you wish
to break free from your inner critic, you had been facing problems
knowing where to start. You find yourself drowning again and again in
a whirl of self-pity, self-rejection and self-blame.

Hence, it would seem that loving yourself has to be a practice until
the day that it becomes natural, just like breathing. So it means that
you may just need to start from understanding the basics of what it
means to love yourself. Before going on to that, let's look into the
consequences of what happens when there is a lack or low level of

You find it hard to believe in yourself.

You criticize yourself constantly.

You believe that you are unworthy.

You are excessively hard on yourself, but find it easy to be lenient
towards others.

You have got low expectations for yourself.

When you look in the mirror, all you can notice are your flaws,
imperfections and faults.

You neglect self-care for instance, not caring about your eating
habits, not putting up a neat appearance and so on.

You often operate out of a fear of rejection.

You cannot function well in social groups.

You downplay your gifts, talents and abilities.

You have low self-confidence.

You feel lonely over long periods of time.

You suffer from bouts of depression or sudden and inexplicable bouts
of sorrow.

You constantly crave the approval of others.

You dull pain and feelings of unworthiness through addictive
behavior such as smoking, sex and shopping.

Most certainly, life can be more of a struggle especially if you are
in the habit of deriding yourself. It is hard to function well when
you are your greatest enemy. Invariably, you will face problems in
relationships, health, success, career and wealth. It is possible to
remain stuck in negativity for years, without knowing how to help
yourself out effectively.

Well, what you need to realize is that it is not possible to enjoy
abundance of any form if you lack self-love. The vibration of
abundance is love. Love has creative power. It creates everything that
you see around you. Manifesting abundance can only begin with loving
yourself. And so if you are hoping to enjoy some level of happiness or
even to create a great life, you will need to learn how to love
yourself. In fact, the more self-love you have, the greater your
ability to manifest abundance.

_"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve
your love and attention." - Buddha _


For one, holding on to myths can prevent you from loving yourself
more fully. If you believe that self-love is simply about having a
long bath, a manicure, massage or having your hair done, then you are
sadly mistaken. Sure these self-care activities make you feel good
about yourself. Buying a branded handbag or expensive car for yourself
also does that. However, these are just external things that you do.
The satisfaction that you derive from them do not long last long.

Hence, it is possible to be engaged in years of self-care but still
face difficulties with loving yourself. In fact, by keeping yourself
endlessly occupied with forms that engage your senses, you may even
miss the whole point about what it truly means to love yourself. And
so you get an instant perk through these activities or material
possessions but they do not transform you from the inside. The rush of
energy fizzles out rather quickly.

The myth of self-care is one of the 6 misconceptions that my book
Self Love Secrets explores. In my book, I provided some answers to
commonly asked questions. The answers are meant to kick-start anyone's
journey towards healing, recovery and integration.

Self-love is about your being. It encompasses more than just doing.
Hence, to truly love the self is more than a physical act of
self-care, having material goods, using mental force to will yourself
or having the day off to rest. It is also more than saying positive
things to yourself. Self-love necessarily involves the
mind-body-spirit. It incorporates an inside-out approach.

You will eventually discover that you are the one that you seek.
Answers to having a more successful life does not lie outside but from
within. It is only when you search inside your heart that you will
realize who you really are. Your inner being shines with luminescence,
touching and inspiring everyone around you. You become alive and very
much, awake.

Launch Price US$17


My name is Evelyn Lim. My personal growth journey started some 5
years ago, ever since I made the commitment for inner work. Because I
have personally derived tremendous benefits and have seen how my life
has changed, I have gone on to offering coaching and therapy
assistance to others. I am now a certified life coach, an author,
intuitive consultant, Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and EFT

I decided to write this book after having received several emails
from the readers to my blog. I realized that there are many who are
clueless in knowing how to begin loving themselves. In many ways, they
reminded me about how it was like when I first found out that
inadequate self-love was the root cause of my problem. I had to
scramble around for answers myself back then. The good thing was that
I eventually came to my own understanding about my issues. I also
discovered that I could help others with my insights.

Then again, when I first announced about writing a book on Self-Love,
I had no idea that it was going to take me months to finish it. Once I
got started, I discovered that things were not so simple as compiling
a bunch of tips. Eventually, I realized that I had to cover everything
I knew - which meant including spiritual perspectives as well. Hence,
my book is not simply an instruction manual but a book that helps
create soul awareness. And so, it is a guide to getting started on How
to Love Yourself holistically; that is in mind, body and spirit.


Self Love Secrets is written in a very easy-to-understand format.
Whether you are 21 or 70 years old, you should be able to learn some
useful things from this book. It is a great starter guide in your
self-discovery journey.

My book covers all three mind-body-spirit aspects of the practice.
It gets your questions answered, helps you to flip your negative
self-talk to a positive one, equips you with strategies and
facilitates spiritual awareness. You will learn about the importance
of having balance, without tipping over to self-deprecation or
narcissism, in order to be healthy. You will find true self-love.

By reading my book, you will learn the following specifically:

How to get started with loving yourself;

Dispelling the 6 myths about self-love;

Signs of low self-love and esteem;

Differences between self-love, esteem and confidence;

What 10 negative self-talk patterns you can possibly have;

What childhood messages are fueling your self-talk;

What 3 core beliefs are driving your actions and behavior;

What is the one single root cause of your poor ability to love

Flipping your negative self-talk to a positive one;

Keys to a mind-body-spirit approach to self-love;

Developing spiritual consciousness;

Benefits from living a life of love;

What your life journey on Earth is about;

And much much more.

For your practical application, I have also included three additional
reports. They are as follows:

Self Love Secrets -
40 Exercises on How to Love Yourself

Self-love is a practice. To learn how to love yourself, you need to
transform your old habitual patterns. In this all-in-one accompanying
book, get an amazing list of items on what you can do. The exercises
described here can help you make the shift to a more loving you, once
you put them in place.

Self Love Secrets -
101 Affirmations for Loving Yourself

No idea what positive self-talk looks like? Here is a list of 101
affirmations that you can use as a guide.

Bonus Report:
101 Tips for Holistic Health

Loving yourself means taking care of your needs in a holistic way.
Learn how to do this with this bonus report on 101 Tips for Holistic
Health. Tips covered are on alternative and natural treatments.

Together with the bonus reports, the entire Self Love Secrets
collection is meant to be able to help you develop a stronger footing
in loving yourself.

Price: US$17.00

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I have collated findings, research, case studies and results in order
to write this book. Most importantly, it includes my personal
experiences. I had earlier taken notes from exploring my inner
landscape. You will not find this book anywhere else and written like
how I have done so.

Here are what some of what others have to say about my book....

Evelyn Lim illustrates the importance of self-love so beautifully.
She unravels complex themes such as issues of worthiness, self
acceptance and self love to peel back the layers and explore our
unlimited potential.
Each chapter covers in-depth topics to awaken your own personal
invitation to make the life-changing decision to _love you_ once and
for all!

Sarah Prout
Best-selling author to "The Power of Influence", award-winning
entrepreneur, co-founder of lska Publishing

"Self-Love Secrets" surprised me. Not because it is a thoughtful and
well-researched guide to finding the radiant being within each of us
that is most-surely, worth loving but, because I discovered how many
of the issues we grapple with in our daily lives stem from a lack of

This book will show you where to "dig" to unearth the hidden
blockages that are keeping self-love and your true happiness at bay.
Evelyn Lim's book showed me that applying a little self-love goes a
long way toward creating the happy and fulfilling life each of us so
deserves to live.

Angela Artemis
Author of "Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow the Signs",
Intuitive Coach

I got home today after leading a women's retreat yesterday, and one
of the issues we focused on was compassion towards ourselves. Then I
settled down and spent some time with your book and so much of what
you said was exactly what we were talking about. In fact, when you get
your book out, I'm going to send the information to the women from the
retreat because I think your book would be great follow up for them.

As you have observed, self-love is common in many cultures. At our
retreat, we talked about how self-love might look like self-conceit or
arrogance. Your book makes the difference clear, and explains why
self-love is critical to our health and our emotional and spiritual
well-being. Your book offers a perfect balance of your own story,
story-parables, real stories of other people, people, inspiring
quotations, careful research and pract ical how-to advice. I found
myself nodding in agreement and thinking "Yes" as I read along!

This is a huge accomplishment and a great gift to those who are
confused by and stuck in patterns of self love denial. I hope you
enjoy great success with this book, no only because you deserve it for
a job well done, but also because your success means that many people
are benefiting from your wisdom. That would be a good thing!

Galen Pearl


Self-Love Secrets is a must-read for anyone who is interested in
manifesting abundance. As Evelyn has mentioned in her book, not many
of us are actually aware that the vibration of abundance is a creative
energy of love. We are therefore not aware that we need to align
ourselves with love before we can truly manifest more wealth. The best
place is to start from within. We need to first learn to love
ourselves. Unfortunately, most of us face great difficulties even with

Evelyn's book is a comprehensive guide for healthy self-love. She has
included a number of real-life cases to show how a person's life can
be negatively affected when there is a lack of love for the self. Her
book has the answers for manifesting a most amazing life for yourself.
It leads you from the space of inner lack to one of fullness. Thus, it
increases your capacity to receive and have more from the Universe.

I highly recommend Self-Love Secrets. It is suitable for those who are
keen on applying the Law of Attraction but who have not yielded
positive results, spiritual practitioners, energy healers or just
about anyone who is interested in his or own personal growth. A
transformational piece of work!

Mark Harrison
Author of "Sail with the Wind"

What Evelyn has shared will touch everyone in some way - no matter
where each of us is on our journey. Self-love is something that we can
all experience, and continue to cultivate more deeply into our being.
Evelyn's mix of her own personal journeys along with other stories
makes this book an engaging read. More than that, though, it really
gets to the heart of what love is, and how we make that part of our
daily life. All of this - the stories, the layout, the practical idea
on being more self-loving - makes this book a joy to read!

Lance Ekum
Life Guide, Online Creator, Adventurer

Price: US$17.00

Opening Price Launch

Benefits to Loving Yourself More Fully

If you have challenges with coping with issues on self-love or
self-esteem, then you will need to read Self Love Secrets. Most
certainly, an increased ability to love yourself more fully can have
tremendous positive impact on your life. Here are some of the possible
benefits that you may derive:

You become happier as a person because you are better able to accept
your flaws, imperfections and uniqueness;

Your self-talk becomes more positive;

Your well-being improves;

You are able to practice forgiveness and compassion;

You enhance your ability to receive love because you know that you
are deserving;

By being self-accepting, you also become more accepting of others;

Your relationships with your spouse, loved ones, friends, colleagues
and clients improve tremendously;

From improved relationships, you enhance your ability to become

Your energetic vibrations become more positive and hence, you
enhance your ability to attract more positive outcomes;

You enhance your ability to reach maximum potential, because you are
less inclined to putting yourself down;

You are able to honor your dreams;

You are better able to align with your higher purpose, thus leading
a more fulfilling life.


There is an early bird discount. For the initial launch, the price
has been reduced to US$17.00. The price discount is only available
until October 28, 2011 at 11:59 EDT.

Price: US$17.00

Opening Price Launch

Get Started Now

When you make a decision to love yourself, you are really saying that
you want to come alive. You accept that you are responsible for the
outcomes that you experience in your life and would like yourself to
shine from living a fulfilling life.

Hence, do not procrastinate any longer. It is possible to feel better
right away. Do not continue to allow your current negative self-talk
hijack your right to happiness. Learn how to break free from habitual
thought patterns and align with the loving part of you.

As the famous philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Most of
the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own
sunshine." Hence, consider stepping into the light by learning the
keys to loving yourself.

Shine from the soul always,


For all the priceless info, how much is the book going to cost you?
I'm pretty sure that the information contained within my ebook will be
helpful for your inward journey. If you apply the tips contained in my
book, chances are that you would understand more about creating a life
of abundance.

If you feel that my ebook has not benefited you in any way, simply
ask for a refund. Clickbank is the company that handles all the
transactions for this book. Should you need a refund, you simply
contact them at their website www.clickbank.com and provide your
transaction details. No questions will be asked.

Hence, there is virtually no risk to you.

P.S. Self-Love Secrets is priced at less than the cost of a therapy
session. It contains case studies that I have worked on with my
clients. It can save you money and headache in your search for answers
and personal transformation.

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