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A Snapshot Of Our Bet 365 Account In June 2011 Reveals £19,480.72 Generated So Far Using this powerful Technique!


Dear Betting Enthusiast,

Have you ever wondered if you could ever transform your current roller coaster betting into a steady, profitable platform?

By giving us just 2 Minutes Of Your Precious Time, We guarantee that you'll be rewarded with one of the most powerful Horse Racing Systems to date! We're going to show you just how easy it is to make a little go a long way in this billion pound industry.

100% guaranteed wins forever and ever and ever and We promise you that any amount of time spent going any further is NOT going to be wasted time on your part

Secondly, you are going to be sceptical, dubious and probably doubt 90% of what we have to say within the next few lines but I assure you that this is normal and I totally appreciate your concerns with the Sh!te that has been going around since online betting began.

You have had the misfortune of trying some of the trash that exists and I know you have sat their scratching your head asking yourself, how is this A Miracle? ... A Secret? or No Risk??? ..

Lets Not play Silly buggers! There is no "Secret Insider Knowledge" or "Mastermind Technology", Or " guaranteed daily 50/1 winning strategy" here. Just a simple but highy effective backing system that has worked repeatedly for years.

For years punters have been searching for an sure fire system with which to beat the bookmakers.
Whilst there is no such system, we believe that the Follower Shadow is the very next best thing.

Knowing when a horse is ready to win a race is a FANTASTIC EDGE. There are some quite simple and obvious signs that a horse must possess to Win. The superb secret formula and disciplined criteria contained within this system will assist you in pin pointing these signs.

The methods outlined in this system are easy to understand and implement. They are unlike any other This is a unique and original idea that has been developed and perfected over time.


This system focuses primarily on picking winning selections of value to produce consistant profits. When you use this system you will see just how simple it is to implement and how profitable too!

It can be used for all horse racing codes Flat, All Weather and National Hunt and at any time of year under any conditions. Selections can be found between 10-20 minutes depending on the amount of races on the day.

We want to add as much value to you as possible so we are offering the Follower shadow system to you as a both a system and service. Along with the system you will recieve the systems selections direct to your emails inbox everyday FOR LIFE!!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner at betting looking for a comfortable secondary income or if your or an expert punter looking for another tool to add to an already successfull betting portfolio.

Like most systems, you do not need to bet huge amounts of money and more importantly you do not need many winning races to make a profit using this system. The winner is the one who makes a profit off his or her bet by finding profitable bets. The follower shadow system dosent just find winners, It finds great value bets,

If you had any idea of the amount of money put down every day on UK horse racing you would know that on any given race, on any day, there are hundreds of thousands of pounds being wagered and thats per race and think about how many races there are on just one day!

With that being said, we can safetly come to the conclusion that Uk horse racing is a multi million pound business and for this business model to continue there has to be both winners and losers. There are more than enough losers each day to keep the bookies' pockets full!

One of the advantages of this system is that it can be used by anyone regardless of wherever you are in the world. All you have to do is find a bookmaker that permits betting on UK races and there are hundreds of them online.

Watch Below As We Make The Follower Shadow Selections In Real Time!

This system will teach those that are willing to learn all that is vital to make money from horse racing. It's all pretty straightforward and everything is explained in a step-by-step user and video guide. We have covered every single aspect that’s important to have a winning formula, you can see that from the results We obtain.

This system will tell you exactly which races to go for, how to extract ‘LIVE’, valuable information from the race cards in less than 20 minutes, what LIVE data is important to decision making and much more… within a few minutes.

You don't even have to bet during the day. You can use this system at whatever times suit you best, use it in the evenings before the days races or just at weekends for as many or as few races as you like and it will still work.

Of course, the more races you bet on and the higher your stakes, the more profit you will make, but it's entirely up to you. Its always best to start small and build your bank!

The fact that you even clicked through to read this letter today means you probably have far more savvy about achieving success from Horse racing than the average Punter right now…

Hundeds of punters just like decided to take action and now and we have watched they have almost effortlessly collected results.

The following testimonials are Emails from REAL Punters and their experience using the Follower Shadow system & selections.

At this point you are probably a little excited but still a little sceptical, and thats fine! After all, this is the first time we have met and and what We are showing you may look to some people to be 'too good to be true'.

We will be honest with you... If you are one of those people who have bayliffs knocking on your door everyday and is looking for some type of get rich quick scheme that will solve all your money worries in an instant, then this is definitely not for you.

Remember, you will need a small amount of money to get started with when you gain access to this system. No system on earth can promise 100% wins in horse racing, not even arbitrage betting is 100% guaranteed.

Lets Take a Look At The Follower Shadow Top Features:

You can begin using this today for just [£1](#order) FOR 7 FULL DAYS! If you like what you have experienced over this period you can continue using the system and receiving the selections and advice for just £7.95 monthly.

I think you'll agree that this is a tiny price to pay to gain access to one of the best betting systems online, that you can use as often as you like, for as long as you like. As a customer, you will also receive the system selections which will be sent to you via email when they become available.

You Get a 60 Day Unconditional, No Questions Asked Guarantee, so you can gain this system and selections now and for £1 then pay later when you decide its what you want!

Remember: As a Follower Shadow customer you will receive:

The Follower Shadow System Automated system selections sent to you via email everyday, Full 24/7 e-mail support for Life! from our team of racing experts
You will not be left out in the cold here. If you have any questions whatsoever, no matter how silly they may seem, you are welcome to e-mail us and one of our team members will always try to respond within 48 hours (usually within 24 hours)... even at weekends!

This is not limited to the first few months or year, but for Life! you will find that we can be very helpful indeed.

So It’s time to decide.

This is my final word to you, Just follow my simple and easy to follow directions, use the proven and tested System and you will soon be achieveing the kind of success you have always wanted! It really is that simple.



Your future is in your hands. You decide your own destiny. You can take the lead and jump on this opportunity, bringing about positive changes in your life.

I am sure we will meet inside.

P.S.: The Follwer Shadow System is an extraordinary system that blends static rules with live race course data. This could be a life changing opportunity for you.

P.S.S.: If the Follower Shadow System is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked. Thats a promise.

Q. What is the minimum staking bank that you would suggest with your system?

A. You can start with anything from £20 to £1,000. Whatever you can comfortably afford. Obviously a small stake will show much smaller profits than a larger pot. All you have to do is decide how much you can afford and then work out how much to bet per point. This is explained in much more detail in the Manual.

Q. Where do I place my bets?

A. You can use any high street or online bookmaker to place your bets. I recommend Bet 365 or Betfair

Q. How much time do I need to spend each day using this system?

A. The first few times you use the Follower Shadow System it will probably take you around Fifteen minutes a day to apply the techniques, find your selections and place your bets. However the learning curve for this system is swift and soon you will be using the system without having to refer to the maual which will halve the time. Remember: You can have the system selections sent to you everyday via email at no extra cost. Handy in situations where you dont have time to use the system or you dont have it with you. Just open your inbox and place the bets its that simple.

Q. Will I win every day?

A. No, it is unrealistic to expect to win everyday. There will be periods with lots of winners and periods with no winners. As long as you stick with the techniques and advised staking plan you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Q. How Many selections does the Follower Shadow find each Day?

A. Follower shadow finds between 1 to 4 selections each day depending on the number of qualifying races.

What other system seller do you know that is willing to show you live results every single day??



Your ELITE access is yours in the next few seconds. You will get INSTANT ACCESS to the The Follower Shadow System and you will receive your selections before 10am everyday. If you have any questions please email us at [Support@FollowerShadow.com](mailto:Support@FollowerShadow.com). You will be answered within 12-24 hours.

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