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I can already tell I don't like you.

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"Arrogant, Foul-Mouthed, Filthy Rich Jerk
Breaks His 6 Year Silence On How
He's Made Millions On The Internet"

From the Desk of a Filthy Rich Jerk
Tuesday, 4:42pm
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Dear Loser in Korschenbroich, 07,
Let's get something straight. I'm a jerk. I'm obnoxious. I'm mean. I'm nasty. And I'm lazy. But I don’t care, because I'm FILTHY RICH.

I'm much too important to even be sitting here writing
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Heard that before? See proof here: Rich Jerk Earnings
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Who the Hell is this "Rich Jerk"?

I’m the real deal. Whether you like it or not, you want

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proof do these losers have of their earnings? That they make

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I’m the guy you see driving down the street in a Ferrari

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And you know what? You’re right. But so what? Do you

really think I value your opinion? I’m a Rich Jerk,

so I couldn’t care less. I cut through the BS. If you

find me too offensive, obnoxious, or whatever….feel free

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Recent Rich Jerk Comment:


was extremely skeptical when I first went to the Rich Jerk webpage,

but I was converted within 2 or 3 pages of the program. In the month

after purchasing The Rich Jerk, I made more money than I did in the

six months previous."

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Lewis | Watch Video

Right about now, I feel a rant coming on about the “major”

marketing gurus (you know, the big name guys) you see all over

the internet and late night TV. The ONLY way these people make any money

is by selling their overpriced books and CD's full of mainstream

marketing ideas that you can learn from any marketing book in

the world. That’s it. These people are CORPORATIONS. They

are not trying to help you. They

have no “secrets”. It’s the same information

over and over again, repackaged differently by new “authors”

every year. These guys send you books and

binders with over 1,000 pages. They send you DVD's and audio

tapes with another 10 hours of material to review. No thanks.

I don't know about you but I'm lazy. I want simple answers

without all of the BS and filler. I want "here is EXACTLY how to make

money", and that's it. The mere thought of reading 1,000 pages

of marketing mumbo jumbo turns my stomach. Honestly, do you

think these people are going to tell you anything useful? Unless

you're a complete idiot, you're going to get the SAME info

you already know. We all know you need a website. I don't need

an 87 minute DVD to tell me that, or a 100 page chapter in a

book. We all know it's important to get people to visit your website.

I don't need another 120 minute audio tape and a 278 page supplemental

guide to tell me that. The bottom line is that having thousands

of pages, and dozens of hours of video and audio tapes doesn't make

a product worthwhile.

Unlike these idiots selling their latest money making “programs”,

I’m not even going to tell you my name, because I don’t

crave attention like they do. Those guys dream of doing seminars,

appearances, interviews, etc. I don’t do any of that crap.

They want to be famous to make mommy & daddy proud, or so that

the people who picked on them in high school will be jealous.

Who cares? I don’t want to be famous. I'm just a Rich Jerk, making millions

anonymously, and I like it that way. And I do it working just a few

hours per week.

Recent Rich Jerk Comment:


was skeptical at first, and then once I put the Rich Jerk techniques to use and

actually saw them work (there's more than one), I was able to make

some phenomenal money very quickly."

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Doyle | Watch Video


get to it.

So, what is it that I do to afford my ridiculous lifestyle? Well, over the past 6 years I've come up with a few amazingly effective strategies

for generating MONEY online. And the best part is, you don't need to know anything technical, you don't need to know how to make a website, and in many cases you don't even need a

website. All you need is a 6th grade education and willingness to follow simple instructions. Some of my strategies are actually so simple,

they're almost DEVIOUS.

I cover it all.

will show you EXACTLY how I make ALL of my money. And when

I say "exactly", I mean it.
I can say with 100% no-BS, when I show you my Rich Jerk strategies,

you will be angry that you didn’t think of them

yourself. Don't beat yourself up about it though. Not everyone is a genius like me. Besides, your anger will quickly turn to

gratitude once you realize what I've given you, and how it can change your life almost immediately.

If you don’t

have a website, that's no problem. You really don't even need one. But if you want one, I'LL GIVE YOU ONE, already set up to make money. If you can type,

use your mouse, and follow simple instructions, you can make money.
For beginners, my

ebook will put you YEARS ahead of where you should be. For

experts, I GUARANTEE that several of my strategies will blow

your mind. I've been doing this for over 6 years, and all I know

how to do is make money.

I’m even going to go one step further, and do the unthinkable.

I’m going to show you some of my current & former websites

that have made me millions. And no, I'm

not talking about the site you're on right now. One of my

simple sites made over $1 Million Dollars in just a few months,

and I didn't even have a product to ship. That’s right,

I'm actually going to show you some of my current and former

websites that have made me millions, using the exact Rich Jerk strategies

I will show you. One of them has been ranked # 1 in Google

for over 3 years for several of the most competitive keywords

and phrases on the planet. # 1 out of over 100 million results.

I obviously know what I'm doing.

Many times I make a site hugely profitable, then sell it to

the highest bidder so I can cash out and move on to the next project.

I get bored easily, and with the internet so volatile, I try to

sell my sites when I feel they are at their peak. I recently

sold a website that made me $1.4M in one year. Over

$900k in profit, and it had no product! I will show you the URL's of multiple sites

that have made me millions of dollars. I'll

show you the EXACT strategies I used to get them all so profitable,

the same strategies that I use for ALL of my websites. And

the best part is that ALL of my websites are 99% automated.

Recent Rich Jerk Comment:


Rich Jerk program is very simple; whether you are young or old, or you

don't have any education at all. The average person can take it and

learn from that one strategy and start making money very quickly. I

made over $2,400 in the first 30 days."

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Groom | Watch Video

I know what you're thinking...why would anyone who makes as much money

as I do go out and reveal all of their secrets?

Here are 3 reasons why I can confidently reveal my Rich Jerk strategies to


First of all, I'm obviously making a ton of money by selling my secrets.
Secondly, I actually enjoy helping LOSERS like you. I get a lot of satisfaction in taking people from rags to riches. When some idiot sends me his before and after picture, going from a beat up Hyundai to a new BMW, and he tells me he told his old boss to fu*k off, I feel like I've done my job.
Lastly, I'm so connected now it's ridiculous. I hang with other millionaires and prominent people at parties, clubs, and even

the Playboy Mansion. Now that I've made my fortune, I can leverage that into anything I want. The sky is the limit. So if you end up copying the websites I'm going to reveal to you, it doesn't matter.

So What am I Offering You?


offering you the EXACT SAME Rich Jerk strategies I have used to become

an online multi-millionaire. The same strategies

I still use to this day. Unlike those so-called gurus I mentioned

before, I’m not going to overwhelm you with pages

and pages of cookie-cutter marketing mumbo jumbo, just to

make my product look large and worthwhile. If you are looking

for an expensive sleep-aid, buy their program. If you want

to start making money TODAY, get mine.

In my Rich Jerk program, I cut to the chase with just over 60 easy-to-read pages

of my prime online money-making strategies, those that you

can begin using immediately. If

you can't make at least $10k/month with these techniques, there's something wrong with you. SERIOUSLY.

Even a lazy, high school educated jerk like me did it. And

I’m talking about just 5-10 hours of work per week MAX. And the best part is you'll never have to talk to anyone on the phone or in person.

I like that because I don't like dealing with idiots on a personal level.

Recent Rich Jerk Comment:


immediately implemented just a couple of the Rich Jerk techniques, and realized

immediate results in my own business to the tune of a 30% increase on

a monthly basis."

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Woolford Bales | Watch Video

What's Included in my Rich Jerk Program:

How to make money from the FREE website I'm going to give you.
How to make a killing even if you have no website, and no clue how to make one.

How to use Google Adwords to advertise your free website.
How to use Google Adsense to make even more money from your free website.

How to build your own list of email subscribers - and how to send them other offers that earn you money automatically.
How I had the # 1 ranking website in Google for

3 years, for terms such as "bad credit", "bad credit loans", and more. Over 100 million competitors couldn't beat me - Even

the big lending companies.
How to create your own ebook in just 2 days - with ZERO costs. And how to sell it online.
How to get affiliates to promote your ebook.
How to create your own eBay Powerseller business.

Examples of my current and former websites that have made me millions. Copy them if you want to, I don't care.
Free updates to my guide for life - it's already been updated over 100 times.
Access to my private members only forum, where over 30,000 other Rich Jerk users share ideas.
A FREE Money-Making website - I'll GIVE you one of my Rich Jerk cash producing websites.
So much other miscellaneous stuff, I'd be here all day.

A Few Additional Things You Should Know About My Rich Jerk Strategies:

You DO NOT need to know how to make a website. I'll GIVE you a free website.
My Rich Jerk strategies are especially useful for making money from your FREE website, and also for selling other informational

products, digital downloads, or access to members only websites. Yet, several techniques also

apply to just about any industry online.
I'm not going to waste your time with general marketing

info that you can find anywhere. EVERYTHING you need to succeed

like me is included in my ebook. Nothing more, nothing less.

Face it....if you want to be rich like me, this is your chance.

Think about your current situation. Are you satisfied being

a total loser? If so, move on. If not, order my program NOW.

It's as simple as that. I'm not going to beg you to order,

because the fact is, you need me more than I need you. I'm

already rich. You're not.

Whatever you decide, I'll be sipping martinis by the pool.

And by the way, if you do happen to see me out in the real world, do me

a favor and don't talk to me. I'm far too

rich and important to be seen with you.

To Being Obnoxious, Filthy Rich, and Disgustingly Good-Looking,

Preview the Table of Contents in my Rich Jerk Guide.



All Rich Jerk customers get a FREE Money-Making website valued at over $1,000.



All Rich Jerk customers get access to the Rich Jerk's private forum.

Over 30,000 active members have

contributed thousands of tips & tricks.


Ordering Info:

To order the Rich Jerk Program today and gain access to the

unorthodox money-making strategies of one the most successful

internet marketers in the world, click on the link below to

order. You will receive INSTANT access to

the program, which can be downloaded as an eBook, direct to

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is a ridiculously low price of just $37.

And there's even a 60 day money back guarantee to any loser

who can't figure out how to make money with the program.

Try my

Rich Jerk strategies for up to 60 days. If you aren't successful, I'll

tell you that you are in the wrong profession, I'll question

your IQ, but I'll also give you a 100% refund. You'll even get to keep your free website, valued at over $1,000.

IT'S DECISION TIME: $37 is a ridiculously low price for this life-changing

information. I feel like I'm practically giving you the

keys to the kingdom here. I've already done all of the hard work, and now all you have to do is follow simple instructions.

That is why I reserve the right to increase this price at any time.

I have sold my Rich Jerk program very successfully at $49.95, and even for quite a while at $199, so don't

be surprised if you return and see it back at a higher price. I'm planning on increasing the price in the next few days, so to lock in the low price you

need to order TODAY,

var mydate=new Date()

var year=mydate.getYear()

if (year < 1000)


var day=mydate.getDay()

var month=mydate.getMonth()

var daym=mydate.getDate()

if (daym

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function verify_checkbox2() {
var cb = new getObj('verify_checkbox2');
if (cb.obj.checked) {
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} else {
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ORDER NOW - Go To My Secure Order Form

*NOTE* - If you can't pay by credit card, Paypal or e-check through the link above,
you can contact us here to arrange another payment method.

Recent Rich Jerk Comment:


applying a couple of the strategies within The Rich Jerk's materials,

I was able to instantly increase my income by $10,000 per month. I expect

to make millions of dollars in additional profits from my business because

of the techniques I've learned and applied from The Rich Jerk materials.&quot;

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Evans | Watch Video

What are you doing reading down here? Didn&#8217;t you order

yet?......Oh, you must be one of those idiots thinking my

program still sounds too good to be true. Well, if you aren't

convinced, I don't really give a s#@%*. Go ahead and keep making

your measly couple of grand every month, or whatever pathetic

amount you make. When you're fed up with being a loser, you'll be back. You&#8217;ve

seen proof that I make millions. You&#8217;ve seen that I

tell it like it is, without all the BS. You&#8217;ve seen

that I&#8217;m a Rich Jerk with nothing to lose. You've even

seen that I offer a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you

aren't ready to order, you don't even deserve to be on my

site. Go away NOW.


make the smart move and begin making money TODAY by ordering



- Anyone who distributes illegal copies of our Rich Jerk book,

or uses our trademarked/copyrighted Rich Jerk text and/or images

without permission will be reported to their billing and/or hosting company, and any other related

companies for account closure. We will follow

with a federal copyright infringement lawsuit in accordance

with the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). To date we have successfully prosecuted 12 parties.

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