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because Today's Youth Are Tomorrow's Leaders

Great Quotes:

We want the youth of today to know that it is fun and enjoyable to live the standards of the Church and not feel that it is just a burden.

~Gordon B. Hinckley



This week's topics
The Divine Gift of GratitudeEconomic recession fears? Protect yourself. Is Democracy the Voice of God?Do Our Children have an Entitlement problem? Here's the cure.

According to the Center for Addictions and Substance Abuse, children who eat dinner with their families
Abuse drugs less Are Healthier Do better in school
Join the Dinner talk tradition and
Provide wholesome, stimulating conversationEnjoy more peace of mindWatch your young adults not only survive, but become leaders and thrive—even after they go to college Pass on a legacy that will bless generations to come
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American Culture Dinner Talk Journal:

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Comments on the American Culture Dinner Talk Series
I've been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.My ladies group talked about this for an hour and a half last night, and I had two emails this morning about it. It's a hot topic. 
Possibly the most influential blog on the web. 





Studies show that strong parental example weakens negative peer influence. Your children crave loving interaction with you. The more they interact with positive adult role models, the more they will act like mature, responsible adults themselves, and the less they will be influenced by confused, unhappy peers. Treat them as you would like to be treated—-they will reciprocate the respect they feel from you, and flourish.

History—a treasury of epic stories, connects them with their heritage of liberty. Parables teach character education without preaching. Current events show the consequences of right and wrong choices.

For pennies per day, the American Culture Dinner Talk Journal ((Character Education Guide) provides

           ♥  Fresh dinner topics every business day

           ♥  Current events in a Judeo-Christian worldview

           ♥  Educational, inspirational content


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