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If you’re trying to build a strong presence on Twitter you need to read this page because…

"...The Twitter Tools Book can help you build a powerful following, skyrocket your influence, and use Twitter to become an online success!"

If you want to learn how to become a Twitter Guru so that you can infuse your brand with influence you have come to the right page...

...My name is Garin Kilpatrick (@GarinKilpatrick) and I have been helping people use Twitter to achieve online success since Twitter was just a baby...

...The businesses and individuals I have worked with now have thousands more followers and more social media influence than ever, and they use this influence to drive more traffic, spread their messages far and wide, and make more money.

The secret to the Twitter successes I have been able to help create comes from the networks of thousands of followers I have helped build by teaching others how to use Twitter Tools in a powerful way…

It all started when my cousin Luke convinced me to join Twitter...

After meeting some new friends I noticed that one of the first questions they asked was "What is your Twitter name?" and I was glad I took Luke's advice...

...at first I was just having fun and wanted to see what would happen if I followed a few hundred people. So I started clicking around and following some cool people…

…many of these people followed me back and before long I had a few hundred followers!

With new followers on board, I started getting retweeted more often, and all of a sudden Twitter was much more interesting.

I had to leave California all too soon, but my new found fascination with Twitter remained...

...I started tracking my daily growth, and spent some time every day researching new ways to build more followers...

After months of trying different techniques for finding more followers I developed a proven Formula for success...

...and I call this The Twitter Follower Formula. I’ll share it with you now:

What this formula means is:

Current Follows – Stale Follows + Fresh Follows

= More Followers

The formula is simple, and it works.

Current Follows (CF) are the people you are currently following...

The fastest way to get more people to follow you on Twitter is to follow them first...

...Following others first is how I have connected with most of my over 53,000 followers (across 2 accounts)...

...Not everyone will follow back, but not to worry, those who do not follow back can be quickly unfollowed with the right Twitter Tools...

Twitter Tools such as Tweepi and Untweeps make it easy to see who has not tweeted recently, and who is not following you back. These are Stale Follows (SF).

When it comes to finding Fresh Follows (FF), there is a free tool called TweepML that allows you to follow everyone in a Twitter list at once, up to 500 people at once...

Don't follow just anyone, the more you can target high quality people who have shared interests with you, the more of these people will retweet you and follow you back...

...Thousands of lists are organized in a Twitter list directory called Listorious. Lists combined with Twitter analysis and automation tools are a highly effective way to connect with hundreds of relevant people at once...

...The more often you remove the Stale Follows and replace them with highly relevant Fresh Followers the More Followers (MF) you will achieve...

...followers are extremely helpful.

Let’s say you have a question you need help with...whatever your question might be, with thousands of followers waiting in the wings some are bound to have a great answer for you:

Remember: it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know…and what they know. :)

The right Twitter Tools makes building a strong presence on Twitter easy, fun, and effective...

A strong following on Twitter gives others proof that you know what you are talking about when it comes to social media. This social proof can help you land a job, and get respect as a Twitter "Guru."

Read The Twitter Tools Book and put these smart social media strategies to work for you.

Here’s what The Twitter Tools Book will do for you:

Help you get off to an amazing start on Twitter

Teach you how to use Twitter Tools to build an army of followers

Show you how to share content on Twitter so that it has the best chance of getting retweeted and going viral

Help you become a Twitter Guru

Teach you the best places and strategies to promote your Twitter brand

Help you learn how Twitter can help you get hired by businesses hungry to snap up social media talent

Teach you exactly how to harness the power of Twitter and learn to master Twitter Tools

With The Twitter Tools Book you will have the knowledge you need to make your Twitter brand an awesome success!

Twitter has been essential for me building my online brand, establishing amazing relationships with talented people, and helping me launch my career in a powerful way.

The Twitter Tools Book can help you achieve similar success, Guaranteed.

Here’s what to do now:

Buy yourself a copy of The Twitter Tools Book and get the following 3 bonuses FREE:

Bonus #1 - The Twitter Follower Formula. ($49 Value)

This report by itself is well worth the price of the book.

Bonus #2 - Twitter Tools for Business ($49 Value)

Bonus #3 - Lifetime Access to TwttrBook.com/members ($50 Value)

(An exclusive Members Only section of the Twitter Tools Book website)

The members site is full of Twitter Videos that will show you how to get more followers, use popular Twitter Tools, and more!

The bonus material above is worth $148, but these bonuses are yours for FREE when you The Twitter Tools Book today.

This bonus package will be available for a limited time only, so act now!

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

When you buy The Twitter Tools Book you will receive a 60 day no risk, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you are not entirely happy for any reason just let me know and I will refund your purchase immediately.

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.PDF copy of The Twitter Tools Book

+ The Twitter Tools Audio Book (17 .mp3s)

+ The Twitter Follower Formula .pdf Report

+ Twitter Tools for Business .pdf Report

+ Lifetime Access to The Twitter Tools Book Membership Site

[Only $39.95](http://1.g2341.pay.ClickBank.net)



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If you have any questions at all about The Twitter Tools Book contact: Garin@GarinKilpatrick.com

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