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Janice Harpier presents...

"Dealing With Grief"...

The Secrets of coping with grief, keeping 
control of your life and looking after others...

... Without Letting The Grief Take Over And

 Leaving You With Lifelong Scars.”

Grief is natural. It helps us heal mentally and emotionally.
Whatever life can throw at us, grief is there to protect us from long term damage, and carries us through the immediate pain.
But there's a hidden problem with grief...

It can quickly become a problem in itself.
Things like mental and physical exhaustion, depression and anxiety, withdrawal from life in general, impulsive and irrational behaviour, or even total denial...
...these are all things which may start off seeming "part of the process" but soon become an entirely new problem in their own right.
Of course it's normal to feel a range of emotions and yes, it will be very hard to cope with any kind of death of a friend or relative...
... but there is a point where the grief can end up spoiling lives too.
And that could be you, or your child, or your closest friend.
Sadly, grief is part of life. But just like any other kind of pain or discomfort, lots of research and work has gone into coping strategies and techniques to help people through it.
Now I'd like to show you something which reveals the secrets of handling grief in the best possible way, so that it can not only heal you...
... but prevent the grief from taking over your life for good.

And that's important, because...

Your Grief Could End Up Killing You Inside...

As I've already mentioned, grief is a powerful and essential healing process. However, it can also take over your life and have long term damaging repercussions for many people.

It depends on the type of situation that causes the grief, but it also depends on the person experiencing the grief.

Either way, there are certain signs when your grief could be spiralling out of control and could end up causing long term damage, such as:
      Depression       Anxiety      Withdrawal      Denial      Disorientation    Anger and resentment
However, the problem and confusion is... simply having these symptoms doesn't mean you're not coping normally.

Therefore, it can be hard to tell whether you are coping as well as you could be, or whether you are heading for more troubled times ahead.

So the ultimate question is...

How Do You Deal With Grief Before It's Too Late?

The answer to this question has been sought after by almost every person that has experienced grief in the past.

Grief can cause all kinds of disruptions in life both short and long term. Even though we should grieve, we also know that we need to be able to cope with daily life too.

After all, many of us are left carrying the torch alone. Many more of us have to take control of more responsibilities, financial burdens, relationships, family life...
... so it's not just emotions we need to be able to handle as best we can, it's a wide range of problems that often seem impossible to deal with when grief takes over our bodies and minds.
When does it become too much? When should we reach out? When is the grief causing more problems than it is healing?

Sadly, the answers to these questions are often kept from most people. But why?

Well, here's one major reason...

They Don't Teach This Stuff In Schools, And As A

Result, Most People Never Know How To Cope

It amazes me that this vital information is not yet common knowledge. It's certainly not a core part of education.

Some people might argue that "this isn't something you can simply learn." But I disagree...

You see, although you can't learn to ignore or avoid grief... or even know how you're going to feel before it happens...

... the truth is there are lots of specific ways to cope with grief that have been proven time and time again to help in very powerful ways.

These are methods that have been discovered over many years of suffering, and have cost many tears and destroyed lives to find out a better way.

But the important thing to remember is, over the years, us humans have discovered life changing ways to understand, deal with and ultimately get through grief without letting grief actually take the best of us in return.

In other words, we've found ways to handle grief and loss without taking more scars and mental wounds than we need to.

In fact, we've even found ways of turning grief into such a positive and healing process, that it can be enlightening and even a joyful experience at times.

I know it doesn't seem like it right now, and is hard to believe...

... but keep reading, because I'm about to show you where to find these coping strategies and techniques for yourself.


"Dealing With Grief"

“How To Let Grief Heal You, But Not Scar You...”

This guide covers a wide range of issues that grief causes, and shows you how to actually cope with grief itself too.

You see, grief comes in all kinds of guises, and dealing with it involves so much more than holding back the tears or trying to cope with feeling lonely.

First, we need to fully understand it.

Then we need to know how others deal with it.

Then we need to know how to cope in a range of different grieving situations, from the loss of a parent, to a child, to a friend, and even to a pet.

We also need to know how to help others that are grieving, as we are never alone in our sadness. Support is vital in this difficult time.

And then we need to know how to take care of ourselves, physically and mentally, so that we don't become victims of the grief itself.

And what about the formalities? Funerals, Eulogies, seeking counselling, preserving your best memories, and finally... moving on when you're ready.

All of these things are obstacles and challenges when it comes to dealing with sadness and loss, and ultimately, trying to cope with grief.

This guide walks you through each vital step and gives you practical advice on how to cope with the multitude of emotional, physical and interpersonal problems that loss and grief causes.

In other words...

This Is Your Roadmap To Recovery...

One Step At A Time

After all, support is what gets us through. And for many of us, we find the best kind of support comes in the form of guidance.

Being led the way by others who have been in our situation, felt similar pain, and over the years, found ways to deal with this difficult time...

... so they can hold onto what they have still got, and remain healthy in the mind and body as the grief passes.

In This Guide, I Want To Share Some Of My Most Supportive Advice On Coping With Grief...

I want to share the things which many other people have found to be useful and soothing in this difficult time. Things which can protect you from further emotional and physical pain, and help you heal safely, such as...

 How to understand what grief really is
 How others cope, and what seems to work really well
 What's happening to my body? A guide to the physical effects of grief... and when  you need to take action
 How and why different methods of dealing with grief matter and work so well,  depending on the person you've lost Coping with the loss of a child, parent, elderly relative, or spouse  How to cope with an early, premature death

 What happens when you feel nothing? The common and less common reactions  explained  Ways to cope with losing a beloved pet  Making sure the children get through this in the best possible way  How to comfort others, and deal with loss in the workplace  The best way to provide sensitive, caring support to others to help them through  the grief (and what you must avoiding saying and doing at all costs)  Looking after yourself... should you be feeling this way? Are you getting better  or getting worse? The answers are all here  How do you cope with suicide? A special section has been dedicated to this very  traumatic aspect of loss  Making the memories last... how to preserve the good ones, and avoid dwelling  on the bad ones

 Funerals, Eulogies, and other formalities explained... the kind of things they don't  teach you in school Dozens of long term healing tips and strategies, from early grief to years later...  including finding outside support and getting your life back on track, through to sentimental touches and other powerful coping strategies
And really, there's just so much more inside.

And here's the thing...

Using This Guide, You Can Hold Onto What You've Still Got... And Never Let Go Of What You've Lost

The biggest problem with grief, is that you have to balance the tough act of trying to stay on track in life and keep positive and put the past behind you...

... and on the other hand, you don't want to feel like you've put the person you have lost out of the picture.

This information allows you to cope in a healthy and balanced way, so that you can deal with the immediate pain of grief in the best possible way...

... but also hold onto what you've still got in your life, such as friends and family, a good job, a positive mental attitude, and so on.

Sadly, many people who experience grief find these things slip away from them, through no fault of their own.

The grief takes a firm grip over their emotions and physical state, and it can be very hard to break free from it.

But that doesn't have to be you. This guide will help to prevent any overbearing feelings of grief ruining the rest of your life.

Instead, it will show you the way to a normal, healthy and healing way of grieving at your own pace... with friends and family by your side, and support at every turn.

Even the smallest tips contained inside can do wonders for your daily state of mind and mood, and when you add up all the chapters, it becomes a solid backbone of support during your time of grief and sadness.

And that means...

Finally You Will Be Able To...
Let grief heal you naturally, but without it taking over your life   Get through each day without the pressures of daily life overpowering you Slowly go from pain and anxiety to a place of warm memories and happy reflection (knowing that it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all) Make sure you, your children and your friends get through this time safely... financially, physically, mentally and emotionally
When you put it all together, it's safe to say...

This Is What They Should Be Teaching In Schools...

Many people spend years trying to cope with grief, because they have no guidance and support.

That's why I truly believe this information should be compulsory learning. After all, everybody needs to know how to cope with grief sooner or later and if you're not prepared, then grief can cause serious damage in your life.

Sadly, this information is not as commonly known as you might think. It's certainly not easily available in one single and convenient location.

That's one more reason I decided to put this guide together for you...

... to save you the time and hassle of trying to piece this valuable information together for yourself.

After all, the last thing you want or need is extra tasks or hurdles to jump over. Like most people, you simply want the guidance and support to get through this period of grief.

So Why Not Let This Guide Be One More Helping Hand To Get You Through This Difficult Time?


When you get your copy today, you will get instant access. Why? Because I do not want you to have to wait days or even weeks for this to reach you.

You need this now, not next week, or next month.

That's why I've set this up so that you can access this guide to coping with grief today... Literally within the next couple of minutes.


How To Cope With The Pain Of Losing A Loved One



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Here's How To Access The Guide:

Once you purchase, you'll be given instant access to all of the advice and supportive material within seconds.

It's all available to download and even print off if you prefer, so you'll have instant access and no days of waiting for a delivery.

That Means You Can Start Coping With Grief TODAY... And Recover Far More Quickly Tomorrow

Of course, you don't want or need to rush the grieving process. But you do need the right support and guidance, and a way to make sure you do recover as soon as naturally possible.

That's what this guide is designed for, and will do for you.

The investment in this guide is just $37. And to make sure you're entirely happy with this information, I would like to offer you...

   My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I know that it can be hard to decide whether the information is worth the money spent on it, and there's really no way I can prove the quality of this guide until you take your copy and see for yourself.

That's why I'd like to offer you my 100%, 60 day risk free trial of this exclusive guide to coping with grief.

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you're not totally delighted with the way this guide can help you cope with and overcome life changing grief, then I don't expect you to pay a single penny for it.

Just email me with your request for a refund, and it will be honoured on the spot. No hassles, no questions asked (apart from a proof of purchase, which I'll show you how to find.)

Here's How To Get Instant Access:


"Dealing With Grief"
How To Cope With The Pain Of Losing A Loved One


Checkout securely via ClickBank

(All you need is a credit card, no special Internet accounts or anything like that. And it's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Instant download access

You can be reading this e-book in as little as 5 minutes from now!
This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash!
Produced in .pdf format and available for instant download.
Delivery time will vary depending on the type and quality of your computer equipment and internet connection

Best Wishes

Janice Harpier

PS - I know that it can be hard to make decisions on these kinds of investments, even at the best of times... but I also know that investing in this guide will help you through the worst of your grief, and will also show you a way to recover naturally and safely... healing the mental scars and leaving good memories for the rest of your life.

Remember, this is not a guide which tries to tell you that grieving is wrong or that you need to "snap out of it." Far from it.

In fact, this guide shows you how to really get inside your grief so that you can not only understand it, but also take back control and make sure it doesn't ruin the rest of your life that is still yours to enjoy and cherish when you're ready.

Everything from understanding the basic coping methods, to dealing with formalities, to moving forwards with a healthy mind... it's all inside this one of a kind guide to dealing with grief.

Order your copy today, and you'll receive instant access to the guide right now.

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