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WARNING:- Not for Newbies!

Ever since the Dawn of Social Media Networking,

there has been a "Holy Grail"

How to always be in the conversation?
The Golden Tweet Ratio
Do you want to use Social Media Networking sites like Twitter or Facebook, to market yourself, your product or service? When the Golden Tweet Ratio principles are applied to social media networking sites, it effectively carves a niche into your clients screen real estate .
The Golden Tweet Ratio

Will give you the power to dominate

the Social Media Real Estate

of your connections, friends and followers!

Which effectively means “staying within the top 5 posts”.

 "Originally we wanted to create a way of “on going” delivery of news and information to the clients screen, while they’re still engaged in other social media conversations and activities. "Always be in the conversation". so to speak. In the process we’ve stumbled upon a number that keeps repeating itself in the social media landscape. where ever we looked, it was there. However we crunched the numbers it remained constant."- Dr Kurt Fressenburg, Mathematics Consultant

Just like the Golden Mean -
The Mandelbrot Set -
& the Pythagorean theorum -

The Golden Tweet Ratio

Is just as Simple, just as magical.

It's been waiting for the right time,

to launch into the future,

Into the Here & Now.

Into the Era of

CyberSocial Cloud Computing.

The Golden Tweet Ratio

[$12.97 ](http://1.dark45.pay.clickbank.net)[& is available ](http://1.dark45.pay.clickbank.net)[for immediate download. ](http://1.dark45.pay.clickbank.net)

[Click Here For Instant Download](http://1.dark45.pay.clickbank.net)

(Download time about 2.5 mins)

Nothing more to buy, No software to download

Everything you need is in The Golden Tweet Ratio e-book.

Simple step by step users guide and chart.The Golden Tweet Ratio is as simple as it is powerful.

No recurring costs, put the The Golden Tweet Ratio to use immediatly.

Leverage and profit from social media.

Remember, the money is in the Ratio.

The Golden Tweet Ratio

Are You Interested?

If you use New Social Media Networks to market or brand anything, You should be !

The Golden Tweet Ratio was born from the fabric of mathematics and has the ability to revolutionise the way your business is seen across the "Social Media Landscape". With the ability to keep your information and conversations on your clients screen all the time. With The Golden Tweet Ratio. you can Always be in the Conversation. I think your going to be pleasantly surprised. I hope you like it? I do.

Kind Regards

Paul Roussakis

[ ](http://eyemakeart.com)

[@proussakis](hyyp://twitter.com/proussakis) CEO [Downloadablewealth.com](index.html), [Eyemakeart.com](http://eyemakeart.com)

The Golden Tweet Ratio

[Instantly downloadable E-Book in PDF format](http://1.dark45.pay.clickbank.net)[ $12.97 ](http://1.dark45.pay.clickbank.net)

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