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Sales Letter - How To Write An Effective Letter -

Copywriter Stumbles On Forgotten Treasure-Chest of Million-Dollar
Ads and Control Pieces and Grants FULL Permission To Plagiarize
Lok, The World's #1 Website Conversion Expert™
if you don't have a creative bone in your body, it's now easier
than ever to simply plug your sales message into a proven, red-hot
professionally-written sales letter and get it delivered in
a hurry to your customers and prospects…
paying one red cent to an expensive copywriter!
that in the period of time that it takes you to write out your
monthly bills; you could instead whip out a powerful sales letter
that will generate hundreds or thousands of dollars for your
think - no more cold-calling grunt work.
more placing the future of your business in the shaky hands
of a bumbling and expensive sales force…
you'll be sitting back, relaxed - savoring the thrill of having
qualified, interested prospects contacting you - ready
to give you money… instead of your competitors.
powerful, proven sales letter will do all of this:
will find hot prospects, overcome their objections, sell
them on doing business with you, and lead them to your door
like a trusty dog bringing a newspaper to his master's feet.

best of all, a winning sales letter will bring money to your
bank account day-in-day-out, with NO complaining, NO vacations
and NO asking for a raise!
an Arsenal of Profit-Producing Sales Letters for Your Small
Business Is Not an Option - It's CRITICAL for Your Very Survival
no debating the issue. A small business with limited cash
flow cannot survive in today's dog-eat-dog competitive
marketplace with ineffective 'image advertising' that just sits
there like a bump on a pickle - not generating any leads or
sales for your business.
is of the essence - your business needs sales NOW. You don't
have the time or the cash to mess around with ads that don't
work, or salespeople who don't sell.
why the effective sales letter is a "God-Send" to
the small business owner - and is the very foundation of all
successful marketing. There is simply nothing more powerful
than the ability to put a well-written sales message in front
of a targeted prospect and have them "raise their hand"
and say "I'm interested". Nothing. That's leverage.
It's what turns small, fledgling "teetering on the brink
of financial collapse" businesses into competition-crushing,
flush-with-cash, millionaire-producing empires!
Writing a Profit-Producing Sales Letter On Your Own from Scratch
is Harder Than Chinese Arithmetic!
a busy entrepreneur, if you've ever tried to sit down at a blank
screen and write a sales letter for your business, there's no
doubt that you've found the process frustratingly time-consuming
and difficult.
make matters worse, if you've sought out help from all those
thick copywriting books, boring CD's, and expensive seminars,
you've rolled your eyes at all the technical sales copywriting
'hoo-doo' about using 'hypnotizing phrases', 'psychological
triggers' and 'forbidden tactics'.
have a business to run. Who has time to learn all that
Could Hire a Professional Copywriter… If You Have
a TON of Extra Cash and Time to Wait
you've made the mistake of hiring some broke college kid with
a minor in 'creative writing' to write your sales letters for
you, undoubtedly you've felt the bitter sting of knowing that
you've just subsidized the Postmaster's Caribbean Vacation while
seeing NO return on your investment.
this has caused you to look into hiring a professional sales
copywriter (the kind who can actually put those 'hypnotizing
phrases' down on paper and make your phone ring). But chances
are good if you do this that you'll suffer serious sticker shock!
It's not uncommon for really good copywriters to get paid $3000
or more just to write one letter.
even if you can afford their outrageous fees, you were told
to get in line and wait so they could fit you in some time in
the next three to six months. Who has time to wait? You need
sales TODAY!
You Can Legally Rip-Off TWO of the World's Highest-Paid Copywriters
Steal Their Multi-Million Dollar Producing Sales Letters **WORD
FOR WORD** And Put Your Business on the Short-Track to Higher
Sales and Profits in Record Time - GUARANTEED
name is Dan Lok, and I'm going to tell you about an exciting
new way for ANYONE from ANY type of business to simply plug
their sales message into proven, million-dollar producing sales
letters and see their sales skyrocket!
should know…the letters I'm going to show you were written
by me and my own personal mentor, "Mr. X" - and we
have the million-dollar results to prove that these letters
will work for you, too.

those silly, fill-in-the-blank, "templates" out
there being pawned off as "winning" sales letters
(when they're actually just generic-looking, run-of-the-mill
sales pieces that might work "in theory"..?),
"Long Long Sales Letters" is a huge collection
of actual winning sales letters that have been mailed,
tweaked for response, mailed again and closely monitored
to ensure that every single one of them produced HUGE
returns-on-investment for real businesses just like

a moment I'll show you by example how you can quickly and easily
use these proven masterpieces to explode your business, but
first let me share a little of bit of my story
and how these letters (once thought to have disappeared) came
into existence:
Amazing TRUE Story of the Immigrant Copywriter Who Wrote Copy
for Food And the Slave-Driving "Mr. X" Who Used and
Abused Him
I was just 14 years old, I moved to North America from Hong
Kong. I flunked English in High School and even flunked out
of college! Out of sheer desperation I kicked off my copywriting
career at the age of 19. Most potential clients at that time
didn't believe that I could write great copy since my "spoken
word" English wasn't that great.
to get work, I told them that if my sales letters didn't
turn a profit, they didn't have to pay me! So, in other
words, either my sales letters got results or I would starve
to death!
while I was still writing "copy for food", I happened
to meet a top-gun copywriter who was responsible for millions
upon millions of dollars of sales for both his clients
and for many of his own businesses that flourished under his
marketing expertise - we'll call him "Mr. X".
case you're wondering, this gentleman was (and still is) a veteran
world-class copywriting "commando". He's the magic
behind some of the hottest, and most notoriously profitable
sales letters and ads ever to be unleashed onto the market.

Mr. X: Thank you very much... It was timely, informative,
and much needed by me. I have already had a meeting
with my two partners and we have gone over some of
the new information gained. Tomorrow, we spend another
two hours together discussing the changes we will
be making as a result of your course!”
Robert Kiyosaki
Bestselling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and the
Popular Rich Dad Series of Books

“I have known and done business with Mr. X for
many years, and frankly learned things about “membership
marketing” from him that guided my business
development. Every time I have done a deal with Mr.
X, I have always made money. Unlike most people I
have worked with, he takes action and takes risk.
In fact, I have included 3 of his letters in my
copywriting course.”
Dan Kennedy
#1 Marketing Guru in the World and author of 12
books including the NO B.S. Book series.

X's real estate investment network is the best
real estate networking group I've come across in all
my years of speaking across North America…
And this even includes the groups I've started! If
you're even a little bit curious about real estate,
I recommend joining immediately."
Robert Allen
'America's #1 Millionaire Maker'
Bestselling Author of "Nothing Down for the
2000s" and "Multiple Streams of Income"

to Raymond

worked with Mr. X for over 16 years on direct mail,
endorsement mailings and space ads. Even though
Mr. X rarely writes a sales letter anymore…
I keep on begging and hoping that he'll write ONE
more sales letter just for me. Quite simply, Mr.
X is the best marketer and copywriter I've ever
Raymond Aaron
Canada's #1 Business & Investment Coach
Co-Author, Chicken Soup For The Canadian Soul
Co-Author, Chicken Soup For The Parents Soul

see, even though Mr. X is a veteran top-gun copywriter and marketer...
and... someone who consistently drags in MILLIONS of dollars
for his clients' and himself... he shys away from publicity.
Loathes the "celebrity" limelight.
truly a "behind the scenes" kinda guy who revels in
his aura of mystery.

unless you're already on the "inside" at the upper
echelons of the elite copywriting world... it's highly unlikely
you'll know his name if I were to tell you.

for the few of us who have got to know him... he is something
of a... Hidden Trade Secret!

pull back the curtain and give you a quick glimpse as to the
identity of Mr. X, you may be interested to know:

an entrepreneur, marketer and copywriter who has built several
MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR businesses "from-the-ground-up"
through the devastatingly effective power of his "salesmanship-in-print".
(He built the largest real estate investment network in North

also the "secret weapon" copywriter and marketer that
some of the most famous and richest business leaders and marketers
in the world - (including Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Ron
LeGrand, Michael Gerber, Harry Dent, Ted Thomas, Robert Allen,
Raymond Aaron, and many more) - "go running to" when
they're in a fix and demand an immediate marketing solution.

the opportunity to learn under a master copywriter and entrepreneur
like Mr. X, I begged, pleaded and basically made a complete
pest of myself until he agreed to let me be his apprentice!

proceeded was the rudest awakening I could imagine.
X Treated Me like Dirt...
months and months I slaved away writing letters for him just
to have him throw them back at me, telling me "you're not
trying hard enough" and "that's not gonna cut it".
"Rewrite it." And back to the drawing board I would
once he finally got a piece that he thought was ready, it would
be mailed to highly-targeted lists of prospects and tested for
response. Sometimes the response was phenomenal - sometimes
it sucked.
headline, subheadline, bullet, offer, guarantee, and P.S., were
then examined with "under-the-microscope-intensity"
to pull the maximum response humanly possible.
as this "slavery" continued, I slowly began to learn
what it took to write the type of world-class words that make
people want to do business with you and send you money…
Mr. X and I wrote sales copy that generated over $3 Million
Dollars in sales in less than 14 months…
the past 7 years, I've went on to become a self-made multi-millionaire,
thanks to my copywriting abilities that were forged in this
critical time under the watchful eye of "Mr. X".
don't believe me…
What Just a Few Mega-Successful Entrepreneurs Have Said About

to Frank

Lok is to copywriting and marketing what Tiger Woods
is to golf, or Donald Trump is to Real Estate!
I have never seen anyone write with such impact.
He has an extraordinary way of capturing people's
attention through the written word. Dan knows
writing AND he knows marketing.
importantly, he is a man who can do exactly what
he says he can do, do it exactly when he says he
will - and do it with absolute integrity and
honesty. If you want to Make It BIG in business,
Dan Lok is your man. He has my highest recommendation."
"The World's Premier Creator of Oceanfront Multi-Million
Dollar Estate Homes"
Best-Selling Author, "Make It BIG!"
Reality TV Show Star And Producer of "The Maverick"
like Donald Trump and Rich DeVos have endorsed
Mr. McKinney.

to Jay

Lok tells you critical marketing facts that would
take years to learn in the real world. He pulls
no punches as he shows you clearly how to seriously
increase your profits while sidestepping the
many mistakes made by ordinary marketers.

Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books
Over 14 million sold; now in 39 languages

you'd like to create a huge, electrifying surge
in your cash flow, hire Dan Lok! Dan is a walking
encyclopedia on marketing and selling online.
I highly recommend him and his services!"

Vitale, world famous copywriter, best-selling author
of the most influential books on marketing Spiritual
Marketing, and Hypnotic Writing, and founder of
the renowned The Hypnotic Marketing Institute.

to Ewen

I need marketing advice for my projects, I always
talk to Dan Lok. He is one of the sharpest marketing
minds on the planet! Dan always cuts right through
all the theoretical nonsense and gives me a ton
of practical and no BS suggestions."
Internet Marketing Expert
Author, "Resale Rights Secrets"

to Mike

Lok is a marketing genius, a world-class copywriter
and an incredibly savvy entrepreneur. Get
his products, get his coaching, get whatever you
can from him, you'll be totally glad you
Co-Author #1 International Best-Seller "Conversations
with Millionaires"
Networking Times Magazine calls him "A modern
day Napoleon Hill"

You Can Catapult Your Profits into the Stratosphere with the
Exact Same Multi-Million-Dollar Producing Letters that I Slaved
Away To Write with "Mr. X"
been a crazy seven years since those formative days with Mr.
X, so in the busy-ness of my day-to-day life since that time,
I had all but forgotten about the hundreds of pages of hard-hitting,
profit-producing sales letters that I had written under the
guidance of Mr. X…
one day a couple months ago I was cleaning out my utility room
"What the…?"
looked down and I had stubbed my big toe by whacking it against
a big heavy box full of paper.
Lo and Behold…I Found Them!
found the "Long Lost Sales Letters" that were responsible
for generating millions of dollars in sales - as well
as turning me into the master copywriter I am today!
I had these powerful sales masterpieces converted to digital
.pdf format so entrepreneurs and small business owners just
like you would have immediate access
to them.

just a mouse click away
from the LAST collection of sales letters that you'll
ever need that will:

an avalanche of interested, qualified leads and new

past the gatekeeper and win appointments with hard-to-see
prospects and clients

tire-kicking prospects into paying clients

old customers

hot referrals from current customers

new products and services quickly to market and start
selling right away

"Long Long Sales Letters" -
Now It's Easier Than Ever to Write Million-Dollar Copy …
Regardless of What Business Your In - No Creativity Required!

all you need to do to "legally steal" these white-hot
letters and start generating CASH by the bucket-load for
your business:

plop down in front of your computer and open
up your copy of "Long Lost Sales Letters"

a letter that matches what you're wanting to do:

new clients…
a new product…
a special event…

copying - word for word - what you see, and just inject
the details of your product or offer where appropriate
- or if you want, keep the words "as-is"!

don't even have to worry about plagiarism (illegal copying
word-for-word) because you'll have my FULL permission to
use my EXACT words, phrases, whole paragraphs - whatever
it takes to get the sale! It's my right to offer you the
copyright to use my 'intellectual property', and that's
what I'm going to do!

it out - and watch the money come rolling in!

again and again and again…

been an active player in the world of direct response
marketing for over 10 years. I thought I've seen
it all. Boy, was I wrong! As I was studying these
masterpieces, I felt like I was in the 'copywriting
heaven' because I reached a point where I felt
like - Ahh! - I am in Mr. X's mind! I simply couldn't
put them down. I discovered tons of new concepts
and ideas that'll put at least $50,000.00 in my
pocket this year alone! Thanks a million!

Ed Burton
Austalia's #1 Financial Education Company

Just a Peek Under the Hood at the Incredible Proven Ads and
Sales Letters that You'll Be Able to "Rip Off" from
this massive 188-page treasure chest:

9-Page Seminar direct mail piece that sold-out a massive 3-Day
Conference in less than 26 days, generating $542,095.00 in

single-page classified ad that ran in a tiny 'opportunity rag'
and consistently made over $1100.00 in sales every month
- although it only cost $53.00 to run!

A simple
¼ page lead-generation classified that sucked in $745.00
for every $120.00 spent - like clockwork!

quick-and-easy 2-page direct mail piece that made new prospects
froth at the mouth to get their hands on a free report - leading
to a predictable $129.00 for every .50 cent letter mailed!

over 33 other ads and sales letters (totaling 188 pages) that
have made "Mr. X" and his clients very, very wealthy!

Mr. X, I must say that your “ad copy”
on your real estate seminar knocked my socks off.
Heck, with your writing ability, Coca-Cola
should hire you to make them an extra Billion
and you’d wind up making them a trillion!
Now maybe all of this sounds patronizing, but
let me assure you. My testimonials come few and
far between. I’ve studied with ‘the
best’ and have gone on to sell Millions of
mail order items myself. You’re one of the
most entertaining and one of the best “mechanics”
in mail order. My hats off to you."

Joe Schroeder
44 Woodledge Ct
Rockaway, NJ 07866

It's Easy Than Ever to Crank Out Winning Sales Letters - Regardless
of What Industry You're In …and No Matter What You're Selling
piece together your own killer letters in minutes - Here's How:
through the pages onscreen…see a headline you like? Take
it! Now click around a little more…see a story that
gets your juices flowing? Copy the idea! Browse around
a little more…see a P.S. that knocks your socks off? It's
believe it could be that simple?
me show you by example just how easy
it is to crank out your own persuasive 'masterpieces'
by simply following the patterns you'll see in these proven

Have Headlines Like the Pros - In Seconds:
a REAL winning headline from "Long Lost Sales Letters"
that grabbed our clients 'by the eyeballs' and forced
them to read the rest of the letter:
I Went From A Reluctant Real Estate Rookie
... To Buying 15 Pieces of B.C. Real Estate In 2 Years!"
let's say you're selling a book on winning in the stock
market. Here's how you can easily rip off this winning
headline by simply changing a few words:
I Went From A Play-It-Safe Mutual Fund "Pansy"
... To Buying and Selling Stocks Like a Wall Street WonderBoy
In 2 Years!"
another irresistible 'gotta-read-it-now' headline that
you could alter in seconds:
Power, Profits and Secrets Of The Internet Finally De-Mystified…In
Plain English!"
try this on for size…
Hidden Loopholes and Little-Known Secrets Of The IRS Finally
De-Mystified…In Plain English!"

some proven, winning headlines that you might not want
to change AT ALL (remember you have my FULL permission
to ANYTHING you find in "Long Lost Sales Letters"
word-for-word). *Remember…these are headlines that
caused the phone to ring and the cash register to "ching"!
They will do the same for you!
You Can Immediately Profit From 12 Secrets of Outrageously
Successful Entrepreneurs"

to Create a $9000 per Month Positive Cash Flow"

Broke & Debt-Ridden Man Discovers The Secrets To Wealth
& Success"

the Great Economic Boom Passing You By?"

to Chris

I lifted a headline from one of the letters for
my own campaign, and not only earned back what I
paid for the material, but I've increased my
response and profit by just over 24%! I'm excited!"
Chris Small
President, Smartech Marketing Systems Inc.

let's try our hand at opening paragraphs…

Opening Paragraphs - Faster Than You Can Say "Cha-Ching!"
a HOT opening paragraph from "Long Lost Sales Letters"
that you may not even NEED to change at all…you can
just use it VERBATIM to drag your prospects into your
sales message before they ever knew what hit them (that's
right - this is the one time it's "Ok" to
be a plagiarist!). You could easily use this exact
opener to promote a giant sale, inventory liquidation,
special one-time-only pricing - you name it:
can't believe I'm doing this. It will drive my accountant
right through the roof. That's why I've put this letter
in the mail BEFORE I tell him. All I can say is that I
can guarantee once he finds out, this will be the first
and only time I'll be able to do this..."
pop this powerful opener into any sales promotional letter
and your clients are bound to read on and respond to your
offer. Use it word-for-word…I don't care!
here's another persuasive opener stolen straight from
the pages of
"Long Lost Sales Letters":
Flow. In business and real estate, it seems we can never
get enough of it. In fact, a business that creates cash
flow quickly and easily is the key to success."
how easy it is to change this irresistible opener to match
ANY business…
Flow. In the restaurant business, it seems we can never
get enough of it. In fact, a restaurant that creates cash
flow quickly and easily is the key to success."
targeted clients will start nodding their head in agreement,
eager to read what solution you have to their problem…

you'll be able to present the features and benefits of your
products like a veteran copywriter …using red-hot bullets
that will drive your prospects crazy with anticipation:

Bullets - In Record Time
the original from "Long Lost Sales Letters":

secrets to submitting "killer" offers that
get accepted… even when they contain outrageous

just pop in a few of your own words, and you have a red-hot
bullet of your very own…

secrets to losing 10 pounds in less than 10 days…
even when you don't have the will to exercise

another original from "Long Lost Sales Letters":

on closing... the amazingly easy way to
put thousands of dollars in your pocket every time you
buy a piece of real estate!

just pop in a few of your own words…

that sleep through the night... the amazingly easy way
to get your 'precious bundle' to sleep like a ROCK every
time you put her down!

see? It's really not difficult AT ALL to create phenomenal
profit-producing bullets with "Long Lost Sales Letters".

Offers They Can't Refuse…With No Strain on Your Brain!
a real-life offer from "Long Lost Sales Letters"
that put our customers into a "phone dialing frenzy"
and cash in our bank account:

"But please remember, in order to guarantee you
receive your own Outrageous Cash Flow Package, you must
call or fax my office before 4:00 pm. Monday, April 22nd.
After that date, I can't guarantee there will be any packages
left! Follow the above two easy steps and be prepared
for a tremendous ride to success, health and cash flow."

Now watch and see how simple it is to steal this "scarcity
tactic" and pop it into a sales message for a Pest
Control Business:
please remember, in order to guarantee you receive your
Free No-Strings Attached Termite Inspection, you must
call or fax my office before 4:00 pm. Monday, April 22nd.
After that date, it's been our experience that we'll be
completely swamped for the season and will not be accepting
any more free inspections! Follow the above two easy steps
and be absolutely certain that your home is not being
"eaten alive from the inside out!"
about a Fitness Club…
please remember, in order to guarantee you are one of
the twenty-three "Lose 10 lbs in 2 Weeks or Pay Nothing"
Participants, you must call or fax my office before 4:00
pm. Monday, April 22nd. After that date, all of my personal
trainers will be completely booked! Follow the above two
easy steps and you'll be on your way to fitting into that
'little black dress' by spring!
a Multi-Level Opportunity:

please remember, in order to guarantee you are one of
the eight "Deadly Serious Future Millionaires",
you must call or fax my office before 4:00 pm. Monday,
April 22nd. After that date, I'm slamming my door shut
to work exclusively with these eight "take-action"
entrepreneurs. Follow the above two easy steps and prove
to me that you are serious.
Try an Internet Marketing Ebook:

please remember, in order to guarantee you get the 5 FREE
Bonuses valued at over $1534.48, you must place your order
before 4:00 pm. Monday, April 22nd. After that date, I
promise that I will remove this FREE offer! Follow the
above two easy steps and be prepared for a tremendous
ride to the Elite Levels of Internet Marketing Mastery."
see? World-Class Copywriting for ANY Business is a BREEZE
with "Long Lost Sales Letters"! Just "Plug
and Play"!

of The Crucial Sales-Producing Copy Elements are There for the
only will you have all of the killer headlines, compelling opening
paragraphs, smokin' bullets and irresistible offers that you'll
ever need, but you'll also have:

Stories to emulate and suck your readers in…dying to
learn what's next

that will cause your readers to take action TODAY

Combinations of P.S.'s
that will push the "fence-sitters" over the edge and
snatch the sale from the jaws of rejection

that will move even the "speed readers" and 'scanners'
through your copy…and still make them want to buy

to Rory

Long Lost Sales Letters contain the time-tested, profit-producing
concepts, ideas and strategies that can make ANYONE a
better copywriter in a matter of hours! Long Lost Sales
Letters is one copywriting resource that I’ll use
over and over again. I only wish I had it when I first
started my business. It would have saved me years of
trial and error... and thousands of dollars in mistakes.
Long Lost Sales Letters is a no-brainer way to
help you create awesome sales letters that pull in customers
and orders like crazy!"
Rory Fatt
Restaurant Marketing Expert

easy to rip-off all of these winning elements from and craft
a perfectly-honed sales pitch in a matter of hours - not days.
Can Use These Letters to Get New Customers and MORE Sales!
Carpet Cleaner? Salesperson? Internet Marketer? Multi-Level
Distributor? Daycare Owner? Chiropractor?
Baker, Candlestick Maker? It Doesn't Matter.
matter what your business - anyone from any type of business
can use these letters to get new customers
and make more sales.
if you're selling professional services, retail, wholesale,
distribution, information marketing, memberships, online or
offline…all types of businesses need a predictable flow
of new and repeat customers to survive and to thrive. There's
something here for everyone.
what would you have to pay to have this collection written for
you by a professional sales copywriter? Around $94,000.00…
about it.
188 pages of proven, winning sales letters for your business
(not just some lame, non-selling drivel thrown together by an
amateur) - but RED-HOT "control pieces" that
will predictably produce sales for you, day-in-and-day-out like
clockwork…you would pay in the range of at least $500 per
page! That's 188 x $500.00…or $94,000.00.
that's just for the letters…this doesn't include the postage,
printing costs, or the time that it would take to test them
for response and tweak them.
Is It Worth To Your Business to Have "Customer Faucet"
That You Can Turn Up or Down…At Will?…Without Losing
Your Mind and Countless Hours Creating Sales Letters from Scratch?
think…what if you easily crafted a letter using Long Lost
Sales Letters, mailed it to a group of prospects and existing
customers, and generated an extra $5000.00 to $10,000.00 a month?
What would that be worth to your business?
12, that's an extra $60,000.00 to $120,000.00 a year in
your bank account. CASH MONEY.
fact, that's a conservative number. Remember, these are the
very letters that generated millions of dollars for Mr.
X and his clients. So $60,000.00 or even $120,000.00 is a drop
in the bucket to what these powerful letters have already produced!
now you can see that these letters can not only save you over
$94,000.00 in outrageous copywriting fees, but more importantly,
they could put in excess of $120,000.00 in your bank account
- that's a total value of over $214,000.00.
only that, but also think about this…
is an hour of your time worth? What would it be worth to you
to be able to get away from the office, spend more time with
family and friends (knowing that your trusty sales letter is
out there, drumming up business for you)?
think about how many hours would you WASTE trying to write a
sales letter all by yourself from a blank screen.
it worth to you to avoid the mind-draining drudgery of struggling
for every word, doubting yourself with every sentence and constantly
asking "am I doing this right?" or "is this really
going to sell anything...? And having no one to answer you?
don't worry. Even though it's clear that this package could
be worth over $214,000.00 in total value to your business,
and save you immeasurable amounts of time and frustration, I'm
not going to pop you for thousands, or even hundreds of dollars
(even though I've had people offer me in excess of $2500 for
a collection of my winning sales letters)!

to Ryan

am fully aware that great ad copy can cost thousands
of dollars. I am embarrassed to divulge that the phrase
"You get what you pay for" entered my mind.
Wow, I have only skimmed the package so far but found
a fantastic idea on page 43 that just made me $10,863.00
on my latest project."
Ryan Galovich
CEO, Its the FAX Ltd

fact, you can download "Long
Lost Sales Letters" right now for only $69.95.

what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving these letters

since I’ve converted all 188 pages of this massive work
to .pdf format, you can download these direct from the internet,
so there are no fulfillment costs like printing, warehousing
& shipping. So I’ve passed those savings on to you.

as you can imagine, since these sales letters were sitting in
my garage for a number of years, some of the pages are a little
smudged here and there (don’t worry - nothing major…all
of them can be read perfectly). Rather than pay to have someone
clean them up or re-type them, I thought on my first release
of this product I would offer them
at a HUGE discount to you.

keep in mind, as this package sells, I’m sure I’ll
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their original state and be forced to raise the price. So, if
you can stand a few smudges – you’ll get in on the
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wait - that's not all:
"Long Lost Seminar" Audio Recordings - Complete With
Seminar Handouts, Notes & Samples! (4
FREE Bonuses Valued At $379.96)
the "Long Lost Sales Letters" inspired me to dig up
some incredible audio recordings that I had of Mr. X that were
taken from a HUGE 3-Day "Direct Marketing Mastermind
Conference" held in '97 and '98 in Vancouver, BC. These
were high-profile events that Mr. X sponsored himself, bringing
in some of the most well-respected names in the Direct Marketing
world, including Dan Kennedy, Corey Rudl and others. People
from all over the U.S. and Canada each paid up to $1287 to
be at these conferences. (Remember this is 1997, when high price
conferences sold for $1200 to $1500!)
re-listened to them and I can say with confidence that even
though these recordings were made a number of years ago - the
principles he shares are true today as ever. So as a bonus,
I've included over 167 minutes of the most timeless marketing
strategies that Mr. X ever shared from the stage.
I'm also including the actual seminar handouts as well, so it's
almost if you are right there at the seminar - you won't miss
anything. Notes, samples... everything is included!
what Mr. X Himself Had to Say About These Audio Presentations:

a result of working with some high-profile clients,
I've created a "kick-butt" marketing system
that will "jump-start" just about any existing
business to new heights of marketing success….Part
of the system involves uncovering what your customers
really want so you can present it in a "high perceived
value" package that will be almost irresistible
to them. And I'll show you how to apply it, no matter
what business you're in!"

#1: "Long Lost Seminar" Audio Recordings - Key Marketing
Concepts ($99.99 value)
with pen in hand (and your mind wide open) as Mr. X reveals
the critical components of any marketing campaign from start
to finish. In over 35 business-altering minutes, you'll
learn the step-by-step highly profitable marketing techniques
he used to build numerous successful businesses into multi-million
dollar empires. Plus, you'll get the actual handouts from the
conference so you can follow along!
#2: "Long Lost Seminar" Audio Recordings - Continuity
Program ($99.99 value)
would it feel like to have thousands or tens of thousands of
dollars "injected" into your bank account on the first
day of every month? How would it change your life?...would you
work fewer hours?...go on more vacations?...enjoy more time
with family and friends?
is exactly what a Continuity Program can do for you in your
business. You'll be transfixed as you absorb every riveting
detail of how Mr. X grew the largest Real Estate Investment
Network in North America, creating a steady automatic
monthly income for him that surpasses what most people
make in an entire year. Over 69 minutes of inspiring business-building
information, plus the original handouts!
#3: "Long Lost Seminar" Audio Recordings - Seven Biggest
Marketing Mistakes ($99.99 value)
Although you may cringe as you listen to Mr. X describe the
"Seven Deadly Sins" of marketing… it's because
your business is likely guilty of one or more of these grievous
errors. Now's the time to get yourself on the right track and
eliminate these self-defeating errors from your marketing. Eliminate
these problems and you're guaranteed to see your profits soar…
while leaving your competition in the dust. Over 62 minutes
of common marketing pitfalls described in detail - along with
the original handouts.
#4: "6 Proven Ways to Instantly Infuse More Personality,
Credibility, and Raw Selling Power into Every Advertisement
You Write From Now On! ($79.99 value)
you know anything about writing copy then you already know the
awesome power of words to bring you untold fortunes. Only problem
is, you have to know the right words or else your
ads and promotions are doomed to failure - costing you thousands.
how do you determine the right words to use?
has something to do with a simple aspect of psychology that
not 1 in 10 amateur copywriters ever grasp - it's about forging
an emotional connection with your reader.
this bonus report gives you 6 of the most fundamental principles
for making that emotion connection - the same principles that
are behind every mega-hit copywriting success story - including
examples of how you can use them in your own copy immediately.

you want this mind-blowing sales-driving package deal at
this price you had better act now.
I'm testing different prices to this product.
I believe in my heart that it should sell for much more than
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think about it - together with these 4 Bonuses, it's hard to
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even better yet - you're 100% covered from any risk whatsoever
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Lok's 100% Iron-Clad Risk-Free56-Day Money Back Guarantee

you're satisfaction is key.
if you're not happy, it looks bad on me. So if for any
reason, even after 56 Days of trying the techniques
in this package, you don't agree this incredible
package is worth 10 times your investment, just
contact me via email and I'll cheerfully send you a
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questions asked. (truthfully, I'd be embarrassed to
keep your money). In fact, you can even keep the book
and the bonuses, so you have nothing to lose and everything
to gain. Sure there will probably be a few people who
try to take advantage of my generous offer, but, I'm
trusting you to be a decent, honest person and I'll
take you at your word.

Easy to Start Getting More Customers and Making More Money Today
of the traits of great leaders is that they are decisive people.
It's clear from reading this message that effective sales letters
are crucial to the survival of your business.
you don't have effective sales letters working hard for you
right now - bringing customers to your door predictably and
reliably - you simply cannot afford
to wait any longer.
could be easier than using "Long Lost Sales Letters"
to quickly and easily guide you along the way to producing winning
sales letters for your business. Get
started today >>

Remember, with "Long Lost Sales Letters" it's mind-numbingly
simple just to plug your words into our proven sales letters
and create fabulously profitable sales
letters for ANY business. In fact, you have my FULL
permission to rip me off and plagiarize my EXACT words if it
suits your business. In fact, I would HIGHLY encourage you
to stick to the original letter formats as much as possible
and don't "reinvent the wheel" any more that you have
to… don't forget that these letters are ALL "control
pieces" for multi-million dollar-producing campaigns!
Just think - never again will you have to trudge through writing
your own sales letter from scratch, struggling for "what
to say" or "how to say it". No bumbling college
kids writing worthless copy for you. No high-paid copywriters
milking your bank account. Just pop
in your pitch, change a few phrases and get it out… it's
that simple!
Don't DELAY! Remember, I'm testing prices with this package,
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Remember, "Long Lost Sales Letters" is backed by my
the package and even after 56 Days of trying it, you
don't agree this incredible resource is worth 10 Times Your
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