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Don't be like a statue when you're being interviewed.

Don't be like a statue when you're being interviewed.

Move your head, hands and body, some people get very nervous when they're on camera and stand very still and don't blink.


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Wow the audience as a brilliant corporate host.

"How to become an outstanding Corporate Host" PRICE $59.00 AUD

A premium audio product written and narrated by [Mark Aiston, who has been a corporate MC since 1985.](/about/mark.aspx)

Mark offers a bucket load of brilliant tips to help you become an outstanding MC.
How to prepare and overcome nerves Learn how to walk to the stage with confidence and poise  Build a personal bond with the audience Your opening lines are so important, learn what works and what doesn'tWhat to do when things go wrong
How to get the best out of your pre-function meeting with the organizer
 This 3 module audio product also includes a unique "As live" audio feature.


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