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"Imagine Having the Birth of Your Dreams Right In Your
OWN Home!"

Here's a homebirth veteran willing to share wisdom gained through delivering 7 of her own babies at home...

It's like a friend holding your hand through the entire process!

Date: 3/1/10
From: Kim

Dear Friend,

You know in your heart that there is a better way to give birth.

You want the best birth experience possible for both you and your baby.

If you are considering or have decided on a homebirth...

My Friend, YOU are the reason I created Guide To Glorious Homebirth, the first in the book series Because Birth Is Beautiful.

I remember what it was like to have questions about the modern medical practices of today, but not really having much of a clue beyond that.

I hardly knew where to start. I had never known anyone that had a midwife deliver their baby at home or even in a hospital.

There was a genuine fear that maybe I would not be able to find a midwife at all or if I did that she wouldn't really know what she was doing and it would be too late.

I was afraid that I may be making the wrong choice and could be risking my baby's life.

When I mentioned my thoughts to my friends and family about having my baby at home...

Everyone thought I was crazy!

Simply no one around me had even heard of such a thing. Looking back I am not even sure why I began looking into homebirth in the first place.

Long story short, all I could find in my area at the time was a midwife that would deliver in the hospital. So, I drove over an hour one way to be able to at least have a midwife as my birthing attendant.

What I didn't realize, is that this particular midwife was under the strict advisement of a doctor. And that meant that when I was 2 weeks overdue for my first baby (in which we were not 100% sure of the due date by the way) that the doctor would insist on induction of labor. The midwife powerless (or she gave that impression) to change his orders.

Things weren't looking too good already!

After many long hours of hard labor, I finally begged to push the baby out. Though I was still stuck at only 8-9 cm dilated, she decided that I must be having an urge to push (How should I know right? She's the expert. I just wanted DONE!). She then had me begin pushing at this point.

And 2 hours and 46 minutes later (but, who was counting?) I was STILL pushing and pushing for this baby to come out. I had pushed so hard that all (and I do mean ALL) the tiny veins burst in my face and neck and even in my eyes.

The doctor then calls his trump card and says if the baby is not born very soon, we will be forced to do a Cesarean section.

Holy Cow! That is the LAST thing I wanted!

That added to the list of ills that was getting longer by the minute! Induction of labor, laboring on my back and not able to move around, pushing before completely dilated which led to a swollen cervix and one stuck baby! (Oh, I forgot to mention that I was throwing up from such painful contractions and only given a very few ice chips every now and then.)

Well, with the fear of a C-section, I knew I had to give it all I had. I closed my eyes and gave the silent prayer, "Lord, please help me!"

I then pushed with all my might and out popped (literally popped!) the head of my dear firstborn. Why hadn't I prayed that prayer sooner?! (But, still there were those broad shoulders left-eww...makes me shudder still!)

It took two and a half times the normal amount of suture packs to sew up my perineal area. My son had a huge blood pool on his head from being stuck in the birth canal so long and Momma just did a lot of growing up!

I could hardly enjoy the arrival of my new "angel" at all. For that matter I was barely coherent.

And to add insult to injury, as I was being sewn up, the doctor brought in a group of male interns to see the goings on of my anatomy. All the while, my little one was whisked away for this test and that, measurements, etc.


I didn't really know what the plan was...but this was most certainly NOT it!

Honestly, coming out of that I really never thought I would want to have another child again!

But, ah, the memory of the pain really does eventually subside (NO- you never totally forget!) And you realize it is indeed worth it all to have the gift of this little life that is now in your arms. But, that doesn't mean you have to endure just anything.

It didn't take me to my next pregnancy to begin the search for a NEW midwife- one that wasn't in cohorts with a doctor!

I eventually did find a midwife that would deliver in my home (albeit she was an hour and a half away in another state).

The story goes on and believe it or not, not all was happily ever after.

However, I did make a huge leap in the right direction and now I would never choose another way to deliver my children (even though doctors would label me “high risk”).

But, you know. The learning process was way more than I thought it would be. And, it wasn't as easy as some people make it sound.

Having a homebirth was not a magic bullet. Not at all!

I have learned new things with each and every pregnancy and delivery (and I've had 9 of them!)

I learned that each labor and delivery is different and that not everyone experiences it in the same way. Not only will your delivery be different from mine, but all my deliveries were different from each other! Hospitals and doctors want to treat every normal delivery the same.

I learned about new ways to deal with the pain and how different positioning and other methods help labor progress faster. I learned ways to help baby stay out of distress while going through the pressure of labor.

I especially remember discovering that in a hospital setting several of my children would have been whisked to ICU instead of being placed on my stomach as in a normal birth.

I learned that if a baby has been taken away from all he or she has ever known that it only further stresses the newborn, which then causes more distress and often unnecessary intervention. Most of the time, all your baby needs is to be warm and have Mommy's breast. This can calm and regulate breathing for a baby in about 2 seconds flat with no need for NICU!

I also found that waiting patiently on the baby and not forcing it's arrival almost always results in a more peaceful and quicker delivery. We all want that don't we!

I could go on and on about what I have learned, but you'll find more about all of that in my book.

Most importantly, I learned that there is no substitute for education.

Having a baby is one of (if not THE) most significant events in your life. You most certainly want to prepare for it...

I STILL have people tell me I must be brave or crazy.

But, I know the truth.

I simply have an understanding of homebirth and confidence in the ability of my body and the trained midwife I have chosen as my attendant.

I know that statistics are in my favor for a better overall birth experience for both my baby and myself.

I understand that when in the hands of a qualified birth attendant, the safety of me and my child is at the very least as high as it would be in a hospital setting even though I am considered high risk by the ACOG. (Consult with a physician or midwife to determine if you are high risk and why. I am only high risk due to my age and number of children and I don't personally consider that significant reason not to have a homebirth, but other health conditions may convince you not to do a homebirth. Please DO your own homework.)

It's not brave at all. (I actually have more fear in a hospital setting!)

You don't have to be brave to have a homebirth.

This brings me back to thinking of you again.

I am aware that there are lots of pregnant women out there just like I once was with fears, concerns, and questions about childbirth and especially in a home setting.

You don't have to depend on doctors and not have an understanding of the whole process . I want you to know what is going on and what you can do to make a difference in the outcome of your delivery.

"I wish I would have had The CanDoMom’s Guide To Glorious Homebirth years ago! This well researched and easy to implement book is a cover-to-cover must read for any women who is planning to have a family. Kim Eskola’s experience and extensive study into the subject is remarkable. The information will first help you to decide if this option is best for you. The remainder of the book will help you plan and prepare for your Glorious Home Birthing experience. I highly recommend you purchase the ebook for yourself or for a woman you love. - Deb B., TX
Education really does make a difference!!

I know that you want to do what is right and I am sure you could really gain an advantage if you only had the help, encouragement, and confidence that an informative step-by-step guide for homebirth provides.

For several years, I have made a commitment to educate myself about the ins and outs of natural childbirth and now I can help YOU in your quest for a natural and peaceful birth.

I want to be right there with you every step of the way to help you believe in yourself and to assure you that you have the power and ability to maximize your birthing experience.

You CAN achieve your natural childbirth goals!
It became my mission to glean wisdom from fellow homebirthers and birth attendants in order to bring you this information in an "all in one done for you" book on a how to have a safe, natural homebirth.

You can now enjoy the benefits of my labors (pun intended!) in the book series Because Birth Is Beautiful. The first book, Guide To Glorious Homebirth, was written just for you.

[ ](http://1.9cdcs.pay.clickbank.net)
In this instantly downloadable guide, here's a fraction of what you'll find...

Inside "Been there done that" information Easy to understand description of terms and processes Description of the types of midwives and how to find one A list of vital questions to ask a prospective midwife A list of things to discuss with your midwife How you may pay for her services How to prepare for delivery Birthing kit checklist When to call your midwife Discussion of different pain management techniques How to prepare for the care of the baby How to prepare for postpartum How to deal with siblings

And More...

How to plan ahead for meals Informative Step by Step walk through the birth experience Essential as well as helpful techniques to manage labor and delivery How to deal with family and visitors What to do if you find yourself in an emergency situation
Knowledge is powerful and can make a huge difference!

You are just minutes away from having the Guide to Glorious Homebirth at your fingertips!

Delivering your little sweetheart is the most memorable experience you will ever enjoy! Join the others that have discovered their own Beautiful Birth. You and your baby are totally worth the investment!

Click the button bellow to own your own copy!
Now I would love to give you this information for free.

But, you see my husband has watched me pour hours into the research and creation of this book.

He's witnessed me staying up way into the wee hours of the morning for far too many nights working on this book. He's seen me sacrifice time away from my beloved family in order to birth this book- a labor of life and love!

And when I said "Free" he nearly hit the roof!

He wasn't about to stand by for that.

He told me I shouldn't ask for a penny less than $100 for as much information that was packed into this book and that it was really worth a lot more. I guess he would know because he does pricing for a living.

You see he also believes wholeheartedly in that little gem of wisdom that...

"It is good to learn from your mistakes. But, it is far better to learn from someone else's."

I realize you really can't put a price on being prepared and this book gives you the tools to do just that.

And, looking back at each of my deliveries, I would have paid a hefty sum to not have to go through some of the pain and make the mistakes that I had made. But, once I was in labor it was too late!

When I told him I just couldn't bring myself to ask that much, he offered to meet me in the middle at $47, but

Well, I have to admit I cried a little and explained my deepest desire was to help as many women as possible with their birth experience.

And after a few days of deliberation, Victory!

I got him to settle for much less! AND I get to throw in some special bonuses!

But, I don't know how long that is gonna last...he's mentioned he may change his mind and I know that he has been known to do just that.

Of course, if this page is still up then you're in luck and he hasn't changed his mind yet!

Great news for you!

I am able to give some really special bonuses (for now).

In addition to the PDF eBook,

I am going to give you a special downloadable MP3 audio version of Guide to Glorious Homebirth. You will then be able to download it to your computer. You can listen from there or add it to your iPhone or MP3 player and take it with you while on the go! This is a $97 value!

You also will receive a free PDF of 150 positive energy statements about pregnancy and delivery (some people use them for hypnobirthing which I wouldn't want to call it-it's just positive visualization to me:). I've seen these going for $14.95 in other places.

It gets even better!

For the first 100 people (or while supplies last) that send me their address with a copy of the receipt I'm also going to send them the physical CD version of those positive energy and visualization statements for pregnancy (lovely English accent by the way) with calming and soothing music in the background. You'll be amazed how it will empower you. I am told that I should be charging $24.95 for this CD alone!

But that's not all! I'm gonna slip in (don't tell my husband) an audio interview with my Certified Nurse Midwife where you can hear more about my birth stories!

   SO let's see what you get...

[ ](http://1.9cdcs.pay.clickbank.net)
The instantly downloadable PDF version of the book Ultimate Guide to Homebirth, a $97 value The MP3 version of the book , a value of at least $97 Positive Energy and Visualization PDF, a $14.95 value The Physical CD version of the Positive Energy and Visualization for Pregnancy, a 24.95 value Audio interview with my midwife, a value of $9.95 Access to my free natural birth tips ezine, free

If you bought each of these separately, you would expect to
pay about $243.85.

NOTE: Book and CD illustrations for visual representation of information only. Actual products are in digital PDF or MP3 format (unless otherwise noted), in keeping with my GREEN initiative to cut down on plastic waste.

Providing purely digital products means you never pay shipping, and you can download everything immediately. It's not just good for the environment... it also saves you time and money!

Remember I told you about my husband's opinion of all this, right?

I admit it took me a while. He's no pushover!

But, I just HAD to go to bat hard for you.

Of course I would!

You would for me, too. Right? I know you would. That's why I am so happy that I can offer you this crazy low price without a flinch.

He has agreed to at least let me begin selling the book for...

Are you ready?

[Only $29.95!](http://1.9cdcs.pay.clickbank.net)

Yes, I know. I can't believe it either! But, for now....and I don't know for how long, he has agreed to let this whopper of a package go for less than the cost of only one evening out to dinner with your mate or a friend.

I'm sure you'll agree what an amazing value this is. I'm just thrilled I could get him down that far.

So please don't wait. I can't promise the bonuses and the rock bottom price will be here tomorrow.


Knowledge and understanding are powerful.

You deserve to have the ability to make an educated decision about your birth and be in control of your birth experience.

Remember, the journey will be worthwhile.

Soon you will be holding your new little one in the quiet of your own home and in the comfort of your own bed.

Suddenly everything else will pale in comparison.

Congratulations! You WILL have your Delightful Delivery.

Save some money and grab your bonuses NOW to be certain that you don't wait too long!

[Click Here to Get your copy now!](http://1.9cdcs.pay.clickbank.net)

OH! I almost forgot! Of course your purchase comes with a full money back guarantee!

I'm a fair person who wants you to be happy!

So, if this book hasn't benefited you or you were not helped to prepare for your homebirth in any way, we'll give you your money back.

Just return the books with your receipt and you'll get a full refund.

If you haven't been helped, I think that's only fair don't you? The bonuses will be yours to keep just for giving it a try.

To purchase your copy of the first in the Because Birth Is Beautiful series Guide to Glorious Homebirth click the button below and start preparing for your Beautiful Homebirth!

I look forward to helping you experience the normal and safe delivery you both want and deserve.

All the best to You and Your growing family,

the CanDoMom

Author of the Birth Is Beautiful Series and Babycare Bootcamp.

PS - Remember not to wait as your baby will be here before you know it!

PSS - And don't forget that the price could go up and the bonuses go away at any moment so please don't delay!

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