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This Software Can Super-charge Results Of Site Promotion By 1875% And Kills Wasted Time Promoting... It's 100% Guaranteed!

While most article submission tools submit the same article to each site in their list, Artemis Pro is made to automatically submit a separate and unique article to each publisher in it's list. I have done in depth research and testing on the duplicate content theory... which states that identical content will be penalized. And I have discovered that 300 inbound links shrink to 16 or 17 as the articles get zapped by "similar results" lists--a massive loss! The glory of Artemis Pro is its ability to submit distinctive articles, shun duplicate content, and retain 300 out of 300 links... a 1875% increase in effectiveness.

Here's some answers to the questions you are probably asking: Artemis Pro will not submit gibberish, substitute words, add headers or footers, or embarrass you in any way. Artemis Pro comes with an internal list of thousands of publishers. It also has the capacity to accept additional lists of publishers. Have you discovered article submission software that can outrun Artemis Pro?

Most people like a guarantee before they order software. Most companies place the guarantee further down in a letter like this, but I stand by my product so much that I want to go over my guarantee right up front.

Here Is My 100%, "You Must Be Blown
Away" Money Back, Guarantee.

GUARANTEE: You get a totally unconditional guarantee that you will be MORE than satisfied with the Artemis Pro software. I want you to use it for up to 8 weeks as much as you want. If you don't get the results I promised or for ANY OTHER REASON, you just want your money back. You got it!

If you're not absolutely blown-away by the technique you learn that can improve your article submission effectiveness by 1875%, then just ask for your money back - you'll get your $105 back with no questions asked.

What does it matter what I have to say about it though? Don't you really want to know what my customers say about it? I know I do. I love to get emails like the following one from my customers. It really makes my day.

Testimonial From Andy Henry, An Artemis Pro User:

" Wow! James! - You read my mind. The Artemis Pro software is exactly what I need right now. I have had excellent success at increasing my website traffic and rankings using articles, but unfortunately, the 'duplicate content' filters have been hurting me seriously lately. Artemis Pro is a lovely solution to this current problem and it's going to make me a bunch of money - Thanks! I love it! "

Andy Henry

[ Click Here For More Testimonials](http://www.artemispro.com/testimonials.html)

So lets recap. The cost is $105 for Artemis Pro. You get the software that has the 1875% increase in productivity built in. The software already knows how to submit to thousands of sites and thousands of newsletters, so you can do an article submission today. You can add your own list of sites and newsletters easily. You have 8 weeks to use it and submit as many articles as you want and still get a refund if you don't like it. All you have to do it click that order link below to get started today:

[ORDER ARTEMIS PRO](http://1.artemispro.pay.clickbank.net): $105

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