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Breakthrough Software

How Can A Button Increase Profits By 29.2%?

Imagine this…

You discover a simple piece of software proven
to automatically make 29.2% more money on ANY website
you put it on…

Would you use it?

If you answered “yes”, I want to tell you a quick story
— backed with hardcore proof — about how we accidentally
discovered a strange trick that instantly increases profits
on every site it’s been test with….

And how we developed a new piece of software that does all the grunt work.

So whats that mean for you?

More money with practically no extra effort on your part.

Now I realize this may sound a little “too good to be true” so…

Watch This Short Video For PROOF That It Works


You see, making money online boils down to 2 things:
Getting traffic Converting traffic
The problem is…

Getting traffic costs a lot of money.

You either pay for it directly using pay per click, banners ads, affiliates, etc

[](http://www.conversionbuttons.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/time.jpg)Or you pay for traffic with the most precious resource of all… your time

Techniques like getting backlinks, writing articles, blogging, etc.

Of course you can outsource this as well, but that too will cost you more money.

Converting traffic is achieved by having a great sales letter.

But Here’s the Kicker

Having a top converting sales letter either costs thousands of dollars to hire a copywriter (plus a percentage of sales) or years of practice and study to get good at writing your own copy.

What if?

There was a simple way to instantly increase the conversions (and profits)
of your website without spending thousands to hire a copywriter or
years of slaving away studying and writing copy?

Would you be interested?

Well you can do exactly that with Conversions Buttons software.

What Can Conversion Buttons Do For You?
Increases Sales By 29.2% - Just changing to a “conversion button” on our test site (selling a fitness information product) increased sales by 29.2%. Creates Eyeball Grabbing Order Buttons In Seconds - This easy to use software requires no artistic ability. Builds More Trust - Makes your site look more professional and stand out from your competitors. Increases Perceived Value - The better your site looks – the better a potential customer assumes your product will be.

Plus Conversion Buttons works on ALL Operating Systems (PC, Mac, Linux).

3 Simple Steps Take Your Site From Ordinary to Outstanding

Watch this quick video to see how easy Conversion Buttons is to use:

Here’s What You Get


10 designs to choose from - Simply pick your design and type in your button text. Unlimited Button Creations – Once you own Conversion Buttons, you can create an unlimited number of buttons. No additional fees. Complete Step-by-step Videos – We include a complete set of videos that cover every step and question you may have. Instant Access – In less than one minute you can be creating eyeball grabbing order buttons. You can download and begin using Conversion Buttons immediately.
So by now you’re probably wondering …

How Does Conversion Buttons Work?

The short answer is… “We don’t know exactly!”

You see, we accidentally discovered this while updating one of
our sites in the fitness market.

We thought it would be cool to make an interactive order button… and didn’t
really expect it to increase our sales.

But the results were shocking.

After doing the math we realized this new button had skyrocketed our sales by 29.2%!

Could You Use That Kind of Profit Pulling Power On Your Site?

Now obviously we cant guarantee this will increase sales by 29% in every market or site. You could experience more or less.

But so far all of our clients we’ve let test Conversion Buttons have seen amazing results…

So why are we sharing this?

Well, the real question is… why not?

You see, there are so many markets out there that sharing this
isnt really going to affect us in a negative way.

But it certainly can affect YOU and your profits.


Are you starting to see how powerful this software is and what it can do for you?

It means you can literally start making more money TODAY… by simply clicking a few buttons…

And the fact that you’re still reading this tells me you see the value in Conversion Buttons…

and how it can squeeze every last drop of cash from your traffic.

So now you’re probably asking… “How much is this going to cost me?”

What’s it Worth to Make 29.2% More Money?

And remember, this is not some rehashed ebook or video series.

Conversion Buttons is professional grade software that does all the work of making more money for you…

[](http://www.conversionbuttons.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/CD-Disc.gif)Now most of the so called “Internet Marketing Gurus“ are charging an arm and a leg for software applications these days.

And they always seem to pick prices like $297, $197, $97…

Or even worse…

they make you join an “Insider Membership” that keeps charging you month after month.

Well, we believe in making this affordable for everyone and not letting greed get in the way of helping others….

And don’t forget… this software will easily pay for itself the first day you use it.

So we have decided to make this a low one time investment of $47.

Because we want everyone to have access to this breakthrough software…

So What’s The Catch?

There is a small one. All of our beta testers told us to sell this for at least double our current price.

But we believe in giving you more value for less money.Don’t you agree?

But as a marketer you already know, the more demand – the higher the price.So we can’t guarantee the price will stay this low forever.

And why would you wait? The software quickly pays for itself by increasing your sales.

Either way, you can’t lose because of our rock solid 60-day, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. Because we know you will be blown away by what Conversion Buttons will do to your conversions and profits…

So order today – before your competition does!

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1. Adding this simple symbol to a web page shot sales up 2.1%... 2. The "boring" font that boosted profits 3.4%... 3. A slight modification to the guarantee that created 4.2% more paying customers... 4. Adding a signature to this often ignored area added 5.4% to the bottom line... 5. This odd picture at the bottom of a sales letter increased conversions 9.1%... 6. How a price change skyrocketed sales 11.2%... 7. The stupidly simple order form "tweak" that boosted sales 12.6%... 8. The exact location where testimonials raised conversions 14.6%... 9. Adding this feature to a site propelled profits 23.8%... 10. To be revealed later. We saved the best for last :)



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