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Finally add a professional look and feel to your website in minutes.

Finally Give Your Site The Million-Dollar Look...

Dear Friend,

Looking for a way to add that professional look to your website or blog? Don't waste all your time messing with graphics software, when you can simply drag and drop these grapics into your website, giving you the results you want within minutes!

You are literally minutes away from getting the web's largest collection of mini site graphics and elements that you can customize and add to your webpage immediately without the need for expensive graphic design software!

No Professional Design Skills Required...

The greatest thing is that you don't have to be a master at graphic design to use them. Anyone can add professional and impressive web graphics to their websites with the help of this awsome graphic collection.

And even if you have some graphics right now, you're going to be floored with the quality and sheer volume of graphics in this collection.

So here's what you'll get when you order the full graphics collection:
3,000 Icons. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
1,000 Animated graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
473 Header Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
400 Sales Letter Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
216 Add To Cart Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
200 Graphic Buttons. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
127 Order Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
100 Striped Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
80 Arrow Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
70 Delicious Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
59 Minisite Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
61 Turbo Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
53 Membership Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
33 Abstract Background Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
17 Certificate & Guarantee Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
9 One Time Offer Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
8 Contact Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes
4 Subscribe Graphics. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes

[I Can See the Time It Will Save Me! Let Me Get It Now!](#bottom)

These pro website graphics images come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so that you have enough options to fit any website theme. There are variations of colors, style and size, to ensure that you always have all the graphics on hand to complete whatever projects you have at hand. If you merge elements from different graphic images, you have a truely unlimited selection to create any graphic you could ever want.

You truly will not believe the scale of this graphic collection. I've tried to give you a taste of what's included in this package, but this is only a small sampling.

So many variations YOU WILL find what you need!

Once you dig into this package you'll see that there is virtually nothing missing. And if there is, tell me and I'll make sure we add it. With literally thousands of graphics there is no way that I can display them all for you here on one single page.

I've Literally, Left Nothing Out!

Here are a few samples from your new collection...

(Note: These images have been reduced in size to fit on the page)

Arrows, banners, buttons, headers, backgrounds, fonts... This collection has it all! If you're looking for simple graphics to complete the look of your websites, or a complete site design. My Graphics Collection has got something for your every need. Each category has dozens of variations, ensuring that there are elements that match the style you're looking for!

You could spend days or weeks gathering all the elements you need for your web design projects and end up having to worry about copyright and licensing issues for individual elements.

Don't employ a graphic designer to create graphic elements to suit your needs! Either option is expensive, time-consuming and cut down on your own personal development time.

Why go through the hassle when everything you need is available right here in the world's Largest Online Graphics Collection! Here's some more examples...

Over 80 Arrow Graphics...

Feedback & Testimonial Box Graphics...

More Than 200 Add To Cart Graphics...

[I Can't Wait? Please Take Me To The Order Page Now.](#bottom)

As I mentioned earlier, these are high-quality professionally created graphics that have a clean contemporary style. Paying a qualified graphic artist to design these elements would could hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars.

why pay someone for tailor-made graphics when you can get all you need and so much more in this massive graphic collection?
Another added bonus is that they have been created so that you can easily use them on any website or blog. They are sized and ready to be used immediately in all your web design projects, whether personal or business related.

More Than 200 Button Graphics...

Before I knew the dangers of stealing images and graphics from other peoples sites, I searched in nearly every "nook and cranny" of the internet trying to find exactly what I was looking for, sometimes for days. The only problem was that most of what I did manage to dig up were ugly, not the right size or too difficult to use.

I'm glad I stopped before I got Burned! I started hearing about law firms going after people who were using other peoples, (ie: "Copyrighted") images and were facing MASSIVE lawsuits. The judges regularly hand down judgements left and right ruling that, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". I hope you have found this package before you get served!

Because my entire package is licensed to you, you will never have to worry about getting in trouble for using the images within this package. The license that you get with my package could save you thousands in legal fees and seriously hazardous business decisions. I sleep easy at night knowing my graphics are NOT stolen... do you?

More Than 127 Order Graphics...

This really is the Ultimate Graphic Collection!

This package contains the best, high quality images you're going to find in one collection. Everything you need to "jazz up" your website is available and can be used freely without the hassle of licensing or copyright.

Once you own this collection, it's yours to use in whatever projects you put together! Take that plain website and bring it to life with sharp, full color button, images, headers and more!

More Than 400 Sales Letter Graphics...

[ I Need Your Graphics Now, I am Ready To Order!](#bottom)


Most web developers have great ideas and enough technical experience to craft impressive content, but may fall short when it comes to graphic prowess. In these situations many are forced to turn to professional help, or scowering the internet for whatever they can find to fill their need.

With my Graphic Collection, your search is over! Thousands of high quality images are at your command, to be used as YOU see fit!

This is truely the most complete graphics collection EVER released!

More than just a standard clip art collection, this package includes Photoshop files, allowing you to customize the graphics EVER MORE! You can change colors, move elements or complete new designs from the parts included in this set. Expand the possibilities of your graphic design projects with dozens of new fonts, which are also included at no additional cost!

Over 53 Membership Graphics!

Claim your 5 FREE bonuses if you order before

I have carefully selected these Bonuses to give you a headstart over your competition with your new graphics package and your online business.

BONUS #1 - Optimize Your Websites ($37 Value)

Today Only

Learn how to optimize your website to get loads of FREE search engine traffic and literally EXPLODE your profits! Why pay for traffic when you can get it for FREE!

Your website could be your personal ATM machine – follow these tips and you’ll soon have money flooding into your bank account 24/7 … even while you sleep or go on vacation!

Order today to get this Exclusive Audio Course FREE!

BONUS #2 - Turbo Graphics ($47 Value)

Today Only

Get our HUGE Turbo Graphics bonus contains squeeze page template, video squeeze page templates, video html pages, and more!

Each template is customizable and can be used in an assortment of ways to grab your visitors and turn them into loyal fans or opt-ins.

Order today to get this $47 Bonus Free!

BONUS #3 - Stripped Backgrounds ($47 Value)

Today Only

Add a professional background to your webpage design with our 33 Abstract Background Graphics Pack.

Using them is as easy as point and click! You can drop them into your website and test which one looks best. You'll save time, money and booth your conversions by simply adding a professionall designed background.

Order today to get this $47 Bonus Ebook FREE!

BONUS #4 - Ready To Use Headers ($67 Value)

Today Only

By far the crown jewel of our bonus package... The "Ready to Use" header graphics collection contains over 400 professionally designed headers for literally any website.

Each custom header and be opened in photoshop and elements can be swapped between designs to create an unlimited amount of professional looking headers.

This bonus alone will more than pay for DOUBLE your investment in our graphics purchase with just one use!

Order today to get this $67 Bonus Audio Interview FREE!

BONUS #5 - Wordpress and HTML Templates ($47 Value)

Today Only

12 Prebuilt Wordpress and HTML Templates to help you get started right away! Use these templates and save hours of time on your next site!

Order today to get this $47 Bonus Free!

This may be your only chance to get the most complete package of prebuilt graphics available on the internet!

Click the link below to take your projects to the next level, and build the impressive, attention-grabbing websites you always imagined - without the professional help of a costly graphic designer!

This package cost me over a thousand dollars to put togther! But if you get it before midnight you'll get it all for only a fraction of that.

Let's be realistic! ..hiring a graphic designer that is any good can be a time-consuming and exausting task. Not to mention, Expensive!

If you order my graphics collection before midnight then instead of $1,000, $497, $297, not even $97... You'll get my entire package including ALL BONUSES for insanely low "one-time" payment...

All For [Only $37](#bottom)!

As you can see, this package is priced so low that I can't afford to keep it at only $37 for much longer! Besides, this special price will only be available until our launch promotion ends... which could be anytime!

Wait! I almost forgot!
If you order before the midnight deadline, I will eliminate all your risk by extending our 30-Day Guarantee to a Whopping, 60-Days to try out the package with my No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee! I am so confident that once you start using my professionally produced graphics, there's NO WAY you'll want to return them. (Note: Refunds/Returns will void your license)

You'd be NUTS to pass on this offer now...

[] YES! George, I can't afford to miss this offer and I want to get started using my new HUGE Graphics Collection and the 5 BONUSES (worth $295), with a total value well over $1,295!

I understand that I may NEVER see this offer again
and that I will only be charged a one-time fee of Only $37
for the entire Graphics Collection, User License and Bonuses
if I act by

I'M READY! Please give me access immediately!

[ ](http://www.graphicscollection.com/signup.php)
[ ](bottom)[Click Here To Order Now!](signup.php)

Further, if within 60 days I feel that using your HUGE
Graphics Collection has not saved me time and money
I can request a full refund and I'll be returned
RETURN EVERY PENNY of the purchase price!

100% 60 Day Iron-Clad Guarantee

(Note: You May Not continue using the graphics or bonuses in this package if you refund your order)

To Your Success,

George Shepherd

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