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-Secret Tips for Engaged Couples Only-
What If We Could Share With You How You Could Plan Your Perfect Wedding & Save More Money Than You Ever Imagined?

If You Are Engaged and Planning a Wedding, Then Read On…

Dear Engaged Couple,

If you’re like us, you’ll want to spend more time enjoying your engagement, not less.  Let us help you remove the pressures of this time, not create more.  You need precious time to spend with your  fiance and money left over to enjoy your honeymoon.

If you have been dreaming of the perfect engagement and marriage, then I’d like to wake you up to the reality of success beyond your wildest dreams, with our wonderfully successful system entitled…

The 2010 Ultimate Wedding Checklist!

“As a newly married couple (just over a year!) from Charleston, we know how difficult and time consuming it can be to plan something as complex as a wedding. Couples often take up to 8 months or more to plan their special day. My husband and I decided to create what we call, The 2010 Ultimate Wedding Checklist! empowering you to plan your perfect wedding. We have devoted many months and lend much experience to this resource, all to help you easily plan your wedding and enjoy this special time. You can take this system and hit the ground running with confidence.”

Mollie and Jeff

With our groundbreaking system, The 2010 Ultimate Wedding Checklist!, you can start planning right away to make your perfect wedding dreams come true.  Let us show you exactly where to begin.  The Ultimate Wedding Checklist! is the perfect combination of the right resources at a price anyone can afford.  From wedding planning, helping you save money, making decisions, and keeping you organized…  We give you the knowledge and the tools!  We have it all here for you!

Can You See Why We Are So Excited About This System!?

Here Are Just a Few People That Are Raving About…

The 2010 Ultimate Wedding Checklist!

We are so thankful to find the “Ultimate Wedding Checklist”. My fiancé and I are just 2 ½ weeks away from our big day and we feel confident that this program so easily worth the small price.  Its so good to be empowered by the knowledge of someone that’s been there and done that.

Thank You,
Kristina and Mike Whitlock
Savannah, GA

Thanks to your product, “Ultimate Wedding Checklist” we were able to save big money on our vendors. We did what you suggested and were amazed… it worked! We’ve suggested it another couple that recently became engaged they are now using the same product, the “Ultimate Wedding Checklist” for their wedding planning.

Michelle and Jose J.
Redondo Beach, CA

I  just wanted to write to let you know how excited we are about our “Ultimate Wedding Checklist”.  Also, we’re really not budget people, but your budget spreadsheet really helped us get organized and we were so happy to have found this great resource!

Portland, OR

The  price was a steal and we feel we really got so much more than we even expected.  It was really a one stop shop and exactly what we were looking for.  Your section, ”Top 10 ways to save money” easily saved us $2,800.  That cash is going to be spent in St. Lucia on our HONEYMOON!!!

Natasha and Dave
Boston, Mass

“Ultimate Wedding Checklist” helped us so much. We would have probably spent close to $2,500 on our wedding coordinator if we had not fount your site. Though there was some great info on wedding coordinators in your guide, you gave us the confidence we needed to go ahead and plan our wedding and its really been fun!

Arlyn and Marcus B
Springfield, IL

Here’s the Complete Table of Contents of the course, Straight from the System…..

Preface: Share your great news!

Chapter 1: Where do we start?
Create a Budget Tips and taxes Top 10 ways to save money Should we hire a wedding planner?
Chapter 2: Let the planning begin
Choosing the date Timing Choosing the perfect ceremony location Reception location options The “all-inclusive” option
Chapter 3: Wedding colors and wedding themes
Choosing your wedding color scheme Themed weddings
Chapter 4: Wedding invitations and other stationery
Who should you invite? Wedding invitations Other stationery
Chapter 5: Choosing your vendors
Caterer Baker Florist Photographer Videographer Music Hair/Makeup Stylists Miscellaneous Vendors
Chapter 6: What to wear
The Dress Code Bride’s Attire Groom’s Attire Attendant’s Attire
Chapter 7: Planning Your Bridal Portrait

Chapter 8: Planning Your Wedding Rehearsal

Chapter 9: Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner

Chapter 10: Planing Your Ceremony
The Traditional Wedding Ceremony Different Cultural Ideas for Your Wedding Wedding ceremony Music Wedding Rings
Chapter 11: The Wedding Party
The Best Man The Maid / Matron of Honor Flower Girl Ring Bearer Guest Book Attendant The Officiant
Chapter 12: Planning Your Reception
The Receiving Line The Order of Events at Your Reception Will You Need a Seating Chart? Wedding Food and Drinks for All Cocktail Hour The Meal Alcohol Wedding Reception Flowers Wedding Reception Music Should You Hire a Band or a DJ?
Chapter 13: Planning The Morning After Breakfast

Chapter 14: Wedding Gifts
Receiving Gifts & The Gift Registry Giving Gifts
Chapter 15: Legally Married

We Are Pleased to Offer The 2010 Ultimate Wedding Checklist! for a Limited Time at the Introductory Rate of…



But That’s Not It…

Order Now and be one of the First to Get These 5 Super Bonuses!

Super Bonus #1    $27 value

Ultimate Budgeting Guide! This gives you a complete and customizable way to organize all of your wedding expenses. We have 10 categories with 70 line-item places to input all of your expenses (and you can easily add more). The spreadsheet is pre-programmed to do all the math for you. It couldn’t be easier. The Ultimate Budgeting Guide is a MUST for wedding planning.

Super Bonus # 2    $27 value

2010 Ultimate Wedding Guest Organizer! This customizable tool will help you keep track of your guest list. You can now easily keep track of who you’ve invited, RSVP’s, who’s coming to the shower, food choices, seating arrangements, gifts received, thank you cards sent, etc… The Ultimate Wedding Guest Organizer is another MUST for wedding planning.

Super Bonus #3    $27 value

2010 Ultimate Wedding Time line Checklist! You know what you need to do. You know how you are going to organize it all. The Ultimate Wedding Timeline Checklist gives you the when. It is the ultimate source that will help you know WHEN you need to do WHAT. It will keep you on track and focused throughout the wedding planning process!

Super Bonus #4    $15 value

2010 Ultimate Wedding Vendor list! Everything you need to keep track of your vendors.  You can keep track of their contact information, set up time, if they have been paid.  You can also put in any extra notes you may need to remember about the vendors.  With many vendors, the Ultimate Vendor List is a great way to keep track of all of your different vendors.

Super Bonus #5    $15 value

2010 Ultimate Wedding “Day-Of” timeline! This spreadsheet is essential to planning the events of the ceremony and reception.  This “day-of” planner is totally customizable.  You can add as much or as little as you’d like.  This is a very important document you’ll want to make several copies of and give to your vendors and attendants.The Ultimate Wedding “Day-Of” timeline will help you keep everyone informed of what needs to happen and when.

That’s over a $100 value in JUST bonuses!  This is a…


This is such a great deal and here’s why… We believe we have the perfect combination of the right resources at a price anyone can afford.  It would literally take you several months to compile the many resources we have here for you.  We have done it all for you and have made it so easy.

Plus.. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied with the product and it is working well for you. We are so confident the Ultimate Wedding Checklist is the best wedding planning product available, we offering a…


The Ultimate Wedding Checklist is being offered for a LIMITED TME ONLY at this low introductory price.  This special introductory offer is ONLY AVAILABLE now and includes all 5 Super Bonuses!


There is absolutely no risk on your part.  Order The  2010 Ultimate Wedding Checklist! today to make sure you’re well prepared for the happiest day of your life!  Also, please drop us a line and let us know how you like it. We read and respond personally to every email we get.  We’re committed to your successful marriage!


To your SUCCESSFUL Marriage,


PS: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the email below.  We respond personally to each and every email.

Questions: ultimateweddingchecklist@gmail.com

All Rights Reserved

The file formats of the Ultimate Wedding Package are .doc (Word), .xls (Excel), and .pdf (Adobe Reader) and will be available immediately upon purchase via a direct download link.  If you do not have Word, Excel, or a PDF reader, Open Office is a free program that will allow you to open the Ultimate Wedding Package.

New 2010 Ultimate Wedding Checklist!

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist has been updated and improved for 2010.  Congratulations to those of you who just recently became engaged.  Contact us and we’ll help you in any way we can!  -Mollie

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