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Latest trading recommendations.  Free delayed updates: posted at 13.00 GMT, 08.00 EST)  January 18th 2010
Currency Date Strategy and target entry level First Target (t/p) Second target (t/p) Status EUR/US$ 18-01-10 Buy at 1.4310 1.4330 1.4350 Waiting USD/CHF 18-01-10 Buy at 1.0225 1.0240 1.0255 Waiting AUD/US$ 18-01-10 Sell at 0.9280 0.9265 0.9250 Waiting US$/CAD 18-01-10 Sell at 1.0330 1.0315 1.0300 Waiting EUR/CHF 18-01-10 Buy at 1.4745 1.4765 1.4785 Waiting
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(We suggest investors make their own stop-loss decisions. We will, however, assume that all trades have stop losses at 30 pips from entry unless we advise otherwise)

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Historic performance

After much debate, we have decided not to give details of past recommendations. The signals on the site are displayed in a totally open manner so we strongly encourage traders to monitor the performance for themselves. We are confident that the strength of the signals will encourage you to visit the site regularly. 


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