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From the Desk of: Lucas Leonardo
Location: My Mother's Basement

What is this all about…

Incredible as it may seem, hot women will screw loser computer nerds
like me. Women have special psychological needs and it doesn't matter
what you look like to some extent if you fulfill these needs gorgeous
women will be begging you to give it to them.

As a college freshman I was horrible with women while my buddies
where out getting laid every night, I was at home studying. I was fed
up with it I decided to read every book I could get my hands on about
dating and seduction. I would go out to parties apply the stuff I read
and at best get minimal results maybe a girl would flirt with me for a
second or two before leaving me to go talk to another guy but never
got sex...that's for sure.

Then one lonely night I was studying an anthropology book for a
report the next day for class while I was reading I found out that the
mating rituals for females are programmed into their DNA and women
still use these criteria to select a mate today! I know what you are
thinking so how is this going to get me laid? Hang tight..what I ended
up reading was...

The most powerful seduction methods known to man!

I devoured every book I could on evolutionary biology, psychology,
and anthropology and came up with the most powerful seduction system
ever created. Why is this so powerful? 90% of this system has to do
with body language. If you haven't figured out by now what women say
is almost useless to figuring out what they want. If you read their
body language they tell you all their secrets...

To receive one free chapter on how to tell instantly if a women
wants you to approach her without saying a word. Put your email in

What may surprise you is how powerful women's body language is and
what it will tell you. Many times women will tell you with their body
language they want sex...yes sex...and you don't even know it! Also,
if the guy does catch on usually he will respond in a way that will
make the woman reject him forever. Once I learned how to read the cues
women were sending me and more importantly how to answer them it blew
my mind how many times women where sending these signals my way and I
didn't even know it!

This stuff is will get you laid...

Imagine this you walk into a social setting and know within seconds
what women are interested in talking to you and which are definitely
not! and you can do this without saying a word! That's how powerful
this stuff is. Most importantly what this guide will teach you is what
you need convey to a women to get her hormones revved up so she will
be more attracted to you and look at you as a mate even if you are a
loser computer nerd.

To be precise here's some of what you get...

Technique to know exactly if a woman wants you to approach her
without you saying a word.

Find out exactly what you need to express to her to get her hormones
to change her perception of you.

Discover the body language women use when they are attracted to you.

Learn exactly what women admire and gradually become more of this,
and it has nothing to do with looks.

Learn the body language when women are ready to F%&$ but won't come
out and say it.

Find out women's needs programmed into their DNA and how to easily
fulfill these needs, the quickest way to getting laid...

With this system it took me from a loser who couldn't get laid to
save his life. To a guy who ends up screwing the hottest girl at
parties or having a strippers begging me to take them home at a
buddies bachelor party even after I told her I didn't plan on spending

I also tried online dating a few times and failed miserably. Only
after I discovering this system I knew exactly what to say to get them
begging me for dates. The system gave me the tools to pull 2-3 new
prospects a day off the dating sites. But I found it too much of a
hassel arranging dates and driving too where they live, etc..Since
this system works so well with women already around me I have no need
for these sites either will you, unless you are just tring to find
some extra women on the side.

This isn't an online dating system but it gives you the tools to
control women's minds anywhere including the net. Check out below,
before I would be lucky to get even one response. This was all the
responses I got over the weekend while I was gone.

To receive one free chapter on how to tell instantly if a women
wants you to approach her without saying a word. Put your email in

It work's with any woman anywhere because it pulls at the
underlying evolutionary psychology of a woman which is programmed into
their DNA and forces her to be attracted to you and eventually
naked...You will know what she is thinking without her telling you
this is a HUGE advantage over all other guys who don't have a clue.
This system will give you confidence other men don't have because you
be in complete control of attracting women.

Basically, this gives you a deep understanding and control of the
woman’s mind, stuff rarely talked or written about. Giving you the
power to get under the skin and into pants of women you don't even
know. This system does this because you will know what she is thinking
and wanting. I find with this system even when I fail with a woman,
with this knowledge I can quickly rationalize why I failed and either
fix it or never do it again with the next girl. No other system I know
gives you this power.

So please... I want you to click the order button below. Place your
order. Download Getting Laid 4 Losers so we can get started today.
This is your chance to regain control of your sex life.

Order and download Getting Laid 4 Losers. If in 60 days you are
not absolutely delighted for any reason…You will receive a prompt
and courteous refund.

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