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...ever wonder what the rich do with their money?

REAL ESTATE - It's the most effective vehicle to make big cash.
Fast or slow, Real Estate is what has made people wealthy, and now
you can make it too. I WILL SHOW YOU HOW YOU CAN:

* Be making big profits with every deal
* Have a steady monthly income
* Retire early with no worries!

Welcome to the Rental and Investment Property Cash Flow Calculator
Version 31. This new Real Estate Investment Analysis program will help
you to compare and analyze many different properties to see which are
profitable and which are not. This program is simple, user-friendly
and _easy to use_. This will be your tool to control and grow your .
The best part is that I will show you how to do it with NO MONEY DOWN!

What I've done is taken my knowledge of Real Estate and the tricks
and tips I've learned over the years and put them in this program. So
you don't have to make the same mistakes I have made - learn from my
errors! I have a and some Excel spread sheets for you to fill out with
the particulars of the properties you are looking at and then my
program will tell you which ones will MAKE THE MOST MONEY! This
program is flexible enough to simulate a basic analysis for single
family, multi-family and all the way up to a large unit apartment

These LOOK SIMILAR, they are _priced the same_, need no repairs, and
are ready to buy. However, one of these houses will make a profit of
$800 per month, and the other will lose $300 per month. How are you
going to know which one is the best investment? Read more and find

..and my program is scalable. It will work for as well. These two
apartment blocks also LOOK SIMILAR, have the _same price_, but one
makes a profit of $7500 per month, and the other loses $2500 per
month. Which one did you think I bought? This is a mistake that you
can't afford to make!

The real advantage is this program can be as "hands off" as you
want it to be!

I have successfully used this program to buy investment property and
stuff cash in my pocket every month! Where you direct your money is a
very important decision. I will show you how Real Estate is a better
decision than putting it in . These are not houses you are buying with
your heart. These are houses you are buying with your head and are a
BUSINESS decision. I have been doing real estate transactions for
nearly 12 years and, using my methods, profiting with everyone! Now I
have got the whole package and made it available to you!

What will happen when you obtain success...

The best part about this is _No more living paycheck to paycheck!_ I
have created a TURN-KEY system that will generate massive results. You
will have the financial freedom to do what you want, when you want to
do it. My was a big motivator for me. I hated it - and it drove me to
find a system that worked. One that would retire me. Why spend your
life working for "the man" when you can BE the man! It only makes
sense! Then you set your own hours and can work as little, or as much,
as you want. There is no limit to your success!

Finally you can make EDUCATED DECISIONS about your future and be as
successful as you want to be. Soon it will be a steady stream of
_Passive Income_ - and all you have to do is sit back and watch your
bank account grow! People with any background can become wealthy when
they use my system! Spend the free time how you wish!

Financial Freedom

The benefits of this program are many. Finally you can make educated
decisions about your financial future and be as successful as you want
to be. Don't spend another day without a game plan. No more sitting on
the sidelines, time to do something about your situation, time to act!
Don't sit back and debate what to do... I have a plan that will get
you rich!

Here's what you'll be getting...



Click above and you will be taken to a secure Pay Pal site to order
the Program.

Listen to these successful investors...***

Thanks for all your help with taking control of my financial health.
Before the program I had no idea how we were going to make ends meet -
but with your help we have 7 properties that generate cash for us
every month! We're going on vacation next month for the first time in
4 years!


With the market the way it is now and how the prices of Real Estate
are at the bottom it seemed like a very easy decision for me. I have
to thank you for the push in the right direction. While my friends are
watching their 401K's shrink day by day I can watch my equity in my 5
rental houses creep up daily. It's a great feeling to have financial
security. Soon I am hoping to quit my day job and settle into working
about 6 hours a week... or less! This was one of the easiest things
I've done - I wish I did it sooner.


I've been in the Real Estate biz for over a decade. I thought I
knew it all - with some of these methods my business partner and I are
in the middle of buying our 2nd, 20+ unit building with no money down!
Hello retirement!


New York State is a tough place to make money in Rental Property
but with your method I analyzed the properties and found the big cash
cows! Thanks, your plan worked for me!

Bonus - Sample Files and Stock Comparator

Don’t forget to have a look at the Bonus Material:


This is an air tight lease with only the right loop holes for the
investor. Why go to a lawyer and spend big bucks when it can be yours
for free. A $400 value!


When you have too many properties to handle on your own it's time
to get a management company. This will free up your time to do deals
and just make more money! But you need to know what you have to
protect yourself from. A $350 value!


Also check out how my Real Estate method will beat the This will
show you your progress on how property will surpass the A $250 value!

Click above and you will be taken to a secure Pay Pal site to order
the Program.

Compare with other plans...

This is an opportunity to learn a new and invaluable system for
making huge sums of money. It’s a method you’ll have for
life—something you can use anytime you’d like to generate income
as you need it.

But more importantly, this is an opportunity to TAKE BACK your life
and enjoy a level of very few people get to have these days.

What’s that worth to you?

You and I both know that thousands of people spend hundreds of
thousands of dollars on a college education and never make more than
$50,000 a year. If the information taught in this guide were taught in
school, you could expect to pay several thousands of dollars for this

But you won’t pay thousands…in fact, for a limited time, your
investment into this incredible system is just $499, but as you’ll
quickly see, this system is worth at least 10x that amount.

And if the low price of $499 doesn’t get your blood flowing,
here’s something that will. With your order today, I’M GOING TO
OVER $1000!

Order today, and I’ll take $400 off the regular price of $499,
making YOUR TOTAL INVESTMENT JUST $99 and like I said, I’ll give you
these incredible free bonuses, valued at over $1000. You must order
today to take advantage of this huge discount.

Getting the correct information is tough and figuring out which
properties are financially viable is the most important step in
buying! Other Real Estate programs charge hundreds and fill your book
shelves with out of date hard copies. Prices of other products are
much higher and my low price of $99.00 USD is an _introductory_ offer
only. Get it now...

Time to take control

Click below and you will be taken to a secure Pay Pal site to order
the Program. The files will be sent to you via e-mail.

Some more testimonies...


The software is familiar and EASY TO USE - I was worried that there
would be a learning curve for the terms or the things I needed to get
up and on my feet. This guide and a helpful Real Estate Agent was all
it took. That's the nice thing about telling a prospective Real Estate
Agent that you are planning to buy about 4 properties a year! They
help you! And since it is in their best interests for you to get smart
about Real Estate they hold your hand through the process too! This
way they get a happy customer that returns! I showed him my plan that
this program spelled out and he was ready to go along the path with


Thanks for the program! So far we have bought 3 homes this year and
they are funding our next purchases. Prices are deflated and we are
MAXIMIZING OUR PROFITS when we buy and will have more cash cows to
fund our vacation plans for this summer! We are not sure where we are
going to go but it will be nice to spend time with the kids and relax
knowing that cash is still coming in! Thanks again.



Think about this…for about the price of a sit-down meal in a nice
restaurant, you can have a system that can bring you and your family
an extremely nice income for the rest of your life. So if you’re
ready to “retire” to a lifestyle that’s incredibly rewarding and
fulfilling, I urge you to take your first step today and get started
on your new lifestyle as soon as tomorrow.

Remember, you have nothing to lose with this no-risk guarantee. Your
investment is 100% protected. Either you begin making a job killer
income from your home, or you let me know and I’ll refund every
single penny you paid - no hard feelings.

Make a Difference - Act Now!

This software will help you decide how to direct your cash flow. Now
that pensions are a thing of the past and is risky at best it's time
to take control of your financials. Now that interest rates are at an
all time low it is time to buy! The housing market is at its prime for
buying. You will find many motivated sellers and you can pick from the
best of the best! This is a no-brainer decision... time to protect
your financial future and get it super charged with Real Estate!


P.S. - Passive income is the key, making money while you do nothing!
Everything you're about to read is tried and tested material. This
will apply to your Buying Experience not just once, but for many years
to come. It's an investment not just for today, but far into the

P.P.S. - The decision you make TODAY will affect your family and
their FUTURE for YEARS to come. Remember, this is 100% risk free. If
for any reason you don't believe that you got your moneys worth, just
contact us, show us how you put these techniques into action, and
we'll give you a full refund. That's how confident we are that this
really does work.

....and if you've made it this far you are pretty thorough... and
hungry. It's a lot of information to take it, try the system and if
you don't like it we have our 100% satisfaction, money back


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