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"How To Rank 20 Keywords
Between Number 1 AND
Number 3 In Google Or
Your Money Back!"

By Karl Sultana
Thursday, 11.27 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Truly here's my story: I've started SEO long time ago,
starting as a freelancer way back in 2004... I was energetic at age 20
doing SEO projects for other people, getting paid the fee I deserved.
That was an exciting time for me.

Some amazing projects I did, and amazing because of the fact that -
I blew away the people that hired me - include indexing 150 websites
in two weeks, 14 days. Optimizing a 14,000 page website, the onpage
optimization techniques, at a blistering speed... and list can go on
and on.

Link building projects I've done them too... SEO reports of what's
wrong with the site, what's bad, why rankings dropped, why your site
got banned... and everything in between I had answered all of them! To
many different people with different websites, some with strange
websites as well.

I knew how to get them, the backlinks... and "fix them up"
pinpointing them on what's wrong and what can be done better to get
high rankings.

I did less projects about achieving high rankings for certain
keywords because I could only handle a few people at time... but when
you see other people's websites ranked at the very top gives you a
better feeling than when you see your website at the top...

OK. You might be asking

How did I go from nowhere to make money as an SEO freelancer?

That's a good question... here's the answer... I love SEO, I've
consumed articles, ebooks, books, membership sites, cd's, dvd's but
most important I've started and kept focusing only on SEO for 4 years
till this day straight..

That's very powerful - that's how I gained a lot of the knowledge
and insight you normally won't get if you don't "do SEO for a living".
Most folks do SEO on their website to increase their rankings not for
a living... which is fantastic - but that's why and how I became so
g-o-o-d good at it.

Let me give you a bit of an idea of my rankings...

One of my website ranks and has kept it's rankings for years without
me doing anything apart from checking my Clickbank account... Google
some keyword in the adware and spyware niche, you'll see either my
website or one of my blog posts.

With that said, here's some of the keywords the site () ranks for...


Position 1 -9

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The blog of the site also ranks for keywords in #1 positions like
and a ton more keywords.

Position 1 - 9

- - - - - - - - - - - - - On average keywords get
18,000 visitors per month! Competition number various between almost 1
million to 36 million.

Whatever your rank is on Google, 99.9% of the time you have
better rankings in MSN..

Of course, most people will just try to get one or two keywords on
top, but that's not me. In fact my technique to get my blog posts
ranked first page quickly - in days, has been one of the reasons why
Adsense cheques get bigger... it's the only way I make money off my
blog, through Adsense.

Let me be a bit more specific

You heard that right by the way, 1-2 hours to index a new blog post
and 2-3 days maximum to get the blog post number one for specific
keywords I wish. That's very powerful.

You're probably starting to get quite a bit curious now, it's a lot
of free traffic quickly and easily right?

In fact it is, because I can post as many times as I want on the
blog, and every blog post hits #1 ranks for a keyword I choose.
Sometimes #2 or further down on first page... There's no real secret
to it, but you just need to know my technique. That's the "secret".

REVEALED: Top 5 Crucial Mistakes You
Can Make That Can Will Block The
Path To Success

These are fired with my straight talk approach style...

Mistake #1:

The first time you get into a car to actually drive it, you're a
newbie right? Recently on T.V a six year old kid took the car of his
parents and drove it to school - so he does not miss his P.E. lesson.

That's true: He had an accident, and surely there's no need to ask

The first time you want to try a new skill for that matter, you can
be called a newbie, but it's of little importance anyway... but
newbies make Mistake #1 most often.

It's seeking help through forums. Joining a forum and masterminding
with other like minded people is good in itself.

But seriously, if you think you can get high ranks from the advice
you got from forums, you're wrong! Imagine you're holding a balloon in
your hand, just using your fingers to hold the air from bursting out -
what happens if you accidentally don't hold the balloon well enough?

The balloon with go zigzagging in the air like mad.

That's what you experience from the "knowledge" you gain from
forums. The knowledge you get is known as...


Forums are not to get advice, assuming there's no other better way
to discover search engine optimization than you can try the TRIAL and
ERROR approach - that means joining FORUMS.

How can you discover how to do something from someone who just like
you doesn't know exactly how to do it? Albert Einstein, a genius can't
solve that problem neither... maybe because there isn't one - only by
stop seeking help from people like you....

Instead seek help from someone experienced, above you... who have
done it and lived it. Who knows more than you do...

That's the smart way!

Truth be told, forums are also a great way to get answers to certain
questions... but in most cases not for advice or the right knowledge -
it's either wrong knowledge or half told truth and that's as huge as a
comet impact.

Let me be more specific...

From forums it's a tough way to discover the truth about SEO -
seriously it's a trial and error approach. You get a tip and take
action on it - fail and discover it's not perfect... you get something
out of that bad experience and go get some more tips... that's a tough
way to get results!

I can't stress this enough...

Dear friend, I'm telling you in forums you just get tips, which is
great... take for example golf forums. If you never picked up a golf
club in your hands, do you really think joining a forum will make
Tiger Woods jealous if he sees you playing?

You will get tips and maybe some questions answered too, which is
not surprisingly.

So forums are not the right way to get that powerful knowledge you
require FAST and Quickly to gain unfair advantage over others.

Mistake #2:

Some "think" that you do search engine optimization to get the best
keyword ranked top in the search engines. I say, it's better to aim to
get a ton of keywords ranked at top all at the same time. It's not
much different, and easier. Trying to hit one apple from 100 yards
away is not easy... but trying to hit 10 apples all tightly and
closely together is easier.

It's wrong thinking that to get traffic you need to get the best
keyword in your niche number one position. That's how you fail. That's
like trying a Formula 1 car before ever driving a normal car.

Most failure occur simple because you don't have the right knowledge
yet. Then trust me it's E-A-S-Y if you know what you are doing.

Mistake #3:

Mistake number three is give up! Assuming you are doing both first
and second mistakes it's very easy to give up. The solution is getting
the right knowledge and knowing every action step to take.

Mistake #4:

Outsourcing SEO to companies... one of the biggest mistakes is
thinking there are companies out there that will get your website
ranked without you lifting a finger to raise a feather. Instead of
wasting money like that, gain the knowledge and invest money to
outsource the SEO techniques.

Now that's wiser and smarter.

If you afford spending thousands of dollars and have years of free
time available, than... you can TRY out lots of SEO companies until
you find one that brings in results...

You see, SEO is all about doing the right strategies that are proven
to get you results - not looking for the magical pill. That's the
tough and most difficult road you will take.

Knowledge is power, and the right knowledge IS powerful enough that
you can tell others what to do, how to do it and you can do what you
feel like doing, playing tennis, golf or what you love. Therefore
outsource all SEO strategies and techniques if you wish to hire

That's the right way to outsource SEO...

It's far better than buying the "magical pill" therefore hiring SEO
companies. That does release some tensions for a moment from your mind
(tensions because you're doing mistakes #1, #2 and #3) - but then
making the mess actually worse!

So spend money wisely while you're still in control... and you get
the r-e-s-u-l-t-s results you dream of. Mistake number 4 is doing the

Spending money carelessly, you get out of control and get no
results. It's how many people get ripped off and scammed everyday.
It's a shame how many companies offer services and software that are a
total scam. It really is.

Coca cola, Virgin or StarBucks don't need to do SEO if they don't
want to... their budget affords instant prospects by using very
expensive methods to get them, billions of dollars in advertising.
They probably don't feel like doing any SEO yet... but I bet they be
more than willing to "test it out" too.

But the home based business owner, has more than one reason to
invest time and money in SEO.

But knowing how to do it properly makes all the difference in the

Here's an example...

Knowing some insider info you instantly understand the power you
have that you can utilize... like for example did you know you can pay
$25 a month someone to do one technique - just one technique, and that
alone after some time will get you #1 ranks for a certain keyword...
or more than one at the same time... just by applying one technique.

Then repeat same technique on another keyword.

Dear friend that's the kind of powerful knowledge you want in your
hands and want it hidden, secured and safely guarded from your
competitors. They only get jealous when they see that you kick-ass.

Mistake #5:

This is important: You see, you should discover SEO strategies that
bring in results, your goal is to get the traffic - and the rankings
of course, but the road can be confusing, challenging and
misleading... It's like you're in a completely dark road, alone at
night on a cold, windy and rainy day... with no place where to protect

Can this be true?

There are many "fake theories", a quick one is submitting your
website to thousands of search engines to get it indexed...

My knowledge, what I shall reveal to you (which you shall find out
in a moment) and share with you IS what you have to know - don't go
comparing and contrasting my strategies with all the other theories,
because you get confused and won't get results.

Dear friend the point is, discover the SEO strategies that bring in
results and use those. As you'll find out in a moment... you have
everything there is to know - I did not keep any secrets or provided a
strategy that you can twist around and make it more effectively. The
sword is already sharpened.

Your goal should be to discover my SEO strategies and simple apply
those not the half baked ones.

Quite easy to understand, but truth be told there are inappropriate
and misleading information everywhere on the Internet. So I had to put
that straight.

Do you follow me so far?

So what's the best way - the only surefire way to get high rankings
without pain in the butt? And what are my SEO strategies?

That's where the "SEO Booklets The Complete Guide To Search Engine
Optimization" come in very helpful and very powerful. You'll like

Especially if you like my straight-talk style.

And best of all There's specific chapters about maintaining
rankings, so you'll know how to keep your rankings as well. Including
getting indexed in like 5 days or less... huge list of methods to get
backlinks, exclusive ways to get content, tools and everything in
between... for your success. Free preview:

(Note: You must have Acrobat Reader to view these files. To download
Acrobat Reader, please click the button below)

OK, so let me be a bit more specific

Here's a quick run down of what's inside these SEO Booklets.

A great look at what Google search engine does to rank websites -
how it chooses from the trillion websites which ones go first, which
go last. Opens your mind to understand why we use the optimization
techniques that we use.

Step by step guide with latest cutting edge SEO techniques that are
proven, including real examples with screenshots.

The only way to really know ... It's easy to get confused about
competition number - and bang your head on the wall several times in a
row without knowing this secret.

Once you start SEO you'll get high rankings for certain keywords
other than the ones you want. NOW you'll know a killer way to find out
these hidden gems PLUS how to get them number one position quickly...

Specific techniques that make your website a HOT, high quality
website that search engines will want to crawl, visit and stare at
with amazement daily. These will boost your rankings like a rocket

Plus what NOT to do which can be time sucking and what REALLY you
should do because they are important and critical to get

Dead-On tested techniques to get massive amount of high quality

Which are the top 3 link building methods and why focusing a lot on
other methods IS simply waste of time and money. Plus which are the
deadly methods finally exposed!

Critical ways to figure out if link exchange partners are CHEATING
on you intentionally or not - that's right - most don't do link
exchanges the right way... Those who have got tired of failing because
of the critical mistakes they're making simple say "link exchanges are

Including specific ways to tackle other link building methods - how
to make best use of the methods for the best possible return on your
time and money investment.

And much more...

I can't stress this enough...

Starting from , I take you by the hand and reveal to you exactly
where all the pieces of the puzzle fit. All techniques nothing is hold
back or kept secret - it's COMPLETE!

Plus the screenshots and illustrations including side notes make it
a no brainer to understand and apply the techniques in minutes.

"Karl Knows What He Is Doing... He Is Helping Me A Lot With My

"Karl I have to say this is really a helping hand.

I have been reading through your articles and they have helped me a
lot, especially those about SEO. I have watched your spyware site, man
it is ranking high for a lot of keywords.

How are you doing that?

I was reading the whole home page and I must say it is very good
because in less then 5 minutes I was able to have a niche profile. It
is clear that you know marketing. Hope you don't get mad but I try to
do as many things as you are doing, for my registry fix site.

_Karl knows what he is doing. How do I know, well he is helping me a
lot with _my SEO."

Mehmet Onatli

Note: Following my advice, Mehmet got the following ranks and
improving... #6 for #9 for microsoft registry cleaner #7 for eusing
registry cleaner #8 for eusing registry #8 for windows xp registry

Whatever your ranks are in Google, 99.9% of the time they're better
on MSN and sometimes even on Yahoo...

But there's more to that, which I shall address in a minute. These
make the "picture complete".

Bottom line is

Simple put these save you time, money and energy on a) useless, time
sucking techniques that don't provide the best results and on b)
focusing on what's not important - on what's not going to give you

And best of all

The best benefit of all - cranking out site after site, applying
same techniques and getting 20 or more keywords highly ranked for each
site - keywords that get thousands of visitors a month... or that gem
which gets INSANE amount of traffic.

For example...

Imagine... you be able to buy a new domain name, and simply put,
rank it for 20 or more keywords knowing from start to finish EXACTLY
what to do... step by step how to get your website ranking. Each
keyword with an average of 18,000 visitors a month.

No more guessing - no more asking - no more "trying"!

Now imagine... after gaining some experience you can also get your
website ranked for some ultra hot keywords - high competitive keywords
which get tens of thousands of visitors a month. It's not uncommon to
find good keywords you can rank for with 450,000 visitors a month.

That's going to

Not to mention the fact which Sergey Brin, one of the two Google
founders, points out with his quote...

Sergey Brin
Revealing Fact That You Will Get Traffic From All Search Engines...
Not Just Google.
"Some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they
think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines unlike
other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another
search engine."

You'll going to get traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN - in fact
you'll probably see your rankings first in MSN and then in Google.

If you think it's nothing, think again...

Applying same strategies you'll automatically rank in all search
engines or at the very least in Google and MSN both at once... traffic
from more than ONE source is even more powerful...

This is important...

It does not matter what sort of site you have whether it's a blog,
forum, flash only site, membership site - you still apply the same
techniques and get results.

These and...

a) I do provide specific tips for e commerce sites.

b) If your website is not the "normal" content site - like you have
a membership site, the only difference is some techniques you'll find
more useful than others, but there's the specific strategies that any
site can apply - even on an affiliate link.

There are tactics that are the most powerful ones - the most
valuable, the "meat" of SEO that make the difference between ranking
very high OR ranking nowhere. These same techniques can be applied on
ANY WEBSITE no matter it's shape or size. That's the REASON why you
can get ANY website ranked high.

And remember...

That's why getting results IS probably inevitable.

The SEO Booklets are exciting, and and magically change the way you
look at your website or business.

The bottom line is...

More targeted traffic - people that exactly want what you are giving
from your website (like buying product signing for newsletter, joining
membership site, etc). It means more money and more profits.

Secrets Of Beating Tough Competitors! How
To Get The Same Portion Of Traffic And
Results Playing A Different Game...

Sounds scary, but it's just playing a strategic game - following
simple strategies to find out the keywords that you're going to get
ranked for - before starting...

Think about it

It's like AIMING first, F-I-R-E fire second... that's more likely
you hit target. Sounds simple, in fact it is.

Dear friend remember mistake #5 is not sticking with the right
knowledge and the "going to TRY something else" mood... A famous coach
on success once told me that NOT sticking for long enough on something
is why most people fail...

Reality is

These four booklets they're like medicine that will cure a disease,
in our case it will cure low ranks - and solve the ranking "joke" once
and for all. You literally become an with these four booklets.

If you don't want to tell your friends about your success or want
success at all, than don't download these booklets... There's no need
to take a glimpse inside these booklets at all.

So what's special about them?

First off - you only get to know what's important to know - what's
going to effect your bottom line ONLY. No beating around the bush with
theories, information or lots of "junk tips".

Kick butt your website to the top of the search engines - easy and
quickly. Very practical four booklets with lots of "hidden techniques"
that you never heard of on forums, in articles or elsewhere.

Listen, I'm not kidding around...

It's not SEO information - it's a complete guide to get - as many as
20 keywords ranked between number 1 and number 3 very fast!

Not any keywords, those with at least 17,000 monthly visitors. Plus
and techniques on any new website you have - or get a bunch more
keywords highly ranked again and again for surges of traffic.

But it doesn't stop there, either.

The other great "reward" is you can get that ONE keyword ranked
high - only one... but the one that gets INSANE number of visitors.
That's so good you'll tell all your friends about how great it feels.

So you'll be able to get ranks for the keywords with the highest
competition number but the ones that get again, an INSANE number of
visitors. Talking about 400,000 or more monthly visitors.

In any way you'll turn your website into a traffic machine.

But only knowing certain key information that TURN certain search
engine switches ON - making them WANT to rank your website at the top
and want it BADLY!

They be pleased to do it like a servant.
The Most Important "Change" You Can
Make In Your Business Revealed!

Let me ask you a question...

Why Search Engine Optimization rocks?

Here's a very small list of other methods you can use to get traffic
to your website...

Banner advertising
Traffic exchanges
Buying ezine ads
Exit popups

They can be great and probably are but as an alternative traffic
source, remember the saying: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

But search engines and this is important are a good investment,
because they are here to stay - people use them all the time... they
are what everyone uses to search for websites... whether to buy or for
free information.... search engines get them first!

Dear friend it's just a smart decision to get the right knowledge
and start SEO... If you know the right way to do it - it's going to be
the best investment you make in yourself and your business...

Here's something interesting...

According to research most people will use a search engine when they
want to find information - or start shopping online... and Google is
the most used search engine, then Yahoo and MSN, the rest are not even
worth mentioning...

Similarly there's good news for you: If YOU rank well in Google, in
most cases you rank better in MSN. That's getting twice the traffic -
for more profits...

Research done in April 2008 reveals....

"Google is the most visited US website with no less than
141,000,000 unique visitors, according to a research conducted by
comScore. Second place Yahoo and third place MSN."

The fact is

Two words and six letters are probably the two best ways to drive
traffic to your website. Incidentally they both deal with search

One is SEO and the other is PPC (pay per click)... PPC is expensive,
a lot... and you are going to loose money at first... but you get
instant traffic and if you know how to do it right - it's just
fantastic way to get traffic over and over again. Some spend $5000,
$10,000, $50,000 on Adwords alone every month and obviously get double
that amount or some sort of profit.

Of course PPC has nothing to do with SEO... the point that I want to
show is that no one will invest in one traffic source - even if it's
the best method ever, just for "security" and "safety" purposes alone.

Dear friend SEO is just one of those traffic methods that it's worth
investing in for short term and long term ongoing traffic for your
websites and business.

"The Messiah Of SEO Has Arrived!"
"I am a professional copywriter and an article writer. I've always
wanted to get to know more about SEO and how to make money out of it.
I was searching for a good source and I found Karl's course. If you
want to be a SEO professional, don't look elsewhere. The Messiah of
SEO has arrived!" Gloria Kirinus

"Your Booklets Are Brilliant..."
"Karl, Your SEO Booklets were incredible!

It has helped me rank Number 3 in Google for my selected keyword
which has over 1 million webpages competing pages! I also have a lot
of No. 1 & 2 positions in other major search engines like Yahoo ">your
booklets are brilliant and gives us a major advantage!

Angel Christie,

"Valuable Content And A Blueprint For Success..."

"I have read through the whole manual and I could say that it offers
valuable content and a blueprint for success in Google Serps result
for keywords that you are choosing for.

The content discussed therefore proven that it is REAL marketing SEO
tactics that delivers.

Overall, it is a good purchase and anyone who are interested in
getting rank at the top in google search result is a good product. In
addition, it has also provided many questions that many people asked.
This will build strong Internet marketing foundations and ultimately
leads to success."

Jerry Koh

"Well Structured And Easy To Follow..."
"I found these books to be very informative. The content is well
structured and easy to follow. Great for anyone who wants to optimize
their own site instead of paying big bucks to a professional SEO
company." Douglas Huth,
Durban, South Africa

"Your SEO Course Is Amazing!"
"Hey Karl - I Just wanted to say thanks and to let you know that
your SEO Course is amazing! I have used all the leading SEO tools over
the years but this course helped me get to #1 for the term 'jade
jewelry' and #16 for 'jewelry' (not bad for a term with over 233
million results). Guys, keep up the good work and I will keep you
posted on our progress!"

Matt Henderson,
Iowa, USA

Dear friend,
"Excellent Work..."

"Just a quick kudos... I found your site after I "Googled" a
well-known marketing SEO course.

I stopped by to read the SEO course and got hooked! I'm certain that
with this knowledge I will be leading the serps in no time at all.

Excellent work on the SEO stuff and great free content too!"

Ronald Stevenson,
San Jose, California

"I Am Earning In Ten Thousands Of Dollars All Credit To Karl!"
"Lets all stand up and hail Lord Sultana. LOL no kidding, but this
man deserves all the praise. He's brought out a screamer of a course
which can never fail you if done right. I was a noobe 4 months back
and now I am earning in ten thousands of dollars all credit to Karl. I
am planning on setting up a SEO concern myself, and No its not a joke.
I don't want to say I now know everything from his books, but his
books were the inspiration for me to begin."

Alicia Harold,
New Mexico

P.S. Alicia Harold paypal account screenshot...

"Thanks To You Karl, I Saved Myself And My Family"
"I was one of the first to lose jobs due to recession. I had no
where to go and no place to work. When I was delusioned, one of my
friends told me about the SEO Course Karl Sultana has come up with. I
thought, "Euww, Yet another email marketer trying to rip me off". But
due to the situation I was in I bought these booklets and tried out
the techniques. One month, I struggled hard. Now I've earned more than
$7000 in just two months. Thanks to you Karl, I saved myself and my
family." Rafael Rossi,
Texas City, US

P.S. Rafael Rossi paypal account screenshot...

That's all with the power of the .

But wait that's not all... you'll also get:

FREE Bonus 1

"17 Questions Every Optimizer Should
Know How To Answer" (Value: $29.95)

That's filled with the 17 harshest, most frequently asked questions
on the Internet about SEO.

Some about rankings and some very important you should know about to
avoid doing intentionally or unintentionally changes on your website
that search engines will penalize you for... or other specifics that
get your site banned!

It's also about answering the questions you're going to ask yourself
sooner or later about SEO - the questions EVERYONE wants an answer

Simple put...

You'll also want to find the "secrets" in this ebook about questions
related to rankings, and specifics about proper usage of redirects and
lots more.

You're going to get a doze of very powerful insider information and
then go apply small BUT crucial changes. These small or big changes
you make on your website, or the way you do certain SEO techniques can
solve BIG challenges you may face... later on.

It may also be the reason why your rankings increase FASTER than
ever before.

Dear friend these questions take care of you... they're like
"holding you by the hand" and "keeping an eye on you" - so you stay on
the right track to success.

So what about the investment for the SEO Booklets right? Wait, I'm
not finished yet... in fact you'll also get...

FREE Bonus 2

"101 Insider Useful Resources For Search
Engine Optimizers" (Value: $49.95)

Dear friend how tough it is to find a simple tool to check how many
pages got indexed OR how many backlinks you have? The answer is:
Extremely tough.

If you don't have this guide it's tough as stone. An A-Z list of
resources, including ones you never heard of before - tools, software,
services both free and paid - the best ones about SEO hand picked and
neatly organized.

It's as simple as pointing to the category like "Top Article
Directories" and click the links. That easy. This ebook is also a
great tool in itself to find out new ways to get one way links - to
automate tasks and a lot more... You'll want this handy when doing

You can compare the joy you get with this bonus with a girl's soft
toys, she never wants to get rid of them, ever!

Remember the saying: "It's a tough nut to crack" - finding good
resources on SEO and doing it easy is a tough nut to crack. Luckily
you're going to

OK, now let's talk about the investment required shall we? No, not
yet... there's still more...

FREE Bonus 3

"SEO BluePrint Mind Maps"
(Value: $19.95)

This is like dessert after dinner! However I truly believe it's
also the 'perfect end for a perfect dinner' - a tasteful dessert!

Unique, one of a kind ebook filled with SEO mind maps, to make it a
no brainer to "get it" - the most important SEO key bits and pieces of
information. So do you actually need this to get high rankings? No,
but who does not like dessert after a perfect dinner?

Dear friend these mind maps not only solve once and for all the
understanding of the key points - but they also reveal to you certain
search engine functions like...

* How a website gets indexed, just watch mind map and "get it"
* Why your webpages go in the so called Supplemental Index - see
and look at it...
* How your rankings increase... all the way to the first position -
see it unlike you have EVER seen it before...
* The all time famous pagerank see what it does on your own

This ebook ... at the same time easier to grab SEO by the throat,
become a master and get immense traffic from the search engines.

Dear friend these also reveal critical and sensitive information.
These are powerful enough they're like helping you cheat your
competitors. They will NEVER get to see how search engines operate the
same way you do AND how to optimize their website the ultimate way
like you do - for the ultimate rankings.

And If they find out what you do they be envious of you!

Those are $99.85 in FREE bonuses.

Remember the SEO Booklets are not SEO information - they're created
with YOU in mind - with your goal and bottom line taking in
consideration. Knowing that you don't want high rankings, you want
traffic that converts into buyers. OK, let me repeat that

This is NOT an SEO engineer like Matt Cutts explaining how Google
indexes websites, boasting about the pagerank theory - which is all
great... the hundreds of different algorithms Google has and on and

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