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Easy Wordpress Sitemaps


Dear Fellow Wordpress User

If you are new to Wordpress then you are probably going nuts trying
to work out what you need to include, which themes work best, which
plugins, what is RSS and where do I put it, tags are something you get
on clothes aren't they?

Chances are that you are using Wordpress because you want to make
some money online and Wordpress is definitely the tool of choice for
that. You are almost certainly hearing lots of people talk about how
vital it is to find the right niche, how important your keywords are,
how different themes are good for different things and how vital it is
to monetize your blog in the right way.

I can't disagree with them, it is important that you find a
profitable niche, monetize the site and a million other things are
just as important. In fact you will hear so many things that have to
be done that you will almost certainly forget one of the things that
Google consider to be vital.


Rather than me telling you about it let Googles rep Matt Cutts tell
you about it.

XML Sitemap Wordpress Plugin

HTML Sitemap Plugin

Video Showing How To Upload Plugins

Video Showing How To Set The Plugins Up

Do you really need the videos? Probably not, it is all very simple
but I like to make sure that you have the tools you need from the
minute you purchase. There is nothing worse than wondering how you do

I was looking for a plugin that would easily make an html sitemap
for my wordpress sites because some of them are quite large and i
wanted to give my visitors a better idea of what was available on my
sites in a way that didn't clutter up my home page.

Wp easy sitemaps plugin is like magic. You only paste a tiny bit of
code into a new new page click publish and presto you have a
beautifully created sitemap.


I was thrilled to find this plugin. A HTML sitemap is a very
powerful SEO strategy, as you can deep link to each page of your site
using your targeted keyword phrases as anchor text.

Although a HTML sitemap like this is powerful, it can take a lot of
time to create, depending on how many pages you have. With this plugin
however, it will take you less then 2 minutes to create a complete
keyword rich HTML sitemap page, no matter how many pages your site

You get power and efficiency, all in one plugin!

Rita Wilhelm

These plugins will help you achieve one thing, and one thing only.
Get your site indexed and more thoroughly indexed by the search
engines. Deep indexing means they will send visitors to ALL your pages
not just some of them. We all know what more visitors means don't we?
I don't need to spell it out here that visitors to your site equals

Once you upload and activate the plugins that is it, Google gets
notified of your sitemap and when you make changes to your site your
sitemap updates and lets the search engines know about it. We have
even coded in a safety feature so you don't run the risk of
overpinging and being labeled a spammer.

Can you get your Wordpress site indexed without having a sitemap? I
won't lie to you of course you can. But you can also shovel 10 ton of
dirt by hand, it is much easier though when you have the right tools
(I have done it both ways and moving that much dirt is much easier
with tools)

Search engines WANT to index your site. Every search engine wants to
be able to say they have the largest index. They want to index your
site and all the new pages you add, so why not help them do it?

It really is very simple: upload the plugins, activate, add your xml
sitemap info into Google Webmaster and they will send their hungry
spiders round to check out your site.

By having both an HTML and an XML sitemap, you are allowing all the
search engines to thoroughly index your site. You can get ALL your
pages indexed and listed in Google rather than just a couple.

As well as getting these super simple to use plugins you get

* 60 DAY GUARANTEE. If you are unhappy we will do a refund with no
questions asked.
* Full support from me, not that you will need it as the vidoes and
manual I produce are so darned good!
* Updates. If we need to update the plugins you will get the
updates for no extra cost.

Straight after payment you will be taken to a download page where
you will be able to get the plugins, you can be using them within 5


We use Clickbank to process our payments so the page you see after
clicking the big orange button above will look something like this.

If you are unsure of anything please feel free to contact me by
email paul@wpeasysitemaps.com


This site and the products and services offered on this site are not
associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Wordpress, nor have
they been reviewed tested or certified by Wordpress.

*****We are in no way associated with Google, Bing, Yahoo or anyone
else. In fact even my wife denies I am associated with her when we go
shopping. We do appreciate all of them (especially my wife) and
understand that their names are their own and we are not any part of
their success*********


lower = better; 1 = best

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