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Four Essential Steps To A Well Behaved Dog

Would You Like...
a permanent solution to your dog behaviour problems
training that won't expect you to hurt the dog you love

training that’s guaranteed to work, whatever the shape, size or breed of your dog

the confidence that you're doing the right thing – not making it worse

training you can do wherever you are because there's no gadgets needed

Imagine, With This Key In Your Hands, Training Your Dog Could Be So Much Easier. But, Like Building a House You Must Get the Foundations in Place First

Which is why our training really works. It gives you an unshakeable foundation to build a wonderful relationship with your dog from and your dog will absolutely adore you for it.

Why? Because they’ll completely ‘get’ what you’re doing – your actions will make perfect sense to them and feel so natural that they’ll want to do everything they can to please you.

Your dogs going to be thinking “whoa... now you’re talking my language”

Look at some of the problems I’ve already helped dog owners solve. Would you like the answer to these questions too?


How do I stop my dog pulling on the lead?
How do I stop my dog digging up the back garden
How do I stop my dog peeing on the carpet?
My dog chew everything when I’m out - what can I do about it?
How do I stop my dog barking at everything that passes the house?
My dog hates car journeys - how do I get her into the car?
What’s the best way to play with my dog and how rough should it be?
How do I get my dog to come back when I call?
My dog ‘freaks’ at every trip to the vet – how can I keep her calm?
My daughter got snapped at by the neighbour’s dog, how do I make sure she doesn’t get bitten!
We can’t mention the word ‘walk’ without the dogs going completely hyper. How can we calm them down?
How can I keep my dogs happy and settled when I move home?
How do I get my dog to listen to me – first time!
My two dogs are fighting each other, how can I stop them?
What should I do when my dog comes face to face with an aggressive dog when we’re out for a walk?
My dog growls at every dog we pass, how can we calm him down?
My dog whines and cry whenever I leave her alone for a few minutes, what’s wrong with her?
My dog follows me wherever I go, he hates to let me out of his sight, is that OK?

Even the Most Difficult Dogs Can Be Transformed

Get Instant access to the Dog Listener Foundation Audio. You can listene to the audio online or your can download the product in mp3 format to listen on your Laptop, mp3 player or phone immediately.

The Price is Just £9.95.

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