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Finally, the absolute, definitive guide and a must read for everyone willing to save our planet through green living.

A sensational attention grabbing page turner you won't be able to put down.

A green 'Hints from Heloise' answers questions you want to know but are afraid to ask!

From the desk of Linda Rembowski
Author of the [Forcedgreen.com](http://www.forcedgreen.com) blog

Going green is much easier than you realize.

When I was a kid, my family moved to Texas from Michigan. In those days, Lake Erie was so clear and no matter how far you went out on a raft, you could still see the bottom.

Upon arrival in Texas, we went to Galveston where the water was muddy, the sand was brown, and the water was salty. Come to find out the reason for this was the Mississippi River and the Gulf Stream Current takes the silt and moves it half way down the Texas Coast. However, once you get to Corpus Christi, the water is clear, the sand is white (and the water is still salty).

That's around the time I started working for NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. NASA is recognized as one of the leaders in bringing the fragile state of our planet out into the open.

I'm positive you witness our planet's destruction on a daily basis.
The evidence is all around us
on our way to work, in the news, around the globe.
Personally, as an avid catamaran sailor, I would witness first hand the damage to our waterways that man so nonchalantly, so carelessly does. I saw many a ship purge their bilges with the end result landing on our beaches. Everyday, to and from work, I would drive past stinking, pollution-belching chemical plants and refineries. Add in the Paper Plant, Super Fund Sites and the Ship Channel, all I could see was pollution everywhere. Greed with no regard to people, plants or Mother Earth itself.

Contrasting worlds, rolled into one.

I was close to despair...
What could one person do to change this?!?
I moved to East Texas for a variety of reasons. The biggest thing I noticed right away is how clean the air is. No smog, big trees, rolling meadows and healthy looking animals. And in the back of my brain all the while thinking, "Why doesn't everywhere look like this?!"

Then came the internet (a couple of jobs later and early retirement). After numerous attempts to "find my niche" it was obvious what my mission in life is all about. Around that same time, I was "talked into" doing a blog by a very good friend who emphasized no better way to get my passion for my planet across to anyone and everyone!

I did not know if it would do any good or if anyone would listen.
But I just HAD to try!
To my immense relief, and within an extremely short amount of time, the comments starting piling up making me very aware that I am not alone, and it feels so good to know that there are scores of folks who are just as passionate about our little blue marble, planet Earth.

The obvious next step was to start writing...
"The Definitive Environmental Guide To Going Green For Good"
A labor of love, this is NOT your typical eco-friendly information. I've spent years not only living the green life, but months pulling my knowledge, honest statistics, and problems with solutions all into one 64 page guide designed to save you money and save our planet.

Peppered with humor, this environmental handbook addresses the seriousness of our ecological situation without brow beating you. It gives you the most economical and easy solutions you need to 'go green', reducing your impact on the planet and saving you money.

The Definitive Environmental Guide To Going Green For Good
actually answers your "what does it mean and what can I do" questions.
This guide empowers you! Discover how to take control of your life and the lives of those around you! Learn how truly easy and cost-effective it is to become part of the green living movement!

I found this e-book to be really eye-opening. It was filled with an abundance of diverse and timely information, including helpful hints, directions and money-saving tips. The author, Linda Rembowski, is to be commended on the service she has provided by putting all of this great material in one easy-to-read document. I learned a lot and look forward to putting it into action.

Kay Secord
Works.com (Retired)
Plant City, Florida

You will quite literally have the repetitive thought,
"WOW, I didn't know that!"
From environmental novice to the person who believes they know it all, regardless, you are about to start such a fascinating journey you will finish feeling like a ecological guru. It contains information that will excite you about your personal conservation and ultimately enable you to be that informed, concerned, proud citizen of Earth!

Going well beyond the typical, this guide of course covers:

o Solar Power
o Wind Energy
o Water Conservation
o Carbon Footprint
o Recycling Facts
o And so much, much more...!

presented in a format unlike any reading or studying you may have done to date!

Linda, you have knocked my socks off! I have NEVER learned so much from one source... ever! You've opened my eyes to problems (with solutions) I didn't even know existed! Thank you, thank you so much!

Scott Jeffries

Your time to save the planet is now! Your way is clear!
Get Your Very Own Definitive Guide Now!
Instantly downloadable - just seconds away!
This book breaks down each every day situation to give you the opportunity of being better now and tomorrow. In opposition to the main part of environmental guides, Linda Rembowski doesn't settle for putting shocking facts and alarming statistics to accuse people, of course you'll feel guilty a little bit but you have in your hands the chance to change.

Forcedegreen sweated out to find the green solution according to your situation. Is that convenient? Now you can't say that you weren't aware... Did you know that squeaky floors can be fixed by sprinkling baby powder in between the floor boards? Only the definitive environmental guide to going green for good gives you this kind of idea. I don't know about you but in Finisterre office: we all found it really cool...

Finisterre and Mikael Toussaint
United Kingdom

Declare Your Allegiance To This Planet!
Commit to Earth's well being &
the survival of future generations!
I have just read The MOST amazing and informative book! Linda Rembowski has given us one of the best and most easy to read books I have ever read on "How to go GREEN". Her understanding of the environmental issues that face our world at this time is vast and her suggestions for simple and effective steps that we can all take are easy and practical. "The Definitive Environmental Guide to Going Green for Good" is a must have for everybody. If you think you are already doing everything you can then think again...read the book...there is so much you can do.

Leanne Lonergan

This is our time to shine, to have our posterity gratefully boast that had we not stepped in, drawn a line in the sand, and stopped the madness, their lives and futures would be in dire straits, if there at all.

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Here's to saving the planet, and working with YOU!
Linda Rembowski
Contact: linda (@) forcedgreen.com

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