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* AdSense Actuality Realistic eBook Guide To Making Money With
Google AdSense.


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LAUNCH PRICE!!! JUST 39.99USD (Single Payment)

One of the many reasons for me writing this this eBook is the number
of over priced AdSense eBooks available that offer overnight success,
an online income of thousands per week without any effort. Few deliver
what they promise, many just repeat freely available information and
serve as a quick earner for the writer. This not only leaves the
customer disillusioned, it also leaves them anything from 70 to 100+
dollars worse off.

This is not a long book, it is not filled out with unnecessary
padding or photo-shopped screen captures showing inflated AdSense
earnings. Nor is this book a beginners guide to HTML, it is assumed
you have some basic knowledge. Dont worry, its not complicated and via
exclusive access to the members area of this website, you are free to
ask any questions you might have.

My aim is to guide you through my methods using easy to follow text,
screen shots (real ones), downloadable code samples, actual live
examples and while doing so, have a little fun along the way. You
never know, as you progress through the book you may discover new
techniques of your own. For this reason ownership of this book also
gives you access to the AdSense Actuality Forum.

* Im not promising you 1000s a week in AdSense earnings, Id be a
fool to do so!
* Im not promising you can turn your website into a cash machine on
* Im not promising you overnight results and great success.

I am promising you a clear, incisive guide into the real world use
of Google AdSense and how, with a bit of work, you can make yourself
some money.

AdSense Actuality Covers The Following

* Getting Started with Google AdSense
* First Things First Optimising your Website
* Choosing the Best Ad Format/s
* Creating Ads Adding Ads to a Web Page
* Ad Colours v Site Colours To Blend or Not To Blend?
* Tracking Ad Performance with Channels
* Positioning your Ads
* AdSense For Search

I am convinced you will benefit from this eBook however if you are
not happy with AdSense Actuality, I offer a 60 day money back
guarantee and you get to keep the eBook.

All the best with your website and future AdSense earnings, I look
forward to bumping into you in the members area soon...

Steve Ellis. (email: adsenseactuality@seekfindread.com)

Unsure about buying yet another AdSense eBook?.. My book doesn't
make false claims or blind you with science, it's clear, concise and I
can be contacted via the members area with any questions you may have.
So, please bookmark (CTRL 'D') this page and have a think about it.
The special offer launch price is for a limited time only.

About the author
Steve Ellis is a freelance web designer & developer, AdSense
publisher, self confessed Star Wars Geek and founder of a very
successful website for . When not up to his neck in code and blogging
he likes to immerse himself in developing common sense, real world
approaches to web based applications often made out to be more
difficult than they really are by self proclaimed "gurus".

Born in the UK, Steve now lives in France with his wife Sarah, their
German Shepherd Holly, cat Bonnie and three geese George, Gertie &
Lucy. In his spare time, Steve enjoys cooking, trying to build up his
wine collection and thinking of ways to avoid being attacked by the
geese. He is a little unsure why he is writing about himself in the
third person :O)

AdSense Actuality is an information product eBook in the popular
Adobe .pdf format. On successful completion of payment (ClickBank
sells my eBook they are a trusted online retailer specializing in
digitally delivered products.), you will be immediately directed to a
thankyou page with the download link and instructions.

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