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If you are interested in beating procrastination for good and
getting the most out of your life... then this is going to be the most
exciting message you ever read. Here's why: Did you know that you
that there are very specific reasons why you procrastinate ? 4 major
ones in fact. It's true. Did you also know that some people will pay
up to Thousands to attend seminars and workshop but still miss the
basics that will lead to a life of ACTION. Amazing, isn't it?
Imagine going to seminars and pay a lot of money on a regular basis to
get hyped up and feel good only to slip into the habit of
procrastination once again and never really break the pattern. What
if you were able to understand in a simple 60 minutes ? really really
understand why you procrastinate and then how you can overcome it ?
can you imaging how that would feel. How much more productive you can
be and how much you could get done ! What would take you years to get
done could take simply 90 days with a new formula. What would that
mean to you ? more time with family, your career, more fun, more money
? better results ! A Proven way to get results, Proven is an easy
word to say but hard to back up. When I say a proven way I am talking
about thousands of people in Australian from big corporate companies
and individuals who have learned the formula on HOW TO BEAT
PROCRASTINATION. Blue chip Austrailian companies who have written to
us a year after hearing our message and still credit their up to 200%
performance increase to what they have learnt. Well now let me tell
you how you can start breaking the habit of Procrastination by
understanding why you do it and developing some new tools to beat
procrastination and massively improve your productivity. Introducing
my amazing new recording called, "HOW TO BEAT PROCRASTINATION." It
covers everything you need to know to stop procrastinating and getting
more done in the next 90 days than you have done over the last 3 to 5
years. Do it now! I learned tools I can use to take action for
the rest of my life." ALAN WOOD, STATE MANAGER ADMIN. NESTLE "Today I
was encouraged to stop and think, take away excuses and act" ANTHONY
able get more done by not procrastinating. Wouldn't that be nice?
Getting results rather than dancing around indecsions and inactivity.
- And can you imagine how great you'll feel know that your insight
will last forever not just after the excitement has worn off ?
Wouldn't it be great to be an ACTION taker ? Not having to delay,
defer, or put off to another time things you need to do. And image how
good you would feel about yourself knowing how much you have
accomplished and how others see you as a result oriented person ?
Just 60 minutes from now you could be learning how to beat
procrastination and know the formula and tools to get things DONE. Did
you hear that? In just one hour. Some people spend a lifetime looking
for the answers (I almost did) and still not get it. In an hour you
will understand the how and why your procrastination habits are the
way they are and the what needs to be done. Imagine being in control
of your life your activity and results. Some people have reported
doubling their results by learning these tools not bad for just a 60
minute presentation. "Very impressive presentation. Great
Communicator (ive been to a few) over the years and I'm qualified to
motivational speaker, he inspires enthusiasm and makes you want to
change your thinking and your life JULIE SUTHERLAND N.V REAL ESTATE. I
have a clear picture on avoidance behaviour. Why we have mental
barriers towards completing some tasks GARY WILLS TAXPRESSO And, it's
not like any other material you've ever read or listen to on stopping
procrastination. Why? Simply, for over 20 years people (all types)
have been putting the principles into place and making the results a
reality. Big Australian companies have written to us up to a year
later and thanked us for the significant performance improvement after
people have heard our message. This powerful presentation has been
presented to thousands of individuals and is now available in a
recorded fashion from direct from a live presentation. It is the
only available recording that is proven to beat procrastination for
thousands of Australians and this is the first time it is available on
the internet. It is the first of its kind that targets the root causes
of procrastination. You will understand clearly and easily in an hour
how to beat procrastination and have a life of constant action and
getting things done. While other information talk about success this
talks about the first and fundamental steps. If you cannot get a
handle on taking action then you will always stumbe with any success
formula. I look at the root causes and then tell you how to
overcome them. This is simply not available elsewhere in this quick
and easy to implement format. BUT most of all it works. It is simple
to understand as I don't fluff things up just to fill up more time or
recording space. Companies have reported record performance and
increased productivity directly after this presentation alone. I
deliver this in a simple easy to understand, relatable and fun way.
The lights will come on the way I explain it. I don't over complicate
the simple things that have proven time and time again to work. In
fact i take pride in making the complex simple. Here's a sneek peak
at what you'll discover in "How To Beat Procrastination":

* Why simply understanding about excellence isn't enough to achieve
it. And neither is just knowledge alone. You will know the missing
ingredient that usually stops people before they start. Once
recognized you can then apply the knowledge you have now or get in the
future to translate to results.
* You'll discover why we fail and the cycle of failure we all fail
from time to time this will reveal to you how to break the cycle once
and for all. So that you never have to participate in constant
failure. This one simple change can mean the difference of a lifetime
of results and you will be ahead of 95% of the population. (after you
know it you will hear it almost everywhere in other people)
you can change them and get on with being an action taker.
* What is Holding You Back From Excellence in Performance. Discover
you own limits from excellence and where they came from and they have
held us back for years. What you can then do about it, remove these
barriers and apply new techniques to propel you to excellence and keep
it constant.
* Three Steps to Beating Procrastination Forever so that you can
hold firm with new and proven habits to sustain the momentum to get
the results you want and get the job done. So that you can be free
from the pattern of procrastination and get more done in the next 90
days than you ever thought possible.
* How 90% of our thoughts relate to experiences that don't empower
us and how you can effectively take control of your mind and control
your thoughts rather than have thoughts control us. How we think
controls our emotions, our actions (or Lack of them) and actions
always lead to results.

Achieving is not about what you know but applying what you know.
Very clear and informative presentation. IAN WILLIAMS ALL ROOFING
SOLUTIONS BRISBANE Thank you Sam , you really changed my way of
thinking, I am going to start thinking ahead from now on VU NGUYEN
NORRIS MOTOR GROUP MECEEDES/SUZUKI You will understand by easy to
relate to examples how we shape our future by how we control our minds
and the words we use. You will learn new tools to reprogram your
thoughts to be an action taker.

* You will identify the one single biggest ingredient that hold
people back for achieving a life of results. There is a real and
strong barrier between where you are now and where you want to go. It
is one thing and stops us from our dreams and goals. You will not only
know it but will have the choice to use it and propel you to
* You will know to have a renewed energy and zest for life and know
that you can achieve more out of the next 90 days than you have ever
had before in other 90 period. You will discover for yourself by
application of these methods what power and potential you really do

A renewed energy towards making my goals a reality and improving
courses this helps to get myself back to being excited about what I
may be able to achieve SHANE COX TORGUE TOYOTA Great reawaking of
the mind and its power to build my future ROBIN HARRIS TORGUE TOYOTA

* 3 key and fundamental rules for time management that if you
embrace and internalize you will not need to read another time
management book ever. Once you put these into effect immediately you
will get more done than ever and wonder at how much more spare time
you have to do the things you enjoy.
* How to manage your time so that your business doesn't take over
your life.
* Many people think they have goals and wonder why they almost
never achieve them, you will understand the real and only difference
between the two. You can then apply this series of steps to make any
dream a reality.
* You will know your three sources of power, miss out on any one of
these 3 and procrastination will remain a part of your life.
Understanding where your power comes from enables you to use it and
move forward like you never have before. These 3 sources of power are
absolutely essential if you are serious about Beating Procrastination.

And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out in "How to Beat
Procrastination." Because you may be thinking?" * I have heard this
all before It doesn't seem to work ? * I cant seem to have the energy
to get going ? * I don't know what I want in the first place ? * I am
excited but don't know what to do next ? * What are the specific step
on what I can do immediately ? * How do I know this will really work
for me ? So, how much better would you feel knowing all the answers
to these questions and comments are what many have felt before and
have now overcome. Wouldn't you have a much better chance of success
if you were able to stop procrastination and simply get things done
and achieve excellence. It made me understand why I do certain
things and have certain thoughts. Now I know how to take advantage of
you should own this recording today (in fact, you can be listning in
as little as 5 minutes from now!). What's a resource like this
worth ? To have someone do 20 years of research for you would cost
you a lot of money indeed Everything is explained in PLAIN English.
Which means it's dead-easy to listen and understand. And it's
logically laid out. There are other resources out there retailing for
thousands of dollars and many are great. I have heard many and
particapted in many and still involve myself in education. This
presentation filters out the not so valuable and leaves you with the
core fundamentals. It is my presentation flow and structure that
enables me to bring the message to you in a easy to follow fashion
that you will remember and put into place. People have said to me that
the way I explaind these concepts have brought clarity to them like
know had before. BUT rest assured there is content hear that you have
NEVER heard before and that's why this presentation has achieved so
much for thousands of people over the last 20 years. This is why
"How To Beat Procrastination" is such great value at $27.77 That's
right, a fraction of what it's really worth Why would I make it so
affordable? Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are low. This
is a recoding of a live presentation I gave. I have done the work
already. This rest covers my production setup and distribution costs
so I figure I'll be able to offer this fantastic recording of one of
my live presentations to more people. And make my investment back over
time. This is an electronic recording in MP3 format (that can be
downloaded to your computer in a flash) Which means you can be
listening to it and discovering all these amazing tools in as little
as 5 minutes from now. No matter what however, it's a bargain for
you. And yes, I plan on raising the price from $27.77 to $47.77 very
soon. You see this is the first time my recording has been offered
over the web. Once I get a few more testimonials from satisfied
customers, the price will increase. So you'll want to be quick if you
want to save some money. $27.77 is a drop in the ocean compared
to what you could make by using these tools. You're discovering the
tools behind beating procrastination and getting more done. Plus if
this material is for helping you in your business, it's tax
deductible!(check with your accountant) Hey wait a minute, don't take
MY word for it. Read more of the real opinions of people just like
yourself... The main thing for me was how to change your state of
mind, and once you do this there are no restrictions as to what you
can achieve! Work towards your future ! CHRIS GRIFFIN COMBINED
PROPERTY RENT BRISBANE A framework to cure my procrastination KERRY
LOFGREN ALBANY HILL STATE SCHOOL This presentation reminded me of the
power of thought and I can achieve what I believe. KERRY DAWE
QUEENSLAND AUSTRAILA Today is the first day of my new and wonderful
proof speaks for itself, doesn't it ? And don't worry, I wouldn't
dream of having you invest your money without any protection. I want
you to really understand this next point because if you got this far
you should invest the $27.77 in the recording. Here is my point....If
for any reason you're not HAPPY with the content, you have a complete
100% money back guarantee to protect you. No Ifs or Butts. 100%
RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Hey, you're my customer and this is
my reputation , business and name we are talking about.. And if you're
not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you're not happy with what you
discover from "How To Beat Procrastination" I don't expect ... or want
... to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to me and I'll
happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep
it). But... the recording is yours to keep no matter what, as a
"thank you" gift from me! Okay? So you really can't lose! The
recording is yours no matter what. That's about as fair as it gets,
don't you agree?. I wish you great success so please email me with
your success story once you have put it into practice. Warmly Sam
email me at

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