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Warning:  Reading beyond this point has been shown to cause nausea, anxiety, and  an
overwhelming feeling of utter betrayal...
"How Does A 30 Year Old Man With No
Personal Training Certification... And No Formal
Diet Instruction... Discover The Simple Secrets
That Humiliate 'The Experts' And Guarantee
Phenomenal Size Dropping Campaigns...
For Anyone... Anywhere... At Anytime?

"The Final Answer:  Everything You've Been
Told About Fat Loss Is Dead Wrong...
Dear Frustrated Friend,
Give me a few of your precious seconds... and I'll tell you exactly
why you've been seeing limited or nonexistent results with your
current fat loss program.

You see, there is so much information out there about weight loss...  
that's for sure... but not much of this "great" info really focuses on

And boy is there a difference...

Are you aware of the study by Duke University that focused
on low carb diets?  If not, here's some interesting news... although
the average patient lost roughly 10.3% of their body weight... only
about 30% of that weight was actually from the loss of body fat.

Stunning right?  And we all thought that low carb was great for fat
But that's not all...

Did you know that the scientific community now considers body fat to be an ENDOCRINE
ORGAN... meaning that it releases hormones... and these hormones actually cause many of the
diseases that we think fatty foods cause.

'Tis unfortunately true...

Or how about this.  Instead of body fat being viewed as a virtually nonexistent space saver,
research proves that you can now think of body fat in the same manner as you might think of a
deadly, radioactive leech... a vicious parasite that only has it's best interest at heart...
Yes, body fat is always working against you.  Biofeedback mechanisms are hijacked... hormonal
"wildfires" occur... disease becomes rampant like a locust special on the Discovery Channel.

In fact, lets reframe...

Body fat isn't like a radioactive leech... it's more like a GREMLIN.

I'm sure you remember that movie right?

Of course, you do... the one where the cuddly creature eats after midnight and turns into
something completely awful...

(Think of the symbology in that one for a second)

Do you remember the havoc these little creatures created?  Do you remember how hard they were
to kill?

Yes... body fat is a GREMLIN...
And That Gremlin Must Die!
But maybe you already knew that... maybe you've unsuccessfully attempted your fat loss
program... all the while becoming more and more self-conscious with the sheer lack of results.

Then here are a few questions... and they're important.

Are you getting your fat loss information from current research or are you
still subscribing to old school practices that have proven to be the LEAST
EFFECTIVE... as well as the LEAST EFFICIENT methods known to man?

Do you find yourself cycling between diet after diet only to find that you always end up back
where you started?

Are you making the mistake in believing the "weight loss hype machine"...
the one that constantly tries to reassure the public that losing weight is easy...
yet all the while capitalizing on the fact that they KNOW that you'll just
continue to buy the next quick fix... that never, ever fixes?

And finally, are you still buying into the premise that weight loss and fat loss are the exact
same thing?

Regardless of whether you can answer "yes"  to any of the questions above...  I have a pleasant
surprise for you.
You're About To Learn The Secrets That 97.4% Of
People Will Never Know About Fat Loss!
You see, my name is Brad Howard and I've been in the health and fitness industry for a long
while now.  In fact, I've ran health clubs, started personal training programs, and created corporate
wellness policies for Fortune 500 companies.

Let's just say I know what I'm doing...

(In fact, you might already own my "Health Club Secrets" guide... but that's another story)

Here's the deal... the health and fitness industry -- more specifically, the fat loss industry -- is full
of one pop shops and scammers just waiting to attack unwary consumers by taking advantage of
hopes and dreams...

And overpromising and underdelivering in the process.

I have to confess, most of these guys KNOW that you are going to buy their product, never use
it, and then buy something else because it's TOO HARD or it's not working like it's supposed to.

Couple that with the fact that most people never ask for refunds and you've got a serious recipe
for disaster for the unconditioned newbie that has absolutely NO IDEA what the hell's going on.

Remember, these fat loss companies are getting sued ALL THE TIME for fraudulent claims and
even DEATHS... but, when these companies die off... another one takes it's place.

Naturally, I'm quite sure that one simple question is bouncing around in your head this minute...
"But What Does All Of This
Have To Do With Me?"
I'm glad you asked...

Here's the scary truth:   most of the people that actually give advice in this industry only give
enough to get people hurt... using either ineffective methods or advice that can totally wreck your

In fact, most of the personal trainers that I've met... but not all... only have the best interests of
their pockets at heart.  Their clients only do the exercises that can only be done with special
equipment or in tandum...

Plus, many that I've seen just flat out give horrible advice.

(It's so bad that superstar trainer, Craig Ballantyne claims that he wrote more effective workouts
when he was 16 than most trainers write today.)

Did you know that you can get a personal training certification online?  Some only
take a weekend course.

Only 2 or 3 actually REQUIRE a college degree.

So... now you've got a bunch of bozos with limited education spreading the limited amount of
knowledge that they have... to people that have no idea what they are doing.

It's like giving your lottery winnings to a weekend gambler... you're going to lose

And... after answering question after question, dispelling a bunch of bad advice, and saying "I don't
know" more times than I can remember...
I Became Fed Up!
I hate not knowing the answers... so I went on a quest to find out all of the BEST fat loss
information and compile it together as a private resource for myself... something that I could
constantly refer back to.

Then, someone suggested that I should sell it... after all, it was concise and to the point... and gave
great advice...

... that book was Weight Loss Black Ops.

I sold over a thousand copies of that book and subsequently took it off the market.  You see, I
began to find even BETTER information and I started to reconfigure my fat loss manifesto
with even more cutting edge advice.

I wasn't even considering putting it up for sale... until I started getting more requests for Weight
Loss Black Ops...

I finally threw out a half assed survey to the people on my email list, hoping that no one would
... And I Was Completely Wrong
My inbox lit up like a Christmas tree that whole next week as frustrated people inundated
me with requests for something REAL... something with NO FLUFF... something REALISTIC...
something that wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg...

They wanted a continuation of "The Secret To Fat Loss" that I had created...

The people spoke... and I listened
And The Fat Loss Black Book Was Born!
Before we continue, enter your name and email
address below and I'll immediately send you a
free chapter of the Fat Loss Black Book...

... one that thoroughly explains the nature of the
"Gremlin" and exactly how it influences your

Most people have NEVER heard of this
important information and you'll get it free as
gift for just for visiting...

My personal resource is now available to the public.  Remember, the whole reason I've written
this is to once and for all put and end to all of the incredible nonsense that's continually being
passed around.  

This is specifically for you, my new friend... and I sincerely hope you read farther... let's see just
how deep the rabbit hole goes

Here's what you are getting ready to discover:
Part I -- The Secret To Fat Loss 2.0

The 9 steps to guarantee fat loss, every time

Why everyone you know fails when they try to lose body fat

How the Law of Singular Focus applies to fat loss

What exactly is Spread Theory

The main reason personal trainers site for failure amongst their clients (it's  not time)

The crude truth about most peoples expectations of themselves

The two, non breakable principles that govern ALL weight loss

The 3 categories that all fat loss candidates fall into, one of which can be  

The D word that will absolutely kill any chance you have of success losing body fat

Why "losing weight" doesn't necessarily mean losing weight

The one thing that overweight people have in common with alcoholics and drug addicts

What does Microsoft have in common with people that find tremendous
success with fat loss

Manipulation sounds like such a bad term.  How does it apply to fat loss?

Why pleasure and pain have much more to do with fat loss than "Feel the

The number one quality that all successful people have - in any endeavour - and how you
can capitalize on it... in less than 3 minutes time

Plus, find out visualization techniques that kill

You'll also get:

Part II - The Fundamentals Of Any Successful Fat Loss Program

The Death of Aerobics and Steady State Cardio

What energy flux has to do with a successful fat loss program

How does the "afterburn" effect relate to compound fat burning

What EPOC has to do with the "afterburn" effect

Why exercise is the MOST important part of a successful fat loss program

Why you should avoid the "fat burning" zone and concentrate on burning
carbohydrates in your fat loss workouts

What exercises and programs trigger the highest levels of fat burn

The 5 types of cardio according to efficiency and effectiveness and why
almost everyone is using the worst 2

How long to rest between workouts and why?  What are the criteria?

Some typess of exercise actually increase steady state output BETTER than
steady state cardio... why?

Why your body will only look like it's supposed to perform... nothing more... nothing less

The Rule of 3

A note on the "velocity of calories" and the effects

Why your heart needs anaerobic activity to improve in function... not

Proper weight selection for a fat loss workout based on the first law of thermodynamics

The two unbreakable rules of whether you lose or gain weight and what
weight you either gain or lose

A comprehensive flowchart of the typical person's weight loss cycle and why people almost
always end up where they started... within two years of their initial weight loss (this is

Guidelines of the foods you must not eat

Guidelines of the foods you must base your fat loss program on

How to determine your daily caloric needs

How the "energy flux" perpetual wheel spins the pounds off and keeps the body lean and

And finally,

Part III - Putting It All Together

Goal setting that gets results

Exact exercise guidelines for your fat loss program

Exact diet guidelines for your fat loss program

A workout structure for you to follow that gets results

An example of how group training flows with this program

Great diet twists for variety and to keep your body guessing

A "Black Hat" Method for fat loss... use at your own risk
So How Does It All Work?
You know... it's really hard to put a price tag on something that will completely change your life.  
However, to me and the people that have been through the program... this system is like a
palate of gold bricks.  

And actually, if I were to price this written dynamite sheerly on what it'll do for you... or how it
will change your life... putting it at $1000 wouldn't be too far off base.   It's that valuable.

Come to think of it, considering that I was charging $199 per month per person to be in the
group program I created at home based on this information... and the fact that most tended to
stay with it for a year or more...  I think it's completely fair to say that this information has a
value of at least 4 or 5  months MINIMUM of that group program.

However...  since I've figured out a way for you to download all of this material directly to your
computer in the next minute... coupled with the fact that I don't have to be there with you while
you put the system to use... I can stand to make  my entire "Fat Loss Black Book"  including the
elusive " Secret to Fat Loss 2.0" available to you for much, much less.

For a short time, you get everything for only $27 .   

That's less than a meal for two at a crappy restaurant... which you shouldn't be eating at anyway,
right?  Plus, what restaurant gives you a 60 day guarantee?  (more about that in a moment)
So What's The Catch, Why I am I Practically
Giving This Program Away?
It's really simple.  Since you'll be downloading this directly from the Internet, I have no
orders to fulfill, no inventory, and no one to pay to take phone orders.  In fact, like I said
earlier, I don't have to pay anyone to train you either, this way I can pass all my cost savings on
to you...

And, if that's not enough... you'll also get:
3 FREE Bonuses
Learn things like:

the top ten "marketing" ploys used by unscrupulous
the GUARANTEED best way to get the
lowest price or best terms
the most effective way to evaluate what you
the one tidbit that will tell you everything
you need to know about a club
8 red flags to specifically be aware of
12 "slight of hand" things you need to look
out for when it comes to health club
5 deadly mistakes people make when dealing with
personal trainers
sneaky, but perfectly legal ways to get out of
health club memberships
how to avoid and spot random fees including the
most questionable fee gaining popularity right now
Bonus One:
Bonus Two:
Immediately jump into your fat loss with this
"Cliff's Notes" Version of the Fat Loss Black Book.


Immediate changes to your cardio
Fat Loss Weight Training Workout Basics
Quick Diet Fixes
And much, much, more
This is the biggie...

Every time I add something to the program whether it be
bonus interviews, videos, or audios...

... you'll get them for free

Rest assured that everytime I add something... and it'll be
soon... the price of the Black Book will go up.
Bonus Three:

Lifetime Updates
And, if all of this isn't enough:
You Just Can't Lose With My 60 Day Iron Clad
Money Back Guarantee
Where I'm from, I'm known as "The King Of Overdelivery".  You could say that I have a huge
reputation to uphold.  Therefore...

If for any reason whatsoever, you don't feel that the information contained in The Fat Loss
Black Book or the any of the free bonuses has truly changed your life, just contact me anytime
within 60 days of purchase and I'll refund your money with no hassles, no worries, and no hoops
to jump through.  Plus... you get to keep all of the bonuses in the unlikely event that you return
the eBook.

Is that fair or what?  All of the risk is on me.

Look, $27 is chump change compared to spinning your wheels and feeling hopeless...  Face it...
you owe it to yourself to pick up The Fat Loss Black Book -- RIGHT NOW!  

One click below gets you started today.

You'll get Fat Loss Black Book with the revolutionary  "The Secret To Fat Loss 2.0" plus
all 3 bonuses...  entirely at my risk... all ordered through Clickbank's unhackable, secure, socket
layer server (SSL)... and on your computer in less than 2 minutes flat!  (PC and MAC compatible)

How can you lose?

I'll ask you again... are you ready to discover the simple secrets of fat loss that less than 3% of
people ON THE PLANET know?

I know you are... let's get started.
[Click Here For Immediate Access
](http://www.fatlossblackbook.com/order.php) 24 Hour Access Via SSL Server
p.s.  I have no timetable to give you as to when the price will increase... just know
that I am diligently working to add more and more and for all I know... it could be tomorrow.   
Go ahead and reserve your rate today... you have nothing to lose... and all to gain.

p.p.s.  If you continue to focus on the past... on how you've failed and why
things never work... then you'll never focus on the future... which means you won't
do anything in the present.  

Do something for yourself today.

Copyright 2007 Brad Howard and FatLossBlackBook.com
All Rights Reserved

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