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Recession Survival Guide, by Richard Boettner


Prepare yourself! We are in a "Recession!" and, for the coming

If current economic conditions alarm you, read on!

Announced December 1, 2008:
"We have been in a Recession since last December." A whole year
before they got around to admitting it!

The current economic crisis will only get worse as more people face
unemployment, tougher financial times, increasing homelessness, and
some may even go broke!

There is a Way To Protect Yourself, your Home and Assets, Starting


Dear Friends,

I know as you read this, you are aware that right now the United
States and the World is heading towards a worsening economic crisis,
one that hasn't been seen since the Great Depression.


* One Million people have already lost their jobs in 2008!
* Your hard-earned money is worth less and less each day!
* We will only see an increasing number of Foreclosures!
* Increasing Business's are going out of business or filing
* People will only tighten their belts more as things get worse!
* Retirement, College and Savings Funds are declining in value!


* We are running out of Oil!
* Speculators are investing in water, as it will be the 'New Oil'
to profit from!
* The American Dream is dying, if not Dead already!
* Every year Millions are joining the ranks of the Poor, living in

Think this is bad?  You are absolutely right!  And, some are
saying things will only get worse before they get better. We may be in
this for the long haul, at least a few years.

Many financial experts, including, International Monetary Fund
(IMF), CitiGroup, George Soros, Bill Gross and many more are all
saying that we are facing the "worst" economic condition since the
Great Depression!  The stock market has not seen losses like this
since the Recession of the early 80s.

That's right, The Great Depression.  You may have have heard
stories about it, but do you know how to survive a Recession, or even
a Depression?

What we are seeing Right Now in the news or read in newspapers is
bad.  In fact, it is very likely that things will only get worse.


* More home foreclosures
* Massive layoffs in both small and large companies
* A stock market crash which wipes out millions in investments
* Record numbers of bankruptcies by companies thought too big for
* More bank failures
* All time lows for the US Dollar
* Rising inflation, maybe even double digits

Do any of these things concern you?  Worried?  Yes, read on!

What if these unfortunate events turned out to be even worse than
what is being currently reported? It took a whole year to admit we
were in a Recession after all.

Would you be able to financially survive if:

* You lost everything, wiping out your retirement nest egg?
* You became unemployed?
* How long could you work two or three jobs to keep your bills
* Your home's value dropped 40%, 50% or more?

If things continue the way they are, there is a real chance of
financial tragedies like this!

Even though is sounds bad...

 ...There IS something you can do Right Now to Protect Yourself,
your Family, Home and your Assets from this economic crisis!  It
doesn't have be all doom and gloom.

You just need to take action, right now!

You need to get your hands on this e-book,


Was written to help you SURVIVE during these bad economic times.

It Reveals what Bankers, Credit Card Companies, and the Wealthy
Don't Want You To Know!

Provides you with real, time tested advice and instructions you can
implement right away to protect yourself, your family and your assets!
Everything you need to know and quite possibly prosper in this
Recession is covered!

With this RECESSION SURVIVAL GUIDE you will learn:

What helped to cause this economic crisis and how to avoid them, a
bit of a history lesson.

How to protect your income by creating income. People who survive a
Recession or Depression have more than one income.

Why banks have collapsed which has resulted in people losing much of
their money!  It's one of the worst things you could imagine, however
there are some simple things you can do to avoid this situation and
still have access to your money.

How to use what you know to make money during this Recession. During
financially crippling times, there are those who suffer and those who
prosper.  Which will you be?

In summary, everything covered in the RECESSION SURVIVAL GUIDE is
what those who prosper during a Recession know and implement!  This
information has been well researched and fully referenced.

Still wondering if this is the sort of stuff an average individual
can do?


The wealthiest, most successful people in the world aren't
necessarily so because they're better, smarter or more gifted than
you.  Most are no different than you, they just have more money.

They are where they are today because they learned what they needed
to prosper financially and be successful, then they applied it! The
same way you can be.

They gained the knowledge they needed and were willing to implement
what they had learned to be financial well off.  It was the
willingness to put to use what they learned that helped make them
successful and gain wealth.

You do want to survive the Recession by following these simple and
direct suggestions, don't you? And, you would like to be able to build
wealth, for yourself and family, wouldn't you?

How much would you pay for this advice and instructions which will
help you during this economic recession?

$50?  $75?  $100?

How about $13.95! You see, I lived through my own financial crisis
and now I want to share what I learned with you.  I want to help you
become a success and I am willing, for a limited time only - until
MARCH 1ST, to offer this book at a 40% DISCOUNT! Why?  I want you to
be successful and you can't do that if you don't implement what you
read in my book.

It is not priced $13.95 because the information is incomplete or not
worth it, it is well worth the full amount. All information is well
researched and documented. I made it affordable because I want you to
be able to afford this valuable information.  This price is only for
a limited time, so act now, before the book goes to its full price of

The book has over 160 pages, 1,024 paragraphs, over 38,000 words.
Every page is filled with valuable information, researched and

Can't afford it? You've probably spend more money on: + Cloths or
+ Music for your MP3 player
+ new Ring-tones
+ DVD's or the Movies
+ Minutes for the cell phone

You probably have already spent thousands of dollars, on what,

Isn't it time you spend a little money on something that's actually
going to benefit you?  If not, then I really don't want you buying my
book, it wont benefit you.

If on the other hand you are tired of scraping by each and every
month, living on the verge of poverty or you are not sure what you
will do if you lost your job - then this is the book for you.

Not only will this book help you through these tough times, buying
this book entitles you to similar discounts in the future on other
books I publish. An email will announce new ebook releases so you can
take advantage of their discounted price. It is my way of saying,
Thank You to my customer. This is not an offer that will be available
to the general public, only to people on my email list who have bought
this book. If your money matters to you...

Still not fully convinced?

Along with the purchase of the RECESSION SURVIVAL GUIDE you also get
for FREE:

* THREE files demonstrating what regular savings earning compound
interest can become in TEN YEARS.
* THE MONEY CHANGERS, a book written by another author to further
help you understand our financial times.
* RAW FOOD RECIPE BOOKLET. This is something I've shared with
friends for years and now I'm giving it to you for Free. These recipes
are inexpensive to make, which cuts your food budget and by eating
healthier you can cut medical costs too.

Not only are you getting these extras for Free, the RECESSION
SURVIVAL GUIDE is fully backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee!

If within 60 days of buying and reading the RECESSION SURVIVAL
GUIDE, you are not convinced this book will help you, or you are not
fully satisfied, drop me an email, and I will happily refund you the
full purchase price, no questions asked!

I want you to completely believe in the advice and instructions in
this book!

To Your Success,

Richard Boettner

PS:  Some have asked, why no testimonials?  Simple, they can be
faked.  Too many unscrupulous people actually fake testimonials on
their websites to convince you to buy their product.  I sincerely
hope that if you like this book that you would tell others - friends,
neighbors, family members, and co-workers.  It is Not that I am
against praise or a thank you, please do send them (my email address
is in the book), I would rather you shared your honest opinion with
others.  Besides, telling others about this book is the only way to
help as many people as possible, and there is nothing more trustworthy
than a friend sharing honest, useful advice. This is not a time to
keep things to yourself, after all, that is what got us into this
mess, people thinking only of themselves. So, tell others about this
book by giving them the link you followed to get here.


RichardBoettner.com, Wheat Ridge, CO 80214 -

Copyright (c)2008 All Rights Reserved.

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