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Chances are you are like many investors. You work hard. You have a 401K or a Mutual fund. You have life insurance. You may even have some investments in stocks, commodities or Real Estate. But still you wonder if your investments will be enough to survive retirement, much less enjoy it in comfort. And with advances in health and medicine, you worry that you may outlive your money.

So you let the worry motivate you. You may have resorted to working lots of hours or investing in some hype about a home based business just to find that only a few ever make big money in that industry. Or maybe you've heard about great opportunities on the radio only to find that those opportunities require you to join some club or pay large sums of money to get lists of foreclosure properties and then it's up to you to chase down bargains in real estate. You have seen so many sham opportunities that maybe you have come to believe that you, and average person, will never reach your financial dreams... at least not without killing yourself in the process.

Investors are fearful and confused by the blinding pace of dramatic news stories in the financial industry. The boom, bust and government bailout cycle rolls on. Savvy investors are looking for current and focused information that they can use to be sure that their investments are secure and will continue to generate a return. You're family's investments are too important to play the "today you're up and tomorrow you're down game." Why Your Current Investments Should Make You Very Nervous takes a comprehensive and multi-dimensional look at different investment options.

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