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"If I show you how to win bike races the easy way, how many bike races do you think you can win?"

Discover the cycling training secrets you need to get clear of the pack and on to the winner's podium to the envy of all your fellow racers and club mates. 

Learn how to switch on super form at any point in your season and ride faster for longer, climb, sprint and time-trial in races better than you thought possible and best of all...cross the finishing line in 1st place! 

Dear Fellow Roadie,
My name is Bart Summers and in the next few minutes, I'd like to show you exactly how you can start winning bike races the easy way regardless of experience, past thinking or even body shape.


Let me ask you this:


How would you like to be able to choose your result in a bike race? 


How good would you feel if you knew, with confidence that you were going to be top 10 today, top 3 or even know with certainty that you were going to win! Sounds too incredible to believe? 


Nothing could be further from the truth

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lower = better; 1 = best

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