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Have you ever wanted to do something so spectacular with your life
that others would notice? We all want to leave a legacy, but fear is
what always stands in our way. As a writer, the words that I use will
paint a significant picture about my life and the values I hold dear.
Using those word in print is a powerful way to share a message.

If you're anything like me you may be afraid your work will not be
acceptable and that your writing dreams may be invalid. This is not
only a common fear it is also one that can easily be exposed as a lie
in almost every instance.

The turning point in my own writing was when my wife asked me if I
was always going to write for free (I had been doing so for four
years). When I finally determined my work had value I discovered my
own personal tipping point. Life changed for me when I began to
believe that I could do something with words that others would assign
value to. I changed again once others did assign value to what I had

My role as a freelance writer has not been easy, but it has come
with the satisfaction of knowing clients are pleased with the results.
It has also come with an increase in the financial reward associated
with being a craftsman.
So, what qualifies me (Glenn Hascall) to offer advice on the subject
of freelancing?

* I've successfully been published every month since 1995.
* My writing can be found in more than 50 books and many magazines.
* As a ghostwriter I have had work published by the Wall Street
* I have received payment for more then 3,000 articles, stories or
* My creative writing has been dramatized and is heard on radio
stations across the U.S.
* There has not been a day in over 5 years when I did not have a
writing assignment to complete for a client.



"His advice, in only one of many examples, encouraged me to not
"pull" an article that was under consideration with a magazine after a
year. I took his advice and left it there, and just a couple months
ago, the editor contacted me wanting to use the piece for which I
ended up getting paid a triple digit figure!"_ - J. Sher
_"I have used Glenn for hundreds of writing projects and he has
performed beyond my expectations. Glenn is always fair and gives way
more than is asked of him. He is as professional as they come and
knows his stuff. A writer of the finest caliber."_ - Scott Lindsay
"We have used Glenn's writing services over the last 2 years and
always know
we're are going to get exceptional content each month.

Glenn takes direction very well is able to custom tailor a script
based on
specific needs. He is very gifted at taking an idea and bringing it

He nails deadlines, and always delivers material that's right on
target for
our audience."

"Without hesitation, I would recommend Glenn to anyone looking to
fresh creative ideas to their project." - J. Hayes - Producer
_"Thanks again for what I consider to be an excellent article."_ -
Dr. R. White - Editor
_"Mr. Glenn Hascall has been a contributor of articles and stories
for the Reading Program [a series of children's textbooks] for
approximately three years, almost the entire time the Project has been
in existence. We have found his work to be of the highest caliber. He
is an extremely creative writer. I find it necessary to do only an
occasional edit of his stories and articles. Mr. Hascall has proven to
be a person committed to excellence. Recommendations by us have always
been accepted with an open spirit. He is an excellent team player.
Glenn is mindful of deadlines and is extremely conscientious about
following guidelines."_ --Raymond E. White, Ed.D.



"The Ultimate Guide to a Freelance Writing Career" is the very long,
but self-explanatory title of my new ebook. Within these electronic
pages I will share some of the 'takeaways' or very direct lessons I
have learned in my freelance writing career. Things like

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